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  1. Candy Corn Candy perked up at the mention of Root Beer. “Oh yes, Root Beer sounds great, and yes, I’d like the angle hair please with your house tomato sauce.” The young unicorn’s mouth would hang open as she heard Windy make her order. Her big, muscular cousins didn’t even eat that much after plowing a corn field. She would shake her head, trying to rattle the shock away. “I...um wow,” she said looking to Windy. “Yinz must burn a ton of carbs in your show.” Before the waiter left, Candy would chime in again. “Um... can you add a small side of Fettuccine Alfredo please?”
  2. Blizzard sat at his desk. His quill was held in hesitation as he attempted to put his words onto paper. It had been one whole season since he had his run in with that other ice mage and Princess Twilight Sparkle. While he was grateful that he was aloud to leave with such ease...after all he had been granted permission long ago when he was a colt... Ice Storm, or at least that what he though her name was, made him feel like a common burglar. He took a few deep breaths, this time he would do things the right way. That was the reason he needed to write this letter after all. With a quick flash of his horn, the scroll would vanish, hopefully transported directly to the Princess of Friendship, though if not, his spell had a secondary address...Canterlot Castle itself. Now he just had to wait for a response. Magical mail delivery was not that advanced of spell, however, over such distances, it did drain a fair bit of aura. As he waited, he give his notes on the book another once over. It was something to do after all.
  3. Candy Corn Candy would nod to her mentor’s words as she began work rearranging supplies. “You know,” she said with pep in her voice, “this isn’t too far off from what I did back home. I never inherited the Corn family green hoof. Though I guess that’s because I’m only half a Corn,” she said with a blush. “I never knew my real father. Pop Pop was there since the day I was born and the best dad a pony could have. The only thing I know about my biological father is that he was some chocolate maker from Filly...” As they continued, Candy would find a large roll of rope. “This should work, right,” she said as she levitated it up ad tied it to the supports. “Now we just need the actual divider...and the furniture. I can do without most of it for now, but I do have enough bits to buy a bed, and a few little things. And it looks like the storm is beginning to wind down. Can we head to the furniture store next?”
  4. Candy Corn Candy couldn't help but giggle. "That's sweet that you found your special somepony and have such a close connection. Maybe someday I'll run into him in the lobby as well," as she lowered the menu. "As showponies, I bet you'll pop the question in front of a sold out show or something like that. You'll have to let me know when you plan to do it. I'd like to see that ending," she said, winking. As the olive stallion approached, she smiled. "Then that's what I'm getting. I hope your portions are hearty cus I haven't eaten since I left Bittsburgh," she giggled. "Marescty? sounds good, but what kind of pop do yinz have? I haven't had wine before. Not to say I haven't had any of the harder stuff. Corn has other uses," she said with a rather sly grin and winked at Windy. "Oh and an order of garlic bread as well?" Candy looked to Windy, almost like a child would in anticipation waiting to see what she would order. "So, what is your favorite dish here?"
  5. Blizzard Blitz Not far away in a large igloo, Blizzard sat at his desk. Magic books flanked each side of the unicorn as his quill wrote on parchment. “That might work...if I combine that spell with the standard gateway...” he mumbled to himself. Blizzard would look up from his work, stopping. “Something feels...off,” he said though he couldn’t put his hoof on what it was. With a heavy sigh he rose from his chair and grabbed his cloak. Opening the wooden door, he would step out into the wintery weather. “Ugh, I have company... I better check on them before before the freeze to death, or worse. Don’t need to be blamed for that...” Blizzard said with sarcasm in his voice. He would head due south as that would be his ‘guests’ most likely location. Upon seeing another igloo, he knew. He would flip up the hood of his cloak and observe from nearby, the heavy snow accumulating on him, almost serving as an improvised camouflage. As the storm began to die down, Blizzard would make his move, approach the entrance to their temporary shelter. “The storm is winding down now,” he said in a friendly tone... well at least as friendly as he could. “So, what brings everypony up to this frozen wasteland? It can be extremely dangerous up here....”
  6. Candy Corn As both Sky and Windy said yes, Candy began to cry tears of joy. The perfect ending to a perfect preference. As the crowd thinned, the unicorn and her sisters stayed behind to wait for the couple. Though she tried to hold back, the young unicorn’s excitement would get the better of her and she soon found herself hugging Windy and Sky in a group hug. “I’m so excited for yin’s.” She would say, still crying happy tears. “You two are perfect for each other. Having the same plan and everything. Some day I hope I get as lucky as you two to find a sweat match as well.” She would release her grip and step aside. “I don’t want to keep ya if you have other Heartswarming plans, but if you want to, we’re going to make popcorn strings and put them on a tree indoors. That’s our family tradition...your more then welcome to come to my apartment if you want though. It’s not the biggest, or a 5 horseshoe resort, but it’s my home away from home...”
  7. Candy Corn The young mare would look around, noting what Windy said about the theming in the restaurant. It was quite immersive and it looked accurate down to the minor details...or at least what she thought they would be. As the unicorn followed the maître d’ she giggled, looking over to Windy. “So, who’s this Sky,” she said with the grin of a school filly about to hear the latest gossip. As she took her seat, she began to hold up her menu, hiding behind it as she read it over. “Is that the other pony in the billboard? If it is, he looks kinda cute. Is he just your partner or your partner,” Candy said with a bit of teasing. “Ohh, the server angle hair. This place is truly knows how to treat a pony, or at least their stomach.”
  8. Midnight would nod as each of his friends spoke, taking mental notes. "Thanks everypony. I'll have to keep that in mind when-" he would recognize the voice of his kryptonite to his control, Jade. He would stifle a chuckle as he turned to see Jade. He would giggle a bit, the sangria taking hold as he saw how she was dressed. If her tight leotard from the race was meant to tease, that dress she was wearing was straight up seduction. His wings shot straight up ans he tried to regain his composure. "I hope you didn't get dress up on my account...actually I do hope it's for me-- I'd really like to sink my fangs into you later..." Midnight's face went blank and red as he realized what words came out of his mouth. "I..um.." he paused. "Hehe. Must be the delicious sangria talking." The embarrassed bat pony would lay his head on the bar. When the subject was changed to karaoke, His head shot back up. "Dibs on first song," he said with a rather unusual excitement for him as he began to run through a list of songs in his head to impress the mares in the room.
  9. Candy Corn The eldest Corn sibling watched the show with foallike wonder, only every so often glancing away to check on Kettle and Caramel. Every so often, she would sneak some of Caramel’s popcorn with a levitation spell. The show was quite entertaining and had a way of bringing eveypony in attendance closer together. She would pull Caramel into her side with her hoof, squeezing her as older siblings often do. A tear of joy would run down hear cheek. She would look up to little Kettle sitting on her head. As Candy noticed what was going on on stage at the end, her eyes went wide. Her friend was getting engaged...and both parties where proposing to each other in their own way. “Wooohoo!,” Candy said in excitement. “Say Yes!”
  10. Candy Corn Candy would rise from her chair and carefully set the mug her coffee had come in down, making sure it would not leave a ring. The young unicorn would follow her mentor down into the sub-dwelling of Bon Bon's house. While it wasn't up to apartment standards, she did have to admit it was quite large and was built quite well. Her frown would begin to fade slowly, and she could not help but chuckle at the comment about the spiders in the bathroom. "Well, it is a quite large room, and," as she tapped her hoof on the ground, "far from the dirt floored cellar of my house in Bittsburgh." As she continued, Candy would pick out a nice area near where BonBon had mentioned. "I'm thinking here's a good spot to set up too. I...wait, what is small moon Bon Bon?" Her curiosity peeked as she followed her mentor back upstairs. She hoped there was a story to hear. Candy tapped her chin at BonBon's question. "I think it'd be best to get the basement fixed up for now...If that's not an issue. I think the Pegasi have wetter plans today for outdoors anyway," as a crack of thunder could be heard. "While were moving things down there, we can even do a good ol' inventory of supplies- Oh and I even brought some of my family's almost famous popcorn kernels for a snack later. Actually they sent a whole jar full as a gift for you," she giggled as she levitated it over to the earth pony mare.
  11. Candy Corn Candy would give a big sister glare to Caramel and the looked up to the filly. Did they really both come on their own. She knew Caramel started school shortly when the winter term began, but to bring little Kettle. The eldest sister however was taken out of overprotective sister mode by Sky’s complement about the popcorn. “Little Kettle here really came into her own with her Popcorn. And don’t forget about your corn Caramel. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty, just like our family.” She giggled once more. As the show would start, Candy would sit mesmerized as she pulled Caramel into her side. Sky Sailing’s singing was quite impressive, though when Windy came on, she really stole the show. “Wow!”
  12. Candy Corn Candy would chuckle at the mention of the cakes being stuck in one place, however a cart was far from what she was expecting. Sure it had its advantages with mobility, though she though of the disadvantages as well, like weather. Candy’s ears would lower as Bonbon mentioned her possible boardings. “O-oh,” she said, the tone of her voice noticeably more somber. She would take a few slow breaths before taking a few more drinks of coffee. Sitting there, she would begin to ponder her options. While her family was a bit more well off then other farmers, housing was not a planed for expenses, and the bits with her where few. She would laugh nervously. “I guess the basement it is for now. Then I can start looking for an apparent.”
  13. Candy Corn As Candy accepted her still steaming hot coco, she would nod. "I look forward to that order once I'm up and running," she giggled. "Have to complete this apprenticeship first though. As for a cherry lime flavor, I'm sure my mentor wouldn't mind me spending my free time whipping up a few small test batches in my free time. I even have the perfect taste tester in town," as she winked to Caramel. "As for Ponyville itself, it certainty is growing, even in my short few months here, what with the School of Friendship, the Castle of Friendship, and of course the famous Sweet Apple Acres...and soon to be just as famous BonBon's BonBons." She would give all there a huge smile. "That's the shop I'm apprenticing at," she said with pride in her voice. "Someday soon, I'll have my own storefront, ether in Bittsburgh or maybe even Las Pegasus." There would be one more surprise that evening...one of the energetic verity. Candy would smile from ear to ear. Her youngest sister had made it to Ponyville and they could all be together for Hearthswarming once more. The candy colored mare would levitate the smallest sibling onto her back. "Windy, Sky, this is the smallest of us three Corn Cobs," she giggled, "and I'm sure Sky would be more then happy to pour you a mug of coco." She would look back to Kettle. "Ma and Pop came with you I hope. They’re in their hotel room, right? I hope you didn't make this train ride on your own, right?" as big sister mode kicked in.
  14. Candy Corn The unicorn giggled at BonBon's comment about the 'Porch Mafia' before levitating the coffee and taking a small sip and setting down her own doorstop of a book. "Well, you see...I believe the apprenticeship program is for ponies and I guess every creature now who's talent is different from that of their family. I mean, would you believe my family is mostly corn farmers. I know it a bit of a shock," she giggled. "I need to expand my reptar? or is it repertoire?" Candy would take another sip of coffee "Anyhow I need to learn to run a business with a storefront, hence why I showed up on where you should have had a porch," as she stiffed a laugh. "In regards to the books..." she rolled her eyes, "I guess the E.A.B. is just as bad as the E.E.A., or so I hear from a friend of mine who's trainin' to be a teacher in Bittsburgh. As for here, I had a few choices, and Ponyville was the closest opening to the Burgh and it kinda reminds me of home." "I do have one question though. I believe the first chapter is about..." she closed her eyes and swallowed what felt like a large lump forming in her throat. "Pay..payment and room and board," as she laughed nervously, quickly finishing off the coffee to hide her nerves.
  15. Candy Corn Candy had to think about what Sky Sailing had said. "It could be. We experimented quite a bit with different flavors of Candy Corn. It's possable that Mom or Pop could have used one of the recipes, though we mainly are corn farmers," she giggled. "That's why I'm in Ponyville after all, to expand my horizons," she would look to Caramel. "That's the term, right?" She would say with a giggle. "I'm in the apprenticeship program now for candy makers. Hopefully soon I'll be making candy canes and other Hearthswarming sweets...But you know what is always a good treat for Hearthswarming? Caramel Corn," the unicorn giggled as she leaned into her sister once more. At the mention of Hot Coco, Candy's eyes would light up like she was a filly again. "Can't say no to that, right sis?"
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