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Tier 3 - Carrot Top (Final)


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[colour=#000000]“A simple mare living simple dreams.” – from Wooden Toaster’s ”Beyond Her Garden”[/colour]

[colour=#000000]RP Type: World of Equestria [/colour]

[colour=#000000]Name: Golden Harvest, but everypony including her family calls her Carrot Top[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Age/Gender: Young Mare[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Type: Earth Pony[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Eye colour: Chartreuse Green[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Pelt colour: Pale, Light Greyish Olive[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Mane and Tail colour and Style: Brilliant Orange Amber. Her mane has a curl in the front and three in the back. Her tail contains multiple curls[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Physique: Carrot Top has a fairly normal physique. [/colour]

[colour=#000000]Cutie Mark and What it Means: Three carrots representing her ability to grow carrots. [/colour]

[colour=#000000]Origins/ Residence: Ponyville (she has always lived there)[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Likes: Harvesting Carrots, Selling her produce at market, attending parties, traveling, making friends[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Dislikes: Droughts, Creatures eating her carrots, ponies who steal her carrots, ponies not liking the colours green or orange, mean ponies.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Motivation: To make a good living selling her produce and to take advantage of all that life has to offer.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Bio: Carrot Top had lived in Ponyville all her life. Her parents were vegetable farmers whose produce helped feed the citizens of Ponyville. It was therefore her destiny at birth that she would be involved somehow with farming. As a young foal, Carrot Top would help in the farm activities such as pulling weeds, watering the plants, and of course harvesting. Harvest time was always a very magical time where she could see the fruits (or in her case veggies) of her labor. [/colour]

[colour=#000000]When she was older, she asked her parents if she could use a bit of the land to make her own garden. This way she could prove to herself and her family that she was a good gardener. With her parents’ consent, she was given the tools necessary to plant her own garden and given a little patch in the field. Planting was tough when it was only her having to dig, plant, and water the area. After days of planting and care, Carrot was excited to know when her plants would start growing. [/colour]

[colour=#000000]After a week with no results, Carrot began to despair that she didn’t have a green hoof. She wondered if her parents would be displeased when they found out their little filly wasn’t going to be a farmer. Then when all hope seemed lost, the next day she awoke to find tiny shoots appearing in her area! Later on she found that these were all carrots which is why when her cutie mark appeared, it was of carrots.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]When Carrot Top got older, she decided to strike out on her own. With her parents’ blessing, she bought a home in Ponyville and made a little garden where she grew carrots. Since then she’s taken pleasure in planting, harvesting, and selling them. [/colour]

[colour=#000000]Carrot in her spare time does like to travel to different places. She finds it as a way to break from the monotony of being a simple farmer. In reality Carrot does dream of doing something beyond her garden. She hopes in her travels she can find that dream and experience as much as she can.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Personality: Carrot Top is a very easy going pony, having a “come what may” attitude. She rarely gets angry except if a pony really decides to make her life miserable over long period of time. Often when she gets upset she will break down and cry. Carrot Top also believes that a pony is not just their main talent. For this reason, she likes to try different things as a way to not only experience life to its fullest but to go beyond being a simple farm mare. [/colour]

[colour=#000000]Overall she’s very cheerful and optimistic, ready to lend a hoof to those in need![/colour]

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