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Friendship The Masquerade (Crossover Fanfiction) Thoughts amd Suggestion


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My goal when putting this fanfiction idea together is to find a balance between the dark drama of Vampire the Masquerade with the lighthearted world of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The roleplaying game is actually pretty grim, as even the vampires that are the protagonist struggle with what is called 'the beast' or 'the beast within' and it is much of a tooth and nail world. The clans of Camarilla, though aligned and working together to keep the deception of the Masquerade intact, at times see their allies poorly and struggle with their own problem or conflicts. I have decided, because of what such would represent, that each of the six will be of different houses which thankfully isn't too difficult. Yet by having the six be the vampires of the clans it will mean their personalities will be a bit darker. On the same note the dark drama of the roleplay will be lessened, as I wish to still stay true to the show to an extent. This will be interesting and challenging to say the least, which is why I ask all those that know the Vampire the Masquerade or are willing to learn of the roleplay help me figure out how to do this. I would be most grateful for any help I can get and what I currently have is below. Also there will still be the Elements of Harmony in this fanfiction though they may work a bit differently and it is because of these artifacts and the six vampires of the clans that used them that Luna was able to be torn from the grasp of her own 'beast within'. One thing I am sure you will also notice as well as there wont be any true family bonds, as only the Giovanni clan actually take from their own often incestuous family line... and lets just say there is a few reasons why Camarilla hates this clan and that is one of them. Most vampires that are sired are not related to the one that changed them into their undead state though I have played it that they still 'join the families' of their sire so to speak.

Twilight Sparkle would be of Clan Tremere, as turned by a vampire that would become her mother who had adopted Twilight with her hunsband and raised her in preparation of what she would learn of Tremere. When she had gained the attention of her city's princess, and the most ancient of Camarilla's elders, she would become her student... despite the fact Celestia was a Ventrue. The reason for this was that Celestia was far more skilled in Thaumaturgy then most Tremere. This being mostly because of her age then anything else, thus being one that could teach her student many things especially the use of the power Presence, and the blood magics of her student's clan. Twilight has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, wishing to know all there is and a very logical mind which lend well to her great skill at magic.

Pinkie Pie would be of Clan Malkavian, a true example of her clan as she does not always make sense and her insanity showing itself as an odd eccentrics and a surprising energy few could hope to match. Her greatest pleasure being to bring, at times confusing, excitement into the lives of those she meets and especially that of other kindreds. Her greatest skill being to cause others to laugh and to underestimate the abilities she possesses, all the while taking in what is going on around her and doing that which seems impossible... or so it seems. In truth it is because the special power of her clan Dementation is continuously in effect if to a minor degree, simply put the impossible things that happen when she is around is because of this power.

Rarity would be of Clan Toreador, a vampire of great beauty and refinement a Toreador in every sense of the word that goes through her unlife working for there to be beauty all around her. Having been a fashion designer in life she continues such once being turned, growing to be in demand by those like her because of her skills. Yet her skills were not only in the cloth but in a social setting as well, truly knowing how to manipulate those around her and get what she wants out of the situation. Yet at the same time, secretly, she has shown what would surprise many to be a generous side that only those she trusts knows about and all others she waves it away as no big deal or suggests is for selfish reasons.

Rainbow Dash would be of Clan Brujah, is hotheaded and brash much like other of her clan with of love of the extreme. Once a stunt flyer that did small shows in her town it was through this she gained the chance to meet fliers more skilled then herself who it turned out one was of the clan Brujah and she was turned into a vampire. Loving her new abilities and speed as a vampire she took to it better then many. Quick to violence she is also very loyal, and has a sense of honor that will allow her to be relied on despite her temper. She seems to care more about showing off and looking cool yet is willing to puts such aside if she needs to and is very good to have in a fight.

Applejack would be of Clan Ventrue, having been turned by one she would come to call her brother and taken in by his family growing to eventually pretty much lead her new family's business. Known for keeping her words and her dealings honest with the kindred she always gives a fair yet profitable price. Having a strong will and hardheadedness that cases her house and others exasperation at times, yet her grasp of the rules and how to use them is second to none. She will help to make sure everything is in order and point out the flaws in what others say even if she does not lead, and it seems she has gained the strength know for by her family.

Fluttershy would be of Clan Gangrel, being a true oddity among vampires and is considered too softhearted for unlife, making many wonder who sired. Her passion and skill for animals, the very thing that caused her to be turned her into a vampire by her sire, helped her to reforge the bond that had seemed lost with her animal compantions for becoming a monster. She is shy and reclusive to say the least but has over time grown used to her lot. She still likes to stay in the forest with her animal companions yet has learned how to involve herself in Camarilla's affairs and has, surprisingly for many, even become close to some of other vampires.

Celestia and Luna would be of Clan Ventrue, both over 2000 years old and thus very powerful though for a very long time Luna had been imprisoned when she lost herself to the 'beast within' until her sister was able to finally find a way to bring her back to her senses and have her released from the beast. Many wondered why the eldest didn't just kill her, as was common for those that gave in and lost themselves to the beast but if she had there would be one less threat to any that thought to oppose the Camarilla and Equestria. It was also for other reasons, as it had been because of her sister that Celestia had not herself given into the beast and gone mad. Not only that but they were mutually blood bonded to the fullest degree, which in part is what lead Luna to fall to her darkness when her sister begin spending more time with and giving more attention to her subjects then to her. Now that Luna has returned though her older sister has shown her more affection then she could almost handle, in part because of how much Celestia missed her. Luna has had to learn to adapt to the changes that have come about since her return, and is currently be taught by her sister how to come to a state where she will not need to worry of her beast any longer.

It has been spoken that Celestia has found Golconda, and for those that actually know more her search for such come after being forced to imprison her sister away when she gave into the beast. This actually is truth, which bring into question why this princess and elder has not left as most have that gained Golconda... but for all that know her it is because she truly does care about her subjects both vampire and mortal, being unwilling to leave for as long as they need her. It was on the return of her sister, after Luna was given release from the beast, that Celestia now helps her younger sister towards Golconda as well. Yet she has not only focused on herself and her sister but seeks to lead other vampires to this higher state as well... counting perhaps Twilight and the other Elements of Harmony.


No one knows for sure where Discord came from though the princess connect him to the Clans Ravnos and Followers of Chaos (alternate version of Followers of Set), an extremely ancient vampire that even Celestia and Luna fear greatly. With no care but for his own and having perfected many of powers that a vampire can learn he seems at times to actually warp the land around him with his illusions and magics. Manipulative and deceptive he loves getting others to play his games at his terms. Working it so that he comes out on top and with the last laugh. He holds no love for his kindred or for the clans, let alone humans which he uses as mere playthings... though he often does the same for vampires as such there isn't much difference.

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Rabukurafuto, thank you and I agree such a clan is perfect for Pinkie Pie. Though I do now ask that if you know Vampire the Masquerade well and if so could you offer any suggests on how to better mix the Six’s personality and their lives with that of their clans. Also I am still a bit unsure how to go about showing such powerful beings such as Celestia, Luna, and more importantly Discord.

Since posting this I have actually considered Discord having brought about the Sabbat long ago to create conflict, chaos, and fear… also as a ‘take that’ to the order and stability of Camarilla, to show they are fools for trying to hide among mortal ponies. This is in addition to his connection to Clan Ravnos and Followers of Chaos.

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I collect Vampire: The Masquerade books, but I never played a game before since no one around me is willing to play. From what I read here everything is perfect; even Applejack as a Ventrue, which was seriously weird to me at first, makes some sense if you just make her wealthy—I've seen a Ventrue character profile on a Spanish fan-site that was a rich Texan rancher (or perhaps oil baron), and I remember thinking it was a good way to envision a more "modern" Ventrue.

I like the idea of Discord leading a pony version of the Sabbat. While Changelings had no connection to Discord, perhaps they can be Tzimisce experiments with Chrysalis representing the Tzimisce.

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... laughs. Interesting I was thinking the same thing for the changlings being the [colour=#282828]Tzimisce.

Applejack as the odd one out in many ways as she didn't really fit any of the clans of Camarilla but Ventrue. Yet after a bit of thought and consideration it makes sense as the Ventrue are the more business oriented despite the face Applejack and her family really aren’t ‘leaders’.[/colour]

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