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Stellar Artifacts



Artefact sat lounged in his oversized luxury armchair, looking into his fireplace. He sighed and took a sip of his hot cocoa. Art had been alone in his large house for several years, now. His father had passed away, leaving him the house as well as the Crystalle Family business. However, all the bits in the world didn't mean much when he was all alone.
The grandfather clock chimed the half hour. Tonight was Hearthswarming Eve, but for the seventh time, he'd be spending it by himself. He felt a weight of sadness as he stared at his father's portrait above the hearth.


Just then, a moderate knock sounded at the door. He straightened himself up and answered loud enough to be heard "The door is open. You may enter." who could it be at this hour on this day?




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The door made a weak creaking sound as it swung open. "H-hello? I'm looking for a Crystalle Horn?" called the voice from the door. A grey pegasus stood there looking into the room "I'm sure I have the address right, but I-I haven't been here since I was a colt, so..."

Art got out of his chair to look at the pony who'd come in. The stallion was a light, ashen grey with a mane that faded grey to blue. He smiled "Stellar Drift." he greeted "I remember the last time you visited. I was still learning my father's craft. You had just gotten your cutie mark, if I remember correctly."

Stellar blushed "Y-yeah, that's me. Are you Mr. Crystalle?"

Art's smile faded slightly. "I am Artefact Crystalle. You may call me Art." he introduced "Unfortunately, My father passed away seven years ago."

Stellar's face fell "I'm sorry."

"It is quite alight, Stellar." he assured "What can I help you with?"

"O-oh, yeah!" Stellar stammered "U-um, so years ago, I got a telescope from here. It was enchanted with enhancement magic."

Art merely nodded.

"Well, it um... it stopped working, today. I know today is a bad day to ask for your services, but I'm kind of desperate. You see, tonight is the only night I'll be able to see Baley's Comet, and I need my telescope."

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