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  1. ~Arctic Blitz~ Arctic Blitz paused, dumbfounded in himself. Of course there was somewhere where you were supposed to drop off presents, yet for some reason, that had just slipped his mind. He quickly recovered, putting on a somewhat embarrassed smile. "Oh right, my bad. A lot on my mind lately...." He stopped again. Normally, he would have just given a fake name, and a fake profession, and rolled with it from there. It worked on ponies who had much more reason to ask more than the Prince, but this was a wedding. He wasn't here to steal or do harm, and nopony else was looking for a trouble, unless there was another army of changelings hiding amongst the crowd, which Arctic doubted. "My name is Arctic Blitz. Though you can just call me Arctic....I'm an Airship Captain." His attention was immediately drawn by what was nearly a speech from an overly eloquent pony, who was followed by both a young dragon and a young griffon. His eyebrow arched, as he watched the trio. In his experience, ponies that took the time to turn every sentence into a script from a Manehatten play tended to be con-artists, through and through, and the more likable they seemed, the more of a con they were. With how smooth this stallion seemed, Arctic was certain he could rob a captain of his entire ship, or even an admiral of their fleet, and better yet, he was here, among the nobility. Arctic's lips curled in smile. If even an inkling of his suspicion was true, this was a pony he could get along famously with. As the Prince shifted to address the two students, Arctic shifted entirely towards the eloquently spoken stallion. "So...You must be a teacher or administrator at the Princess's school here, right?....or do you work for the Prince directly, as a secretary or assistant?" Arctic asked, pausing for but a moment. "Arctic Blitz, by the way." He added quickly.
  2. ~Arctic Blitz~ Arctic was finding himself rapidly getting fed up with the guard, not that he would make an ordeal of it out front or try to fight the guard, but his mind was already running towards ways he could possibly sneak in or get around this guard, now being encouraged equally by spitefulness towards the guard as he was by obligation to show up to something he had promised his friend he'd go to. He was about to back away and do just that, when quite possibly the best thing could have happened, when a mare, who he quickly identified as one of the brides, intervened, in his favor. He followed the mare in when she beckoned him in, shooting the guard a cocky smirk as he did so. Once he was inside, he eyes scanned around the room quickly, hunting for his friend, who, as he had feared, hadn't even showed up herself yet. Any bitterness on his, admittedly, rather flakey friend, simply forgetting to show up was dashed away rapidly, replaced by sheer fascination. He had that the quiet little town of Ponyville was perhaps the strangest in Equestria, but even still, seeing Discord, a literal god, was something of a shock. Odds were that the most interesting ponies would also be hanging around him. Without hesitation, he made his way to where the god was hanging out. Among the crowd, he picked out one of the elements of harmony herself, Fluttershy, along with the bride who had helped him in and the groom himself, Prince Blueblood. Arctic glanced down at the gift he brought for the groom and his brides. Anything that he could have bought with money would have been meaningless, a drop in the sea, and Arctic felt it almost shallow to give something without meaning. His gift was, instead of something traditional, more of a peculiarity. Perhaps a year or two ago, he wasn't quite sure on how long exactly now, he had a run in with one of his longtime rivals, and in the ensuing battle, managed to tear a strange amulet from the claws of the griffon, who had sworn vengeance on the unicorn. Normally, he might have pawned it off, and used the money to pay for ship repairs, rum, or had given the money away, but something made him keep it, though he could hardly explain what. It didn't take him long to realize that he didn't recognize the designs or symbols on it, an oddity to be sure, though Arctic was not an expert on ancient jewelry. Things didn't really get strange until all the experts he knew told them that they weren't quite sure what it was he had gotten his hooves on, and try as he might, he couldn't find a pony or griffon or any other being that could tell him where this thing came from, nor could he even get it appraised. Clearly, it was a mystery he couldn't solve, and so, he figured that perhaps it was best to pass it on to somepony who might better know what to do with it, even if it did just turn out to be some worthless trinket in the end, albeit an odd one. Now that he saw the Prince though, he found himself filled with doubt, about whether or not he should really give it up, despite not even knowing what it was. He held the small box, containing the amulet and a note of warning, close to his side, as he hesitated. Letting out a deep breath, he shook his head, as if he was breaking himself out of trance, and made his way to the prince, taking note of the conversations around him. Particularly, the words "World's greatest inventor" caught his ear. He would have to talk to this pony himself soon, he had quite a few questions to ask them, if they were truly that. Once he reached Blueblood, he cleared his throat, and spoke up. "Excuse me, your majesty. I wanted to extend my congratulations to you, as well as humbly present you with this gift." He presented the small box to the Prince, a part of him already telling him that he had made a mistake on giving away the gift, even though he had no clue what it was, if it even was anything. He did his best to ignore the feeling, as he smiled at the groom.
  3. This is the first I am hearing about this comic, that's wild. And hey, if it works out, then I'm down, It just seemed odd upon first hearing it. Also, I think they could do to expand on not just the storm king, but a lot of things more, so any movie that does that is welcome. I wanted to hear more about Grogar because he really did seem like the original big bad guy, who is now only myth and legend and even that is sparse
  4. Thats cool. I am sure one well but the other supposed one I am not so sure how it is gonna be. something a friend sent to me. Not sure if it is accurate but still. No idea the one already existed or how I feel about it since it seems like such a wild crossover
  5. ~Arctic Blitz~ Arctic Blitz approached the front entrance, his eyes lazily focused on the door as he thought to himself. His friend who had invited him to come along was supposed to meet him at the train station, but there was no sign of her when he arrived, nor was there any after a substantial period of waiting. He was mulling in his head whether she had been delayed somehow, or if she had simply forgot that they were meeting at the station and not at the party himself. Whichever it was, he decided that it was best to show up at the wedding before it really kicked off, even if his friend would be showing up late. Surely, she would understand, if she wasn't just already instead. He was snapped out of his thoughts, when the ground shook, and not far in front of him, landed an honest to Celestia Sphinx, a creature that he had previously believed only existed in myth and legend. He had heard plenty of rumors about the quaint little town of ponyville, but he had not even been here for a few hours and already, something he thought he'd never see simply jumped down in front of him. The creature then discreetly motioned for some uptight looking mare to follow them aside, as if they were just another guard. He stared, and watched them walk off, as he continued to approach front door, albeit, at slower pace. When he finally reached it, he fumbled for his invitation, one that was more so a formality, addressed to a "plus one" of a guest, rather than a guest themselves. He quickly presented it to the guard, who seemed to be the one checking invitations. Arctic shifted uncomfortably as the guard scrutinized both the invitation and Arctic Blitz himself. For a moment, the thought crossed his mind that maybe the guard somehow recognized him. He may not be world famous, but he was certainly among one of the more notable pirates, despite his relative young age as compared to others with his notoriety, and there was also a risk of being recognized when around the guards. Eventually, the guard spoke up. "Where is the guest you are supposed to be coming with?" Arctic Blitz bite his tongue, hiding any concern as best he could. "Well...about that...I don't know. See, she was supposed to meet me at the train station, and we were supposed to go together, but she was no show there. I don't know where she is, whether her train got delayed or if she forgot we weren't meeting at the castle itself. Her na-" Arctic Blitz was cut off by the guard, who seemed less than amused. "If you aren't with your guest, I can't let you in. Invitation or not." Arctic Blitz's lips curled into a frown, as he stared at the guard, nearly dumbfounded. "You can't be serious! What if she is already instead! Look, I even brought a present for the co-...er, Herd!" He said, presenting the small gift he had brought, wrapped up for the groom and his wives. As he did this, he leaned to the side, looking inside the castle, hoping to catch a glimpse of either his friend, or something else that would give him an idea on how to get around this guard.
  6. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Arctic Blitz Gender: Male Age: Young Adult Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Light Blue Character Color: White Mane/Tail: His Mane is a mix of a lighter blue and white, with the blue forming several streaks in the center. Arctic Blitz also commonly has a pair of goggles pushed up into his mane, when he isn't wearing them. Physique: Arctic Blitz has normal proportions, though he stands slightly taller than the average pony, though nowhere close to the height of some of the taller stallions. Residence: Arctic Blitz currently has no permeant home, his current occupation keeping him constantly on the move throughout the world, although he is from the Borderlands region of Equestria, and considers it to be home still, even if he is there no more often than anywhere else. Occupation: Arctic Blitz is, officially, an airship engineer, being an expert on the design, function, and repair of airships. However, by chance, Arctic Blitz found himself within the company of sky pirates early in to his career, leading him to become a Sky Pirate. Cutie Mark: A sword and wrench crossed behind a single large cog and a single small cog. The wrench and cogs represent both ingenuity and mechanical aptitude, while the sword represents fighting spirit. Arctic Blitz gained his cutie mark in a rather spectacular incident, one that made the headlines in Las Pegasus. During a rather large event, meant both to celebrate the birthday of one of the richest ponies in the city and to help bring in more tourists, held in the cloud district of the city, Arctic Blitz wandered off away from his mother who took him up there for the day, to get what he would call a closer look at the personal airship of one of the wealthy ponies attending, managing to get on the ship primarily due to the incompetence and laziness of a small security team more concerned with the party and enjoying themselves than their duties. Unfortunately, he was not the only one with plans to get aboard the small, yacht like ship, and unlike him, who really only came to look and admire, the trio that came on board had plans to steal and pawn the expensive ship off instead. The colt, after overhearing these plans and being both young and naïve, decided that he should stop them. Knowing that he wasn't going to be able to take on three stallions in a fight, he at least had the good sense to realize that he needed to get the authorities involved, something that he wouldn't be able to just do on an airship that was no departing from Las Pegasus. Thinking quickly, he decided to break the ship enough to keep it in Las Pegasus. First, he would break the portside engine, primarily by jamming as many tools into the mechanism as he could, as, despite learning about them from both his grandfather and books he had read, he lacked an understanding deep enough to precisely disable it. Whatever he managed to do, caused both the engine to smoke up violently, and to burn his hooves and forelegs. Whether it was his own cries of pain or the smoke cloud that drew the attention of the thieves, he didn't know, but by the time he managed to shuffle over towards where he could access the rudder, one of the thieves had found him. Although he managed to jam the rudder, sending the already slowed airship into a spin, he was caught by the thief. After being brought back to the helm of the ship, the trio quickly realized that their plan was foiled by just a foal, and the local authorities were likely closing in on them already. The ringleader, and only Pegasi in the group, decided to just abandon his co-thieves, and fled, leaving the the two earth ponies to fend for themselves. The two stallions, angry, confused, and scared, decided, in a moment of rage, decided to take revenge on the colt, who was now forced to escape their grasp. Using a hastily teleportation spell, which the colt had read about in books before and attempted, but never succeeded in actually performing properly, he got out of their hold, but only moved by a few meters, and landed flat on his stomach. Still, it was enough to at least allow him to flee the room, with the thieves hot on his tail. Using his magic, he tore whatever he could off the walls and stands, and threw them at the stallions chasing him, even as he continued to cry out from running on burnt hooves. Eventually, he had managed to reach the personal quarters of the ship's owner, and use his magic to pull an old antic sword off of the wall. Despite being cornered, he now at least had something to keep the thieves, only armed with knives, away from him. Swinging it wildly with telekinesis as he stayed in the back of the room, he kept them back just long enough for authorities to arrive on the ship, and actually stop the thieves. The incident, despite making the headlines for the next few days, was kept under the radar as much as possible after that to help preserve the city's reputation, although the young colt was rewarded for his efforts, despite being grounded by his mother, from both the city and the owner of the ship, who, despite having lost a considerable amount of money in both items broken in the scuffle and ship damage, was thankful it wasn't worse than it could have been. Ultimately, his identity was kept anonymous in any papers, leading Arctic to not end up particularly famous, although, he did gain both a friend in a high place and was lucky enough to recover from his burns. Unique Traits: When it comes to magic, Arctic is an odd case. He is innately skilled as a mage, however, has never had any formal training, only ever learning from trial and error, and any books he could find. This has led to an a bizarre and unpredictable method of using magic, where he may perform a certain aspect to a spell perfectly but then fail a much simpler part of it, and it has also led to strange workarounds for lack of knowledge on certain spells, causing him to be an incredibly unpredictable mage, though hardly one that could stand up to true masters as it currently stands. Arctic has also taken to the task of working on and repairing airships quite well, having learned mostly from on-hoof experience in this regard as well, making him a good authority of airship design in general, which as, in turn, spurned a deep interest in future innovation of airships. Finally, he has, as a result of being a sky pirate, been forced to learn how to handle himself with a sword and midair combat. History: Arctic Blitz was born in area near Las Pegasus, to an Earth Pony mother, and never knew his father. He was given his name due to his coat color, and because his mother found it amusing to name her child born in the desert after the tundra. Growing up without a father was tough, however, the young foal was able to find a father figure in his grandfather, who worked in a high up position in the design and construction of airships out of Beakbreak City, which, combined with living near a city half in the clouds, inspired a life long love of aviation and the sky in general. Although he was quick witted and capable in school, he often found himself just being bored in school, often daydreaming mid-class, and neglecting homework, causing him to only scrape by in school. His freetime was usually divided between exploring his home area, and reading about topics that interested him, usually magic and machines, particularly those relating to airships. As soon as he could, Arctic left home, much to his family's dissatisfaction, to chase his own dreams, and quickly finding himself apprenticed to an engineer on a merchant ship. He took to the task exceptionally well, and, found life on an airship and on the move, constantly seeing new places and meeting new beings, to be to his liking. Wide eyed and Naïve, Arctic Blitz would accept voyages that most would consider too dangerous for the pay, which would lead to his first real encounter with piracy, and an exhilarating first encounter that, as the captain of the merchant ship, a griffon, was not one to surrender or back down. A true sky battle was nothing like the books made it seem, it was deadly, terrifying, quick, and exciting. Arctic Blitz was instantly addicted to the thrill and excitement of it, even as the roar of cannons and howling of pirates caused more experienced crewmember's hoof's to shake. Foolhardy as he was, he somehow managed to escape the ordeal alive, but was left with a burning desire for more. Arctic Blitz would no longer fly for merchant and traders if he had the choice, but rather, pirates and privateers, although, he was far more particular about the crews he would join. Despite being over eager, he was not dumb. He knew exactly what he'd be doing as a pirate, and if he was going to adopt that lifestyle, it was going to be for a good cause. He would only work with those who had a reputation as freedom fighters rather than scum, something that led him to be left grounded for a disconcerting amount of time to him, as crews truly like that were hard to come by. When he did eventually find such a crew, however, he couldn't be happier. He would finally have the life he had always dreamed of, and, despite many aspects not being exactly as he imagined, enough of it was close enough to what he wanted, and he adjusted easily. As a Sky Pirate, he quickly earned a place of himself among his crew, and a name himself across the skies, as a clever buccaneer willing to match the boldest pirates in terms of foolhardiness, and somehow, always managing to escape alive. Throughout this time, his own moral code only solidified. He may be a pirate, and he may steal, lie, cheat and even kill if he had to, but, he when ever the option was presented to him, he wouldn't kill, he'd only steal from the wicked, and he'd give away everything except what he needs to keep himself going. Currently, he is still on the move, roaming the world, sometimes with a crew, and sometimes on his own or with another friend he has made along the way. Character Personality: Arctic Blitz is, outwardly, a friendly and inviting pony, often enjoying meeting somepony new. By base, he will be kind and courteous, even if at times he can seem a little rough around the edges. However, when made to be spiteful, he is incredibly bitter and petty, willing to go to far lengths to get revenge on somepony he thinks wronged him or has it coming to them. He is also, quite clever, but is prone to rushing into situations without thinking, his wit only kicking in once it is time to get out of the mess he threw himself in to. All and All, this leads him to coming across as a mostly nice, but chaotic character who seems to just cruise through life on autopilot. Character Summary: Freedom loving, innovative, Robin Hood style Sky Pirate who's mostly good heart has kept him from being as successful as his skill suggests.
  7. Rock Farmer Gang. Nice to know I ain't alone, lmao.
  8. Did anyone else hear about the new movies coming out for MLP, I've heard some talk about both a sequel to the first movie that aired a little bit ago, and then some other one too that seems a bit...random, to say the least. Also, if you have heard of them, any speculation on what they'll be about, they are probably the last bit of content we'll get for a good long while.
  9. Howdy, you can just call me Vulkan. I am pretty much just here to chill and vibe. I found out about Canterlot.com through looking up MLP Roleplay. I have been into the show since around season 2, so long enough that hardly even remember how or why I got into it. I think overall, my favorite character has to be Twilight Sparkle. In terms of things about myself, I have a wide range of interests, beyond just games and several books, I also do plenty of other actives such as camping, flying, ect.
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