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Ask Bluemoon, DreamySunday, and Caralot!

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On 2/9/2016 at 0:24 AM, DreamySunday said:

Bluemoon : I don't know about any of that. But Caralot does a lot of things that Dreamy calls aggravatingly adorable. So I'll just trust her opinion.


DreamySunday : <Points in the direction of Caralot and grumbles> So adorable...


Caralot : Gah! Me? I don't know about that! I'm nothing special! Really I'm not!


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  • 3 months later...

DreamySunday: Me, Caralot.


Bluemoon: Hoof fight? Sounds fun! I have four of those I bet I'd be real good at that!


DreamySunday: As someone who has actually been in a hoof fight, I can assure you you wouldn't.


Bluemoon: Aww yeah? Care to prove that?


DreamySunday: No...


Bluemoon: Hah! Chicken.




Caralot has successfully escaped battle.

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Okay. New Question! To the 3!


You are approached by a frenzied scientist, who yells, "I'm going to put my quantum harmonizer in your photonic resonation chamber!" What's your response?


Also. You get some ice cream if you know where the question comes from :3

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17 minutes ago, PrinceoftheNight said:

Do any of you want to learn how to beep beep like a sheep? :3


Just now, puzzlebeat said:

 Forget that I can teach you how to meow meow like a cow.


Bluemoon : YUP! Absolutely! I'd like a good helping of both please!


Caralot :  Wait a minute, Those animals don't make those noises!


DreamySunday : I'm inclined to believe the Veterinarian.

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  • 1 month later...

Bluemoon: I'll run in at top speed and see all the sights it has to offer, and make all the friends there are to make!


DreamySunday: If Ice cream sandwiches counts then I nominate myself.


Caralot: Well, I can make a pretty decent Dandilion Sandwich. But I have the bad habit of eating out most of the time. So I'm a little out of practice.

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