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  1. There will be more... They cannot make shorter season only because someone said that "show must have 52 episoded, blah, blah, I'm and idiot and clopper, h8 ponies, I studied law and I'm 8 years old, blah, blah, I trolled and everyone believes that's true". Thirteen episodes are bought but we don't know about all Hasbro's transactions. Maybe they'll order more after releasing those 13.
  2. (Exact copy from MLPForums yeah I know D; ) So... As my special pony talent is programming, I always wanted to develop sth related to ponies. I don't want to write the whole long, long, long (int xD) story, so I will only write what... what I want. I made a simple game... Maybe it's not game... It's more like interactive fanfiction... This "game" is still in developement. If you want to try it, download: https://rapidshare.c...5748444/qqq.zip <-- OUT OF ORDER Hope you like it... Hope it works... For updates see: http://mlpforums.com/topic/24075-a-game-with-no-name/ P.S. I need a name for this game. If you enjoyed playing, maybe you can find a proper title. I want this game to be Luna/NMM/Moon/Royality related, because my fav segment of FiM is royality ;D
  3. Epic! A lot of kool new vids today watched! FiW episode 7, A2, stream from BronyCon! Happy Canada Day lol!
  4. Episode 7 - Cherry Bomb! I haven't still watched it but I'm so excited :kissy: (Mod: If this thread repeats, please move to trash. Thanks in advance)
  5. Ok, today I'm going to find a shop where i can buy a muffin xD
  6. I will eat a muffin when number of her followers will be OVER 9000!
  7. Now I got really CONFUSED because I found info about WAVE 6 on MLP Arena: http://mlparena.com/mlp/index.php?topic=299506.0 Magnet(o) Pony ;D
  8. I think there are. Frankly G1 reminds me of cartoons I watched when I was a child in kindergarten. G2 is weird, but is more similar to G4 than G3. It's like G4 is connection of G1 and G2 with thousands of improvements and G3 is for brainless/little gurlz/fat and ugly fanboys. Edit: maybe I insulted someone but G3 really kills mah brain
  9. No bank hacking? That's not hacking :VendettaMaskSmileyPlz: But seriously, I'm extremely weak in hacking... Once I only done one SQLi and one XSS on some private and amateur servers. Nothing more.
  10. My two best friends are slightly anti-brony and anti-pony related . They hate it. They freakin' love cars, TopGear, Porsche, Bugatti and all that stuff . And when one of my friends told me that he would never watch MLP even if paid , I told him that I hate all their freakin' passions . But we are still friends. ;D
  11. In mah country the system is different. Here in 1 year time I'm leaving to university so I'm senior. (Granny Smith Smiley) I started writing my first programs (QBasic) when I was 7, then started learning Pascal about 10. And what does it mean for good? (it's time for "DoS the gov") As I replied before I can help whenever I'm on forums or have time.
  12. I'm now attending high school. In September I'm starting the last year .
  13. I my kuntry (Polandia) it's hard to be yourself. In real-life... Never. I've found only once: one of my cousin's facebook friends had Fluttershy on avatar.
  14. Yay of course! ;D Now I have 2 months holidays off school, so whenever I'm on forums, I can try to help you
  15. So I was looking all around Internet, many shops in Europe and I couldn't find anywhere Wave 5 (yellow) blind bags! There's also no info about when/where it will be/was released. I even wrote to Hasbro and Toys'R'Us but got no answer. So anyponi knows anything about new wave? I must have 3 Princesses!!!
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