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  1. —Blizzard Blizzard’s reaction to his prob into the old spells was probably not what they where expecting. His face and voice showed disappointment. “I see...” The spells that he dreamt about since he was a foal...The way that Twilight said it seemed to imply that there where not all that special and seeming weak. Ice’s statement on the other hoof caused him to glare at her once more. Shaking his head, a blueish white flash would emit from his horn as he teleported himself out of the School of Magic was to the outskirts of Canterlot to begin his journey back to his frozen solitude.
  2. Blizzard could feel something in the room change. Almost like what he felt earlier, though he didn't think anything of it. "Gesundheit." Perhaps it was just summer allergies he was feeling... He would however look to Ice when she chimed in. "Just one of the many reasons I travel at night," he said with a smirk. "Though you would be surprised how well this snow and ice," as he looked to his own coat, "help to keep me cool in the heat as well as isolates in the bitter cold. It was a rather unseen side effect of a spell, though one I have grown to appreciate." When Blizzard saw what Twilight was doing, he would smile at her. "Thank..Thank you?" His voice showed a bit of hesitation. He would levitate the book back to him and place it in his left saddlebag. "Now as for getting in contact...Last I checked the Frozen North doesn't exactly have a post office, and I would assume that both of you live active lives. How would you suggest getting in contact?" he would say leaning back before noticing the time. It was now Three a.m. or at least that's what the clock tower chimed nearby. "Well, I've got to get on the trail if I wish to be at my first stopping point on the way home before sunrise." The unicorn would bow to the Princess and glare once more at Ice when he stood up. "I will be looking forward to our next magic discussion...Oh by the way...Is it true?" He would say with an ominous grin. "The weather control spells that date back to King Bullion and Commander Hurricane. The ones that where 'mysteriously lost' after the formation of Equestria. Do they exist?"
  3. Blizzard slyly smiled as the fireball hit his wall of ice. Though it held up fairly well, the first inch of the snow began to melt, though began reforming as a layer of ice. The unicorn’s horn would glow bright as the remain slush would form a puddle. A second puddle of slush would form under Dox from the heat he would have put off casting the spell. Using his technique, he would begin to move the slush in a similar way to the snow earlier, this time beginning to form ice around Dox’s hooves. ”Always have a counter,” he would say dropping his spell and allowing his guest to move. “Well?” he said with a smirk.
  4. Luna had found herself enjoying her hay fries as she looked up to see Ice's first ball miss. She knew the feeling all too well having done it her first throw. As her friend waited for the ball to return, the alicorn would grab another hooffull of hayfries looking up just in time to see the pins seemingly explode. The sound of the ball hitting the pins in the way they did made the retired princess shoot up from her seat. As Ice returned, she returned the high hoof before looking back at the scoring screen. "Huzzah! That was a wonderful throw...or roll." she would chuckle. "I heard somepony talking about rolling it. I guess it's my roll now." Luna would step up to the lane, carefully looking at the arrows to line up her throw. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before throwing the ball the same as before. She would close her eyes once more as she heard the ball hit. It sounded just like before, however with one small difference. "Yes...No-" Two pins remained There was a poster on the wall that gave each pin a number. "Ice, what dose it mean when the Seven Pin and the Ten Pin remain?"
  5. Blizzard would watch as Dox got the hang of it, nodding in approval as he stopped. "A good first start. You don't want to overdo it." The unicorn would quickly erase the spell from the snow, making it appear as if nothing was ever there. "With some pratice you'll be able to even move large amounts of snow." Blizzard's horn would glow brighter then before, this time eight foot tall walls of snow would surround three sides of them. With another quick glow, a blast of ice would reinforce the walls. "And...Instant snow fort." he chuckled. His horn would glow again, though nothing noticeable would happen. "You seem like you know different types of magic. Go around and hit it with a fireball spell...guard level. See what happens."
  6. The Snowy unicorn would nod, listing to Twilight's explanation. "I see," he said raising an eyebrow, though showing disappointment in his voice. "I guess my theory was a tad off, though I was only a young colt when I made it originally." He chuckled a bit before he continued. "Who would have though so much information would come available so recently. The Mare in the Moon was still in the Moon...and nopony had seen a Kirin in a generation." Giving a sly smile, he would continue. "And you need not worry. I'd never use Umbrum magic in malice. The few times I had used it where only to test my limits...In a very isolated environment." Blizzard exhaled deeply and closed his eyes for a moment. Did he really just admit to using Dark Magic to a Princess of Equestria? Oh well, it was snow under the bridge. What was that old saying? It was better to seek forgiveness then ask for permission? Looking to Twilight he would put a hoof to his chin. "It has been quite a few moons. It was after a graduated from this fine establishment. I took a job as a guide up into that barren place." He would stroke his goatee as be began to remissness. "My last memory of this school actually was graduation day...The first in ages that Celestia herself had missed-something about trouble with her protege...Sunrise Shine or something like that...my memory kinda blocked that out." Blizzard looked to Ice as he nodded. "The further you go north, the more dangerous it becomes. The expedition I was part of to locate the Crystal Empire, or any trace of it had failed because of this." Smiling to Ice Storm he would continue. "I've always had a lower body temperature then most..Something that you and I share I believe, so I was able to tolerate the cold much more then most, though even prolonged exposure for a mage of ice can have...lets call them consequences. Something needed to be done, and through a spell of my own creation, I was able to adapt myself even more. Let's just say I never will need air conditioning in the summer ever again." He would laugh. "I'm sure you don't want to hear about this failed excursion though. I'm sure both of you have more pressing issues to attend." "As for my other shenanigans, other then the monthly supply trip to visit a yak I've become friends with over the years, and the rare book run...with is why I'm here currently..." He would turn to Ice Storm and give her a glare. "I've kept to myself mostly. I've dedicated my life to the study of snow and ice magic...in particular weather manipulation. It kinda runs in the family..." he laughed. "Though not in the same, appreciated way..." He quickly frowned, but tried to hide it. His mother's talent was cleaning up winter where as his...to make it. He really did not want to go down that rabbit hole. As long as the princess didn't ask any more personal questions...he'd rather not go into family history.
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  8. Blizzard would glare at the stallion. "I see...It appears you you are no novice in deed." He said as he rolled his eyes. "Well, looks like we're past the first four lessens then. Lesson five is a bit more...challenging. Snow manipulation," he said with rather skewed grin. "This ability has to be learned in steps or else you'll end up as a ponysicle." He intended to laugh lightheartedly, though it came out much more menacing. His horn would glow lightly as snow from the ground was levitated up into the air would go where directed. Blizzard would encircle Dox with a few passes before placing it nearby in the shape of a snowpony. "This is the basis of what I do out here. It's how I built my home and more importantly the first step." Sighing he would continue. "As you probably noticed, I did not do a simple levitation spell. There was no magic field around the snow." Using the same spell, Blizzard would wright out the actual way it was cast into the snow before both of them. "If you do not master this...I'm afraid everything else to follow will fail. Oh, and don't try to showboat this time. It can have some rather interesting consequences."
  9. Blizzard let out a heavy sigh and his eyes narrowed. "Failures?" his voice now showing signs of annoyance. "Trial and error is an important part of the learning process though...Isn't it?" he said sarcastically. "I hate to burst any bubble of ease that you may have had, but the first, and most dangerous step is to lower one's body temperature. It's how I'm able to survive up here without any special equipment. Having a colder body temp also increases the duration that one can do spells." Blizzard chuckled. "Though if you want to start with an actual simple but effective ice spell, we can step outside and I can show you different ice beams." In a way, a small part of him wanted to see just how this curved horned pony would do a directional spell with the way his horns where. Unicorns could at least point their horns at their intended target. In a way he hoped that Dox would attempt to try the easy way first and learn about horn icing. Blizzard slowing walk over to the door and step outside into the cold but calm frozen tundra and motion for his guest to follow. Blizzard would lower his head and focus on a spot forward, producing an ice beam that he was able to hold for well over a minute without effort. At the receiving end, a large, thigh chuck of ice formed around the snowdrift he had aimed at.
  10. Blizzard would levitate his now empty meal tin into a nearby container. He let out a rather heavy sigh before taking another sip of his coco. “So, you really want to know about ice magic...” he said as he looked Dox over once more. “The real question is how much are you willing to give up to learn what I have...” The unicorn stood up and would began to walk around Dox. Most of his attention fixated on his unique horns. “If we are going to get started, I believe you can tell me who you are...or better yet what you are,” he said with laugh. “I’m sure if you came all this way, you already know who I am...” Blizzard would levitate a photograph of a family of ponies down from a shelf to show his guest. “That’s my mother, father, and do you see that happy guy in the middle, that’s me. That was me before I started experimenting with what I was capable of up here. I’ve sacrificed a lot over the years. The least of it was my appearance. This ice and snow isn’t a fashion statement.”
  11. The unicorn would roll his eyes as his horn stopped glowing. He let out a heavy sigh as he began walking towards an old chest and removed an old blanket. He would set it on a crate that was near the fire and the perfect height to be used as a seat. "Make yourself comfortable," as he pointed with a hoof before walking over to his home made rocking chair and sitting down. Blizzard looked the stallion up and down, taking note of his features. It was clear by his body language that Blizzard was irritated to be disturbed, particular at meal time. "I hope you don't mind...don't want it to get cold," he said as he would eat the small meal from its metal container. "Sweet Potato...though not the best ether. Needs salt and I ran out of that weeks ago..." He would levitate a quill and a notepad and add it to his list of supplies. From his chair, a small pot of snow was put onto the fire and brought to a boil. He would remove the pot after a few moments and add two scoops of a substance from a rather dated looking brown and red can. Stirling it, he would then pour the now thick brown liquid into two metal cups and levitate one towards his guest. Blizzard would wait for his to cool before drinking his. "That should warm you up..." "So...How did you find me....or a better question, why did you want to find me?" He said taking a sip.
  12. Blizzard's eye would open, but then narrow again as he glared at the door to his Snow Fortress? No, in reality all it was was a large igloo. One that had been designed to blend into the Frozen Wasteland of the Frozen North. "Ugh..." he groaned, removing his dinner from the fire and setting on a wooden box near his chair. "Hold your horses, I'm coming..." He mumbled loudly enough that who ever was knocking could hear him. First though, he had to tidy up...He quickly closed and locked the field desk and levitated his spell books over to the shelf. With a quick glow of his horn, a thin sheet of Ice would form a glass like door. "Can't be too careful..." he mumbled. He wold make his way over to the door and slowly open it, his horn glowing as his eyes glared at the pony before him. "Yes...." is all he would say as a greeting. This...pony did not look like a regular pony, nor looked like he could survive on his own. Blizzard began to contemplate how he even got out here, let alone found him. "I supose you'd like to come in?" His voice held a bit of sarcasum. "Pardon the mess, you caught me at dinner time. If I'd known I'd be getting company I would have redd up...." Taking a step back, he'd motion with a hoof, his horn still glowing.
  13. The Icy white unicorn sat at his desk, spell books strewn about. He mumbled to himself. He was so close to perfecting a new spell. "Yes, Borrowing from this...And with this theory...and the...No that won't work." With a heavy sigh he crumpled up the parchment and levitated it into the small fire in the center of the room. His head would drop in frustration to the desk with a small thump. "Who am I kidding...Its-" An old clock would gong as his head perked up. "Supper time at least. Perhaps I'll try it again on a full stomach." Blizzard would get to work quickly preparing his meal. He opened the supply crate and removed a dusty K-Ration. "Still has a few years of life left on it," he chuckled at he date stamped on its container. The cold had a funny was of preserving things. It would open with a pop followed by a hiss as he removed the lid and levitated it over the fire. As he added a few small pieces of wood, the fire would slightly pick up in intensity. "That should do it," he mumbled, as he reclined in a near by rocker built of old supply crates. Relaxing, he closed his eyes as he waited for the half hour chime of the clock. The sound disturbed him however was much more hallow...a knock.
  14. "I...what?" Luna was flabbergasted. Slowly she would walk down from the lane and sat down. Her face still showing the shock of hitting them all. Her eyes would look up to the scoring machine once more as it once again showed it was Ice's turn. She would levitate a few fries put them in her mouth one at a time. "You are right Ice Storm. These hay fries are delectable." There would be a slight hiss as Luna opened her bottle of cider and took a small sip. "Not bad, though not sweet as the Apple's brew." "I believe the arrows are the key," Luna said as ice stepped up. Taking a few more sips of cider and a few more fries, this time dipping them in catatchup, the alicorn would wait for Ice's throw. "Hm, made in Appleloosa," as she read the label.
  15. Blizzard would nod to what each of them said. "Ah yes...Umbrum Aetheric," he would say with a heavy sigh. "Dark Magic. I am quite familiar with that form of magic in both theory and practice though I always believed it to be verbolten." The unicorn would say with a chuckle as he accepted the cup of tea. Nodding to the princess in appreciation, he would drop two ice cubes into it. "Have to be careful. If it's too hot, I might melt," he would smile. "Now then," as he took a sip, "It's interesting what one can discover with just a bit of information from a book here and a book there. So many interesting theories that where similar but may have been missing a piece or two." Taking another sip he would chuckle once more. "The real interesting information though can be found written in the margins of the instructor copies of the books..." Blizzards closed his eyes and sighed, hoping that they didn't pick up on his slip of tongue. There where only a few ways that somepony would have access to one of those copies... The icy stallion would look over to Ice Storm, listing intently to the story of Princess Luna and the Tantabus. His time spend in the Frozen North meant that he only had heard bits and pieces of the more recent events. "That is very intriguing. Very intriguing in deed." He would lean back in the chair and take another drink of tea. "I am afraid that I am out of the loop with recent events, but the news of Moon Princess's return is kinda what started my interest in this theory. The Mare in the Moon was always my favorite ponytale as a foal. It may sound strange, though it felt like I was rooting for an underdog, if that makes sense? As for the other pony you mentioned, I don’t believe I’ve heard of them. News travels slow in the wasteland.” Blizzard would finish off the cup of tea and smile to the Princess's question. "Oh yes. It's always a fun day in the Frozen North." he said with a bit of sarcasm. "Plenty of time to read and work on new spells. You'd be surprised what you can accomplish when your the only creature within an hour trot. The only real challenge is fining ways to make yak cuisine and K-rations more eatable. Other then that, it can be fairly uneventful.”
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