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  1. Myth smiled at the stallion as he bid them adieu, then she turned to Icy "I know you're not used to ponies assuming you aren't capable because of how you look." she started, her smile fading slightly "I know, from experience, that it's not very fun. Ponies think they're being helpful, but really they're only hurting." she smiled again "but I find, more often than not, they only have your best interests in mind. If you give them some assurance, they may just give you the chance to prove yourself. Afterall, that's how I met you." she booped her. At Icy's suggestion of the hotel, she smiled wryly "You read my mind." her expression changed slightly to a more thoughtful one "I'm going to be honest. I normally wouldn't have thought much of his warning, but something is strange about this town. I felt it the moment we got off the train. Almost like.... a presence. I just can't quite put my hoof on it. I definitely think it warrants an investigation." At about this time, they came up to a large building whose face was in the street, but the back hung over the Loch, standing on stilts. The markings on the pillars suggested that the usual tides only reached about 5 feet below the deck. The front door had a note on it that read "Due to recent floodings, some rooms are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience." When myth opened the door, inside was a unicorn mare using her magic to sort through wet papers, drying them one by one with a spell before filing them away in a filing cabinet that was sitting on the counter. At first, she didn't acknowledge the two entering until Myth opened her mouth and the sound of a desk bell came out. The unicorn looked up with a bewildered look, and looked at myth, then the desk bell that was on the other side of the room and back at Myth "H-hello there." General Kenobi she greeted "Welcome to the Loch and Key Inn. I'm Key Hole. How may I help you?"
  2. "I'm sorry, lass, but the Loch has been up to something, lately." he began to explain "The tides are going crazy. Why just this mornin' my house was flooded. Ain't never done that since my gran'dad built it. I suspect magic be at play, somehow, but others don't believe me. Mark my words, someth'n fishy's goin' on. Mayhaps a magical beast or sommat." Myth smiled "Well, worry no longer, my friend! Because strange magical phenomena are exactly my specialty!" she brimmed with excitement. Work while on vacation? This is exactly what she was hoping for. She only hoped it wouldn't be over too quickly. the stallion gave her a look "Jus' don't go gett'n your little one mixed up in something. You never know what could happen with magic. And ain't ye blind?" he added that last bit as if only just noticing Myth's eyes Myth laughed "We may not look it, good sir, but we're both quite capable." she winked
  3. "How do you know this isn't an illusion and I'm not still in the lab?" Myth smiled deviously. "I could be calibrating the Thaummeter as we speak. You don't know!" she laughed, hoping that Icy knew she was joking. It was about this time, that the train began to decelerate quickly, jerking to a gradual stop. The station they'd arrived at was noticeably less maintained than the more populous cities like Las Pegasus or Canterlot. Tho it still served its purpose well enough. "Last stop!" called the train host "Fet Loch!" Myth nodded at the host as she disembarked from the train, Icy on her back. Only one or two other ponies followed them, but sickly went their own ways. Myth turned to Icy "How shall we do the hotel? You want to be my illegitimate child who I'm bringing to my ex-lover to ask for child support? How do you feel about pretending to be sick?" "If you're looking for a place to stay for the night," A stallion piped in, before Icy could answer "I suggest avoiding anything close the shore."
  4. Mau yawned. This had been probably one of her longer naps. She wasn't exactly sure how long it had been, but she remembered something about a particularly long night or something. She looked out of her cave to see that it was day time. Well, at least that night thing was fixed. She stood in the entrance of her cave and looked down at the valley below. She couldn't remember what the ponies were calling this area when she'd dozed off, she just called it "The Eastern Mountains". Whatever they were called, they were very pretty right now. She stretched her paws out and pulled her body to stretch her back. "Now's as good a time as any for a bath." she said to herself. thinking of the nearby Loch she'd always used. She turned and jumped down from the mountain she'd been sleeping in, deftly bounding through the hills with her feline grace, her landings soft and soundless. Upon finding herself closer to the Loch, she frowned. This town wasn't here, before. She thought for a moment before deciding that she'd just be careful. Already hiding in the fabric, she knew nopony would see her, but she didn't want to freak them out by raising the water too quickly when she got in. Or did she? She smiled to herself. ================= Myth bounced along happily, carrying her marefriend on her back. "I'm so glad you decided to join me for my mandatory vacation." she said to Icy without turning "I spend so much time in the lab, I don't get to see you as much as I'd like. Sorry that we couldn't take an airship or something. I still can't over my airsickness." she knew it would've taken a mere day or so by air, but the airship always made her very sick. The faster they went, the worse it got. So they'd been stuck with going by train. They'd been enroute for days, now, and were headed for Fet Loch, where they would spend a night before taking the Barrelfloat Pass under the Eponnine Mountains to finally get to Hoofenheim. When she'd been asked why she wanted to go there in particular, she had just shrugged "I've never been further east than Manehattan, before." she had explained "Well. Inside Equestria, anyway. And I want to see the ocean." Myth smiled "At least we get discounted child tickets for you." she booped Icy. @IceStorm
  5. Mau Roleplay Type: WOE Name: Mau Gender: Female Age: Ancient Species: Sphinx Eye colour: Green/blue heterochromia Coat: Red Mane/Tail: Green and brown Physique: On the short end of average for a Sphinx, but still more than 10 times the size of an average pony. Residence: Wanderer Occupation: Wanderer Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: As a Sphinx, Mau possesses her own unique powerful magic. She has the ability to disappear. She doesn't become invisible, but rather (as she describes it) hides between the fibers of the fabric of reality. Even if you are looking right at her, it will be as if she is just out of view. She also has a light step, and casts no shadow. Those who have extra sensitive prescription may be able to sense her there, but it's more like a feeling that someone is there, despite not being able to see her. With this ability also comes her passive ability of true sight. She is able to see that which is hidden. Which means she can see invisibility, see through illusions and even through changeling disguises. History: Mau grew up in the capitol Sphinx City of Amarna. She knew many a Sphinx of influence. It was kind of her job, as the sister of the Regent Monarch, Mefdet. There were so many rules that she had to follow as a member of the royal family. No room for play or fun of any kind. Just being all proper and setting an example and all that nonsense. Mau was still young. She wanted to explore and have fun. It's not like most would even notice her absence. She was very quiet most of the time and didn't like to show herself in public for anything related to her royalty. She had even snuck out of the palace once or twice and played with the locals, and nobody ever recognized her. Only those who were intimately familiar with the royals would ever know who she was. One day, Mau had had enough of royal life. Following a heated debate with her mentor, she decided she didn't want to live this life anymore. She knew, from her argument, that if she left, she'd be denouncing her bloodline, and the result would be becoming outcast, but she didn't care. She didn't want to be a shelf ornament who couldn't be herself. So she left. It had scarcely been a century before the horrible and powerful Grogar decided that the Sphinxes were too powerful to be left alone. They couldn't be controlled, so they had to be eradicated. He began exterminating her people by the droves. Some tried to run, but they were promptly found and eliminated. Mau was lucky to have her ability to hide. She knew of no others who were able to survive. Only her. Now, she wanders the lands, usually hidden. Sleeping often, but on occasion she likes to play small jokes on ponies. Although, what she really wants is to get to know them. Character Personality: Mau is a trickster who enjoys playing jokes on others (when she's a little bored). She likes to make ponies worry that she might eat them, because she thinks it's hilarious. Although in reality, if she actually were to accidentally hurt someone she would not forgive herself. She spends all of her time alone, just observing others, so she's very unpracticed at social interactions. Character Summary: Mau is an outcast from the Sphinx civilisation (before it was exterminated). She has lived in solitude for thousands of years. She believes herself to be the last of her kind. Spending most of her days sleeping in ruins or large caves. Tho every once in a while, she'll come out to play a few tricks on some ponies. Mostly just wishing she could make friends with them instead, but worried that they would just be too afraid of her.
  6. Discord had an idea, wonderful, awful idea. Complete with the Grinchy face that goes along with it. "I have just the plan. When she makes her way to the library— because we all know that is inevitable —she will find that the books are a mere shadow of their former shelves." he snaps his fingers and all the books are instantly rearranged to their previous arrangement, and have become resistant to regular (non-chaos) magic, their covers darkened as if perpetually in shadow making them hard to read in the light. "Perhaps we should give her something to research so that she'll hurry her little pony feet there and find our present faster." he emphasized the "little pony feet" by turning a hand over and twiddling his fingers mimicking the motion of a galloping pony, his fingers turning into little pony legs as he did so, then directed his attention to the others for suggestions on what method they could use to send her galloping to the library. "Preferably without tipping her off to our presence, of course." // OOC contrary to what discord said, we will need to tag someone playing Twilight so that she can respond to the situation. Also at this point we may as well stop apologizing for tardiness lmao. also also hello, long time no see (removes every 7th white key on your piano) //
  7. Ironwood Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Ironwood Sex: Stallion Age: Middle-aged Species: Earth pony Eye colour: blue Coat: grey Mane/Tail: brown Physique: well-built but not too big Residence: on the outskirts of Manehattan Occupation: woodcutter Cutie Mark: a log and an axe Unique Traits: History: Character Personality: He's very work-oriented, and has a mind to get things done. He's an open-minded stallion, and proof that you can, indeed, teach an old dog new tricks. He's the kind what would help another in need at the drop of a hat, even at great inconvenience to himself. He's very flexible and thinks out of the box well. Character Summary: Ironwood knows a thing or two because he's seen a thing or two. He's been up and down the block more than a few times. He's quick to lend a helping hoof when it's needed and doesn't mind adapting to new situations. He's very good at thinking outside the box and coming up with creative solutions to new problems.
  8. y'all remember who had Sweet Corn? They're the one who has to approve the idea of Husk Breeze being her brother. also any other corns who want to be involved.
  9. Lol I wanna see if the owners of all the Corns wanna rp a reunion. One to which my corns will be attendees. I forget who all had the Corny ponies,but I know @Skycoasteris one of them. @IceStormmay be another interested party based on the fact Zeph will be there. This is mostly a "Welcome back to Canterlot, Kaity, let's see if you can handle rp" and also intro to my corns. We talked about this a while ago, but for reference what I remember was as follows: Husk Breeze is Sweet Corn's brother. He stopped going to family reunions or interacting with the family when his wife, Amethyst Stone, died. Fast forward some years and now his kids, Cobb Corn, The twins (Stalk Wind and Kernel Bit), Cornsilk Lavender and Zephyr Amethyst haven't seen their family in years. It's Cornsilk's idea to take Z, who has never met her extended family at all, to a reunion.
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  11. Cornsilk smiled to Icy's suggestion, about to say something before Z's outburst. Z recognized the other unicorn from Nightmare Night in Ponyvile. The one with the..... interesting costume. It seemed Cornsilk remembered, too, as the smile ran away from his face, for a moment, remembering how he'd almost lost his lunch when he saw..... he'd rather not recall. Z nodded and bowed to Myth "It's a pleasure to meet you, professionally, ma'am. I look forward to working under your command." she saluted, this time putting her hoof down soon after. =============== Myth smiled at the reaction Cornsilk gave. it was evident he remembered her Nightmare Night costume. She always enjoyed getting a reaction to her pranks. Even if sometimes, they were a little too..... realistic. It was her second turn to be surprised when Icy introduced her "C-commander‽" she blinked "Since when‽" She smiled and kissed her wife-to-be again. "You and your surprises." she turned to Z and shook her head "Please, Zeph, I'm less comfortable with that than Icy is." she laughed. She noticed the slight change in the magicks of Cornsilk and Z when she used the nickname, and made mental note to tease her with it more often. Then she turned back to Icy "Was that why they wouldn't let me in? I got my rank wrong?" she laughed some more.
  12. Cornsilk sighed quietly to himself. It was just his luck she was taken. He remembered that herds were a thing, but honestly even if she were one for that, Cornsilk wasn't sure about it, himself. He smiled "Then I suppose I'll have to check it out!" Z definitely caught her brother's disappointment, but she was a little preoccupied with something else at the moment. She stopped just before the entrance and did an about face. "Show yourself!" she called suddenly. Cornsilk looked but frowned "Zeph calm down, it's a crowd there's—" Z ignored him "Commander, somepony's been following us since the train station. I haven't seen them, maybe they're invisible. But I can hear their hoofsteps. Moving different from everypony else. The same hoofsteps, all the way here." Cornsilk blinked "Was that what you were so uptight about?" Z remained stalk still. Focused on the street. =============== Myth had been following the group waiting for the right moment to play some kind of joke on the newcomers. But that earth pony was just too attentive. She'd hear her approach. She had to stay back a ways just to avoid being detected...... or so she thought. When they'd arrived at the casino, the mare did something Myth didn't expect. She turned on her heels and called out for her. Honestly Myth was mostly just surprised. She took a moment before she dropped her invisibility. "Impressive!" she congratulated, walking over to Icy and giving her a kiss "Well she sure passes my test. Can we keep her? Please?" she gave Icy puppy dog eyes and posed with her hooves up like a begging dog. It was true that she wasn't trying to disguise her hoofsteps but she honestly didn't think she'd need to. Mostly she liked that she could potentially mess with her if she's this serious. Which could be fun.
  13. Z followed the blue unicorn while he brother walked beside her. Cornsilk noticed she still seemed a bit on edge, but figured it was just the nerves from the new important job. He nuzzled his head into her and gave her a wink which she smiled to a little, but went right back to looking focused and stern. Not unlike a Royal Guard doing their job, Cornsilk noted to himself, smiling. "Y-yes ma'a— I mean Ice... Storm" she finished reluctantly unable to bring herself to use such a casual name for her commanding officer. She sighed "My apologies." she bowed slightly while she walked. Cornsilk laughed "Give it time. She'll lighten up." he nudged her, which got a slight glare from her. While they walked Z seemed to be focused on more than where they were going. Still listening to what was being said, but a little bit focused on something else. Her face stern. Cornsilk tried to start a conversation that would lighten her mood a bit, or at least get her mind off nerves "So.... that pegasus friend of yours we met back in Ponyville. She lives here in Las Pegasus?" he asked which got the reaction he expected. He braced for the slug that came from his sister. "Just being friendly, that's all." he said defensively. To which Z rolled her eyes, but a small smile escaped her muzzle.
  14. When the Commander told her to be at ease, she put her hoof down and allowed her stance to relax a little but remained vigilant and attentive. All those mock drill sessions she made her brother practice with her were paying off. She felt like she was showing her new Commander exactly what she thought she would want to see. "I suppose I could stay a night." Cornsilk smiled "If you insist." he bowed slightly. It was at this point the Commander said something that neither of them expected. At the end of her speech, Cornsilk looked at Z, smiling wide. He knew that, tho she was hiding it quite well, she had to be thinking that all of her admiration of Equestria's military was being proven to be earned. These were all things that Z herself had said on many occasions. There was no question about it. If this Commander hadn't, yet, she'd just won Z's respect. "That's very good, ma'am. I'm happy to hear that." Z finally said aloud, after she'd gotten to where she was sure her emotions wouldn't show through her voice. She bowed slightly when Icy said they should get going "Yes, ma'am!" with a snap back to attention, she showed she was ready to follow. Cornsilk smiled "Lead the way, Commander." he nodded.
  15. Z suddenly stood at attention and saluted toward the other end of the platform over Cornsilk's shoulder getting him to look. "Zephyr Amethyst, reporting as instructed, Commander." she said in her most official-sounding guard-worthy voice. Cornsilk smiled at the unicorn "Oh my. going all out? I see you've dropped the changling look." he winked. He'd be lying if he said she didn't catch his eye out of her Nightmare Night costume. But out of respect for his sister's reputation with her boss, he refrained from the urge to flirt and just said "A very respectable uniform, Commander." he bowed "But it'll only be my sister who's staying. I'm just checking out the city before I'm needed back home at the farm." he turned to Z "You know how dad gets when he's short a hoof or two." to which Z suppressed a smile. Z put the hoof she was salting down enough to shake the Commander's but it back up as she said "Yes, ma'am Thank you ma'am. It was an honor to show you my dedication, ma'am. And it's an honor to be here, now." Cornsilk laughed "She really means it. You should've seen her face when we got your letter. Priceless." Z couldn't hide the blush that showed through.
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