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The Legacy of NeoExlucky


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The Hero:


Time Spinner the Unicorn

Male, Young adult, Historian

Introverted, Kind, and studious, Time Spinner is a historian of great proportions. Being able to tell you the history of some objects just by memory. However now he spends some of his days with a cup of Coffee, a book of legends, and his white raven.

WOE Quote: "What if Time travel was possible, Think of the possibilities!"

FFA Quote: "I fight for my friends! Even if I can't be with them!"

Thread: Free for all, Crossovers, and WOE

Profile: For FFA or crossovers see:

http://www.canterlot..._+time +spinner

RPs participated in:

Hearts and hooves day

Slender with ponies

My OC pony; friendships untold

Ponies falling to earth

My little portal

Story of the alicorn amulet

Humble beginnings

Matchie's matchmaker service

The garden of eden

The Brother:



Male, Really young adult, Inventor

"Inventing is easy, not having fun is hard." -Gadget. Gadget loves to have fun and he finds a lot of fun in building, repairing, and destroying. You need anything to be destroyed or built, Gadget's your Stallion.

Quote: "Inventing is easy, not having fun is hard." -Gadget.

RP's Participated in:

The academy

The academy chapter 2

Matchie's matchmaker service (small role)

The Romantic interest:

(Picture coming soon.)

Diamond Dust

Female, mare, Artist

Diamond loves to draw and paint. Doing this however gives you other skills, one of which involves gossiping. Still Dia loves to paint on a blank canvas and always loves to hear the stories of who likes who.

Quote: "Oh, do tell Dearie, I love to hear a good story."

RP's participated in:


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