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    Just learn about better ways to forge things. Writing letters to my half sister Halla Ween. And staying out of trouble.

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  1. I'm not sure. So far its just me and you, which I can work a story around. I say we give it a day or two. See if more join, if not we will start off with just the two of us.
  2. No she is fine. I thing that we can make the first arc of the story having myself and a few others going to Canterlot to bring you to your grand parents
  3. All I really need is a breif bio, so that I and the other players know a little about everybody. On a side note if you play canon you only have to post what you do differently with that character.
  4. For yes oc are allowed. Next this has nothin to do with the man of steel. The plot is about a group of friends hanging out and doin things.
  5. I just need to know who you are playing, if canon, I just need to know who and anything you do differently with the character.
  6. So as the title saids I just want to start a simple slice of life RP. This OOC Discussion is here to get the gears rolling. And to let others know who is in this. As for rules, I may be a bit of a Zod... what I just saw Man of Steel? If you want in ask and list the character(s) you wish to play. Loction is Ponyville but can be moved within the rp. Rules: [colour=#ff0000]I will be using a posting order to insure fair posting to all. [/colour] [colour=#FF0000]Next I only ask that you try to let everyone stay involed.[/colour] [colour=#FF0000]Third if you and another player start having felling for one another... cool story twist.[/colour] [colour=#FF0000]Last you have three days to updated during you turn or you will have to wait till you are up again.[/colour] [colour=#FF0000]That is all.[/colour] [colour=#ffa500]Characters and who they are controled by: limit per person 789790.... I mean 2.[/colour] [colour=#00ffff]Gearlock- Male Rainbow Dash goes by Dash [/colour]
  7. Gear growled in his throat. He wouldn't know if things were going good, for he never played chess.(I do Gear no so much) But he knew deep down that someone would be hurt or worst by the end of thos game, and for some odd reason, he knew that he would find away to save the other. Even if his peaice were to fall.
  8. Gear returned to the cabin, his head down so the didn't see any one else in the cabin. He felt bad for making things worst between himself slick and Pocket. And he wanted to go talk to Pocket to make things better. But ge wasn't sure. He laid in his bad and let his mind race.
  9. MHearing no responds from anyone Gear started walking through what he thought was his part of the maze. He noticed that his path lead him up a tall hill. Off to one side he saw a chess game being played. The peice seemed to be the key to the trap. See as the team that came to stop Poclet were the peices. "Time, you got this!!!"
  10. Like you make Vinyl in to a super hero. No base her off of cyborg. Right out an app with how you would play Vinyl as a super human.
  11. Then have Vinyl build it. BTW QueenChrysalis,... The idea is to turn Vinyl in his her own super hero. Its ok it you based her on Cyborg, but make her her own hero.
  12. [colour=#DAA520]"Well this is werid..." [/colour]Gear said looking at the newly formed pictures. Each picture was werid in its own right, and each picture seemed to be a joke of who it was drawn of. Like his for example, being the only unicorn that didn't have sparkles drawn on them. It confused him to no end. How did the artist know about his lack of main stream magic? Did that also mean that the artist knew of his skill in the black smith arts, and if so do they also know that smithing magic is his only form of magic? So main questions raced through his head at once. But, that wasn't a bad thing. Gear guessed that this was the first trap, and at first, it worked on him. [colour=#DAA520]"Hey Pocket! I can't see you, but I am guessing that you can hear me. Your 'masterpieces' are trash. You may know some things about me, and the others, but you don't know everything. So hear this, and fear it. I will be getting out of here, I will not be alone, and we will stop you!"[/colour]
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