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  1. Pausing as she heard a question asked of somepony not far away, she looks that direction, hoping to see whom it might be. Varied trees between her and where they might be, she simply calls out a little more loudly, hoping she is clear enough for them to understand her, "I can not see you, I hear you, though. I heard noise, came out to know. I found something here, if you'd like to see, I puzzle, though, what that noise could be." Hoping her loud words made it to the one that called out, she went back to examining the mark and taking a sample of the secretion. The algae was bolstered by the sap, very lively, so after it soaked into the wood, it would push out any contaminants that were put there by whomever made the mark. She wanted to show the new friend this so that they could try to figure it out together. "If you come to me, I can share my find, I can not tell, in fact, I feel quite blind. Together, I hope we solve this soon, an ally, now, would be a welcome boon." Waiting patiently for them to get there, as she looked at the marks, seeing if they were truly of the sort often left by Timber Wolves...or maybe something else, she had no real idea.
  2. Watching her guest struggle to retrieve her tools, she too winced at the action. Seeing the plant she asked a, hopefully, simple question, "Did you note color, these flowers with thorn? Some might be trouble, but don't be forlorn. We'll mend your wound and it will likely heal soon. I'd rather sip tea, you'll need a stir spoon." Taking a sip, herself, she offers a spoon that was sitting with the tea set, hoping the numbing effects would help with Rose's pain. Realizing she had received an introduction, she knew she should return in kind. "I am Zecora, herbalist mare, a zebra, by birth, I see your stare." Smiling at her comment a little, "It's not often most see one of my kind, I'll help you gladly, when your in a bind. True friends are rare, I will not pass this by, it's why I offered Applejack's small pie." Pointing to a picture of the six ponies many in town know very well, Applejack's cutie mark, a telling sign of who might have "apple" in there name, clearly visible. It didn't hurt that she had an actual apple pie in her hooves in the picture. It looked like a camping trip by a colorful waterfall.
  3. Trotting at a moderate pace, so the origin of the noise might not be alerted to her, Zecora dove deeper into the wood, hoping to at least glance upon the source of the loud sound. Passing many large trees, she spied a stark contrast along her path, there were a few trees with three claw marks diagonal from the top left and the top right making a large "X" shape, tagging the area for territorial boundaries. While not uncommon, it was not a site to be sauntered into lightly, for it could only spell terrible trouble. Asking of no one but the scarred trees, she says, "I wonder, friend, what caused this gash? I'll find in a moment, with just a splash. Some fertile algae in a sap steeped brew, we'll know in a moment of what might be true." Pulling out a jar of brown paste, setting it down, taking a stick to it to spread it into the mark, the wound is soon covered. As she waits, she puts everything away and tosses the stick into the bushes. Soon the mark began to drip with the tree's sap and another material. Examining it, she could tell that what was left in the deep cut was wood from a dead tree. Long dead conifer sap was in the mark, but the mark looked fresh when she found it. What could this mean? Surely nothing good...or simply examined and solved. Onward, she trod, hoping to see something more, none would easily know what might be in store.
  4. Soon arriving at the threshold of her house, she quickly realizes that the following friend was not very afraid of what had happened to them. They had come across a greatly feared foe, hastily fled, got injured...yet doesn't seem to be fresh with fright. This is a clear symptom of either trauma numbness or simply said, shock. The worst thing to do would be to make them see the truth of the shock they are in, best simply care for their injury and give them a safe place to rest from the difficulties they just endured. "I have a place to sit for some tea, snacks and food if hungry you might be. Rest, have a chat, I'll care for your wing. You've likely many a question to bring." Hoping that the possibility of certain poisonous vines aren't at fault for the injury to the wing in question. Walking into her home, she shows her guest where to sit, an area with plenty of access, so she can check on the injury later on. Walking into the kitchen area, she checks on the water that was boiling earlier for tea, removing it to the tray, adding the mix she prepared earlier. Taking a dried and candied purple flower, soaked in sap and dried to a meltable crisp star, adding it to each cup. This flower will offer a numbing agent, but she didn't want to alarm the newcomer by only adding it to their cup. Pushing her simple tea caddy into the sitting area, leaving to grab her packaged selection of "feel good snacks". Offering her guest a cup, she waits till they see the flower then pours the tea, sweetened with willow sap, salted with bark skin and made pleasant yet bitter by chamomile. Showing the collection of snacks, dried plums, apricots, dried apples, pressed cakes, a recently fresh batch of apple strudels that Applejack brought early that day and a few other fun things she had in the kitchen, she takes and eats a dried plum from the tray. "Let me know when you're filled and steady, I'll look at your wing when you're ready." Pouring another cup and taking a sip of her tea and taking an apple strudel before sitting down to start a chat with whom she hoped was a new friend.
  5. Feeling quite glad that she wasn't that far from her home, Zecora quickened her step gradually as they continued to retrace her most recent path, the faint glow of her hollowed tree hut soon fades into view. Knowing that any poison this unfortunate pony might have in it's wound could mean it will have terrible trouble healing, she wants to get a clear look at it as soon as possible. Slowing as the glow of the hut appears I grow, she offers the winged patient a little comfort. She spoke in calming and somewhat brightly animated tone, hoping to bring up the drooping mood of her new guest, trying give as much calm as she could to the one that fell so hard from fear for safety. She said, "You needn't worry, we're soon safe inside, from sharp toothed timber, we, there, can well hide. My hut is here, inside this tree, you can sit and have cupped warm tea. There is nothing that will encroach, nor steal safety, happiness not poached. I'd hope my words help you feel more calm, indoors with tea, you'll have numbing balm. Now come inside, don't be afraid, we'll share a chamomile I'll soon make." Thinking to herself that she doesn't often speak that much at any given time, only to recall why she may have done so. Long ago, when she first came to the forest, she was beset by timber wolves and other creatures, only to have none to come to her aid, like she could now. The following friend's recounting of her source of fear brought it all fresh to mind and may have caused her to be concerned that the antagonists were circling such a small pray after it's fall, like they had to this older zebra so many years ago. Realizing she may be projecting her pasts experiences onto this smaller creature, she pauses and ask simply, "How do you feel, having had such a night? I know, for me, t'would cause quite a fright." Now walking at an even and slow, almost somber, pace beside her hut, from behind it.
  6. Watching as the thin fleshy wing unfurled to display a deep gash and tear, she recognized the creature that spoke to her, at least not in name, but in species, possibly. She thought it rude to talk about race at a time like this, more important matters were at hoof. "Your keen eyes can see fairly well, this late, so, might I ask what caused your fate? As you think on your response to me, follow and I'll offer warm tea. My home is close, I ask, 'stay near', there is more than timber with teeth to fear." She turns to walk and beacons her charge to follow, knowing well that the faint glow is more than enough to grant clear sight to do just that. Starting slow, until she's sure to be close behind, she stays at a steady pace, hoping the calm rhythmic trot keeps their voices calm, as the responding pony might feel reassured through talking as they travel.
  7. Having had a very long day, gathering herbs, spices, root, leaf, flower and an amount of lichen, moss and bark in her daily walk through the bountiful forest, Zecora had begun to brew her nightly tea of chamomile with willow bark skin and dried sap shards ground fine. As the evening grew even more late, she could hear a loud crash not far from her humble hut's homely hearth. She gathered a few herbs and her favorite satchel of tasty treats for the trip, as she was fairly hungry, trotting out her front door to find what foul fall the noise might have been, she retrieves and nibbles on a salted pressed biscuit. Knowing full well, there is a good chance whomever it was might want nothing to do with a bag wielding pony, she asks to none in particular, yet maybe her neighborly trees, "What kind of trouble do I get myself in? I'm sure they are lost, in confusion's spin. One can hurt their pride most of all, especially with the sound of that thundering fall. Turned around, is the least troublesome thing, wandering these wood can often bring." Ready, with having sounded their concern and reason for trying to help out loud, she crosses the threshold and shuts the door. Shuffling a little as she checks the door is firmly shut, she begins in the direction she noticed the terrible sound, so late late at night. She can hear some muttering and frantic hoof beats as the creature turns and shifts a distance yet off, maybe checking the damage they wrought upon themselves so deep in the forest. Hearing such fervent movement at least can mean that the injuries aren't all too bad. She brings out a glass bottle with twine tied long around it's tappered and fluted neck. Inside are twigs and leaves with brightly colored lichen mixed in also. She sets it on the stump near the back of her hut. Pulling out the cork with a small hole in it, only a minute passes and a few bugs fly near to enter the bottle and feast on the contents. Once happy with their choice to enter, she puts the cork back. They flap their wings and their thoraces glow somewhat brightly. She puts the bottle's string over her neck and begins toward the crash and noises. Cresting over a familiar rise well behind her arbored home, she can see a dark silhouette coming into view. Faintly seeing what seems to be a pony looking around and examining themselves. Clearing her throat, loudly, so she doesn't immediately startle the concerned looking creature as she tries to approach. Calling out, deliberate, methodical, slowly, in hopes to calm the wild eyes she sees, she says, "I am here to help, you seem perplexed. Follow my voice, I'll show what's next. I heard your fall, you seem mostly unharmed. I've herb and food, don't be alarmed." Waiting, still and calmly, she stands at the top of the hill from which she found good sight of the scene.
  8. (Read thoroughly to insert yourself organically.) In the deepest part of the Everfree Forest, centered in a glade with fresh flowers and ferns, the sun shines, cresting atop the encroaching canopy of the gathering limbs and leaves overhead, and there sat a lone silhouette. The draping and flowing cloak on the form shifted as the figure rose, a light breeze, peeling back the hood, revealing the starkly colored mane of a zebra mare, gilded rings drooping from her ears and falling around her long neck. A brightly colored flower in her teeth, she finds a place for her prize in her satchel, as an abrupt sound startles the nearby fauna, alerting her to activity nearby. A puzzled expression across her brow, she asks, to none in particular, but the breeze, itself, mayhap, "What kind of sounds might this be? I'd hope it won't be trouble for me." A determined look creeping over her features, she adds, bravely, "I'll investigate the disturbance, see it clear, I'll soon know if it is danger that looms near." She begins to trot with purpose toward the sound, hoping to find what might be in the shadowed wood. (It's a short start, but I'm sure we can move this into quite the story.)
  9. Roleplay Type: Canon Character Cast Name: Zecora Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Zebra Eye colour: Dark Cyan Coat: A zebra coat is always black and white. Mane/Tail: The tail, no different, white and black. Physique: Walking a lot helps keep one trim, but plenty of good food can balance that out a bit. Residence: Ponyville, but not in the town. An old and large forest tree was hollowed out for a humble hut, which is where the story begins anew. Occupation: An herbalist by trade, a sage by requests for wisdom. Cutie Mark: The Healing Sun is a unique mark. Depicted by the grey spiral, for the solar orb, surrounded by small triangles, for it's rays. Jewelry: Golden rings around her foreleg. Golden Dzilla [dzeela] hoops around her neck. Large gold loops in her ears. Unique traits: Always speaking in rhyming couplets. It is a form of mental exercise to keep one's wit sharp, even into aging years. History: Not many know about the origins of Zebra in general, many often speculate that they came from the far south east but no one really knows for sure. All any know about Zecora is that she is from "a faraway land". If you would like to know more, she may just keep her secrets, but I'm sure the princess of friendship might know something. (See MLP:FIM S01E09 "Bridle Gossip") Character Personality: Not necessarily shy, but not very talkative, she speaks when she has something important to say. Thinking deeply about her next words helps her not say something she might regret. Taught from a young age to speak with purpose and clarity, she takes it to the next step and thinks through everything she says well enough to rhyme in couplets every time she says anything. Any creature in need of aid can expect this zebra glad to provide wisdom in how to solve things yourself, a listening ear to express yourself or simply a helping hoof, but do not mistake her kindness for weakness. Her strong heart and wise mind will always bring her to the best path she can follow. A leader of sorts, as a sage or a shaman. Learned in medicinal flora and concoctions therewith, she can often find a solution to most problems, whether they are of the body, heart or mind. Her mentors taught her to always listen to everything, for knowledge is the best tool for every situation. She takes this a step further and seems to often wait for everyone to be done talking before she shares her thoughts... In rhyming couplets. "It is best to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove any doubt". This was said many times to her when she spoke out of turn and didn't think her words through. Wisdom only comes from taking the time to understand. If you rush into things, you can not know them very well. Examine what is before you, connect it to things you know, learn about things you do not yet understand and grow from your new knowledge. She keeps to the paths of wisdom by taking the time to think of a rhyme, one that can display what she wants to say. Character Summary: While most are busy in town, she is hard at work, gathering ingredients and working on concoctions, whether they be potions or a tasty stew. Some visit for wisdom, others want to find some trouble's cure, but a new friend is what she will likely be looking for. She will happily listen, for that is an important thing, else you might not listen to the wisdom she'll offer. Let me know if you feel I forgot any important details about this well known character.
  10. Then I will see you in character applications after I edit my account some. Please let me know if I need to improve in some way. I rather like not doing things wrong.
  11. Thank you for your support. I'm glad to know that I am all set to begin. Do I need to have been doing RP in this community for a while before I ask to be allowed to apply for the role of a canon character? I can understand if you might require to see that I can, in fact, hold up my end of the conversation at all before you allow me to apply for that sort of position.
  12. So, I understood that was supposed to wait for some sort of approval from an admin before I am able to move forward, is that not so?
  13. Lol, we will certainly see after the ballots are counted... No asking for recount... There's only one vote...
  14. I must admit, you are certainly in the running for that position... Ballots will be cast soon, better meet with constituents to ensure you get the most votes.
  15. So, here's my new attempt at introductions, even though nopony responded to my query about if I need to make a new post... Ahem. My name on here is Blueberry Muffins. The name of my new OC is also Blueberry Muffins. For breakfast, I would like... blueberry muffins. I sense a pattern. I like long trots on the beach and piña coladas... Just kidding. I'm a big D&D nerd. Been playing since the early 90's and running games since the late 90's. I was an avid reader and wrote a lot in my past, but after a long break from that I found myself able to come back into poetry and writing through RP. Years ago, when Google Plus was still a thing, I ran my own community for RP. We had a cast full of a top notch canon role play actors... In truth, the entire cast was simply me diving into the characters to make an in depth RP session for those that engaged with me. I got recognition for my efforts and even headed a panel at my local convention that covered role play and writing. I had done quite a lot of research to be sure I gave the most accurate portrayal of each character. Most that came to the community felt I had done a good job with each character. I can't say that I am the best. I can't even say I am great and powerful, like a particular character that did plenty of growing over the series. I can easily say, though, that I've learned a lot and plan to continue to improve. I look forward to learning with each of you on how I can improve my methods. I got into MLP, in truth, many years ago, much like with D&D. My sister was sitting watching a much earlier generation of the show and I sat with her. Down the road I found MLP:FIM and enjoyed it much more than the other version I watched years earlier. Being a student of psychology, I learned a lot about the personality profile each character portrayed. It didn't take long for me to deduce that Flutershy/Pinky Pie were voiced by the same person and Rainbow Dash/Applejack were each covered by the same actor. It grew the idea I had for running that RP community. After everything closed down and the fandom all but dried up, I lost hope in ever enjoying such fun things again in the near future. My sister came to me about some fun things she was involved in online and showed me this site. I was quite happy to find out that this sort of thing was still around. I am glad that I finally found this site and join anew. One of my favorites amongst the cast of MLP Canon RP accounts that I had on Google Plus was by far the one and only Zebra "from a far away land", the shaman and herbalist extraordinaire, Zecora. Through that account I got in touch with my almost lost poetry skills. The way she talks is not easy for many, but I'd do it all day for just a penny. Role playing as her I was able to do lots of research into herbal remedies and equestrian flora. It was a great experience. Lastly, I want to, once again, express...I may have done many things in my past that draw strange expectations, but I am coming here after a great deal of learning that I don't know everything and need to take every opportunity to be the new girl and learn from a small station. So here I am, ready to learn how to be a better version of me through role play. I look forward to learning with each of you and improving my abilities each day.
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