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  1. In case any of you are wondering what my Free-for-All RP "Cutie Mark Crusaders Club" is, just imagine The Little Rascals, only in a MLP world. xD

  2. Here's an album with some basic MLP drawings of some OC's, both from my dA account (HovertheRabbit) and from here.
  3. Gonna be leaving the Internet (including this site) on Wednesday...don't know when I'll be back. It could be a couple weeks, a couple of months...it could be several years...
  4. In this RP, a hyena-like diamond dog named Rash appears in Ponyville. He is different from the others, in that he is a kind-hearted soul, and he makes a living by-you guessed it-finding diamonds and jewels in rocks and underground caverns. Here's how it starts: After raising an abandoned baby diamond dog, Princess Celestia has assigned her faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, and her friends, to raise the diamond dog and teach him the values of friendship. Along the way, Rash will also make more friends (the OC's), but he will have trouble learning the values and knowledge of friendship...at least in the easy way. This RP is simple-I need cast members before we can begin. Basically, the moral of this RP is to accept someone for who he is on the inside, not the outside. Here's the cast. (Canon Characters) Twilight Sparkle: Open Pinkie Pie: Open Apple Jack: Open Rarity: Open Rainbow Dash: Open Fluttershy: Open Princess Celestia: Open (OC's) Rash: Me Your own OC: played by you! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask
  5. Hi there. I'm new here, and I want to say some things. 1) I'm sorta shy around newcomers, but I'll open up...if I'm treated right that is. 2) I tend to feel like if things go badly when I'm around, then I think I'm the problem, even if I'm not. 3) I am a brony, and proud of it!
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