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  1. Have you seen the new infected? B-gosh! You're actually a Flood and instead of an energy sword, you have a spike! So cool!
  2. After non-stop playing for at least 10 hours, I finally reached the end of Halo 4. The gameplay was great, the story was great, and the ending was... heart breaking! I cried and I still cry when I think about the ending... it's a shame. Master Chief showed emotion, for once, which was my breaking point. Like, holy frijolies. So, how did everyone else react? I'm still busy picking up the pieces of my broken heart from Halo 4 in Skyrim.
  3. Well, in Italy (In which I do not live) the currency used to be called Lyra, similar pronunciation to Lee-ruh. It just seems odd to say them both the same, and I personally think Lie-rah is more pleasant to the ear.
  4. Soarin

    Beginner's Luck

    The first pictures I have drawn that actually came out well!
  5. I am afraid I might have just lost my best friend...

  6. Name: Midnight Blade Appearance: He is an average sized male, around 6’ 1” . His hair is long, but well kempt. Midnight’s natural hair color is black, but he has died it a deep blue color and added lighter blue highlights. He is well built, and neither fat, nor skinny; he usually dresses well in black jeans or other pants with a colored T-Shirt. Around his apartment or whenever it is cold outside, he generally wears light blue fingerless gloves that hide a ring on his left ring finger. Personality: A generally amiable person, Midnight is always looking to open up further to his friend, but is sometimes hesitant on exposing himself to the critique of others. With friends, he can be opened up and read like a book. With new people, friendly or not, he is always slightly cautious about what he says or does around them. Midnight is not usually fixing to be the center of attention, but he always loves a good party. He possesses a great mind, and never ceases to think of new ideas or ways of being. Midnight Blade may seem like an active, outgoing person, but in truth, he prefers to be slacking off from whatever he was assigned to do. Slight History: Going to school and living a normal life, Midnight Blade is entering Hoofington for a chance to better his future. He has gone through many break ups, but not many make ups. Both of Midnight's parents are alive and in excellent health, although his father works in the rainbow factory of Cloudsdale. Present: Midnight Blade is currently attending Hoofington High, and works at a local pizzeria, barely making ends meet. How is this?
  7. As soon as I get my iphone, I'm going to completely ponify my old ipod. I'm gonna jailbreak it and download virtually everything that concerns ponies
  8. I've taken an almost complete break from the internet in total. I feel horrible though, ponies are counting on me and Cainaim to host an rp, but I'm never there I try to get on as often as possible, but it's difficult. Anyone else feel this way, or is this a special way Celestia or whoever is in charge of me making me sad?
  9. Good game, too bad I am unable to complete Twilight Sparkle's part or any others. I can't do the jump= up arrow key not space thing
  10. C: Krastos the Glue Maker ..................................... :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :lol: Edit: What? I guess I had the french lyrics to "At the Gala" on my clipboard... didn't even notice them there.
  11. I saw this a while ago, and I am now considering downloading it just to have it.
  12. Nope, I have a few times, but you absolutely deserve the glory on this one. Your profile picture matches the topic of "ruffling" your doppelganger's feathers perfectly.... mwahahahahaahah!
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