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  1. As her father placed her at the table, Flurry would watch the omelets make their way to their plates. Flurry would lick her lips as she looked to both her parents as if asking permission to dig in. She'd eye each one with intent, almost as if she was looking for the perfect one. With a giggle, she'd levitate the largest one to herself and grin at her mother. "This one looks perfect." Within a blink of an eye it would vanish. "Um...May I have another please. It was the best omelet I've ever eaten." Flurry's eyes would count the remaining ones on the serving plate, nodding as she counted each remaining one. Within a few moments, another would find it's way to her plate. Looking to Shining's plate and then her own and then back to his, she'd giggle. "I guess I have a big appetite today... I think I'm eating more than Dad." As the second helping vanished from her plate, she'd levitate a banana over before she began pealing it. "I think I eat some fruit so you can have time to enjoy your own cooking mom," she'd say with a wink. At this point, it was hard for her to tell if the feeling in her stomach was still hunger or her nerves. Ether way the felt pretty similar to a young alicorn.
  2. Flurry would nod before she quickly levitated a stack of plates over to her mother. Her stomach would rumble as the smell of frying eggs graced the room. She would hover over her mother for a few moments, nodding to the answer she gave. "I guess your right. Magic beams probably fall more under target practice anyway." As Cadance suggested Flurry retrieve her father, she'd nod before zooming up the stairs to his bedchambers. Upon hearing Shining greet her, Flurry would launch herself at him like a hug seeking missile, wrapping her hooves round his neck. "Excited is an understatement!" she'd say, still latched onto him. "Mom's even making us omelets this morning for for energy!"
  3. Flurry was surprised by a familiar wing embrace as she heard her mother's voice. "I....um.... yes please. I though you and Dad where still asleep. I though since I was up early I could try my hoof at breakfast. The second batch of toast turned out better at least. I was hopping to give the burnt pieces to Dad.... At least I didn't mess up the cereal." Flurry would look away from her mess in the kitchen. Giving her mother the sad eyes, she'd ask. "Do you know how to make cheese omelets? From the book I was reading, it says magic takes a lot of energy and we'll need a lot today." "Speaking of today, what spells am I going to learn? I hope the 'pew pew' spell is on of the first ones. Gotta learn to defend the Crystal Empire. Then maybe I can show Aunt Twilight all the stuff I've leaned on her next visit." Flurry would tap her chin for a moment. "So, when dose Dad normally wake up?"
  4. Flurry Heart's eye shot open even before her alarm went off. "Today is the day!" she'd exclaim as she shot out of bed. It was like Hearthswarming, except better. Today was the day she'd start to learn advanced magic! A odd quiet hung over the Crystal Castle as she could hear every tick of her clock. What time was it anyway, she would wonder. Walking over to her balcony, she'd open the curtains and open the door with her gold aura. When she saw sunlight barely begin to crack the horizon she'd sigh deeply. "Ugh. Everypony is still asleep," as she rolled her eyes. "I wonder who's supposed to teach me today anyway? Mom? Dad? Maybe Aunt Twilight? That'd be fun." she'd say to herself. It had been a while since she had seen her aunt. With time to kill, Flurry had an idea....well her stomach had an idea. Flurry would find herself in an empty kitchen as her stomach rumbled. Being up before the staff had even arrived created a bit of a problem, though as a princess, it was her job to fix problems, right? Before long, the smell of burnt toast was lofting from the kitchen. "Hmm, next batch will be better," as she put butter on it and placed it on a tray. With a tray now loaded with butter heavy toast, she'd eat a few pieces herself before making her way to her parents bedchamber. The door would open with a creak and let just enough light in to show her silhouette as the smell of the burnt toast would entrance the room. "Guess what day it is!" Flurry would say excitedly, waiting for her parents to awaken.
  5. Blizzard Blitz had arrived to the ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters ahead of schedule. Today was going to be an interesting day as he and a team from the Lunar Guard where finally going to search for the missing magic volumes that had thought to have been lost all those moons ago. One book in particular was his top priority….Luna’s spellbooks from her early years. He’d set up his tent just outside of the ruins and would start small campfire as he waited for the rest of the team. Levitating out a pocket watch, he’d joke even he saw the next member arrive and wait for them to set up their own campsite.
  6. Candy would smile at Crystal. "I'd like that. I know a few places around town that we might be able to try. Heck, I even know the owner of the casino across the street. She's my landlord for the time being...till I can pay her back for the building and renovations, then it will be all mine. Part of it was because I hate to see old historic buildings torn down when they can still serve a purpose. In Bittsburgh, where I'm from, we hardly ever tear anything down." she'd giggle. "Bittsburgers hate change after all....and E-Dot." She'd laugh even harder. As Candy rang out Crystal, she'd continue. "I'd hate to have you wait around for two hours. Just meet me out front a little after 6 when I lock up. Do you want me to have your things sent to your hotel room? It's a new service I'm trying out, seeing as I know two of the main hotel owners in the city." Candy would almost forget something as she quickly looked around. "I almost forgot the taffy for Flurry and her Dad. They where one of my opening day customers and loved the banana taffy. On the house of course." Though she didn't say anything, the relief on her eyes of having something to do on Hearts and Hooves Day was apparent, and she feared being the third wheel with Windy and Sky on such a special day for them as well.
  7. Candy would chuckle at Crystal's comment about not being the health inspector. When she heard her say she was from the Crystal Empire, she had to winder if the little princess, Flurry Heart had something to do with all the tourists that seemed to be coming to her shop lately. She'd have to send that filly a nice Hearts and Hooves day sweet as a thank you. When Crystal did say her job, Candy raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Cupid? I bet your busier today then any other day of the year. Somepony must have really wanted some of these sweets," she'd laugh. When Crystal mentioned her dress, Candy would blush again for a moment. "Thank you. It's based off outfits that where worn around the time this building was first built. I wanted to keep everything in that time period in the shop. It's kinda like my little gimmick in a city full of gimmicks," she'd chuckle. "The kitchen is modern though," she'd say with a wink. "I think you may need a few of these," as she levitated five heart shaped boxes of chocolates from behind a case. "The Hearts and Hooves day special. Kisses, Peanut Butter Cups, and Caramel filled candies." She'd also levitate a smaller one out. "This one is for the Crystal Princess. Just let her know it's from Candy's store. She'll know. As for your order," she'd levitate a medium sized plan box of kisses to put on the order. "More for less. I think those heart boxes cost me more the all the ingredients to make the candy in them," she'd laugh. As the talk turned to the holiday itself, Candy would sigh, but force a smile. "With all the work in setting this place up, I haven't exactly had much of a social life. In the city that's famous for it's nightlife, I have none," she'd try to joke. "I sill have lots of time though, I'm still young. Hard to believe I just finished my apprenticeship myself under a year ago. And all the local colts game me the nickname Eye Candy when we opened," as she blushed before pointing to a painting of herself on the wall, wearing her opening day outfit. "That was a fun day though as I had a lot of friend helping before we knew just how busy this place could get."
  8. Candy would blush as she greeted her newest customer. "Th..thanks. I'm Candy Corn, but you can just call me Candy. Are you looking for something special Crystal? Everything in this shop was hoof made by ether me or one of my apprentices." Stepping out from behind the counter, She'd levitate a few samples of chocolate, a few pieces of taffy, and a few pieced of hard candy to Crystal. "Those chocolates are something new for Hearts and Hooves day that are very popular in Bittsburgh and Filly. They are called a kiss." When Crystal mentioned she was there for her job, Candy would jump back a bit in a joking manor. "Your not the health inspector I hope," as she giggled. "I take great pride in my shop and my employees. For ponies to be talking about us all the way in..." she'd pause. "Where did you say you where from?"
  9. Hearts and Hooves Day was a busy day for most shops, however being a store that sold sweets made this day one of the busiest days of the year for the Kandy Kaleidoscope. The turn of the century themed shop had been thriving in city of Las Pegasus. She had seen all types of customers within her first few months of operation. Normally she'd let her staff handle running the sales aspect of the shop and focused on the actual making of the candy, with her apprentices. She had planned ahead for this day however and had created a large inventory just for Hearts and Hooves. If she where to be honest with herself, one of the reasons she was looking forward to today was getting all dressed and watching the reactions of her customers. She loved to see the smiles that her sweets brought, however one thing about this day always bothered her...the heartache of being a single mare on Hearts and Hooves day.... None the less, she had bits to make and keep a smile on as she personalty greeted each customer that came into the shop. The shop was lively with patrons as the old player piano kept the atmosphere light with it's ragtime versions of classics, however one sound made Candy's heart sink a little with each hour chime of the old clock, an hour closer to the 5 p.m. closing time. She'd force through it and continue to greet everypony who come through the door. "Welcome to the Kandy Kaleidoscope. Can I help yinz find anything special for your....Special Somepony?" she'd say to the pegasus whom entered the shop.
  10. The alicorn would smile at Primrose. "Tis a shame that I did not get to properly meet you when the Lunar Guard was active, however I am glad that your dedication to Equestria continues. You should be honored. Ice Storm only selects the best of the best. Equestria is in good hooves." As Primrose finished giving her order, Luna would chime in. "I'll take two of the same, and Midnight here will have a sauerkraut, chili, and cheese footlong. Also a large order of chili cheese hay fries. Three extra large colas as well please." Luna would levitate the required bits, plus a tip to the vendor as they awaited their food to be prepped. "Tell me Primrose, would you like to join us in my penthouse in the Fire and Ice? Or do you have other plans? If so, I hope you do not mind us tagging behind."
  11. Tarot would raise an eyebrow. "Oh. Perhaps I did forget the SHOW to go along with reading." She'd give a crooked smirk. "Tell ya what... Let's make our own little deal...and by the way, that was the discounted rate. Since you are sooo gun ho about leaving your life in Ponyville behind, why don't I give you a preview of what your family would be like without you!" as she gave a menacing laugh. "On the house." A dark shadow would envelop the whole room. The only light coming from Tarot's glowing green eyes, as well as her horn as the crystal ball would flash. Filthy would be shown sitting at his desk, going over a few basics of business. The room would pan around to show a new portrait of the Rich family, without Spoiled. Their facial expression was that of natural happiness, unlike the old one that hung there....with forced smiled. Next to it hug a degree from a prestigious university with Diamond's name on it. Next to it was a certificate from the Ponyville 4-H club. "Seems they are doing alright in your absence. But wait, what's this?" Filthy's secretary would enter the room and give him a letter. He'd smile as she left. Opening it, he'd read it aloud. The image on the crystal ball would rotate to be behind him so the letter could be seen. "Dear Dad, I'm having a great visit on the farm with grandma and grandpa. It's hard to believe that Mom never let me visit. I've had so much fun. Today a new caff was born. We named it after my mother. If you can, please send the attached photo to her. Love Diamond. Be home soon." The shadow would fade returning the room to normal. "Seems like the sooner you plan to break the news to them, the better. Oh, by the way, when is your term up as mayor? I'm pretty sure there is something in your oath about your resignation? I hope your deputy mayor is up to the task."
  12. Tarot would sigh deeply. Spoiled had made up her mind, or perhaps even had it made up before they even met. "The catch? THE CATCH?" She'd say before lowing her voice back down. "Starting over may not be as simple as it seems. Have you done your research on this new life of yours? It may seem like a dream now, but wait until the hardships, and there WILL be hardships." She rolled her eyes before continuing. "Not even alicorns have the perfect life you seek." Scoffing, she'd levitate Spoiled an old golden mirror. In it, Spoiled would be able to see her 'new' self, as Sphinx kittens ran amuck in the background. "Tarot would laugh. "I hope your ready for many litters of little ones." "Now then," as Tarot would look her dead in the eye. "There is the matter of my fee..." She'd chuckle. "1,000 bits. I mere inconvenience for somepony, somesphinx of your standing." as she'd laugh, her eyes glowing a soft green."
  13. Tarot would rub a hoof to her head. "I see," before she would re-stack her deck of cards. "I guess it is true. You can choose your friends. You can't choose your family....though it appears that is exactly what you are trying to do, isn't it." She'd raise an eyebrow as she would pull the top card off and fling it at Spoiled. It would land face up just in front of her. It was a card that was not in a normal deck. It showed Somnambula and the Sphinx. "This will be the final nail in the coffin between Diamond and yourself should you choose it. Vous avez obtenu ce que vous vouliez mais vous avez perdu ce que vous aviez. You get what ya wanted, but lose what ya had." She'd sigh, leaning back into her chair. "I swear, all Equestria would be happier if everypony was a changeling." Tarot would begin to laugh manaicly. "And to think, all my happieness cost me was my soul," as her laugh would change in tone to a more joking tone. "Did you ever think your family chose your name based on the life you would lead? I often wonder how our parents seem to know what our talents will be when naming us. Now then," she'd say, standing and walking toward the foyer once more. "I can only hope for your sake that you and your parents can make amends. Guilt is a two way street you know......"
  14. With the paperwork laid out before her, Tarot would quickly read over every paragraph, making sure there was no fine print that she wasn't prepared for. Nodding, she'd levitate an ink well and an old quill over to sign her name with a flourish before levitating the documents to Spoiled. "Now then, follow me." Tarot would move to the den where her main reading room was. "So, shall we began?" She would levitate the deck of tarot cards to her, her eyes matching the glow of her green aura. The first card she drew was the lovers, in the reversed position. "Hm," she'd say looking over Spoiled. "Marital problems I see." The next three cards she drew would only have her shaking her head. "Two paths lie ahead, both with their own pain." She'd pull one final card, looking Spoiled over from ear to tail. "It appears that your brain has made a decision, though can your heart handle it." Flipping the card, she'd sigh. "A deviance is in your future. Though civil, it will bring much heartache. Though you will be well off financially...still the richest mare in town, you will be lonely. A child chooses her father as her bond with him will only grow. Though you and your husband may remain friends, your friends an colleagues will fill the need to choose sides." Flipping the last card, Tarot would laugh. "It would appear that your parents are coming to Ponyville, expecting one happy family. For their sake....and yours...hold off on any action till after their visit."
  15. Tarot would give the mayor a fake smile as she mentioned ageing. "If only I would have had the luxuries while I was a way from Ponyville to hone my craft. Comforts such as spa treatments where not as common in Hayseed Swamp and Neigh Orleans as they are in Canterlot or even Ponyville, though I found other ways to keep myself youthful," as she'd smirk. "As for Apple Bloom, she has such a talent with rare plants, I feel rather proud to have her help tame that conservatory while I work on...other aspects of the restoration." Tarot would tap her chin though as Spoiled would talk about maid services. "Perhaps I shall have to wright the agency in Canterlot then. At my rate without help, I may have the first floor done in a year, and this ballroom....maybe a year on it's own." She'd laugh. "Once the spring comes, I'll need a contractor of course to repaint the manor in it's entirety, sticking to the muted color pallet it was built with...." "Now then, before I boar you any longer with history, let's head back down to my library and get that paperwork out of the way, shall we? We both have things we must do today....Unless you'd like a card reading after...you know, as my first 'official' customer." She'd chuckle, motioning for Spoiled to follow down the back stairway. "I wonder, dose Ponyville offer historical status for structures? Maybe we can get that paperwork rolling as well?"
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