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  1. Having seen this sort of malady before, Zecora felt fairly certain that she knew with what they may be dealing. Looking for the path she marked this direction, she slows her trot by half as she spots it. The broken green branch of the cherry tree directly south of her house. Turning her head she tries to relay to her traveling companion what she thinks indicates what the injury is. "The timber wolf has rock in its skin's place, there's a native that offers this replace. Cockatrice are known for steely eyed gaze, wolves are bad neighbors, hell was raised. The wound is the result of their meeting, the wolf survived, but took quite the beating." Offering an encouraging nod as her paths end coming into view.
  2. It seems this stallion is right on one thing, at the very least they need to see if the creature can be treated or if it is too far decayed to survive. This is an important detail that can only be known after laying eyes on the poor beast. "One thing is certain, this creature, not far. We should set traps near the trees it did mar. I suggest a pit, contain our quarry. Once in, put it to sleep, the ways, vary." Now going over the various plants and concoctions that can help them put the likely scared wooden wolf to sleep. Reaching into her satchel, she finds a few things she brought with her... And realizes that the most important things are at home. Luckily they are very close to that ominous cave with an injured tenant. She leaves the descaling lotion gets dropped near the entrance. She nods in a way that might indicate to follow and begins to trot to her house deeper in the Everfree forest.
  3. Having readied the mixture to help her new friend begin to heal, Zecora now looks expectantly at her guest, asking, simply, "I simply need you to finish your tea, this will be fast, careful and swift I'll be. Let me know when you're ready, I'll start then. It should not hurt at all..." Realizing her guest might have a unique tolerance to the numbing power of the sugary additive to the tea, she added, with a shrug, "... Some, if any." Now standing next to the injured wing, double checking the wounded area in final preparations.
  4. Alright... Neither of you are following the rules. Pyro, you never messaged me to join my post. Aisede, your arc was done and you didn't wait your turn. KaityKat was next to be interacted with in this post. Both of you need to follow the rules set out by this site and by this post, by me. The title of the post says, (OPEN ASK)... NOT (Open just message anyone but the Original Poster). Not only that, you aren't even responding to me in your reply on my post, you are trying to RP with someone that also broke the rules. Both of you, GTFO. I'm still not feeling well, and can't return and dedicated myself to proper cannon Zecora RP. You both have been reported to @Admin
  5. You're right, I'm not on there. I haven't posted all too much and I'm still on hiatus, so I can understand not getting to that.
  6. Without going into the sordid details, I've been having a rough week and have put a lot of things in hold while I work through all the finer minutiae of these things currently bearing their teeth in my direction. I appreciate the understanding and patience of all that are involved in any role plays with me or a character that I play, I am quite grateful for the space to handle this all so that I may return bright eyed, ready to attend fully the activities we are engaged in. Thank you again. I hope to see you all very soon. This is simply a mid-season hiatus, not a finale.


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      While I am still away, trying to feel up to getting back into RP, I noticed two people casually using my (Open Ask) RP post to RP back and forth without being invited by asking, waiting their turn to be the focus of my post or including me, the original poster, in their reply to my post. This is not ok. I'm still not feeling better enough to get back the site and post in character as Zecora. Respect the rules and respect my absence. Maybe I'm being a sourpuss about it all, but I don't really feel I'm wrong for being upset.

  7. Having seen a wolf made of wood many times in her time in the Everfree Forest, she knew well the way it was supposed to look. Being in this forest for as many years as as she had, she knew also the few things that could cause this sort of damage. Remarking on the oddity of the chicken claw tracks they saw earlier and the following drag marks across those same foot prints, she had a very strange idea of what may have happened. Assessing everything and thinking a moment, she knew that waiting even one more day would only bring trouble for more farm animals, such as Fluttershy's chickens and others' as well. On one such issue, such as what this creature is now enduring, she had recently offered aid. A pony with a few chickens had lost one as it wandered into the woods. Upon finding it standing still near the edge of the Everfree, they saw a large snake like creature about to take it for a midnight snack. They yelled and chased off the reptilian assailant only to find that their chicken was very stiff and cold. The poor, worried pony rushed to Zecora and asked for her help. Offering it groggily, as the hour was late, she could recognize the effects very easily. The transfixing eyes of the creature this chicken faced do more than dazzle and charm. The chicken was more than simply stiff, it was partly turned to stone. She began by asking the chicken farmer to go collect very strong wine from town. They rushed off. She also bolted. A nearby cave had what she needed. The bats that lived there often made piles of their refuse, which she took out a bottle to fill with the strange material. After filling two large bottles, she rushed back and preparing the material by adding it to a wash tub lined with cloth. She then pushed it all to one side and covered it up, stomping on it to extract a strange liquid. She began to remove the squished guano from the basin and bright it to leave near the cave, in the soiled cloth. She then poured the ample supply of strange liquid into a bottle while she waited for the wine. When the pony returned, she asked them to dump all of the wine into the caldron as she lit the fire. Once they were done, she brought her table over and propped it against the caldron, creating a slanted surface raised above the heated wine. As they watched, the water in the wine rose as steam and dripped down the table. After a while, she seemed satisfied with what they had left. Dumping the mystery liquid from earlier into the mix, she asked the pony to stir it gently as she cleaned the bottles from earlier. When she was done, she filled the bottles with the liquid and stored it for later. The rest she poured over the now solid stone chicken. After some time, the chicken shed its stoney outer shell like an egg and was very confused for a moment into the chicken's pony was seen. They left happy and she had a new remedy. She offered the information she needed to in as concise a format as she felt she could. She spoke slow, quiet and deliberate, saying, "The wolf will soon sleep, stone to cover all. If you wish to save it, be brave, stand tall. I'll need you to aid, help keep it asleep. I've something at home, potion made to keep. You'll come help me give it reason to rest. I've no doubt it will work, we'll do our best." Nodding to the pony she had in tow, she began to trot off, at first quietly and somewhat slowly, then, as their distance to the injured creature grew, she picked up a little more speed and gusto, looking back to be sure her new friend followed as she rushed home.
  8. Nodding, Zecora, accepts the day and time, chuckling at yet another attempt at rhyming. It seemed as if this unicorn was trying this in playful mimicry to her own way of speaking. As flattering as it was, she knew she enjoy tea later on with them. She offered back the empty basket, having put the purchased flowers into her satchel, both to dry and to keep them from those hungry enough to attempt to take them. At this, she leaves, wordlessly, knowing that everything is arranged, as she had hoped.
  9. Looking back as she hears the unicorn, Rose, calling out. A spark of realization flashes across her face. She rummages through her satchel for a map of Ponyville and points to the town hall. To express better what she had in mind, she said, "On the day that we want to meet for tea, you'll come here, the town hall is where I'll be. What time, what day would you like to meet here? Me, your Everfree guide, nothing you'll fear." Certain that these words would relay enough information to her new acquaintance that she knew what the plan was and that she needed to select a day and time to meet.
  10. Tentatively meeting the gestured hoof with her own, she ended up just clopping the hooves together and feeling awkward. She said, to the unicorn in front of her, "Good fortune to you, I'll see you again. Of course, for tea, we'll surely meet up then." Taking the flowers she purchased and putting them into her satchel, she trotted out the door, attempting to find the other things she needed before she had to head home again.
  11. The grinding sound was unnerving to say the least, but it was also methodical. Either the one causing the sound was causing it on purpose, trying to lure those that heard it... Or they were very focused on their actions, just going through muscle memory to complete their task. If it was the later, it could be some kind of new creature or an injured creature, much like what Mr. Copper suggested. The only sure way to know is to see it for ourselves. Having come to this conclusion as quickly as she could, she tried to relay as much to her fellow researcher as quietly as possible. She said, "Too many ideas, to much unknown now, we should gather courage, find out, somehow." She then moved to a better position to possibly see the source of the noise.
  12. Thinking of the other shops she needs to visit today, especially for her favorite tea and some of the more common flowers and plants she was hoping to find, she decided it was time to close up the exchange and invite for another chat later on, over tea, likely. She said, simply, "I have more errands, these few plants, I'll take. I invite you to tea, biscuits I'll bake." She places some bits on the nearest counter, a generous amount for the flowers she selected, hoping that left the unicorn pleased with their business. The invite to tea and biscuits was something she learned from her dealings with the royal sisters but mostly Rarity. Flutershy was very helpful in all of this as well. They are all great influences on how she interacts with others, now.
  13. The stallion was certainly brash, but he was also sincere and wore a bit of his heart on his sleeve. Admirable as those traits were, Zecora knew it was often the icebreaker others chose when facing her for the first time. Responding as if a practiced filly's fairytale Rhyme, she said, "When one speaks, they must think long and much. If one speaks without much of a thought, they will find succuss hard to be bought. Rhyming may help, take one's time and such." She knew the childhood rhyme was not well thought out, but it was written by someone well out of practice, from age. Taking a moment to think how best to follow that up, she takes a look forward to see if their tracking may have born any fruit. Not seeing anything to focus on instead, she simply offered further explanation. She said, "To speak is to express your innermost, don't lie, be honest, uplift, do not boast. These are the things taught while I was quite young. To honor them all, my words can be sung." Hoping that these two rhymes were enough to get across the answer to his question. Fearing they might be distracted if what they track is caught up to, or catches up to them instead.
  14. Taken, a little, by the flattering attempt at mimicry, Zecora can easy see that this strange pony might look up to other herbalist and should treat them with similar respect. Just because her methods are not the same, doesn't mean she deserves any shame. Formulating her thoughts she wished to express, she said, "Platonic or not, matters none at all. Friendship I seek, please come for tea, this fall. No rushed invite, just a welcomed smart guest, plants be or topic, easy, the rest." Hoping her invite was well received as an opportunity to "talk shop" and learn a bit from each other.
  15. Thinking for a moment in this odd pony's question, she takes a dig at the scratches and drag markings before heading on to catch up with both the question and the one that asked it. "I have many herbal needs to fulfill, I use plants and flowers...for me, no pill. I was out to gather special flowers, this time of month needs peony's powers." Hoping this was enough of an explanation for him. It's not that she was not wanting to talk, she just didn't want to talk too much. She found it best to listen and think, talking was the last thing she thought to do to express, so she always tried to make everything she said count. Taking long enough to think on how to express what she needed to in the form of a rhyme helped to ensure she also thought about what she was planning to say.
  16. Hoping this doesn't lead to even more questions, but sure that it will, she gathers her thoughts as she gathers the flowers she wants to buy. After some thought, she turns to the provided basket, dropping in to it her first selection. With her mouth free she states as simply as possible, "In the land in which I began my life, if we gathered none, we reaped only strife. I learned plants from a zebra, wise and old, I gather and mix, as I've been so told. Tradition guides my health plant choices here, with knowledge passed down, there's nothing I fear." Looking to examine and select more plants, she heads to another row. As she looks around, she spots the rarer ones in the corner. Gathering a few, she takes them back to the basket she already filled a little. Heading back, she takes a nibble of the peony, then takes a few of them to the basket as well. Enjoying the simplicity of this herb and flower selection, she wonders how do many plants with varied environmental requirements were able to grow here. Happy, nonetheless, to be able to find so many plants on her list.
  17. Examining the area he motioned to, she looked for signs of any more information the soil had to offer. She could see the marking well, but she agreed that there was something about it that was off. She couldn't quite put her hoof on it, though. It kinda looked like something was dragged over the claw marks and footprints in the soil. Were they covering up the markings, attempting to bring something with them somewhere, followed by something? She had no clue. Offering what little insight she had to share, she said, "These drag marks here, bring questions, and many. Plenty of ideas, no fruit from any." Nothing wise enough to make these marks, it couldn't be most animals she knew, what was the answer to this puzzle.
  18. Thinking for a moment, as she examined the flowers and plants in Rose Compass' back yard, she formulated a few phrases that would help them move things forward in both the social and economical portion of this exchange. Hoping to continue the positive energy of this recent breakthrough, she opened with, "Don't let my square jaw fool you, Rose Compass, I'm a zebra, where I'm from, were en mass. I'd like to buy some of these fresh flowers, I'm not fond of those others with powers. Too much can go wrong, magic swirled on. Those other plants, where'd I've even begun?" Unsure if she said things well enough, still in shock from seeing as those outlandish plants and dangerous looking potions. She continued to look at the unique qualities that can tell classic breeds of these plants from modified or regionally different breeds, hoping to see them as classic as possible.
  19. Eager for some sort of normalcy and a safely expectable outcome, she follows the yet nameless unicorn toward their garden. Hoping to find something she knows well how to use, something safe and unaltered. She has witnessed how things can degrade when you alter the already magical. Many times she's seen some very prominent figures in Ponyville try to play with things that are fragile and magical, only to find a dire situation to follow. Offering an introduction not yet given, she says, "I am Zecora, an herbalist mare. I need these for the remedies I prepare. Tea and poultice are my most favorite two, if you visit, I'll prepare some for you." Hoping the introduction can be met with similar, she follows the unicorn to her garden, quite ready to see something familiar. Wanting to know more about this very odd pony and her ways, so unique. She must admit that her curiosity may have been piqued.
  20. Realising that she had a list that she could share, she pulls out the herbal and floral names and descriptions, offering it for the uniquely green unicorn that had offered to help. The list shows a bunch of items, some of which where similar in name to the items near the front of the shop, but were different in some key points. Some of the more basic plants where the bagonia, carnation, chrysanthemum, dandelion, gardenia, lilac, lotus, morning glory, peony, rose and sunflower. She had hoped that this new pony might be able to help her find these classic plants and flowers. She asked, simply, "If you might feel up to helping me here, I have a list, some confusion, I fear. If you have questions, I'll answer gladly. Just simple plants, not modified madly." Eyes wide with concern, a growing issue with magical plants blooming with each new thing she sees, knowing the many issues that come with trying to modify things that are.
  21. Seeing that there wasn't much explanation about the very complicated topic, she was still extremely unsure about buying anything. She was tempted by some of the plants before she realized they were so different. Being unfamiliar with these plants, she was unsure how to properly use them for her particular needs. This creature had found a way to "reverse the properties" of the golden poppy, turning it silver somehow. With all these plants wholly unfamiliar to her, she felt highly disinclined to purchase any of them. Feeling a little concerned that this unicorn, so green, might decline the opportunity to explain the properties of the plants they breed, only served to further disenchant her to these strange and unfamiliar plants. Resolved in how she felt, she decided to offer one last plea for feeling secure in wishing to even buy yet one thing, even out of simple curiosity. She asked, "What kind of plants, now, are any of these? These unknown flora, explain to me, please. I can not, in good faith, bring home with me, something I know not what help it might be. I would like to buy something, odd they be, but they're far too unknown for even me." Hoping she relayed herself well, she looked about, yet again, at all the curious concoctions, hoping to see anything she could feel comfortable buying, knowing how it can be used appropriately. These all seemed oddly specific in their use and application.
  22. Puzzled by the strange pony's nervous stuttering reaction to such simple questions. Really she just wanted to be more sure of what she might be buying, but maybe she asked the wrong questions. Making another attempt to relay her query to the odd pony in front of her, she simply asked, "Can you tell me more about these plants and such? If you elaborate, I'd like it much. I simply wish to buy plants I know well, none of your wares ring much of any bell. Your help, needed, I like to be aware. Some of these things suggest, instead, 'Beware'." Hoping that she might soon get a few answers she seeks, she glances about to the various brews with a strange mixture of curiosity and caution.
  23. As she sees him rush from tree to tree, examining so closely those marks, she can tell he is likely wise, in the ways that count here. He deduced quite quickly a path to follow, what they might find, she has her ideas and expectations, but is sure she will only be puzzled by the result, as this is irregular, even for older timber wolves. Something is off about this entire situation. She can't put her hoof on it. She followed him nonetheless. Looking to Mr. Copper, she responds, "As it grows later, sun so high as yet, we'll find our answers, on that you can bet. I've been gathering herbs only found here, I have been here often, nothing I'd fear." Quite proud of how short she kept her response this time, her trot picked up a bit and her attention wavered. She pondered on what she might do to keep herself in such good check as things drew on? Following this trail will take time. How much, none could say.
  24. This wild experimentation is quite unique. Most ponies aren't as adventurous. The potions on the shelf with such chaos swirled in them, these must be mixed with a very unique magic. Seeing for herself the pony before her a thought comes to mind. She ponders a moment before asking, "These bottled chaos, I have never seen. What magic was used on this one so green? I've not seen such... adventure, in those here, this town, like others, such chaos they fear. Tell me 'bout yourself, from where do you hale? I am quite interested in your tale." Looking to the pony before her with a sense of concern and wonder. Not sure what to make of these potions and the plants out front, a puzzled expression escapes as she glances about, yet again. These clues point this inquisitive mare to deeply pondering thought. She may need to take another chance to find out more another time, she has a great deal yet to do in town today. Perhaps she should focus on the plants, see if they offer the medicinal properties she needs or if their oddness is more than she is willing to deal with today. Maybe she should take a couple back home to study. There is so much here to think on. She is not sure where to start. This ponies response will help in her decision. So she hopes, at least.
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