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  1. The monster Luna seemed to be heading closer to them, and as it tripped on the hat, something.. interesting happened. Out of pure luck, the kitty bumped her head right onto a button that made the large wooden doors open. They made a very large screeching noise, making Golly turn his head immediately and watch from the back as the monster-Luna made it's way into the room. Golly couldn't help but land on the ground and take a deep breath, kind of relieved from all the action. The Pegasus trotted to the other two, forgetting about the Luna for a quick second. "Every creature okay?" The cat and dragon poked their heads into the room, and Golly couldn't help but follow along. The room was unexpectedly large, covered in shelves of books and other relics. Even a dragon head was hanging from the wall, which made the golden Pegasus giggle a little, just from Bratty's reaction. He didn't understand the dragon language at all, but just from the tone he could tell it was something bad. What surprised Golly the most was the Luna, which wasn't an entity anymore, but a stain glass wall. With the sudden realization that the monster was gone, Golly flew into the room. "That's how we get rid of monsters, huh? Tossing them into a room where they can transform into stain glass?" The Pegasus was amused by solution. Suddenly there was a sharp sound of something shattering behind him. Golly turned to see Bratty heading towards a very dangerous looking cabinet, making the mare/stallion look around at what the baby dragon did. "What the-" The room seemed to be a tossed up mess, from where everything was organized, now it seemed to be chaos. Relics of all types were laying around their unoriginal spots, making the Pegasus role his eyes. "Bratty, what are you doing?" The golden eyed pony flew to the dragon, as Bratty was about to get his filthy little claws on something that didn't look too promising. The Pegasus got in front of Bratty, raising an eyebrow. "So, we just go through all this danger and now you're aimlessly getting into trouble with these.. things that we have no idea about? What if we unleash some like, crazy killing animal?" Golly thought for a second, as Daze's actual curiosity started to poor out into her head. Would Golly say what she was about to say? "But, maybe it'll be cool that we mess with this stuff. We don't know what it is, how bad can it be?" How bad can it be?..
  2. Alright, got 'em done! You can download him here: https://sta.sh/04xe4yo7yz9 Here's the base I used: https://sta.sh/017bnw9k6424 Lemme know if you need anything changed! @PyroBlaze
  3. I could certainly draw Tiger! You got any references for him?
  4. Awww, didn't even think about her not being able to see it XD
  5. Hmm.. is there any characters you just want art of? Like you don't have art of them yet? Or do and kinda want more? haha
  6. Okay @szalhi, I'm done! Here's Loose Cannon! You can download her here: https://sta.sh/0xowys575fn This is the base I used: https://www.deviantart.com/crazyaya/art/MLP-Base-Don-t-you-want-devoted-followers-801044554 Lemme know if you want anything changed!
  7. Alright! I'll just surprise you then!
  8. I'm so glad you love him! ❤️ ❤️
  9. Alright @tacobob, I got it done! You can download him here: https://sta.sh/01sr8mzr5m12 This is the base I used: https://www.deviantart.com/selenaede/art/Chipcutter-Base-746665840 Lemme know if you want anything changed!
  10. Aw yes! I can certainly draw him!
  11. I still got two slots open for anyone wanting a drawing! I'm open to character sheets too! This quarantine stuff has gotten me bored!
  12. Oh, winter. The freezing cold snow, the nippy air, the lack of animals roaming about, the jolly holidays, honestly, Sea F. Salt hated it. Besides the holiday part. The winter was something the blue mare couldn't possibly get along with, only because her entire being was made to be in the sunshine, with warm to the touch sand, and animals that chirped happily went she trotted by them. The spring and summer is literally the definition of her. Poor 'ol Finnie just didn't like being cold. Most would ask, "You're a Pegasus, just fly so you don't have to touch the ground." But, the mare could only just hover. Her poor little wings were underdeveloped. So, she had a right to hate the winter. Of course, she wouldn't outwardly express that emotion. Finnie was a very positive pony. The hippie was only over in Ponyville to see her family, because she missed them dearly, and of course the holidays. The mare didn't step a hoof outside, knowing that the wrap up was tomorrow. Spring time was near, and the Pegasus was extremely excited. She decided to stay to help around with the town, knowing she's good with animals, she'd probably be wearing that brown vest in the morning. In the mean time, she was sitting in her mom's living room in front of the fire for the last time. A cup of hot cocoa was sitting beside her, her little sister Hyper Drive about to pass out. The little filly muttered in a sleepy breath, "You helpin' out tomorrow, sis?" The hippie simply nodded, placing her hoof on the rambunctious filly's head. This was one of the few times were Hyper was calm. Finnie really loved her sister. The little filly looked up at Finnie, smiling. "I'm so glad you're helpin', mate." A yawn. "Though me and my friends have a buckball tournament, I wish I could be with ya' more." Finnie smiled sweetly at her. "Don't worry lil' dude, we'll get some more time togetha’." There was something about Finnie's accent that calmed Hyper down, though Hyper's calmed Finnie's as well. Hyper's was more squeaky. It was so cute. "You should catch some z's though, mate. Can't be sleepy for your sport, y'know?" "I know, Fin Fin. I'll fall asleep eventu-" she interrupted her own words with a yawn, and then she was out. Finnie smirked at her little sister and rolled her orange eyes. She placed her little wing around Hyper, and eventually fell asleep too.
  13. The bat couldn't help but smirk at Reck, she wouldn't mind kissing her again, and again, and again. It was kind of addicting. Like really addicting. Something about kissing her was rough yet.. sweet. And Reck was a good kisser! Neb just bit her lip and rolled her eyes. "You do have some skills. I'm for real impressed," she cooed, as the other mare nipped her ear. The bat couldn't help but fall into her neck. Neb could hear the fellow DJ on her new set, making her perk up a little. She bopped her head to the sick new beat, smiling at the half-bat. She opened her wings up and flapped them in one strong motion, making her leap into the air. "Who needs to be cool when the night is still young? Let's get this move on! My legs are twitchin' for some more dancing!" She lapped around Reck a few times in excitement, flying down to get into the building. "C'mon slowpoke! Let's see what you're made of!" Neb could hear her fly swiftly behind, making her smile and laugh, which certainly wouldn't be the last time for that night. ----- Concluded -----
  14. Other Creatures Bat Ponies: Nebulous Moon//Female//Bat Pony//Young Adult Application Text Color: #000000 Threads: 47th Annual Cider Season (Open) [Concluded] Who Let the Bats Out? (Closed) [Concluded] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Griffons: Gillian//Female//Griffon//Young Adult Application Text Color: #ff9900 Threads: An Inspiring Occurrence in Griffonstone (Open) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Changelings: Ocellus//Female//Changeling//Filly Application Text Color: #3399ff Threads: The Seabourne Identity (Open: Invite) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE Name: GillianNicknames: Gill, Gilly, Gilligan Sex: Female (her/she)Age: Young AdultSpecies: Griffon (She's half Peregrine Falcon, half Cheetah)Sexual Orientation: Lesbian ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: A soft green that melds into orange. Character Color: Her main body is a normal cheetah coloring with dark brown spots covering throughout. Her bird claws and beak are a orange-y yellow. Mane/Tail: Her plumage ranges from three different colors, a darker blue that looks grey, a lighter blue-grey, and a more mellowed out brown. She's rather fluffy, as her chest and the top of her head has extra feather. The ones on her head form a mohawk, reaching down her neck. Her wings are large and strong, and her inner feathers are lighter than the outer ones. Physique: Gill is very athletic looking, tall and muscular, literally build for speed. Extra: She always has her flight goggles on her head, and is rarely seen without them. When she isn't wearing them, you can see that her right eyebrow is partly shaved off. She does that on purpose for a more 'edgy' look. Cutie Mark: Griffons don't have cutie marks, duh! Unless you're Gabby. Description: N/A Story: N/A ~Outside Information~ Family: Aunt (Griffon (Falcon/White Lion)): Gia Occupation: Air Sprinter (And hopeful future Wonderbolt) Residence: She currently lives in Griffonstone with her Aunt, but travels for her meets. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Gillian isn't really your typical grumpy griffon, as she isn't the type to lash out on some creature because of something stupid. She's really quite reserved, most of the time keeping to herself and only herself. Because of that, she doesn't have many friends. Or any at all. Like most griffons, she wasn't opened to friendship. The only times she's had a glimpse was when she was in the Junior Speedsters Flight Camp when she was little. She's not known to get comfortable with any creature, as she doesn't trust them. Gill isn't rude or anything, she just simply isn't the type to start a conversation. When she is brought into one, she always has a level head and speaks out with basic answers. Sometimes she's a little awkward, or feels awkward, or both. She was shy when she was little, which is kind of what brought out her more reserved nature. She's a pretty determined griffon, and likes to focus on her work and how she can improve. She doesn't really take cocky creatures all too well, and isn't fond of unnecessary reckless actions. She tends to be quick to be defensive with these types of creatures, and likes to fire back insults. It's her and her work and that's it. Gill isn't much of a team player, so she has trouble fulfilling her dream of being a Wonderbolt. She has a long way to go. Unique Traits: Gill is very very fast. This birb was literally built for speed. Being a mix of the two fastest animals known to Equestria, it's not hard for her to prove herself worthy of winning races. Her wings are strong and powerful, and she's very agile. It takes little to no effort for her to keep up with others, but she does work a lot. It's rare to see her doing something else rather than flying. She's also rather fast on the ground too, and loves to take on large hikes and climbs. Her endurance is phenomenal, and can fly and run for a really long time. That's just from staying in shape though, because cheetahs aren't known for have a strong endurance. History: Gillian was born on a rather rainy day in Griffonstone. She was kind of unexpected from her birth mom, as she was the result of a one night fling. Her mom wouldn't be able to take care of her, as she really didn't want to. Her mom's sister though, Gia, wanted to take her in. Her Auntie Gia wanted to have a kid on her own, but because Griffonstone was so depressed at the time, it was kind of hard. So, Gia took custody of the little baby birb. She sees her mom sometimes, but isn't super close with her. Growing up, Gillian was rather shy. She hated unnecessary attention, and just wanted to be by herself in the backyard. All she would do was fly around and figure out how to do cool tricks. She over heard her aunt talk about the Wonderbolts one time, and the griffon was very intrigued by the group. For days on end she'd try and get her aunt to talk about the flying group, but the only thing that little Gill was scared of was that it was an all pony group. A little discouraged, the griffon asked her aunt to put her in a flying club. She started out in an all griffon flight school, but realized their grumpy and rude nature overwhelmed her. They also didn't try as hard as her, and she didn't have any griff to push her to her limits. She stuck to herself, and her aunt ended up sticking her in a flight school located in Cloudsdale. Of course Gill was nervous to be around a bunch of colorful, happy-go-lucky ponies, but her aunt thought it would be for the best. It was there where she met her match, a little pony named Golden Daze, and Daze's best friend Sea F. Salt. Finally she had some creature to keep up with! They soon became arch rivals, and honestly, as Gill hated Daze's guts. They were rivals for years, and still are. Even though their passions are different, they still push each other. Over the years though, Daze continued to be extremely cocky, which drove Gill insane, but, Gill does have a soft spot for the Pegasus. Maybe even has a little crush. Shhhhh... Currently, the griffon is an air sprinter, and has meets literally everywhere. She just hopes one day the Wonderbolts look her up. She has yet to join the academy, but eventually will. A little growing up photo for reference: Character Summary: Gillian is a reserved griffon literally made for speed, and wants to fulfill her dreams of becoming one of the best fliers. She has a long way to go though..
  16. The roar of the monster made 'Golly' grimace in fear as he gained enough quick speed to catch the other two, who seemed to be a little lost on where to go. He ended up going to fast, a trail of colors followed behind him, which could lead the monster to where they were at. His hat also ended up flying off too, but he didn't seem to notice. The monster didn't seem all too smart, as all it did for a few seconds was roar in a frustrated manor. Though the Luna impostor seemed to be farther away, it was a matter of time till it was set free from the Pegasus's trap. Then the trio would be in bigger trouble. They all had to think fast, but it seemed as since Daze was the 'main protagonist', she would have to make the quick-witted decisions. As 'he' arrived at the foyer, his 'little brother' congratulated him. "You kinda have to think of somethin' fast to y'know, not get kill-ed." Another roar rang across the walls. "Like right now!" Two sets of double doors were presented in front of them, making Golly's brain hurt. Another door was there too, but there was no way in opening it. "How it nothing working? Just our dang luck!" The Luna monster was inching closer, as he could see in the corner of his golden eyes. He watched as Boopsy and Bratty tried their hardest to open the doors. He was thinking so hard, but he had to think faster. Then the idea hit him. The fire was real. Suddenly, the Pegasus whistled for the monster, making it perk up a little. Though it couldn't see them from the certain, Golly was sure the sound would make it easier for it to come to them. This was part of the plan, though. Was it incredibly reckless? Of course it was, but this had to work. So, after he went and picked up Bratty and whispered, "Hold the torch, make sure the monster can see the light. I'm gonna try and make the monster bust open the doors. And Boopsy, you stay to the side." Golly set down the little dragon then whistled to the monster again. "Over here, stupid! Catch us if you can!" The monster followed his voice, roaring in anger. Hopefully spotting the light from the fire, the Pegasus bravely flew ahead of it, high enough for the fire to still be seen. "C'mon slow poke! Try and catch us!" Then something unexpected happened. The hat that Golly lost ended up getting in the monsters way, as the blind Luna couldn't see it. It ended up slipping on it, diving forward and at one of the double doors. Golly dove out of the way, realizing the fire was still being held. "Bratty look out!" What would happen next?
  17. The darker bat pony couldn't help but analyze her partner's reaction to her hobby. It kind of made her smile, because she knew for a fact she was impressing Reck. Big time. Neb knew she, as in herself, was all that, a big shot. She wasn't hard to impress ponies. Getting to know Reck though and who she is, it was more of a challenge to shock the pega-bat. After meeting up with the upcoming DJ though, Neb had been proven worthy of being impressive. Maybe even more so. Neb slightly lifted her head, looking the grey pony up and down with her deep purple eyes. "For sure. I'll take you down there, no problem. Maybe show you a move or two my dad taught me." Suddenly the bat heard a new set come on, making both her and Reck look at the DJ. "Good luck out there, man. Play some sick beats for me, yeah?" The mare smirked at the unicorn, clearing her throat. "Nice seein' you too. We'll meet up sometime." Then the unicorn was gone. Finally some alone time. The mare turned to Reckless, eyeing her. She could immediately tell Reck was thinking about doing something, just from the look in her eyes. She was about to say something when Reck butted in, making the bat closer her mouth. Soon she was face to face with her, making Neb smirk. Something in her veins seemed electrifying. Honestly, she's never felt this way for somepony. Like she's felt a connection, but this was something else. Something more exciting, and it sure did seem like she was meant to be here in this moment. Nothing had even happened yet, but she still felt something different. She kind of loved it. Sooner than she was thinking, she felt Reck's lips place themselves passionately on her's. She kissed her back, feeling a current of electricity wave throughout her body. She then kissed her again, and again. It was kind of addicting. She wasn't prepared to feel like this. Something about this half-bat really drove her crazy. Is this what love was supposed to feel like? It was too soon to even be thinking about love, right? The mare pulled away, but still stayed only inches away from Reck. She couldn't help but mumble, "That was impressive." That wasn't something she'd normally say, not really smooth or flirty at all. She was honestly just shocked. "We might have to do that again." She then let out a small laugh. "Maybe."
  18. I got my OC Sea F. Salt that I haven't really used yet! She's just a kind hippie, could come to Ponyville to visit her mom, but can help out with the wrap-up! She's good with nature and animals, mainly water though. She can't fly very well because her wings are undergrown. I also have Alizarin Fruits that I could throw in! She'd probably be minding her own business, being a grump, plowing the snow fields.
  19. OHhhhhhh my goodness!! This is the cutest pic ever!! Thank you I love it so much!
  20. I finally got it out! Sorry for the wait! http://www.canterlot.com/topic/24638-lessons-to-roam-around-in-closed/
  21. The great city of Roam, a place no creature really talks about in the world of Equestria. A place that looks ancient compared to the rest of the world, yet it gives off an elegant vibe that is relaxing to anypony that steps hoof onto the cobblestone roads. A fleet of water stands still ever so patiently, making the whole city seem calm and cool. The weather wasn't outrageously rigorous, no intense rain or over the top melting heat, which was great for a class fieldtrip. A group of creatures from Twilight's School of Friendship would soon be arriving, ready to tackle and learn any new form of friendship they come face to face with... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The train ride was longer and more boring than the girls predicted, as they expected something more fun and excited to be apart of. It honestly made Hyper Drive more upset than the other two, because she was the most riled up to go. It was a time to explore more unseen things in her little life, and she wanted to see what else could be out there. Midnight Glory agreed to show up because she was into the adventure too, and was curious to see what else was out there. Fruit Juice just wanted to go to get in some friendship bonding time, but she knew her two friends had something else in store. "Y'know, mates, even though this ride was as boring as my sister's animal shows, I still can't wait to see Roam! It better be like I imagined in my noggin'!" The little Pegasus fluttered into the air, zooming to an open window to see a good look outside. Both ways of the train was covered in nothing but trees and plants, so she couldn't really see anything. The trio was sitting in the front of the rest of the group. Throughout the ride, Hyper was talking to pretty much every creature, but she was getting antsy to move. "I'm also surprised your coo coo parents let you come, Juice. This is the farthest they've let you get from the house." Juice giggled at her friend, shifting her weight and hopping off the bench and trotting to the blue Pegasus. "Ah'm sure Roam will be mighty fine. Ah'm just excited to spend it with you two." She scrunched up her nose cutely, looking back at Midnight. The little white unicorn stayed in her place, smiling at Hyper and Juice. "And Ah know, the only way Ah convinced 'em is that you two were goin', and there would be a lot of adult watchin' us. Ah also said Ah'd get 'em somethin'." "Well I'm glad your parents let you come for once. And you two have nothing to worry about," Midnight responded in her monotone, yet sultry voice. "We'll all have a great time, especially with the rest of the class." "I know we'll have a great time! Duh!" Hyper flew quickly to Midnight, putting her hoof on her head and rubbing her mane in. "That's why we're here!" Midnight let Hyper buzz around her nonchalantly, having a little smirk on her face. The unicorn loved her friends more than anything. Was she going to go and talk to the other students on the train though? Probably not. Hyper Drive would though! The Pegasus flew around the train, buzzing her little wings past all their heads, and finally landing next to two.. non ponies who seemed to be minding their own business. The Pegasus thinks one's a Longma, and one's a Quilin. She didn't really know them too well, but has seen them a few times in the school. She wasn't even too sure if they had any classes together, but it was time to be friendly, especially since they were almost there. "You guys excited? I'm excited!" She knew one of them was outgoing like her, but the other one seemed.. arrogant? She wasn't too sure, but didn't really care. Juice and Midnight ended up trotting behind Hyper, but sat next to a blue bat pony, next to the professors and a couple other students. Juice looked at her with a warm grin, showing off her pearly whites. "Howdy there! Ah'm just tryin' to get familiar with everypony. Ah'm Fruit Juice! And this here is Midnight Glory." The white unicorn looked over and waved, mouthing a 'hey'. After talking a little, suddenly Hyper flew to the professors with a bored look on her face. "Are we there yet? I feel like 'm gonna lose brain cells if I'm here any longer!" Midnight smiled at her anxious friend, nodding her head. "I am too, I need to stretch my legs," she said with a straight face. Lucky for them, they were just about there.
  22. Golly felt his little brother wiggle in his hooves as he grabbed him up, not thinking twice of his sudden brave action to save him from the horrible monster in their path. The Pegasus put him down, away from the monster, hopefully creating a safer distance between them. Daze was scared for her life, her anxiety was so high at this moment she felt like she was going to pass out, but that wasn't the character she was playing. Her character was brave and strong and didn't care what was in his path. The only thought in her head was that she was dead yet, and neither was her character. She was doing just fine. Golly found himself face to face with the monster, who looked just like Princess Luna. Maybe she was scarier though. Not even a maybe, she was scarier than Luna. This was a nightmare fuel Luna, a Luna Daze never thought she'd ever see. The monster spoke so loudly, the Pegasus's ears fell flat, and his pupils became the size of a pea. He was frozen in place, not being able to move a single inch. This was what true terror felt like, and he was finally facing it. As the monster was about to chow down on some Pegasus skin, something came up and scooped the pony right off of his hooves. He turned to see the familiar cat that he needed to see. He became more relaxed. "You have to take Bratty to those doors fast, I'll hold off the monster. I don't think we're fast enough to catch some distance," he said with a shaky voice, looking at her with a serious look. "Go! Go! Go!" Golly nodded them off, not taking any arguments and turning his back towards them. He was staring directly at the Luna monster. He took a braver stance, trying to gain his confidence back. "If you really think you're going to get to my girlfriend and brother, you're sadly mistaken, you- you- thi-ng!" He opened his wings wide, not letting his fear take ahold of him. This is what Golly would do, right? Right? He flew into the air with a strong flap, sweeping himself through the room and around the monster in one fast motion. He grabbed an old certain with his mouth, letting it drag heavily onto the ground. Without one thought, he whipped the certain on top of the monster for a second, letting the certain drape on it's face to cover up it's sight. He let go of it, then let out a laugh, "Ha! Gotcha now!" The tan Pegasus then flew out of the room and tried to catch up with the other two, trying to buy the time to get them into a safe area. Hopefully they were okay.
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