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Whereupon do we garner our views of the world? Were we taught? Did we form them based upon what we've seen? Have they always been within us, waiting for the right time to burst to the forefront of our minds? At what point does the line between predestination and choice blur? Withhold your scathing, baseless observations. Opt for what you know, rather than what you think you know. Or, just acknowledge that you know nothing at all. It takes :AJ: honesty :AJ: to admit that one.

For who can make a better opponent for your heart and mind than your own pride fueled by your prejudice? Claim dominion of your own mind, then move forward. Only then can you be sure of your path.



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I shall suffer not the blasphemies of a non-believer! You obviously missed the point of this post, judging by your preconceptions about Comic Sans.

<sage nod>

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It's mad easy. Follow reason. Trust your gut, and your mind. The two have their moments. Trust your homies. Hell, trust your enemies.

But never believe them until the time is right.

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