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Butterflies (Roughcut)


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Like it says in the title, it is a roughcut. absolutely 0 mastering was done and it was all done in one run using nothing but my guitar, an effects pedal, and an amp. didnt even have a mic for my voice. eventually when i get the money i'll record everything near crappy studio quality, but until then, here ya have it.

what i said in the beginning, in case you couldn't understand me:

"hey guys, this is Indie Tune. I'm gonna play y'all a quick song off of my upcoming mane six EP. The song is called Butterflies, and i hope you guys like it. I apologize in advance for the low quality of the recording, but i'm having to use my laptop microphone. You'll just have to bear with me. Sorry."

and the lyrics(i probably didn't follow them to a tee, but this is what they're supposed to be):

I'd try to relate, but the fact of the matter, we're just not the same.

You were never the one to blame, but you got the rough end all the same.


All these butterflies, they're all in my mind?

Your eyes are painted to match the sky.

So tell me why, why...


I know it's a fictitious dream, but i'd give hope just because it seems

you and me, our qualities might be just a little redeeming.


Why ca't i be gentle?

Why can't i be kind?

When i belive, it's exactly what this world needs

I will be gentle, i will be kind

because i believe that's exactly what we need.

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