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  1. Midnight let out a sigh, spotting the enemy team. 3 Guys, one girl. Almost instantly, the girls zeroed onto the other girls weapon. It looked like a rifle of some kind, and the Faunus grinned. An easy target if she could get close, but surely her allies would protect her? Would leaving her to Tehengu be better? Her Sembalance was better equiped to deal with ranged attacks, however she was still capable to fighting against the best of them in melee. Kat smiled warmly at Vinny "Hmm, a rose for you V.." She muttered as she looked down at her rifle, and lifted the weapon up. She could see the people opposed to her...Did that mean she had to fight them? That was her job here right? To engage in battle? What hard work... The arrival of the terrian mattered a lot to Midnight. Behind them was a forest, perfect cover from that girl with the rifle, provided cover for her to work with. And beach meant there was little places to properly hide, sure rocks break line of sight but that was about it all. Midnight had a rather simple plan that'll work with the team... "They've got one ranged-attacker, the rest seem to specialise in swords combat. T, handle her. Once T drops their range advantage, it'll force them to come right at us. Once they do, we'll crush them easy" On the otherside of the battlefield, Kat looked down the high-tech scope of her rifle and zeroed in on one of the members of Samaritan. "He looks, interesting. Faunus, male. I can't see a sword on him though, but I'm sure a few hits from Snacks'll take him down...O-oh, am i...meant to be using my mimic to make them forget who i am again?" The girls Sembalance, Mimic, would have been useful if not for her air-headedness. She could make a 'mimic' of any person, making identical clones to confuse the enemy. Assuming she got their appearance correct (Spoiler alert, she often doesn't!).
  2. Midnight's hands tightly curled around her two blades, and let out a deep breath. On the battlefield, cold logic ruled. It wouldn't matter who stood against her, she'd cut them down without hesitation. Not to kill however, that would surely come later. For now, her orders were to put on a good show and win. Surely Kayden's entire plan was based around a simple fact: She was one of the best. She would make her way to finals - The Faunus glanced at her teamleader, for her plan to work...She'd have to be selected to move on... "Stick to the plan" The girls voice came out almost dead, emotionless as her eyes shifted, the spark that came up during times of fun died and was replaced by the soldier inside the girl "I'll draw the fire of their backline and make sure they struggle" ------------------------------------------- Kat wasn't sure how she got onto what was a moving platform, but even she realised combat was about to happen. Letting out a sigh, the ranger picked up the weapon on her back and flicked switch. In a whirl of mechanical devices, the battle-axe becomes a very large sniper rifle. The weapon had a low fire-rate, but made up for it by hitting astonomically hard. For someone with a 'normal' aura, they could maybe survive two-three shots at most before it punched through and made them vunrible. A very powerful weapon. "We should, get matching flowers...a-after this" The girl muttered softly, half to herself and to her team.
  3. Midnight turned her eyes onto Andrea and her plan, or attempts of a plan. She hesitated, before letting out a sigh "My shield is a little bulky, i'd rather use my two blades this fight unless they have like, a cannon or something that is powerful. If you need me too, i can get their attention off of you instead"The Faunus offered, even if something felt wrong with the person she was talking too. That's when she heard the announcement, and a dark smile crosses the Faunus' mouth "It's showtime...Lets just hope we all do our jobs eh?" Despite all her attempts, the Faunus couldn't NOT glare at Andrea as she said this. That human was just, something else. Hopefully dead if Midnight got her way once Kaydens plan had been unleased. ------------------------- For Kat, she heard her team name and perked up instantly "That's, us right? A-are we fighting already Terry?" She askes the teammate whose arm she was basically using as a map. She took the time to look at the flower he'd placed in his hair, and nodded with satifactoin. It suited him, he looked reallly pretty because of the flower...or was just the flower pretty?
  4. Midnight let out a sigh, and even glanced at her phone. She hated waiting for orders, it had always frustrated her. But that was the way it was, just a matter of time. Kayden would give her orders soon, and that is when she could be unleashed. But the waiting, was killing her inside. --------------------------- Kat looked over at Vinny talking to Allen, was he..criticising Allen? Allen had done up her shoes though, why was he being put down? She didn't understand it fully. She kept staring at him expecting him to give back the flower that he had stolen from her hands. But oddly, Terry gave her the flower back? H-how did Terry get it back?? "Thank you, Terry...It's a pretty flower" She looked down at it, before looking up at her teammate and leaned forwards, placing the flower in his hair and smiling warmly "You look really pretty with the pretty flower" With the dulled smile, she took his hand and allowed him to guide her to the arena. After all, everynoe in her team knew if Katie was to walk alone... She'd somehow end up back in Atlas by walking alone
  5. Midnight watched her team and something felt, off. Andrea was asking, for...Reassurance? Why? The parasite was also so cocky and confident, why was she asking, and of al people, T? She watched with her curiosutiy peaked, what had happened to that human? Was she finally showing weakness, and how would KAyden use that to shatter her? Midnight pushed the thought for later, and turned to Slash "We should probably get going huh? Our match isn't far off and i'd hate to be late" Despite her comment, the Faunus made no attempt to lead the team towards the Arena, after all, never had she been a leader. ------------------------------ Kat turned her head to see Vinny talking to her, and the smiled lazily "I..huh, they..they were pretty, so i wanted them" She explained, going to offer Vinny the flower she had picked up. Except, Allen ran into her line of sight and, as always, started his speeches. Kat struggld to focus on him normally, and now with more and more words, her world returned to the flowers she had in her hands. He turned his focus to her, something Kat only noticed because he'd dropped down and starting doing up her shoelaces...Oh yeah, those. "I, forgot about those...." The girl watched absently as he finished her laces, and even fixed up her shirt. Sadly, as this was done, the flowers in her hand were let go and dropped to the ground. Kat looked at her hand frowning "Allen, did you...take my flowers?" She asked, her voice the same as it always was. Soft, distance, as if she were a million miles away, which if you'd of ever met her, made a lot of sense.
  6. Midnight glared over at Andrea at her, well...The human was seemingly just born to piss her off. And normally, she'd lash out. But she didn't. Kayden had made her orders, to get along with her team. Therefore, it was rather simple what she'd do. She'd pull her pride back and just...take it. Wait, plot. Kayden would bring this disgusting human down, and if she proved herself loyal, perhaps, would allow her to take Andrea down herself. "I've butted heads with them a few times in the past. In my experience, their equipment always give them a massive advantage. Guns, explosives and enhancements and the such. If so, leave them to me. No gunman can stop me" The Faunus looked over at Andreas showboating, and sighs but, unlike before, the cat said nothing. Instead, she smirks and lightly. "There is no need to show off Andrea...We can all see you, puffing yourself out is just excessive" The Faunus glanced down at her own chest as if to prove a point, the sly smirk not leaving her face. On the otherside at the event, a short human girl sat in a small garden of flowers. She ran a hand through them, and picked up one of the pretty yellow ones. The girl smiled as she stared at the flower, and ran a finger over it and a lazy happy smile. To many, it would appear just a silly girl playing in a garden. Minus the fact she had a a rather large weapon she had on her back. The weapon looked like a large battle axe, but with many mechanical contractions attached throughout it. And the clothes, well. She was wearing a regular shirt, inside out, pants, on the right way, and combat boots, without her laces tied up at all.
  7. Midnight had to admit, the vagueness of her orders did annoy her. When the time comes..? She let out a growl, dammit. She wanted CLEAR orders, not this vague. Her bad mood lingered over her a bit, before she forced it back. She'd just have to wait, that was it. How would she identify WHEN the moment was there? She was certain Kayden had a plan, he always did. But she'd have no idea how to do it. She didn't want to disappoint Kayden, not with her just returning. She refused to mess up her first mission back. The Faunus looked at the listing. An Atlas team...? Well, it didn't matter who she fought. She was certain Kayden plan had her winning the tournament, so she knew what had to be done. She tightened the grip on her blades. She'd have to win this. "It doesn't matter who we fight, we're strong as a team. We can't lose"
  8. The girl listened in to her teammates, and part of her did feel bad...But, oh well, orders were orders. The girl slashed a weak smile at her teammates, before glancing around. They were heading to the fighting ring, so soon?! But...she hadn't had time to get her orders from Kayden yet...DAmmit. The cat-Faunus looked around, before spotting it. A toilet. They couldn't object to that. "Hey, sorry, i've gotta go for like, just a minute..." The girl spoke quietly and gestured towards the toilet, slightly embarrassed. "I'll, meet you guys at the arena". Midnight quickly jogged to the bathroom, closing the stall door before pulling out the paper with a number on it, and her old phone. She didn't have long, and if someone else was here she didn't want them overhearing, so she texted the number she was given. 'What are my orders Wolfy?' If it went to who she was expecting, he'd recognise the nickname. Hell, it was the only nickname she'd ever given him. Once she recieved her reply, the girl exited the bathroom and would catch back up with her team. "S-sorry about that, i just had to ensure...well, i think it's bad form to be distracted in a fight". Midnight hated degrading herself like this, her pride constantly biting at her. But it didn't matter. Her pride could take the hit. Her people were more important than her pride, so she could take it. All the embarrassment, all the hatred. She'd endure it all for her people, if that was the cost she had to pay.
  9. Midnight couldn't help but feel frustrated at the whole thing. They wouldn't know till the last possible moment, fair, but annoying. But the girl flashed a confident smirk "Doesn't matter who, we'll still crush 'em. Now that we're a proper team..." The cats talk got shut up when she recognised Ellie. It was impossible for her not too, and giving her a piece of paper with a number on it? Of a boy? Midnight let out a sigh and crumbled the paper, stuffing it into her jacket pocket without so much as looking at it. "I swear to whatever divine spirit is listening, stop sending idiot boys my way. That cat i fought at the duel, this idiot...." She let out a loud sigh. Although, it was all an act. Midnight knew damn well that number was Kaydens, with orders. She had to find a distraction to text him. But later. First, being a good teammate came in the form of eating the food offered to her. "Oh, i forgot to ask. I heard some teams making cute names for combo strikes, i didn't miss anything during my sleep ins did i?"
  10. Midnight wore her typical clothes, a black shirt, black coat and even pants and boots. But the girl, unlike many times before, had a soft smile on her face. Ever since the battle from the train, the faunus had been making an effort to get along with her team, admittantly the orders of her leader were the reason...Not that her team had to know. She'd applogised to Tehengu, although she didn't have the heart to pretend to date him, even that much was too mean. She got along, ok with Slash and Andrea was tolerable if she 'played' along with the humans teasing. She had to admit, it was a struggle. But she thought it was going ok. Armed wih her swords over her back, as well as the shield, the girl stretched her arms out above her head. "You know, i was wondering, do you guys remember who we're fighting today....?" The girl let out a sigh as she continued her stretching. Like many mornings, Midnight had refused to leave her bed until she had too and as always, was a little bit of a grumpy kitten in the morning.
  11. Midnight managed to drag herself onto her feet, only to use Tehengu to help her get up. The girl was breathing heavily, and had oen of her eyes closed as fatigue ate away at her. Gods above she was tired. But finally, she had a purpose again. An agent of the fang once again. Kayden had returned to the world she wanted. A world where the Faunus were equal to humans. But before that happened, she needed to follow her orders from KAyden. Assist her team. But what did that even mean? Assist them in what? Work with them how? His orders were never this vague before but...She had her orders. She would rally with her team, and Kaydens plan would reveal itself to her. It had too. She would just wait for his updated orders. Midnight, with T's help, managed to get to the medical bay. When the medics starting patching the cat Faunus back up, she'd bow her head at her 'friend'. "Tehengu, i'm...i'm so sorry for how i've been acting. I just got, emotional and i ...I didn't think about you, o-or anyone on the team. I'm a horrible team member..."
  12. The mini-explosion that her crystal had ignited, thanks to T's shot, made quick work of the wolves that had attacked her! Positioning herself back, Midnight kept a single focus - Her shield. She blocked a majority of the attacks, with only a few slipping past. Sadly, the last Grimm that charged at her caught the cat by surprise. Having just put down another wolf, an Ursa slammed into the girl from behind and she dropped her shield, the defensive item getting too far away for her to grab. Midnight dragged herself onto her feet, and had no choice. She grabbed her second blade and lowered herself close to the ground, tightening her grip on her weapons. She had one change NOT to screw this up. That's when the Ursa charged! It got within a metre. Midnight could almost smell its breath, its large paw speeding towards her! Midnight could almost feel the sharpness of its claw when she moved, ducking under it, and jammed both of her blades into its chest. Must like many Grim, it vanished and 'dropped' Midnight onto the ground. The cat Faunus let out an exhausted sigh, even letting her blades drop onto the ground as she fought to keep her eyes open. The Grim hadn't landed too many hits on her, just some light scratches over her arm and one across her back. But she was alive. Just so, tired. "I'm going to sleep for a month after this...but at least...i have purpose again"
  13. There were, SO MANY. But Midnight had no time to fear. - She had orders. And the girls body moved as the first wolf reached her, a brutal counter-attack from her blade tore the Grim in half, before she raised her shield and claws slammed into it. She knew her job was to play defensive, after all, her body was in agony and she'd sleep for a WEEK after this at least. She threw a look behind her, and specifically, the archer. T. That's when she had an idea, and a sly grin grew on her face. His arrows were powerful weapons, and if she lined them up for him. She shifted her body, giving a wolf to her left a perfect opening while 'guarding' the one on her right. Like any pack animal, they struck, with 3 more wolfs piling in on top of the girl too. In an indeal world, she'd fire them up into the sky for easy-pickings. But here, the girl simply leaped abckwards and the wolves 'slammed' into one another. The girl simply pointed her blade at them, and glanced at T. An order to fire. After all, one good shot would kill all of them, if T noticed the small crystal of fire-dust Midnight had left behind. Midnight glanced at her shield, the inside had crystals of Dust for battle. But after the train and that move, she only had a few dust-defensive moves left...She had to ensure she killed as many Grim as possible, because in this war, she was already crippled.
  14. Midnight raised her shield high, and glanced at her 'team'. Her mission was clear, keep them alive and do...well, she wasn't sure WHAT Kayden wanted out of her team but. It didn't matter at the end of it, all she had to know was she had to keep her teammates alive. Her Aura was, well, half-up at best. All it would take is a couple of hits before it collpased completely, so she couldn't hold the line. Dodging was her best friend. She glanced behind at, at T and that pest Andrea. She glared at the girl, but focused on the incoming grim. She would have to do it, she'd put her pride, her anger and hatred alside. She'd do whatever it took to achieve the mission she'd been set.
  15. Midnight wanted a single thing in this world. There was so much weighinng on her. The fate of her people, Kayden accepting her, her betrayal, Tehengu, the weird kid in class who wrote her a super creepy letter that she could never unread, the fact that despite being in overwhelming pain, grim were about to flood the city and she'd have to fight to survive and god she needed back up. Midnight wanted to sleep. And yet, as always... "Damn...it. Why can't the Grimm just get the message and die..." Midnight placed one of her blades on her back, and grabbed her shield. She knew she couldn't dodge everything like usual, so she needed her shield. Fatigue ate away at her, and she moved her feet. Midnight did the one thing she didn't want to do, and placed herself between the hole and her team. She was, well, the only one with a shield. A way to defend against Grim attacks. Tehengu had a bow/blade, Slash had...fists and Andrea was well...useless. If she was going to achieve her mission, then. She needed everyone, including Andrea, alive.
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