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Song Reviews; Bats




blog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgblog-0128993001389572486.jpgoh sweet Celestia im tired.... welcome to another song review! woo hoo. sorry its almost midnight here. sorry i didn't get to this sooner but i missed them episodes and didn't even think to look for the episodes on youtube until now.

this was pretty good but it made a suggestion of there being vampires in the show (at least in lore) that actually eat ponies. for the younger viewers i would think this might disturb them but besides that it was pretty good! if you havn't seen it.... well im not posting no summary of it this time. so if you havn't seen it go look it up on youtube. i watched it with my cousin so i got a little distracted at times but it was a pretty good episode. i've never been a really good fan of vampires so this wasn't that good an episode plot to me. the pacing was pretty good, didn't see many ainmation flaws (a few minor ones but just maybe some pixelation but that might just be my computer) but since im not that much of a fan of the plot line, so if you want a good, not based of my dislike of vampires, analysis i'd look at somepony else's blog.

so over all i give this 6 little keyboard icons out of 10 piano-keyboard-icon.pngpiano-keyboard-icon.pngpiano-keyboard-icon.pngpiano-keyboard-icon.pngpiano-keyboard-icon.pngpiano-keyboard-icon.png

wow. theyre smaller in the picture.... anyway thats it! come back in a few days and i might get to rairity takes Manehatten!



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.... I had just watched the latest one when I wrote this. I was thinking of that one...... Yay. I look like an idiot.... Thanks for telling me! Fixing....

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