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  1. Flurry Heart Looking to Zap, Flurry would smile momentarily. "Well, it is nice to make your acquaintance Zap Apple," as she tried her best formal greeting. She would look him over from ear to tail. He differently looked what she expected a foal of Applejack and Rainbow Dash would look like. When he started to make sounds that resembled that of the body, she rolled her eyes. "I take it you take after your...." Flurry had to pause to think of the proper term. "Rainbow Dash." Flurry's attention quickly returned to the older of the Apple Kin, though what she heard was not to her liking. Letting out a deep sigh, her eyes would look to the sky. "Dumb summit," she would mutter under hear breath. As she continued to walk, there would be an awkward silence. As she opened her mouth to ask a question, "What about....is....Summit, never mind..." Flurry's body language showed her disappointment as her head hung low. At least she had Pie to look forward to. Flurry would look over to the eldest pony in her little entourage of sorts. "So...how did you get picked to handle such an esteemed task? With everypony else at the summit, I though that Aunt Twilight would want the famed 'Crusaders' there as well..." A light would go off in her head of sorts. "If your still here, they still must be in Ponyville, right?" Ponyville would soon be to their rear as the famous gates of Sweet Apple Acres grew closer.
  2. Candy Corn The young mare made her way back to the house who’s basement she would soon be living in. Unbeknownst to the filly, she had seemed to garner the attention of quite a few colts along the way. With all the waves she got she couldn’t help but think the ponies in this town were extra friendly. Perhaps it was her accent or perhaps it was her way of walking that even had a young student from the school of friendship come up to her and say hello. The unicorn open BonBon’s door before announcing she had returned. “Yinz are so friendly in this town,” she would say turning to wave to those that had followed her. “Is this normal,” she would point out the window in front of BonBon. “Oh before I forget, do you need any help cooking or redding up before the stuff for dawnstars arrives?”
  3. Flurry Heart Flurry nodded as she watched her father guide them in the direction of the shop. She would smile as he mentioned the names of the streets. Though the young princess had her differences lately with her mother, she was still very proud of her. Her mother ruled the whole empire after all. It didn't take long for Flurry's young mind spark a question. "Daddy, do you have any streets named after you?" Flurry's eyes went wide for a moment as an even wilder though entered her brain. "Do...Do I have a street named after me?" Her small smile grew into a grin as she awaited the answer. Flurry had to think for a moment. "Maybe together but not mixed?" as she imaged the bowl of frozen yogurt. "Kiwi, no. Maybe Banana?" Looking up, the young alicorn would gasp. "Daddy, where here!"
  4. Blizzard nodded as Fire Walker spoke. "I always felt that counselor didn't care for me as I went through the grades..." he grumbled. "Antiquated talent..." he rolled his eyes. "Though if my first run in with Ice Storm taught me anything, at least the school now has an elemental magic program... a lot of benefit it had on me." He levitated a cup of coffee over, dropping an ice cube in it before adding a single cube of sugar. The unicorn would nod to the princess. "I took the only well paying job I could get, a guide as a REA contractor to take an expedition into the frozen north to attempt to locate any trace of the Crystal Empire. I guess Princess Celestia had a hunch or something along like that. She was just a few years off..." The unicorn would stifle a chuckle. "I guess it was good I asked for payment in advance, right?" as he tried to make a joke. "I did my job. Look up the mission report if you doubt me. Nopony froze to death in the few blizzards we encountered. I just simply chose not to return upon the completion of the contract." He looked to gauged Fire's expression as he continued. "I guess they just failed to mention that one fact. Must have marked me as MIA I take it? Seems like something he would do. He did leave me with all the extra supplies when it was over though. I've been living on those canned rations as well as the supplies I trade with a nearby yak settlement ever sense. You'd be surprised how long the cold can extend the shelf life of rations." Though Blizzard tried to joke, his face showed his true feelings as he shifted eye contact away from the red pegasus. He worried how he would be seen in her eyes.
  5. Flurry would land, setting her bags down next to her as the Apple's approached. Looking them both over, she would look to Apple Bloom with a disappointed look. "I guess I was expecting Applejack or Rainbow Dash...but at least somepony came to greet me." When the alicorn heard a little pegasus as why she was a princess, she gave him a confused glare. "I...uh..." she would defer that question till later, though she would give her standard spiel. "I am Princess Flurry Heart. Daughter of Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor, Rulers of the Crystal Empire. And you must be...." Flurry's brain locked for a moment. She was sure that Auntie Twilight has mentioned something about a new apple foal in a letter but it was sooo long ago. "The youngest member of the apple family," She'd look to Apple Boom hoping she would say his name otherwise it was going to be an award few days and she had an image to keep up. "Mom says I'm spending a few days at your apple farm while she and dad are at some summit with Aunt Twilight." As her horn glowed, her luggage would lift off the ground and follow her. "I take it Applejack got mom's letter with her....instructions..." Flurry would roll her eyes. Even when she wasn't there, her life still seemed to be micromanaged. "Anyhow, I take it my room is ready? After that train ride I could use a nap and a snack. You guys still have the best apple pie, right? I can't wait to talk with Apple Jack about her adventures over some pie and milk." Walking to the farm, her luggage in tow in her aura Flurry would try to think of some small talk. "So mom says I have you to thank for my style Apple Bloom. Well, you and Rarity. Apparently I've been wearing a bow ever since we first met, and Rarity found the perfect color. Oh, maybe we can visit her one day this week too!"
  6. Flurry Heart The little alicorn's eye would light up at the sound of yogurt as her stomach rumbled once more. "That sounds amazing Daddy!" Flurry would once again fly up to land on her father's back. "Just one question though, where is it?" She would raise her eyebrow. "I can't remember the last time I was out of the library or castle at all lately." Flurry was kept to a tight schedule after all. Being the youngest princess she had lots to learn. Her mother and aunt where both much older before they had to learn all this dull stuff. Perhaps that was the main reason she was looking forward to today so much after all. "So, what flavor are you going to try first daddy? I'm thinking Pineapple...no Strawberry...oh or Banana...or maybe," as she gave Shining a small pout, "All three! Oh I can't wait for this!"
  7. Flurry Heart Flurry would continue to put on a show if her own. Slowly, one by one the flight team would begin to bow out. Though Flurry herself was not getting tired, seeing everypony around her was enough to get the picture across as she would fly over to her father’s bubble and smile and give him a nod before going in for a landing. Once on the ground, the young alicorn would give they a salute before returning to her father to give him the biggest hug ever, running through his bubble once he was back on the ground. “Thank you daddy,” she said giving him a squeeze. “What’s next on your list, or is that more of an Auntie Twilight thing?” She said with a laugh. Flurry’s stomach would began to rumble. “I guess that’s a hint, right?”
  8. Candy’s eyes filled with foalhood joy and a large grin graced her face as she got a yes from her new friend. “Oh this is going to be so exciting. Did you get a chance to ride the original Wild Blue? My cousin Butter Corn said she was in the same car as Sorin’ from the Wonderbolts. I hear a lot of famous ponies try themselves on coasters. Someday you and your coltfriend should come to Bittsburgh to try the ol’ Jack Rabbit. It’s all wood and just turned 100.” As Wind told her the best place to watch the show, she would find it on her tourist map and circle it with a pen held in her mouth. Looking up to Windy, she new that it must look off for an unicorn to do it this way. “Hehe, when your the only unicorn in a family of earth ponies, a few of their habits stick.” As she waited for the waiter to return, she took out a few bits. “I know you said you got this, but at least let me get the tip? Corn pride you know,” she said with a stifled laugh. “Before we go, I gotta leave my autograph in my room. I’d hate for anything bad to happen to it.”
  9. Flurry Heart Flurry smiled at her father as he took over her levitation bubble and nodded. "Yep. Magic learning is so much more fun then history and etiquette and...." she shuttered for a moment. "...Math." She would clap her front hooves together as the bubble began to float under her father's magical power. "Sunburst says practice makes perfect and if you don't use it you loose it....Daddy, is that why Mommy meant when I overheard her said she was out of practice flying?" The filly had to think for a moment. "I can't remember the last time I saw mommy do a lot of flying other then for a few moments at a time." As often with young foals, Flurry's mind quickly shifted back to flight team. "Ok everypony, I'm ready!" she said calling over to them. "Ok daddy, hope you can keep up." With a burst of speed, the alicorn was in the air following in formation with the flight team, looking back at her father every so often. It wouldn't take long before she would get a little bolder in her flight, first doing a double roll before going for a vertical loop. "WoooHooo! This is amazing!"
  10. Flurry Heart Flurry had to think for a moment. How bad could visiting Uncle Blue be? He had Aunt Twi's old castle now so at least she could visit her friends in Ponyville, though as she thought about it more, there has to be a reason that it was being threatened in the first place. "I'll try my best daddy. It's just hard to control sometimes." The little princess slouched as she tried to put the idea of being sent away out of her mind. Her moment of sadness would pass however as she saw her father's plan when the door opened. Her wings flapped in excitement as she hovered in place above her father. "Eeee!" she exclaimed, hugging her father once more, this time much stronger as a bit of alicorn strength was unintentionally applied. "Oh thank you daddy!" She would release it quickly though "Sorry hehe." The young princess would zip over to the flight team and beam her smile, her wings flapping to bring her to eye level with them. Looking back to Shining, she would frown. "Hold on a second everypony," she said before flying back over to her father. "Daddy, what are you going to do? I thought we where going to do everything together today?" Her face would show a half smile that would grow into a full grin. "I got an idea daddy," as her she stuck out her tongue in concentration as a golden orb would go around the unicorn stallion. "You can float around with us! What do you think?"
  11. Flurry Heart ”Daddy!,” Flurry exclaimed as she flew at her father before wrapping around his neck with a tight hug. Hearing her nickname however made her momentarily blush. “I worked super hard to make sure I got done when you got done. I don’t want to waist a second of DDBFF time,” as she giggled before taking a seat on her fathers back. “That’s something Auntie Twi taught me,” she said with a wink. “Umm, so how mad where those visiting creatures with my, as the book mommy had me read called it, show of authoritative power?” Flurry’s head lowered in shame for a moment as she remembered being sent out of the room. Quickly however, the young princess’s thoughts shifted back to the day ahead. “So, what fun do you have planned for us? Games? Adventure? Ice Cream for dinner?” Flurry grinned from ear to ear.
  12. Flurry Heart Flurry sat at her desk in the main library of the Crystal Palace. Her mother in her infinite wisdom had a small section converted into a classroom for the growing alicorn. An entire empire of knowledge was at her hooves but yet here she was, writing an essay on manners. How was she to know that keeping your wings extended in front of dignitaries was a no no. Her eyes rolled as she sighed. Quill to parchment, she would stop after only four sentences. “Hm...” the young princess would say as she tapped the quill to her chin. “I wonder if..” Flurry perked up as the clock struck ten. Her father should have just finished the last of his duties for the day and soon he would be all hers for the rest of the day. “I wonder what fun things daddy has planned for us,” as she began to trot in place, just waiting for the library door to open. Quickly she cleaned her desk and sat her school bags in the corner before her laser like attention went back to the door.
  13. As Candy downed the last of the wine, a large grin would begin to form. As she levitated the guide map in front of her, she’d spin it around to show Windy the Wild Blue Yonder II, the improved and supposedly even more intense Coaster through the clouds. “Can we do this?” The young mare’s said with excitement. “I’m sure they may even give us front row with you being so famous here in Las Pegasus.” The unicorn would also levitate a tourist guide she had picked up at the train station. “Ohh a wax museum, and a comedy show. So much to do.” Little did Candy know that the next page would feature a centerfold add for Windy and her special somepony’s act. Her mouth hung open for a moment before turning the page to face Windy. “Wow, you really are famous. I’ll have to have you sign this before I leave,” she giggled.
  14. Blizzard would frown when he learned that that the princess had authorized Ice's little trip...but at least she flattered him by saying his magical abilities where strong. When Fire Walker mentioned his father however, he would perk up momentarily. It had been many moons since he had seen his father, even before he left for the Frozen North, finding time to spend with him was scarce. His muzzle would try to fake a smile, though it would quickly fade. "The R.E.A. seemed to keep our family distant," he said string his some honey into his next cup of tea. "I'm sure that you remember the 'olden' days..." as he refereed to a time when Guards getting married was very rare and having a family was even rarer. He would let out an annoyed sigh when Celestia's pupils where mentioned. His hoof would go to his head. "I've noticed," he said. His tone of voice somewhat sarcastic. "I wasn't expecting to become her protege or anything like that. Just one class....or to be acknowledged as something other then 'Spring's Son'...There are times I doubted she even knew my name." Blizzard would chomp down on a biscuit and take a few more sips of his cooled tea. "...But you know what the straw that broke the camels back was..." He would roll his eyes and sigh. "Graduation. The day that all students look forward two. The day that Princess Celestia acknowledges our accomplishments. I had hoped that working my flank off would at least get me the recondition I had coming." The cold unicorn's face began to show as he tried his best to hold back his tears. "Wouldn't you know... My class's graduation would be the first in almost a century that Celestia missed." by now a few tears had tricked down his cheek, freezing. "Just my luck," as he tried to brighten his somber mood. "My graduation would be the day that Sunrise Shining or whatever her name was would vanish..." "You know, I think after I graduated is when my life turns south faster then a thermometer in the Frozen North. When I had my post graduation career meeting was the first time I think I've ever felt anger instead of disappointment. Imagine all of your classmates coming out of the office chatting up what their best options where and then when it's your turn, the pony on the other side of the desk straight up tells you your talent is 'Antiquated,' and maybe you could work at an ice rink or ice cream shop..." By now, the tears where falling, turning into small flakes of snow as the dropped off his cheeks. He had held onto these feeling for so long, bottled up inside. "You know... now I think I could use some of that coffee now. Even more so that I know it's history..."
  15. Flurry Heart A lone guard sat in the seat across from the young alicorn as the train rumbled down the tracks towards Celestia knows where... Or was it Aunt Twilight knows where now? Her facial expression showed boredom as turned to look out the window. "I don't suppose you can tell me where we're heading?" Flurry said with a bit of winning. "I know we're not going to Aunt Twilight's in Canterlot, that was three stations ago." The guard would smile at her as shake his head no. "Some help you are." she said slouching into her seat and levitating a few small snacks. "With your mother and father busy at the summit, your aunt has made special arrangements for you." Flurry's face picked up. "Special!" she exclaimed. "I love special. Is it meant to be a surprise? That's why your not telling me isn't it?" The guard would smirk at the young alicorn. "Oh, you'll be surprised alright, and don't act so board. Your mother sent a few books she wants you to read while your away from the empire." Flurry's excitement would quickly fade as she began to pout. "Hfff. Fine. Royal Etiquette... 4th Edition..." as she rolled her eyes before beginning to read it. As the train lurched to a stop, Flurry would look up from her book. "Well, here you are, Ponyville. The real center of Equestria. Princess Cadance has left strict orders for you. I'll see you in a week." Flurry had already stepped off the train onto the platform when she heard him speak. "What do you mean see you in a week? Aren't you suppose to accompany a princess wherever she goes? And who's supposed to carry my bags?" The guard grinned. "My orders are only to make sure you got off the train...and your supposed to carry them yourself." The guard would levitate Flurry's bags onto the platform as well as a parchment. Before Flurry could respond, the doors to the train car closed. Flurry would glare at the guard through the window as the way back home pulled out of the station. It had been years since Flurry had set hoof in Ponyville and apparently she left quite the impression before she left. "Auntie Twilight's other castle..." she would stop mid sentence as she had the opportunity to actually read her mother's scroll. "Sweet Apple Acres?!" she exclaimed with annoyance. "They're sending me to a farm.. Ugh." As the alicorn took her first step onto the dirt streets, she would quickly decide to hover there instead of walking, her bags held in her magical aura. "Well, this should be interesting..." as she began her short journey. If there is was one silver lining, she'd at least get to visit her Aunt's friends. Little did she know they where also at the summit...
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