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Mlp season 4 episode 5




Warning: Spoilers

I'M DONE! I'M SO DONE! HOW THE...I DON'T EVEN...WHAT JUST...WHAT! This episode is probably my favorite Cutie Mark Crusader episode so far, and why for the love of Luna, did Scootaloo not get her cutie mark? Oh right...hasbro. Well anyways, let's actually get to the review!

So the story of Scootaloo getting picked on because of her wings was really ingenious. It's basically a disability story that some kids will have to deal with. It's only made even better because I remember getting picked on for being dyslexic and not being able to read or write like anyone else. I'm sure that almost anyone can relate to this story and it's because of this that the whole episode can be looked at so much better. You really feel for scootaloo as she throws away everything that she was good at.

Also this is throwback to the episode, games ponies play, which actually...was not a good episode of season 3, at least compared to this. We get to see Mrs. harshwinny again and that's pretty good. I do wonder about Rainbow Dash though. She says that she was the flag carrier for the cloudsdale games but didn't she say in games ponies play that cloudsdale didn't get to host the games? That was kind of the whole drive of Rainbow Dash in the episode. I mean maybe they got to hold it at a later time but...it just doesn't make sense. It takes away from Rainbow's drive in the episode.

The song, hearts like horses is also really good, and really meaningful. It really seems like a better version of the old CMC theme song, which pretty much talked about their despair. However, this one is much more about their friendship and the strength they have together. They song is much better than most of the other CMC songs and I will always keep it in my favorites playlist.

Overall this episode does not disappoint. Momentum for season 4 is flowing strong, and this episode keeps up with it. I love the episode. This was definetly needed for Scootaloo's character, and I'm so glad they did this. Now if only she could realize that HER CUTIE MARK IS FOR HER SCOOTER AND NOTHING ELSE! Anyways it's time for that grand old number that everyone likes so much, for whatever reason. This episode gets my reviewer rating of 9 out of 10! Amazing episode, amazing character development, but I'm confused a bit about what Rainbow said. This has been Neo Reviews, thanks for reading.



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