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Jijing Fengbao Redesign


A redesign of my Qilin character, Jijing Fengbao. 

I made his mane style more like traditional old martial arts master. 

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I like this redesign, definitely gives off the feel of a martial arts master. 


Though I think his mustache (at least that's what I assume it is?) would look better underneath the nostrils, rather than running across the bridge of his nose. Other than that, love the new hairstyle! 

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Yeah, now that i look at it, the mustache would look better where you said. 


My inspiration for the beard and mustache came from Pai Mei in the Kill Bill series. 


Edit: Mustache changed! 

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Jeez I he reall looks old on this one.. Now I know that Jijing is not that old (propably?), but this Fu Manchu and beard combo indeed makes him look like Pai Mei. Thank Harmony he isn't a jerk like him.

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He is an older stallion although not Granny Smith old. His beard, mane and tail were always white but now showing signs of grey. 

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