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  1. Myth seemed ever so slightly disappointed that neither of her friends got her joke, but that was okay. When Icy suggested the library wasn't necessarily a bad idea, Myth couldn't stop her eyes from rolling before she explained that some of the books might have magic in them that went heretofore unnoticed. To which Myth paused for half a second before she started walking again "You know what?" she said smiling slightly at the thought of a book that actually told her something "You might be on to something, there. I never considered that possibility before." It was at that point that Icy voice her desire for food. or rather her stomach did the voicing for her. Myth stifled a giggle "I agree. something to eat would be welcome, indeed." When Raven suggested they follow Myth's nose up on the street, she smiled wide "That sounds like a fantastic idea! I've heard good things about Las Pegasus street food."
  2. Myth shook her head slowly "Something gives me the impression they don't share this stuff with anypony." she looked carefully at the false bird still perched on her back. The workings that she could see were beyond her current understanding of magic. She couldn't quite make manes nor tails of the non-magical components, and the magical components seemed to violate some of the restrictions she thought magic had. She smiled "But if she was willing to share, I would be first in line to hear what she has to say. I know that if I could take one of these home, I could figure out how it works in a few months' time.... maybe a year. But even if we could take one without their noticing I would never want to ruin their trust in us like that. It might just have to end up being another one of magic's mysteries." she decided to leave out the part that she thought she might have an idea how the magic disruption sound worked. If she was just a little more audacious, she might even get Shiroi to use it again so she could confirm. but she'd promised not to do that, and Myth wasn't exactly in the habit of breaking promises. even if she was hoarding magic secrets..... she chuckled to herself then looked into the air where Feather was showing off. She couldn't really see what she was doing, but she could see how much she was enjoying herself, and she could hear her wings beating against the air in different ways. She hadn't observed pegasus stunt flying enough to know what each of those wing flaps meant, but she could still hear the calculated precision in each stroke of Feather's wings, and see the joy that flying brought her. She smiled. Sometimes, she wished she'd been a pegasus. Although she wasn't sure if she had that she'd have developed her magic sight. She'd probably still be blind. And she didn't want to think about that.
  3. Myth grabbed Icy's mane, and took to following like a fish to water. She seemed to still be able to take cues quickly despite not having done this in many years. With the mane in her teeth, she followed as Icy asked Raven for suggestions. She nearly dropped Icy's mane as she giggled at Raven's mention of the library. She spoke with very minimal effect from having her mouth full of hair. "The hanger?" she asked, stifling laughter "is it a magical hanger? cause in that case we really should wait for tomorrow. It'll look much more interesting when I get my sight back." she giggled again "I could listen to the training ponies in the training rooms. I might even be able to feel something if they're casting spells."
  4. Compass waved smiling timidly when Rose mentioned the 'mare with a lay of the land'. It was when Rose mentioned the Hydra blood that Compass' smile faded again, she'd forgotten she was going to ask about that. But before she could speak, Mr. Copper had started his response. Compass watched his movements carefully and listened closely to what he had to say. She couldn't help but nod just a little at some of it. She could see where he was coming from. She took just a little too long to speak yet again because Aloe was next to speak. She decided she'd listen carefully to her, too. Her uncomfortable look faded a little as Aloe spoke, and she seemed to sigh with relief in her body language. Once Aloe had calmed down enough to finish talking, Compass sort of raised a hoof in an 'I'd like to talk if that's okay' type manner before she began to speak "A-actually, I was kind of worried about that, too...." she started. She turned to Rose "You remember I told you before I would have to think it over. part of it was I was worried about my safety, but also.... I don't want to be hurting any creature who isn't a danger. Can you promise me that won't happen?" she looked at Rose expectantly. She believed that Rose would understand. If she didn't believe it, she wouldn't be here. but she just wanted to get some confirmation before she committed to this.
  5. Myth carefully climbed down from the hospital bed, probing the floor with her hooves before standing. The aether burn cream stuff seemed to be doing its thing as she hardly felt any effect from that burn at all. She reached out for Icy, and felt around the air until she found her, smiling as she felt her way to her head "Sorry, I'm... not really used to getting around this way anymore." she turned toward Raven's voice, and smiled in her direction before turning back to Icy "I-I uh.... I mean is it okay if I...." she blushed as she explainef "It's just, back when I was blind, I would hold onto my mom's mane in my teeth...." she scratched the back of her head
  6. Myth put her hoof up to her head when the birds began to sing. The birds weren't casting any spells or emitting any magic, but rather simply emitting a sound. Yet that sound seemed to be carefully keyed to disrupt minor spells. Myth's eyes widened, as did her smile. She knew these po— creatures were good with magic, but she didn't realise just how good. It would certainly be a bad move to get on their bad side. Which of course was never really her intention to begin with. She watched her spell as it wavered in the sound and began to dissipate, but as soon as she could see what the birdsong was doing, she voluntarily dropped her illusion. She nodded at the bird on her back "Point taken. Can't blame a mare for trying." she shrugged, then added in a slightly less joking manner with a slight bow "My apologies. It won't happen again." While she was really impressed that not only could they see her spell, but were able to remotely disable it with naught but birdsong, she was still just a little peeved that she couldn't talk in private. She frowned "guess I'll leave that subject for later." she turned to Raven and smiled "Now that was interesting. Full of information. Honestly, I didn't expect they'd be able to counter it, remotely. I thought maybe they'd be able to tell I cast something, and if they didn't we could speak privately, but.... I can certainly understand they wouldn't want us to. I have never seen magic countered solely by sound, before. That was very interesting. It even affected my vision a little. I have got to pick that Shiroi's brain." she all but forgot the way the magic in that conference room had affected her vision, and how it had frightened her. This new information she was learning distracting her from the real reason she had tried giving them privacy. The excitement and wonder coming back to her as she stopped thinking about it.
  7. // omg guys I'm so sorry! I meant to reply sooner, but I forgot! I'm so sorry! // Compass smiled when the first thing she saw clearly without the glare of the sun was Rose's face. She blushed ever so slightly as she regained her composure. "Th-thanks, Rose." she turned to Aloe who was right there with her, and smiled "Do either of you have anything for my wings? I don't know if I should fly in this direct sunlight." she took a breath. She could feel her head getting clearer and her energy returning as the potion took effect. That was about when the unicorn stallion spoke to Rose. Compass smiled when she recognized who he was. "Mr. Copper!" she said aloud "I remember you from the recent campaign for Ponyville Mayor! It's a pity you didn't win. I was really rooting for you. Your policies on the Everfree were exactly what we needed. You had my vote.... for what little that's worth." she frowned. // edit: Also StrongCopper, sorry, but if you could keep rp order that helps me a lot. I get really stressed out with rps with this many people as it is. Thank you. //
  8. Myth shook her head "Unfortunately, the crystals your orbs are made of won't work. They seem to work well as magic reservoirs, but what we need is a catalyst for the magic in a pony's body. Any existing magic in the crystal will only serve to interfere with your own magic. It's probably one of the reasons why the crystal overloaded. What we need is pure unblemished crystals with no existing charge. I have a few other ideas that may help the crystals take, but that's further down the road. As it is, what we need to do is acquire more crystals like the one I broke, equally pure calcium carbonate and a spell to combine them without charging it, which might be difficult. We will need a number of the crystals cause.... I don't yet know what combination of the two will do the best. We'll have to basically guess." myth smiled when Raven mentioned the tour she was meant to be doing. She'd completely forgotten about that with all the excitement. New magic discoveries tended to do that to her. Then she frowned "I-I uh... still can't see, but...." her face filled with pleading and not a small amount of shame "I-if somepony can guide me, I'd love to still do my tour.... it has been a long time, but I should still be able to remember directions without sight."
  9. Myth looked at the mechanical bird again and thought for a moment, staring, before she sighed. Then she smiled and spoke in a lightly excited voice "Neighponese magic is definitely different than equestrian magic. It's been all I can do to keep a lid on it since we got here. It's like some kind of thick syrup or something, also It looks like they've found ways of manipulating magic that we Equestrians have only just scratched the surface of." she smirked in the direction of the false bird "What would you say if I told you that... I'm guessing it's a bird, why else is it in a tree" she chuckled "If I told you it's metal. It has animation magic and some kind of surveillance magic. I couldn't be sure before, but now that I'm looking at it again I think it's somehow connected to that Shiroi pony's thing on her face." she smiled "If I had to guess, I'd say she's watching us. Not that I blame them being suspicious of outsiders in their palace." she waved at the mechanical bird While she was waving, myth discreetly cast an illusion that covered the three like a soft mist, to any outside observer, it would merely look as tho she waved and then put her hoof down to just relax in the garden. All sight and sound was interrupted before leaving their vicinity, altered to only convey what Myth wanted. It took more than a little concentration, but it wasn't too much. "Just.... trying something out..." she said toward her friends.
  10. Compass is nervous, and a little unprepared, but she feels the opportunity to finally get work in Ponyville is worth the risk. She also feels like for some reason she can trust Rose to not let something horrible happen to her..... hopefully.
  11. Compass Rose yawned. She silently cursed herself for her lack of forethought. She knew today was going to be the trek with Rose and Aloe. She groaned she wasn't sure she'd have been able to sleep if she'd tried. At least this way, she'd have more of the forest mapped before they ventured in. She stumbled a little as she walked. She looked up at the sky and immediately regretted it, pulling her sun hat down over her face with a whimper. "Oh, why'd it have to be morning?" she complained. On her back, she carried her customary cartography supplies, plenty of extra parchment, pencils, quills and ink just in case they explored regions of the Everfree she had yet to map. She walked along the border of the forest from where he home sat to where she'd been told to meet Rose and her crew. If she hadn't had her wide sun hat on, looking at the ground like a lightweight having a hangover, she might've noticed the airship sooner. But when the airship's shadow covered her, it was kind of difficult to miss. She looked up at the craft, looming over the area "Just what kind of 'crew' does this pony have?" she whispered to herself before she started to jog, realizing she was probably late. "Sorry I'm—" she began to call as she approached the others, but she was interrupted when she tripped and face-planted several feet short of Rose. Her parchments and sealed ink wells scattering on the ground, her sun hat flopping over on its head. It was all she could do to keep from just leaving from the embarrassment. As she picked up her things she started speaking at a mile a minute "I-I'm sorry, everypony. I swear I'm not usually this clumsy. I'm just really tired. Spent last night mapping as much of the forest as I could reach. I wanted to be prepared for today. Didn't think about sleep until it was too late. But i did get at least a few minutes of rest. I just figured Rose might have some kind of potion to help. She's a wizard with that sort of thing afterall." she laughed nervously scratching the back of her head. "I-I uh... brought maps. Of the uh... the parts of the forest I've explored." she produced some detailed expertly hoof-drawn maps of portions of the forest, followed by some less-detailed ones of other parts "and these ones are from my various fly-overs. I-It's not like" she chuckled nervously " 'Mighty Helm' levels or anything, but I've done my best. A-and I'll be here to answer any questions. If I've seen it, I'll remember it." She put her hat back on, then added in slightly more serious tone "But um... if we're really going in there, I'd still advise a lot of caution. Not only are the creatures dangerous, but... there's a chance my maps could be wrong. Not because I remembered wrong, but because the forest changes. I noticed it last night when I was re-mapping some portions... I marked the changes in red. It's not drastic but it gives me pause. This forest really is no joke...."
  12. Myth winced audibly when the nurse but the aether burn cream on her hoof. She bit her lip just holding back an obscenity. Her magic sensitivity was probably making its effect more intense on her than most. A moment later, the numbing agent began to take effect and the pain subsided. Tho something remained. She stared in the direction of her hoof. Still blinded, she couldn't see, but she was focused on the sensation she was feeling. Like cream was pulling foreign magic out of her. She marveled at the stake feeling for only a moment before she shook herself free of its captivation. "Oh yeah. Sorry the thing! I think I may have solved the horn problem! ....maybe. I think. It'll still take a lot of experimenting to get it just right, but—" she stopped herself "There was something in that Canterlot crystal. It wasn't the main component, but something in it. It reacted to the presence of Icy's powered orbs." she turned to where she thought Icy was, which was a little too the side of where she actually was "It was reacting to your magic, but I only saw it because of the orbs. I mean, I'm sure I would've noticed it, eventually, but that's beside the point. Those crystals have properties I haven't seen before. Well... not in crystals, anyway." she got more excited as she spoke, and now she smiled "You weren't far off, Icy. We should be looking at natural horns. but it isn't the calcium carbonate. At least, not only. It came to me when Raven was talking about resonance. I'm not sure what it is, exactly, but horns have... something in them different from bone. It facilitates the condensation of magic from inside the pony until it can be focused." she pointed at her own horn "The, uh... swirlies. they serve more purpose than just looks. I've known this for some time. Anyway, whatever it is, that Canterlot crystal has the same properties. It's just.... a bit too good at it. I'm sure if we found the right balance of calcium carbonate and this crystal, we would get the result we're looking for. Guys." she smiled wide as she tried futily to look for her two friends "I can feel it. We're really close with this. It might actually be possible!" she giggled excitedly having all but forgotten her fear of blindness for the time being.
  13. Myth raised her head again and smiled. Her friends cared, maybe a little too much. She was just taking a little break from the thick magic of the room. She nodded when Ishi offered his golem as an escort. While she would've preferred to go alone, she understood him not wanting to let foreigners lose in the palace unsupervised. She moved aside to let the golem pass by her and lead her back to the gardens. As soon as she left the palace proper, and entered the gardens, she breathed an audible sigh of relief "Now, that was something else." she laughed, speaking to her two friends who joined her "It seems the magic in Neighpon is pretty different from Equestrian magic. If I had more time to get used to it, I know I could've gone into that room. It's so..... I don't know how to describe it. It's like... thick and Syrupy.... but then also hard. It's strange. I kind of want to come back here, someday, just to study it." she frowned, remembering how her vision had begun to dim. She looked at Raven with a hint of the same fear she had when she'd been blinded at STAR HQ before. "And... there was something else..." she said tentatively. She looked at one of the perfectly disguised metal animated birds and frowned. She wasn't sure if she wanted to discuss her weaknesses where other ponies were listening in. She sighed "Some of the spells in that room...." she hoped Raven would get what she was getting at. She decided to let her decide if it was safe to talk openly. She didn't know anything about these foreign ponies and creatures. and wanted to see what Raven thought before she made any assumptions.
  14. myth walked behind Icy, smiling around at all the interesting magic when suddenly, she felt a compressing pressure in her head. She stopped walking and put a hoof to her head, wavering visibly. She breathed sharply as she focused on trying to fight the feeling and walk in the room. Her magic sight was sure useful most times, but it came at a cost. Her sight came from a high sensitivity to magic that manifested in her vision. In instances like this, it meant the sheer amount and strength of all the enchantments was taking a bit of a toll on her. Not only that, but as she got closer her vision began to dull. It seemed one of the anti-scrying enchantments was affecting her vision. Myth began to panic slightly as her vision was fading, combined with the headache the magical pressure was causing her. She took another deep breath as her head throbbed. She bowed as low as she could just inside the door and spoke in a tone of respect, tinged with the minor pain she was enduring "My apologies, Ōmetsuke Ishi. Gijitsu-Sha Shiroi. I... can't enter the room. I'm more sensitive to the magic in there. Is it alright if I wait out here?" She winced and turned her head a bit.
  15. Myth smiled as she resigned herself to assistance, hugging Icy's neck again. "Thank you, guys. I really appreciate your concern." Myth giggled when Raven suggested Myth could end up polka dotted. After Raven explained in more detail what she knew and suspected about what happened, Myth perked up. That's right, there were things to tell the others about. Important things. "There's not going to be anything they can do about my vision. Trust me, I know. But i do have a minor aether burn on my hoof they might as well bandage while I'm here." she explained. She sighed "I'm fine, guys. Really." she turned her head down "I just.... hope it's not permanent is all... this has happened before, and every time, I'm just.... terrified of losing it forever." she raised her head again "but having you two here is helping me stay calm. Normally, I'd just be.... well, let's just say last time, I didn't do so well." she smiled "But that's not important, right now! I've gotta tell you guys what I saw!"
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