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  1. Love is strange...I suggest doing your best to evoke such strong feelings for/towards yourself. Maybe she's the one, maybe you haven't found the one, but one thing is always certain, once you feel completely content and happy being single, someone will come along. Once you finally feel free of the longing for romantic love, someone comes along, inspired, and wanting to enjoy you. I truly understand the pain of having loved then lost love. It's important to be true to yourself and honest to others, don't leave room for regret. Most of all its important to express yourself, this post was perfect, if you feel your emotions are still bottled up let them out. I'm sorry her sister, of all people, ruined things, it wasn't her relationship to interfere so much but it's a reminder that, unfortunatlely, sometimes families get in the way and there's only so much you can do in such situations. I'm inspired by your emotional expression . It's something people forget to do, something people need to do.
  2. We share the same favorite colors haha
  3. The ones I listen to most (too many favorites) are: Primus, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Pink Floyd (preferably with Syd Barrett), The Doors, Django Reinhardt, Nina Simone, The Cure, The Buzzcocks, Dead Kennedy's, Crass, Anti-Nowhere League, The Pillows, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Nirvana, and a lot of random 60s psychedelic bands
  4. Hmmmm...maybe not because it's a scene in which they hadn't gotten them yet....good question
  5. Aw man, don't dwell on any of it, the best revenge is always success. It's okay to be sad and even cry, it's important to let it out, take the time to vent but do it alone. When you're done crying your hardest and have calmed a little, then decide how to move on, don't handle things while you're still emotional, let it run it's course and learn what you can from the pain. You'll get through this it's okay.
  6. It's too much work hiding it and I love all the clothes and merch. Hiding the fact I'm a pegasister just seems wrong. Although every once in awhile I hear "Ohhh, your a brony" as if that invalidates all my intelligence
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