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  1. Skelly thought for a moment as she gazed at the key then said, "I'm most curious about this key and what on earth it opens. Judging from this book whatever it locks must have frightened Hexter, maybe even relates to his death. We can read into the details and notes later but let's prioritize finding any clues that will help us learn about what might be locked away and where." The entire situation was beginning to feel more dangerous and Skelly wasn't sure she wanted to be left alone in this house.However, this mystery was too enticing and relevant. "How about we split up? I can search the groundfloor and you can search the second story? We can search the attic and basement together , along with the land." Voltaire seemed concerned about splitting up but agreed that it would speed things along. He agreed to search the top floor (five bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and Hexter's study). Skelly reassured Voltaire and they agreed to shout if something happened or they needed help. Skelly wasn't expecting to find anything on the groundfloor, it was four bedrooms, a kitchen, a large dining hall, and a library, with lots of space in between. She was sure the land, basement and attic would be the areas of interest but searched the ground floor anyways. All four bedrooms were clear, that is nothing unusual, they were very well decorated and had large beds with immaculate furnishings and design. The kitchen seemed fine as well, very spacious and masterfully designed, but as she walked towards the fridge a smell caught her nose. She was not excited to check the fridge and imagined a disgusting buffet of rotten foods. Pinching her nose she opened the fridge with her magic. It reeked! But it was not food, in fact the fridge was spotless besides a large glass specimen jar with a large fish crammed inside. Skelly grimaced at the putrid experiment trying to figure out what she was looking at.
  2. Skelly couldn't help but laugh at her helpless attempts to relax, and when Voltaire held her tight and joined her laugh she couldn't be nervous anymore because she was so happy. Mentally she decided to assume he'd leave at any moment so it wouldn't hurt as much when he did. She thought aloud to Voltaire, "I think Hexter was far more strange than I am, or just insane. Do you think his madness led him to....his death?"
  3. Skelly enjoyed being consoled by Voltaire, she was constantly finding herself to shy to speak yet she was happier than ever. She still got butterflies every time she felt his warm fur and was very happy to be so close to Voltaire. She relished his embrace and concluded "You're right." She giggled and nuzzled him sweetly. She couldn't help but feel concerned but Voltaire had a way of making troubles seem very far away and who would pass that up? She rested comfortably against him trying hard to stay focused as Voltaire read the journal to her. It seemed Hexter was studying marine life and his maniacal rant was so sudden Skelly was sure Voltaire was right. Which meant the house was safe and Voltaire could leave, the thought almost made her pout but she caught herself. She meant to thank him and bid him farewell but instead she blurted "But I like you" in a sort of whine. Her ears got hot and she dared not look at him. She wished to clear things up but was helplessly recovering from such an absurd, random fragment.
  4. Skelly wanted to go through all of Hexter's things and she laughed at the detective remark because she was feeling extra snoopy. As she closed the drawer a glint of something silver caught her eye, "Whats this?!", she exclaimed. It was a small, old fashioned silver key peeking out of a cut along the seam in the red silk lining of the drawer. She held it up to Voltaire "A key! How intriguing!" Skelly's excitement had taken ahold of her. If she wasn't so compassionate about finding rare objects Skelly would've taken it similarly to a bad omen. "I wonder what on earth this opens. Maybe there's something about it in his journal!" Skelly was in a frenzy, she flipped through the pages of the journal skimming through the first half of the journal and stopping on a page with heavy ink. "What is this...." Skelly pondered aloud, the page seemed to be maniacal ranting, so many words on each line, then the words "I've locked it away!" scrawled heavily, multiple times throughout the rest of the journal. Skelly grimaced, wishing she hadn't tried so hard to find such disappointment. She looked to Voltaire
  5. Skelly felt the exquisite charm of the house invade her and for a moment she hesitated, then she noticed Hunter's disdain, she always believed dogs to have a unique insight. "This house is lovely, indeed, but we still don't know how Hexter died and he died in this very house, I don't want to forget or make light of that fact. The study should be right up these stares, but let's be mindful. Thank you again for all your help...I truly feel safe regardless of possible impending doom." The two ponies and the dog walked up the broad and elegant staircase, light fixtures were large but far between, adding a lurking darkness to every room and hall. "Hexter built his study to overlook Devil's Reef..." Skelly said as she unlocked the study door, she opened it revealing an exquisite room. A beautiful chair at a heavy desk overlooking a huge window which displayed a breathtaking view of the ocean and beach (and of course, Devil's Reef). Skelly continued, somewhat in a stupor, "It was part of his research...the reef that is. I'm definitely going to be searching for notes on the subject." She opened the desk drawer and her eyes lit up as an old book with thick leather cover was revealed, "Ah ha!" she exclaimed, "something to read by the fire?"
  6. Love is strange...I suggest doing your best to evoke such strong feelings for/towards yourself. Maybe she's the one, maybe you haven't found the one, but one thing is always certain, once you feel completely content and happy being single, someone will come along. Once you finally feel free of the longing for romantic love, someone comes along, inspired, and wanting to enjoy you. I truly understand the pain of having loved then lost love. It's important to be true to yourself and honest to others, don't leave room for regret. Most of all its important to express yourself, this post was perfect, if you feel your emotions are still bottled up let them out. I'm sorry her sister, of all people, ruined things, it wasn't her relationship to interfere so much but it's a reminder that, unfortunatlely, sometimes families get in the way and there's only so much you can do in such situations. I'm inspired by your emotional expression . It's something people forget to do, something people need to do.
  7. Just a few days ago Skelly couldn't imagine what a great, and handsome, help Voltaire would prove to be, by now she truly felt safe, despite any lingering concerns. The house was eerie, it was intimidating, but it was also the entire reason she had reunited with Voltaire and for that she was grateful and optimistic. The two ponies walked up the stairs and onto the porch. It was a mansion and it was clear that Hexter kept it clean, or highered ponies to do so. This made it difficult to pinpoint why the house was eerie, usually a decrepit manor is spooky but this home felt that way without really looking that way. Skelly retrieved the key from her satchel and unlocked the door with a satisfying click. They opened the large double doors and were greeted by a beautiful room with cathedral ceiling and an intricate chandelier. "Wow... I didn't pin Hexter as a pony with such style..." The architecture and furnishings were all exquisite and it was clear he bought the finest, nothing was mass produced, only the finest handmade furnishings. A long stairway waited in the next room through a wide entrance. "I'd like to visit his study first, I hope his notes are all there."
  8. Skelly smiled sweetly at Voltaire , "I suppose you're right, no matter what I feel safe with you." The wind rustled through the streets with a salty ocean smell. They began their walk to the estate. No pony was out but it was relatively chilly so it didn't seem too unusual. Skelly walked close by Voltaire, something she hoped he was used to already. As the sun set the street lamps turned on, and soon after they came upon the great house. Skelly felt dwarfed by the massive house. Something about it was a bit....intimidating, but Skelly would not admit to being frightened by a house so she ignored the feeling.
  9. Skelly blushed as Voltaire put his hooves on her shoulders . She felt very hot and forgot what he had even asked her and she blurted "Yes!" Skelly laughed softly out of embarressment and gazed into his eyes; but only for a moment then shyly broke the gaze by nervously burying her face in his chest.
  10. Skelly smiled as Voltaire put his arm around her. She definitely could relate to Hexter and this soothed her worries of something terrible awaiting them at the estate. The drunken sailor had had so many shots by now that he answered "Fun?", followed by a long wheeze of a laugh and , "get a room!" Skelly grimaced harshly unable to contain her disgust, the bartender sighed and said to her and Voltaire, "He's always like that. There's a great view of the ocean just about anywhere you go so long as it's along the coast. Then there's the Colt State Park, Ocean trail, Martha's Vineyard and Blightsworths gardens." The bartender also wrote directions and explained that everything is very close as the island is very small. The old sailor was still laughing and wheezing a bit and the mysterious pony wasn't any more appealing, Skelly gave the cue to leave to Voltaire.
  11. The mysterious pony never looked up from the shroud of his shadow. He sneered very slightly and spoke, "Other folk called him crazy...a necromancer! They feared him, they won't admit but they were afraid of him. But it wasn't because they thought he was a necromancer..." Skelly listened, she wanted to know everything now, this was her family, she exclaimed, "Then why did he scare them?!" The sailor pony became uncomfortable, neither agreeing or disagreeing. The mysterious pony answered, tone unchanged, "He knew the truth. But he didn't deny it or ignore it like everypony else."
  12. We share the same favorite colors haha
  13. *waves back* Also, Queen Chrysalis, yass! I love her, and not because my dog looks like her haha
  14. Woooh! Botany haha. I studied greenhouse management, plants are cool
  15. Hi! A pony test revealed I am very similar to AppleJack, I could't hate her after that
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