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Me: Singing!

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Here's my new Giggle At The Ghosties cover, trying to take Crescent's advice.


Playing homage to the lovely Scootaloo :D


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this is beautiful SRG! your voice is wonderful! you have a LOT of potential and I mean that to its fullest intent. you hit most of the pitches dead on and I love the tone of your voice the natural tin that it carries is fantastic :D yes there are some tempo issues but that's easily fixed when you sing along with the music. there are two things that stand out though. One more so than the other. When you sing its sounds like you are holding back. Dont be afraid to use more air and if necessary sing louder to get the right sound, this means push with your diaphragm (belly muscles) and sing from the torso not from the throat. If you do that your already great singing will be phenomenal :D also I get why you did for this song because you are trying to differentiate the characters but when singing do it in your natural voice it makes for much better tone. Even in this song the parts will do the job of differentiation for you. You dont really have to try so hard :)

Overall I see talent A LOT of talent in you SRG keep up your singing I wanna see more :D

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D'aww, thank you! Yeah, I'm working on singing through my diaphram right now, but its a challenge when you're recording in an already noisy house of four people. I will definitely use those tips :D

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