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  1. Interested in having more members of The Steel Wings. If you want to make a character, or you think you have a character who fits, let's talk (here or in DMs either way). While The Steel Wings don't canonically do recruitment like this, I just wanted to give y'all a chance to see this and possibly add your character(s) to the roster. If you want, you can give me some info on your character, or link to their application (even if it's a WIP or pending approval, you'll just have to get the approval before rping them is all).
  2. If you're interested in your character being a member of The Steel Wings, or rping with them message me so we can talk.
  3. The site won't let me update my signature,  and now I'm sad. :/

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    Check out my rp log if you haven't already! ;)

  4. Oh boy! It's been a long time. @PyroBlaze @RainbowFoxxy if either of you still want that art you asked for so long ago, let me know. I may get to it sooner or later. Hopefully it doesn't escape me again lol.
  5. Szalhi's other blind character, Loose Cannon.
  6. No Vella. Szalhi's character. She looks different than Szalhi's actual character because I didn't see the picture in her app until I was basically done. Oops lol.
  7. A character named Magnus I did for PyroBlaze.
  8. This one I had a lot of fun doing for Whitefeather. Her name is Blake Breezy or Breezerk.
  9. This one was my first request from Bellosh. Her name was "Moony".
  10. I can't post these in the gallery because I use bases, so I decided to go ahead and just make a thread here, instead. You can follow the thread if you like, and I'll just post any future vectors I do here as replies. I do vectors using Inkscape. It's honestly something anyone could do, it's just tedious and most people don't like doing it. But I do, and I like to share my results with people. Unfortunately, I don't have many friends who appreciate pony sh!t, which is all I do, so..... Anywho, without further ado, I'll post pictures in replies. (Oh, also, most of the pictures in my character apps are my vectors, so there's that, too)
  11. Silver Haze Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Silver Haze Gender: Mare Age: Adult Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Blue Coat: Lavender Mane/Tail: White/light blue Physique: Athletic Residence: Nomadic (Steel Wings) Occupation: gang member Cutie Mark: A silver wing engulfed in a blue flame, which she got from doing some flight stunts. Hart talent is stunt flying. Unique Traits: A tattoo of her father's Cutie Mark on her neck. Wears a denim jacket with an emblem that signifies her membership in The Steel Wings. History: Silver Haze grew up with her mom and dad Radiance and Swift Lightning. She loved her dad more than anything. After she got her cutie mark (first in her class. booyeah), she got a little sister Silver Bolt. She was excited to have a sister. They spent a lot of time together, and were pretty close. But never as close as she was with dad.... which made it all that much harder when he got sick. He had a heart attack, and stayed in the hospital, but just didn't seem to be getting better.... he was on his deathbed. He pulled his foals in to tell them each he loved them. Gave them each one final piece of advice. His advice for Silver Haze was "Haze, I need you to be strong. Your little sister is counting on you. You're the toughest little filly I know. Don't let anypony ever tell you who to be. You be you, and make things happen." Then he spoke with Bolt. But Haze wasn't hearing, cause she was reflecting on his words. The machines started beeping and doctors rushed in. She wanted to see what was going on, but- She walked home that day by herself. She needed time to think. She knew her dad was right. She needed to be herself. Unapologetically and firmly herself. And nopony was going to stand in her way. She decided there and then that she was going to find her own way. But she couldn't leave yet... Bolty still needed her. After a month or so. One day. Bolt came home with a few new scars... but something else, too. She had her cutie mark! "Turns out, I can take care of myself, huh, Haze?" She said. "You sure can." Not long after, she left a note and left the home in the middle of the night (She didn't know, but bolt watched her quietly and said nothing). After a while on her own, she encountered The Steel Wings. They saw that she was alone and doing quite well for herself. So they asked her if she wanted to join them. Well, she thought being in that gang would be pretty cool, so naturally she said yes. Since then, she's been really bonding well with her new family, and particularly with the leader, Steel Wing, who is like a father to her. Character Personality: Tough, outgoing but emotionally guarded, adventurous and a little reckless. Character Summary: Silver Haze is a thrill-seeking, tough-as-nails pegasus who loves living the gang life with her gang family of The Steel Wings. Her best friend and mentor, Steel Wing is like a father to her. She enjoys spending time with her fellow members and the many ponies they interact with. Pics: Disclaimer: This OC belongs to a friend of mine who has given me permission to rp her on this site. We came up with her together tho so I guess she's also partly mine in a way.
  12. New character app up! Check it out, if you like. 

  13. Steel Wing Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Steel Wing Gender: Stallion Age: Elder Pony Species: Pegasus Eye colour: magenta Coat: blue Mane/Tail: Cyan Physique: Elderly, yet still fit. Residence: Nomadic (Steel Wings) Occupation: Gang Leader Cutie Mark: A pair of stylized steel wings with a blue flame in the middle Unique Traits: A tattoo of a barbed wire wraps around up his left hind leg and sort of curls around his cutie mark. Steel Wing wears a black leather jacket with a blown up version of his cutie mark emblazoned on the back, that signifies his position as leader of the Pegasus Gang, The Steel Wings. History: Steel Wing was born in Cloudsdale. He spent his childhood flying around and learning new tricks. He felt like someday, he'd get his cutie mark in stunt flying. One day, he met a younger pegasus named Feather Hazel. She was a fun filly who loved to fly, but she was much less showy than Steel. They became fast friends. One day, when flying together, Steel Thought he'd show Hazel a trick he'd mastered. Flying on his back. She thought that looked like fun and wanted him to show her how to do it. He did, and they worked together until she finally was able to very slowly but steadily fly on her back. They were both so happy! Thes Steel's flank began to glow! He'd gotten his cutie mark! He loved it so much. Years passed, and Steel and Hazel were inseparable. They became a flying duo that would turn heads wherever they went. Steel doing death-defying jawdropping stunts, and Hazel doing some graceful flying to accompany. One day, they each got their letters from Wonderbolt academy! They were both accepted! They worked their tails off in the academy, quickly rising to the top. Steel as lead pony, Hazel, his wingpony. They smashed records and they climbed leaderboards. After they finished at the academy, and while they were waiting to hear if they would get to be Wonderbolts Reservists, Steel wing had gotten a crazy plan to help them train and be the best fliers they could be. He was reckless like that. He told Hazel of a place they could go that had such strong winds most pegasi would never be able to make it. but he was confident they'd be fine. She excitedly joined him to go there to train a bit before they got their results tomorrow. They flew through the cavern, the winds stronger than usual, barely keeping steady. Hazel was beginning to have more and more trouble. "Steel? are you sure we can do this?" she screamed through the wind "Don't worry, Hazel. You and I are tough ponies. We'll make it." he screamed back. Just then, a particularly strong cross breeze blew them both out of balance. Steel used his exceptional flying skill to turn his faltering into a showy moebius followed by a barrel roll and he was steady again. "WOOHOO!" he screamed "That was crazy. Did you see that, Hazel?" There was no response. He looked around, his heart racing, and he saw her. She was struggling against the currents, tumbling and hurling at breakneck speed toward a cliff! "HAZEL!" he turned and flew as fast as his wings could carry him. He was too late. later, at the hospital, he paced the hall waiting to hear how she was doing. A doctor came out to say "I'm sorry, sir. We've done everything we can, but... her wounds were too severe. She's gone." Steel didn't even go back to hear if he'd gotten in the reserves. Even if he got in, there was no way he could do it without Hazel. He cursed himself for his stupid, reckless idea. He wished his friend was still here. Many years passed, and now Steel lived in Manehattan. He'd grown a lot since that day at the hospital. he learned to stop blaming himself, and move on. He still missed his wingpony, but he was finally able to go on without her. He still didn't know if either of them had gotten into the Wonderbolts Reserves, and honestly, he didn't really mind not knowing. He was happy in his new home. He even had some pretty good friends that he flew with all the time. Nopony as close as he and Hazel had been, but they felt like family. One day, he decided he and his group of friends would make themselves a name for their group. Make it like a club. One of them joked that Steel Wing was kinda thes leader anyway, the way he always played concerned father. Why don't they call their group after him? "Y'know," said another friend "That's actually not a bad idea. I mean, we all follow him, and he's always been the best flier and- hey, don't give me that look, Steel, you know it's true. And i think he'd make a fantastic leader. Even if he doesn't." "All those in favor of calling ourselves the Steel Wings, and appointing Steel the Leader?" All his friends emphatically agreed. "Well," Steel said, chuckling "It looks like I've been out-voted." They all laughed and had another round of cider. Years more went by, and most Steel's co-founder friends moved on from the gang life and settled down. Since it's founding, he'd recruited a pretty decent member count. He was getting up there in years, but it didn't stop him from enjoying every minute with his gang. One day, he met a little filly who was making it all on her own in the big city. She seemed young to be on her own, but she was tough and there was something about her that he couldn't ignore. He asked her if she wanted to join the family and live the gang life. She was all too ready. That's when he knew what drew him to her. She reminded him of Hazel. Her name was Silver Haze. Yet more years have gone by, and Haze had shown herself a very capable filly... except she was a grown mare, now. Steel saw all his members like his own children, but Haze was his wingpony, and he hoped, his successor. Character Personality: A gentle yet stern character who you just know is always stressed about something, but he'd never let on to it. He loves flying with his gang, who he regards more like his own children, more than anything. has loves to watch them grow and bond with each other, and always seems to have a smile on his face. Character Summary: As the Founder and current leader of Equestria's toughest pegasus gang, The Steel Wings, Steel Wing is a kind hearted senior pegasus who loves to fly with his gang and watch them grow and bond with each other. He always seems to have a smile on his face, but everypony knows, he will not take anypony's crap. he's usually willing to give ponies the benefit of the doubt, but above all else, he does not appreciate being taken advantage of. Pics: Cutie Mark and emblem on the back of his jacket:
  14. I just finished drafting up the thing I wanted to do. If you're interested, check it out. ;)


    I need to go to bed now, but I plan to draft up some new characters as well.

  15. The Steel Wings An Equestrian Pegasus Gang (The emblem of the gang and also its founder's cutie mark. Members have this emblem embroidered on the front of their denim jacket. Not all members choose to wear the jacket, but most do.) Overview: So I'm sure you know about earth's motorcycle gangs, mostly prevalent in the United States and an identifying part of American culture? Yeah, just like that, but maybe a bit different. Given the atmosphere of Equestria, it would be unlikely for violent gangs to arise, but the tough exterior and free-spirited nature of these groups is still a likely thing. This group, The Steel Wings, is one such gang. The pegasi of this gang fly around Equestria in a sort of loose pattern (sounding like a fleet of WWII planes), doing stunts and generally being unsafe and reckless. However, unlike a certain unnamed group that doesn't seem to mind putting other ponies at risk (cough)Washouts(cough), they aren't in it for fame or bits, they're just having fun. Sometimes, the gang will play harmless pranks on friends of theirs, but that's about as far as they go. They mostly just like to fly with like-minded ponies who they see as "tough" and who gel well with the rest of the gang. They conduct themselves more like a family than anything, and they are fiercely loyal to one another. While, by the nature of it being a gang of pegasi, they only travel with other pegasi, they have been known to dub non-pegasi who they are exceptionally fond of as "honorary" members. Who, when they come around, can join their fun, and at any time can call on them for favors and protection. Leadership and Foundung The founding and current leader of The Steel Wings is the elderly Steel Wing, himself. Though he is in his elderpony years, he hasn't lost one bit of his sprite or toughness. At any point should the members of his gang feel he is unfit, they are encouraged to challenge him to a wing wrestle. When he wins, they back down. He hasn't lost yet. Steel Wing views his members like his own children. Membership: There are many members of The Steel Wings. Some of them have moved on, retiring from the lifestyle, some come and go from time to time. Only Steel Wing himself knows how many ponies are members. The named members (that is ponies who have roleplayers) are: Steel Wing Silver Haze Flower Love (H) ("H" denotes an Honorary Member) PS. Feel free to let me know what you think about this (concept, writing etc), and how you think it can be improved. Character Submissions: OPEN If you're interested in having your character be listed as a member of The Steel Wings, DM me, and we'll talk, kay?
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