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  1. Twilight was a bit anxious of all the attention she was getting, but noticed the book slide towards her. "Oh, here you go!" She picked it up and held it out towards the green-skinned girl. "Well, I would enjoy the company for lunch Sunset, thank you. You're welcome to stay too Ink...sorry for the cold shoulder." Twilight quickly went back to eating some more of her lunch, noticing that time was standing still.
  2. "[Oh good job Twilight, your little muttering fit drew so much attention to you...great.]" Twilight wasn't one for TRYING to draw attention to herself, but there she was, a whole rather large group of students staring at her and the boy talking to her. "Um, actually, it's both. My name's Twilight Sparkle. But I'm honestly pretty sure you would've known that from that weird other girl who came through the portal from the different world...heh. It sounds rather silly when I say it out loud. She was getting rather embarassed, and it was quite obvious, given that she had a noticable blush on her face. However, thankfully her savior came, when Sunset made her way over to her. "Sunset! Hi! So...your name is Inkbrand? Nice to meet you." Twilight gulped down the good majority of her food, a large sandwich and an arrangement of apple slices, all gone, a small little talent picked up from needing to eat quick to get back to research and reports. "I'm sorry for causing a scene. Is there something you wanted to talk about, Sunset?"
  3. The "Unique Traits" Section is separated into the two sub-sections detailing the history with her breath magic and her maglev repair skills.
  4. Qirai Name: Qirai Hibana [Hibana Qirai] Sex: Female Age: Young-Mare - Around early university age. Species: Ryuma [Longma - Neighpon Descent] Eye-Color: Light green going from (#b3ffb3) to (#e6ffe6) Coat: Silver (#d9d9d9) with pale-green scales and hooves (#b3ffb3) Mane/Tail: Cerulean-Sky Blue (#66a3ff) for the mane, with brown (#604020) horns native of her species on her head. Her tail is the same cerulean as her mane until the tip where it's the same light green as her eyes and scales. Physique: Bulky, yet aerodynamic. Her tail is extremely long and slender, which makes it easy for her to wrap around her torso when flying under the maglev rails. Residence: Lives in a small home underneath the maglev rails in Polohama, Neighpon, for easy repairs. Occupation: Maglev Repair mare in-training/Student Cutie Mark: Maglev Front-car, streaks behind it. Unique Traits: Breath Magic: As a Ryuma, she is born with an innate draconic-style breath magic. As a member of the Hibana clan, her breath focuses on the chidori-style (aka Lightning breath), though she can do basic flame breath (hono-style) for simple maglev repairs. Maglev Repair: The Maglev trains are one of the greatest inventions after made in the world, let alone in the great city of Polohama. Well, at least that's what one young repair-mare would say if asked about them. She still attends the prestigous Polohama Institute of Maglev Advances, focusing on the repair of the rails. In fact, the repairs can make use of either the heat of the flame breath along with the magnetic properties of the lightning breath. History: Qirai was born as the next head of the family to the prestigous Hibana clan, born in the heart of one of Ryushima's oldest villages. Her parents were ready to move into one of the neighboring larger cities when she was rather young, given that Ryushima probably didn't have the best education around, along with the safety problems of being out in the middle of nowhere. The choice was second-guessed on their trip, set on hoof, down to the bustling city of Polohama. It was only intended to be a short stop before continuing to move on towards Kyoma, but the young filly Qirai was fascinated by the Maglev trains roaring past above her. She did however notice that one of the support beams had a sizable crack in it, so it basically was second nature for her to try and help. After taking in a deep breath, and before her parents could stop her, she blew the hottest flame breath she could. That not only resulted in the beam's crack getting temporarily repaired, it also caused her to emit sparks from her mouth as the breath died down. She was exhausted from that, collapsing in her parent's hooves. Waking up in a first aid station of one of the nearby maglev stops, they were...curious at the very least on how she did that for such a young ryuma. Now, she couldn't really...talk very well for a good 2 to 3 hours after such a heated breath, but if she could've made noise, she would've screamed for joy when she pulled the covers off, to reveal her shiny new cutie mark. It didn't take long after that for the Hibana family to decide to settle down in Polohama (...mainly due to Qirai's little stunt making the rail company want to keep a close eye on her) and, ignoring those beginning years, her pre-adult life was rather...boring. She graduated primary school early, so she started attending PIMA early, and she still attends classes to this day, working part-time as a repair-mare to not only earn an income, but to also hone her skills for when she can finally obtain a repair station of her own. Character Summary: Quick to react and even quicker to action, Qirai is one Ryuma you do not want to cross. She lives in Polohama and still attends classes when not working as an apprentice repair-mare in one of Polohama's various repair stations.
  5. The young blacksmith was never one for celebrations and holidays as "frivolous" as Nightmare Night, but she was always one to attend a banquet if one was held. Of course, one couldn't attend such a gettogether without an appropriate costume, and knowing this mare's diehard nature...she went all out. She decided that she might as well try for a costume that would go with her chair so, after rigging up a hollow log that she could raise up to move out of other ponies' way, she decked herself in a rather impressive-looking faux royal guard uniform (one used for more formal situations), that almost made her look like she was riding on top of a massive cannon about to head into battle. "...bout time I finished this costume. Where's the grub?" She said with a chuckle, pulling the log up to rest on her shoulder. "Ugh...I just wish more places were made wheelchair friendly." Sword noticed quite a few ponies in costume at the castle, smiling in awe as she recognized a few of the armor pieces and weapons on some of the ponies costumes. "Glad to see my skills are getting some use."
  6. Early in the morning, the week following the Friendship Games "Oooh...maybe this was a mistake. What if they don't like me? Maybe I was too quick in choosing to suddenly change schools. UGH!" The young Twilight Sparkle was having some...issues. She was supposed to be loading up a moving crate to move her equipment from Crystal Prep over to Canterlot High. Even though she was switching schools, it didn't mean she had to give up on her studies. They'd just be going at a somewhat slower pace. "Did I remember to pack the microscope? Or what about the spectral anomaly detector? Or what about the..." It would take several hours of her looking all around her lab to confirm to herself that she did not, in fact, forget anything, and it was time for her and Spike to leave Crystal Prep, possibly for good. "...Well then. I guess this is it. One final step out of Crystal Prep, and one..." ~~~~ "small step into Canterlot High." She was...for most part, a nervous wreck. She even came into the school early to have time to set up her new lab that was picked out for her. But that was all in vain, since she tried to come in early also to avoid other students. She had to have time to adjust to her new life with friends...did not help at all that there were several sports teams running through the halls as part of normal training. On TOP of that, most of these students seemed to...recognize our poor intelligent girl, yet she had no idea why. "Come on Spike, let's get your new bed set up in the lab before classes start." Once she got started on setting up her lab, putting bits and pieces on several large desks brought over from Crystal Prep, as well as hanging up her cork board, she didn't stop until she finished...which happened to be when the lunch bell rang. "Well, that beginning bell sure took time...to...ring?" The young girl booked it down the hall,realizing she missed over half of her classes due to being so pre-occupied with setting up her new lab. Luckily, she didn't have any classes scheduled for today anyway. She was given today just to get accustomed to Canterlot High, and to finalize any moving issues that may have come up. So...lunch time was quick to begin, and Twilight thought it was best to try and get to know some of her new classmates. "I mean, having your best friends is good and all, but how can you learn anything if you only have the same group for days on end? ...I should really look into stop talking to myself." She sat down at a table that seemed to not have many students around, possibly hoping that no one would actually come up and talk to the new girl.
  7. Gonna make an App for Sci-Twi, since best human-mare got taken (Sunset for life :3) Name: Twilight Sparkle Age: Mid-Teens, around 15-16 School Appearance: Camp Everfree Appearance Character Summary Section: History: Personality: Scholastic Information:
  8. About myself.: My true first name is Layla, I love anime, yu-gi-oh, pokemon, and of course MLP:FIM. How did you hear about Canterlot.com?: Celestia Radio How did you became a fan of FiM?: Screwattack's Death Battle: Starscream VS Rainbow Dash My one favourite main cast pony?: Fluttershy My fave main cast pony is actually a tie between Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash
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