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MLP season 4 episode 3




(Warning: Spoilers!)

Star Spiders, and hall of hooves, and an organ outside, oh my! Castle Mane-ia was certainly a very good episode. Not only did it follow up on what happened during the season premiere, instead of ignoring it, it already gets a few brownie points! Referencing past episodes won't just make an episode good though, there were a lot of other good things in the episode that I really adored, and thus I will begin the reviewing process.

So one thing I like is the story and characters. Every character is going to the castle because of something that greatly is related to their personality. Since these stories differ from one another I'm going to just give a summery for why everypony is going.

Twilight is researching about the chest they found in the season premiere. she gets a letter from Celestia saying that there might be a book about it in the castle of the two sisters. She takes Spike and together they go on an adventure!

Rainbow Dash and Applejack are competing to be the most daring pony. Which could be a reference to daring don't. (Season 4 Episode 4!) They go into the castle and play the "First one to leave loses" game. Of course we know how this turns out, with hilarity ensuing.

Rarity is going because she got a 'tip' that there are tapestries that she wants to restore in there. She tells Fluttershy that it's important so she comes along to, with Angel the bunny, who doesn't act like a complete brat in this episode. Angel goes missing during the events and that's the reason they are prowling around the castle, after they've been scared enough to leave. (Or in Rarity's case, annoyed enough.)

I enjoy the different stories and how they all connect. Except for Angel, everypony acts like they should so far. Though it bugs me how Twilight got good at flying already, but I guess she learned during the season 4 premiere...I guess. Oh, and Pinkie Pie? Well...eh. I was kind of hoping for somepony else but I'm okay that she was who she was.

The design of the castle is amazing, I love the decor and the atmosphere of the place. It really reminded me of Twilight's terror time, back in the Nightmare Night 2013 event. Then I got depressed because I remembered that I got hit with a fish during that RP. I will never let that die, Bellosh!

There wasn't actually anything that bad in the episode, granted maybe Twilight could have found something about the lock, to hint at something in the future, but hey; I asked for subtlety in my review of the first two episodes, guess I finally got it.

Also something that I'm not particularly enthralled about; the mane 6 are going to keep a journal! I assume that this means our 'dear princess Celesta,' letters are going to be replaced with ''dear diary' entries. That's good, I guess. I never really had an opinion on the letters, but it does teach kids things, so It's good. Sometimes my little sister will just recite them randomly which is adorable.

I do have a few questions about the episode though. Since I don't have anything bad to say about it, it did leave us with a few questions. So let's make a list!

  • Who was the hooded pony we saw in the end?
  • Will the elements of harmony/chest of harmony be mentioned more?
  • Twilight lives in Ponyville, yes? For a while, I thought she lived in the Canterlot castle.
  • Wouldn't Celestia know about the book if it was in there? If it mentioned the elements of harmony, wouldn't it be best to take it? Part of the letter that Spike received doesn't feel quite right to me. I mean she could have forgot about it, or maybe she hasn't read all the books in there yet. I don't know, it just feels off for me.
  • Could this mean that there's going to be a season arc?

I'm sure there will be more questions to come. Anyway, the quality of this episode was amazing. I'm glad I got to see it, and I'm glad that things have gotten this could. If the quality of this season stays like this, I'll be very impressed. It may become my favorite season so far. It's a fine episode, one that I can't give a bad report on, and it anything that isn't good, is good enough for me. So guys, I give this episode my reviewer rating of 8.5 dismembered hooves out of 10! No seriously though, does anyone else find it creepy that there are severed pony legs mounted on the walls? This has been Neo Reviews, thanks for reading!


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