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The Crystal Empire - A Legend Rediscovered


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The northern reaches of Equestria holds many questions for all. A vast expanse of frozen tundra, ravaged by howling winds, deathly cold, and dark, jagged shadows have turned many explorers and would-be adventurers away. Those that set foot too far into the north simply became a part of it, to never be heard from again. For the last thousand years many mysteries lay beneath the deep snow, behind the jagged mountain tops that served to separate the land of ice from the rest of the world.

Until now.

A new chapter for the North has begun, the Crystal Empire, recently rediscovered and saved from the clutches of King Sombra- once again shines as the gem of the North!

Recent cooperative efforts between Equestria and the Crystal Empire have made great galloping strides in returning the ancient city to its former glory. As legends have it, The Crystal Empire once spanned a distance larger than Equestria's borders today- but most of the Empire and its lands still lay in deep slumber beneath a deep coat of frozen snow. Only the central city, also known as Crystal Spire remains. It is said that wendigos, dragons, and worse still lurk the frozen wastes that once belonged to the Crystal Empire; perhaps hidden amongst those wastes are safe havens to be found where the original three pony tribes once passed through. There is much to do- knowing this, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have taken it upon themselves to help restore the Empire to its former glory, and to bring warmth back to the homeland of the Crystal Ponies!

Since the events leading to King Sombra's defeat and the reactivation of the Crystal Heart, trade has sprung up between Equestria's Capital, Canterlot, and the Crystal Palace, bringing in much needed resources and traffic to the isolated city. To aid this effort, a high-speed railroad has been constructed through the northern mountains that separate the borders of Equestria and the Crystal Empire- cutting what would be weeks of travel time into a day-long trip. For the first time in a thousand years- the Crystal Empire is open to everypony!

Adventurers, traders, and ponies empathetic to help are all making their way to the Crystal Empire to find their place in this exciting new frontier!

The Crystal Gates- The gates into the Crystal Empire, one of the empire's most unique and important features.
The Crystal Plaza - The Central Crystal Plaza and the podium at its core where the precious Crystal Heart is kept.
The Crystal Markets - The Crystal Empire's Market District is one of the busiest and most important places to know.
The Crystal Palace - The home of Cadence and Shining Armor.
The Crystal Empire Farm District  - Homeland to the cute little ewes, and fertile farmlands of the Crystal Empire.
The Crystal Empire Arts District- An entire district dedicated to the artistic talents of the Crystal Ponies.
The Crystal Empire Residential District - Where all the crystal ponies make their homes.


Map of the Crystal Empire:


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