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  1. True, but leaving it at that misses the point that we're geeks and overthinking this sort of thing is half the fun.
  2. So, about those names.... Filthy Rich and Stinking' Rich? I didn't pay attention to their Cutie Marks but who names their kids Filthy and Stinkin'?
  3. The CMC grew on me, I love them now, especially Sweetie Belle, and I would definitely love to see more episodes featuring them, but less as crusaders and more as just friends. One of the things I liked a lot about Sisterhooves Social and Lesson Zero and even The Cutie Pox demonstrated that they were friends, and their search for cutie marks was not the only thing that tied them together and that they did other things.
  4. "Seems weird, not getting a cutie mark and already being so talented...." Navy said is a slightly louder voice. He was appreciating the nice music and almost looked happy for Harmony. She was surely going to get her cutie mark, and she would probably be more liked too. He wished he was as lucky as she was, so personable and hopeful and cheery. And confident. Even now his ears twitched and he looked behind himself nervously. He was feeling naked without his things. As the others conversed, he slinked away in his metaphorical invisibility, and tip-trotted towards his table and started trying to reorganize his parchment and umbrella. HE looked back to the table and almost smiled. They seemed like such nice ponies... but would they like him for long? He levitated his saddlebag slowly onto his back and took his plate of food in teeth and slowly went back to the table with the others, trying not to be noticed.
  5. So a collaborator and I wrote lyrics to This is Halloween only for Nightmare Night. Basically someone started and I edited it and sang it, so I figured I would share it with you all. http://soundcloud.co...nightmare-night">http://soundcloud.co...nightmare-night Colts and fillies of every age \\ Wouldn't you like to see somethign strange? Come with us to our delight\\ We’ll all show you Nightmare Night This is Nightmare Night, this is Nightmare Night \\ Apples scream in the dead of night \\ This is Nightmare Night, everypony run in fright \\ Trick or treat till the neighbors run into the night\\ It's our town, everypony neigh \\ In this town of Ponies, yay~ Vynil Scratch: I am record scratching from downstairs \\ With glowing red eyes to raise your hairs Zecora: I the enchantress of the forest outside \\ Potions and chants and stripes on my hide This is Nightmare Night, this is Nightmare Night Nightmare Night! Nightmare Night! Nightmare Night! Nightmare Night! \\ In this town we call home \\ Everypony hail to the Moon Princess\ In this town, don't we love it now? \\ Everypony's waiting for that silly Surprise Round that corner, pony hiding in the trash won’t he \\ Something's waiting now to pounce, and how you'll... Neigh! This is Nightmare Night \\ parasprites, a creepy sight! \\ Oh the horror! Isn’t it fine? \\ Say it once, say it twice \\ Take a chance and roll the dice \\ Ride with Luna in the dead of night Everypony neigh, everpony neigh\\ In our town of Ponies, yay~! Blues: I am the pony with the single eye\\ Glitched in flash to make you cry Cloudkicker: I am the "who" when you call, "Who's there?" \\ I kicked the wind blowing through your hair Celestia: I am the troll in the sun of your day \\ Making you wish the night would stay This is Nightmare Night, this is Nightmare Night \\ Nightmare Night! Nightmare Night! Nightmare Night! Nightmare Night! \\ Nightmare Night! Nightmare Night! To all the ponies everywhere,\\ the night's no fun without a good scare That's our job, a friendly fright,\\ on the eve of Nightmare Night In this town Don't we love it now? \\ Everypody's waiting for that silly Surprise Pinkamena Pie might catch you if you lie\\ And scream like filly\\ Make you jump out of your fur \\ This is Nightmare Night, everypony neigh \\ Won't ya please make way for a very special girl \\ Our mare Luna Nightmare of the moon \\ Everypony hail to the Moon Princess now! This is Nightmare Night, this is Nightmare Night \\ Nightmare Night! Nightmare Night! Nightmare Night! Nightmare Night! In this town we call home \\ Everypony hail to the Moon Princess La la la la-la la
  6. They're almost a whole thing unto themselves, anyhow I was curious to know what you all thought of them and what your favorites were and which you followed out of curiosity. For example I absolutely love Ask Prince Blueblood, Ask The Chubby Blobs, and ask Grimdark Big Macintosh (Not actually grimdark).
  7. "Ms. Flux is exactly right..." Navy quietly informed Harmony as she pulled up a hay stack. He stared at it for a long while and watched Colton take up the seat in good cheer. Navy nervously and passively took up the seat, unsure of what to do. He wasn't used to this overt friendliness and he started to get nervous. "Th-Thanks...." He said slowly. He was jittery, unsure if he should go get his things. He was always uncomfortable without his stuff and it was clear in his countenance. He turned around and looked at his abandoned table, but he didn't want to be rude. His tail flapped around in his great uncertainty an he stayed where he was, uncomfortable with the new company. He simply nodded appropriately.
  8. "Thank you..." Sketch said slowly as Flux helped him clean. As the table was starting to look somewhat presentable, he noted the conversation about the Griffin continued. He hoped he'd be bale to observe such a being up close. Before he could chock out a question, Harmony had returned and brought up the subject of cutie marks. He had no strong feelings about them, besides absolutely being satisfied with his own. He wasn't sure what advice to give besides what he always heard. But as his mind continue to run away from him, recalled being bullied in his youth, even though he wasn't a blank flank. It didn't matter, it simply didn't matter... "You'll get it when you're ready... Not that it'll matter that much..... It's not that important...." he said in an attempt to be comforting, not realizing that he said those other two sentences out loud by accident.
  9. As the visions of the past came crashing down and reality flooded in, he took in one deep breath and started panting. He turned beet red and saw Harmony leaving and Colton conversing with Flux. Entirely and utterly unsure how to react he took one steep back and bowed his head down. "I'm..... So sorry. I'll help clean...." He said, wanting a reason to get away from all those ponies, he felt as though he made a fool of himself.If he wasn't on one of his tirades then he was being a complete idiot. He backed away slowly, and then quickly galloped to his table to levitate his napkins. It was then his waiter returned with his sandwich with a side of hay fries. He nodded swiftly, too embarrassed to say "thank you". He started slowly returning to the table of the group he encountered, curious about their conversation. As he began to levitate away food and wipe away spilled drinks, he listened in, curious about the presence of a supposed Griffin.
  10. "Ponies.... Crowds... Loud noises.... Ponies.... Crowds.... Loud noises...." Sketch muttered, his eyes were like beads as his forehoofs were on his head. He raised his head, while his eyes shifted quickly, trying to make sense of the scenario. He heard names, he could at least identify the source of his inspiration, and the source of the disturbance, and the third party. He looked up at Colton's helping hoof but didn't see it that way. there was a flash in his head and in his mind's eye, three figures stood over his cowering body, ready to stomp him further into the ground. Back in reality he had gasped but didn't exhale. He was staying frozen, utterly and entirely intimidated, he had the thousand yard stare and in his paralysis he seemed to have stopped breathing.
  11. "Sketch Navy... Artist.... Writer...." Navy muttered, he head facing upwards this time but his eyes still averted in his great nervousness. "And wanted to say... New story idea spawned from this but.. I didn't want to offend you...." He was having trouble getting the words out and was starting to get loose lipped. Trying to talk to people was hard, his hooves digging at the floor so much he looked like he was trying to dig away. "From when you.... made the nice rain go away..... and your... unique look... had to keep it in memory.... inspired by my frustration...." he rambled, trying to not sound like a complete idiot. Before he could continue on further he jumped back and gasped in fear as he heard a loud banging noise. A mystery Pegasus crash landed before them on the table and Sketch lost concentration and practically flung the scroll away. He crouched down, cowering greatly at the new company.
  12. As his drink arrived, Sketch merely nodded in brief acknowledgement, his face turning red again until his waitress left. He returned to continuing his sketch, thinking and thinking, he was inspired by his annoyance and the unusual pelt of this Pegasus. He started taking notes, he was no longer glaring, now he was attentively looking at his scrolls with a bright grin, his horn glowing brighter and his pencil moving even more frantically as his smile and enthusiasm grew. The ideas were becoming a story and soon he would have something to show for. He was finished with his draft and looked up again. What should he do? He craned his neck side to side, unsure if he wanted to approach this mare to thank her for the inspiration. If anything he at least needed to acknowledge her as his muse. He levitated his scroll and got on all his hooves, and unsteadily trotted across the floor towards Harmony's table. He grimaced nervously and scratched at his neck. Once he finally arrived, his ears were flopped down, his head was facing downward and he was making absolutely no eye contact and he was looking like a violet beet instead of his usual shade of dark blue. "I...." He whispered..... "Wanted.... To thank you.... for inspiring me..." He barely stuttered out as he lifted the parchment with the messy sketch.
  13. I too am greatly psyched! It's like everypony in Equestria is gonna learn a lesson on the magic of friendship!
  14. Give into temptation: SATISFY THINE CURIOSITY!
  15. just saw the clip, so yeah, it looks like The Earth Ponies get the short end of the stick even though they provide sustenance. At least we now know what makes Earth Ponies special. Or rather, we always knew but now it's canon. And it looks like DISCORD will be be reason for further disharmony. Or so I'd like to think.
  16. Sketch's waiter finally noticed he existed, which was fairly difficult to do. He fidgeted uncomfortably as the pony cheerily greeted him. He fiddled with his hooves and after a few moments of indecision and a bright red face as he noted the attractiveness of his server, he finally muttered. "I'll have a White Hot Chocolate, please." He whispered. The server lifted an ear and knelt her head closer. "White Hot Chocolate, please..." He said again, barely a decibel higher. He cleared his throat and avoided eye contact. But he faced heard nonetheless so he could be better heard. "White Hot Chocolate and the CLT...." He said at what almost seemed like a normal volume of sound. The Waitress took down his order and went off. He breathed a sigh of relief. He then banged his snout on the table once, cursing his introversion as his horn glowed cyan, pulling a parchment and pencil from his saddlebags and placed them on the table. He then began to draw, while occasionally glaring at the green and violet striped Pegasus.
  17. [ UNICORN ] Sketch Navy // Species // Male // Young Stallion // Profile //Threads - New to Canterlot [OPEN] -
  18. He stomped into the cafe. He was not happy, head crouched down, eyes squinted, and ears flopped downward. He was all prepared to come into town and enjoy the rain, and then suddenly it went away. He had his beige bucket hat and simple black umbrella saddle and everything, he slowly trotted into the cafe, he was there out of curiosity. It was new, it was fresh, and he had to learn more. He found a far off corner and proceeded to levitate is belongings off him himself in a cyan glow. As he scopes out the cafe he notes the unfamiliar faces and remains silent, unhappy with the crowd. he sat waiting for a waiter, an yet wanting to remain invisible, until his eyes became a blaze at the sigh of something irritatingly familiar, a pegasus with a ridiculous looking coat, he recognized the colors from afar, the one that took away his glorious storm. Instead of complaining, he sat where he was, glaring from across, the room, waiting to see the menu.
  19. Oh hey, I remember this. I thought it was okay. I thought making Rarity a cosplayer and anime fangirl was rather clever.
  20. I sing but I hate rap. And I co-wrote the lyrics to a This is Halloween parody called This is Nightmare Night I didn't get to perform it under optimal conditions but basically made it as fun for me as possible, but if you need a bass singer or a lyricist I'm your guy. I can do some mediocre composing but don't expect much.
  21. I updated Gilda is missed Shipping but no handling The name of the town is...
  22. Wanna RP, can't wait to RP. This is going to be so fun.

  23. Wanna RP, can't wait to RP. This is going to be so fun.

  24. Correctamundo, but don't worry, I figured it out, I was literally one word away from approval, accidentally have the word "man" instead of "pony" in a sentence. Things will be amended soonish.
  25. Thank you al. One last question; my character was recently approved and there's an RP I plan to jump into but the thread said I can't reply to the topic. What's up with that?
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