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  1. I'm back! And (hopefully) here to stay!

  2. I honestly have no idea where to start with this game. I just finished it about an hour ago and it shook me to more core. During the game, you play as two brothers at the same time. If you're using a controller, the older brother is controlled by the left control stick and button while the younger is controller by the right one. There are numerous light puzzles that use the two brothers to interact. For instance, you can use the older brother to give the younger a foot-hold to get up to a ledge where something needs to be done. Over there course of the game, you explore the brothers relationship, a bit of their past, many beautiful and mysterious locations, and a number of equally interesting creatures. It only took me about two hours to complete, but my god. What a two hours that was. I feel as though this is going to be one of those games like Portal, or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that just are talked about for years after. There was one point I was actually reminded of the infamous nuke scene from CoD4, not because it ripped it off, but because it left such a profound impact. I beseech anyone and everyone who even likes video games. BUY THIS GAME. It's on sale for Steam RIGHT NOW until Nov 1st. Only $7.49. That may see a lot for a two hour game, but you pay more than that to watch bad movies. This game deserves your time. I'd love to discuss the game with anyone. Keep in mind, I will go into a blind rage at anyone who ruins the game by exposing spoilers. (Which is why I've been so vague with my statements).
  3. I've got to say... I'm quite impressed with the update. There were a great deal of cosmetic voids that were filled in this update. I think honestly one of the best parts about this is now my beloved Short Circuit is worth something now. Previously I had a lite-support Engine build. It served mostly as a distraction and could occasionally clear some explosives. Now with the MAJOR buff to that nifty little gadget, you can actually consistently hit some projectiles with it and you even it costs less if you do it!
  4. I would suggest watching the Sleepless in Ponyville episode if you already haven't finished it. And even if you have, Rewatch it! That was the VERY specific episode that made me start to like Rainbow Dash. Up until that point she seemed a very one dimensional character with only her skill and show-off-ed-ness going for her. After Sleepless...well...I just liked the episode a lot.
  5. The Cutie Mark Crusader theme song was EXCRUUUUUUUUUUUUUCIATING, but I've grown to lo-....lik-....tolera-.....Well I can listen to the remixes just fine! I love the CMC but show stoppers is just....blech. Not bad, per se, but not one I particularly like, either.
  6. One thing that shocked me when I was getting into the show was how much Friendship is Magic pulled on old cartoons like Looney Tunes and the like. That whole random falling items shtick is STRAIGHT out of Looney Tunes, with an homage or two to Pepe le Pew. Gosh I feel old knowing that stuff. D:
  7. Humorously enough, that was the very first episode of Friendship is Magic that I saw. I thought the episode was quite absurd and was rooting for Twilight the entire time. Not only did I not like that episode, it turned me off from watching more MLP until my friend convinced me to watch more a couple months later. I think now I can appreciate the episode more.
  8. HA! Joke's on me! Apparently I had Guns of Icarus all along, just not keyed to my Steam account.
  9. I was just messing around my house the other day when I discovered I had one of those troublesome ear-worms stuck in my head. It was one of the songs from the Season 3 finale, either A True True Friend or What My Cutie Mark is Telling me. I looked up the song on YouTube, listened to it, and wanted to hear more of the songs. That missing even MORE of the songs from the episode, so I just ended up finding all the songs from Magical Mystery Cure in one video. Towards the end of the songs, I realized that I rather missed the ENTIRE episode. I was fairly shocked by this realization as, when the episode initially aired, I was quite nearly appalled the episode, putting it in the very small list of episodes of MLP that "I didn't like at all." (I, in fact, had to MAKE that category specifically for the finale.) And yet, months after having seen the episode, I have a deep (but easily fixed) regret that I have not watched the episode more. Has this happened to anyone else where they see an episode and they form an opinion on it (either good or bad). Then going back, and either watching it or thinking upon it, you cannot for the life of you figure out why you came to such an opinion?
  10. Bad. Very bad. I don't have the specs immediately in front of me, but I'm running it on a 5-ish year old laptop that was never top of the line.
  11. Those are all games I am familiar with to some degree. Though I will admit I did use a search engine to help my poor, absented-minded memory. I am certain given enough time and thought during a period of mental coherency, I could definitely come up with yet another game to take the place of DotA2. I want to say one of the Neverwinter Nights would allow you to play as a spider at some point, what with having druids and animal companions. However, it could just be limited to more mundane creatures like wolves and bears.
  12. The Broodmother reminds me of a character from League of Legends: Elise the Spider Queen. She's one of the few champions whom utilizes various forms with differing play styles. The first is a buxom young woman (albeit with some creepy spider-limbs sprouting from her back). In this form, she plays very much like a ranged magic-user. The first of her the abilities in this form sends out a gout of toxins which harm the target, causing more and more damage if the target has a high amount of health. Her second ability sends out an adorable "little" spider which will chase down her enemies and, either on contact or when its time is up, explode in a blast of arcane energy. Her final ability in human form throws out a mass of tangled webs to snare her opponent. If a target is struck, it remains bound for a second and a half while it breaks itself free. While in her spider form, Elise differs quite a great deal in play style. Her spiderlings are summoned to her side and she loses the range she once had in her human form, but she becomes quite the killer. Her first ability as a spider is a powerful bite which deals greater damage to enemies who are more injured. Her second ability sends herself and her spider minions into a hungry frenzy, greatly increasing their attack speed and healing Elise as she and her minions attack. Her third arachnid ability lets her quickly ascend a web, disappearing from view (even if you're in the middle of an open field. Sometimes game mechanics are just odd.) and the dropping down on her unsuspecting prey. While I won't go into her lore too much, I do enjoy the motif of how she (quite literally) preys on men, a common trait of motherly spiders. As for your challenge to name arthropods in 5 video games, I'm more than willing to take you up on it: Warcraft 3 - Crypt Lords DotA2 - Broodmother League of Legends - Elise, the Spider Queen Sonic Heroes - Charmy the Bee Alien Spidy - The Alien Spider Thanks to their unique feel, spiders are not as rare as you may think in the world of video games. What other creature is easily recognizable, is able to climb all over walls, set traps, and use virulent venoms? Sometimes a game developer uses a spider to give a game that feel they were looking for.
  13. Here's what I suggest: Wait, be patient, and look at the Steam sales EVERY DAY until you find stuff you may like. Steam sales are the BEST way to make a small amount go a long LONG way. Sometimes you can even get AAA games that aren't even a year old for under $20.
  14. I've definitely been interested in the game, but a lack of people to play it with has lead me to pass up the game on several occasions. If enough people would show interest in this, I'd probably be willing to join in too.
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