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Presteza [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Presteza

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye Colour: Icy blue

Coat: A yellowish tan has a few freckles on her cheeks

Mane: Slightly over medium length, wavy and unkempt, Bangs Cover her left eye, back/lower portion of her mane kept in a for lack of a better term a low ponytail held by three bands and the ends of which looking as if dipped in paint or ink and giving it a paintbrush look.

Tail: Long, slightly wavy, and unkempt with the end having a similar dipped in paint look as her mane although without the bands.

Physique: Has a fairly normal build for a mare but has a bit more strength in her than a typical unicorn.Often wears a blue scarf.

Residence: Has no permanent residence due to her constant travels.

Occupation: Painter

Cutie mark: A magical swirl surrounding a normal looking paintbrush, melding with the brush around its ferrule.

As a filly Presteza was constantly looking at pictures and paintings, spending most of her time in her art class in the high class school her parents sent her to, despite this she was too afraid to try it herself because of her inability to use telekinesis like other unicorns and her love of painting details wasn't sated with only the use of her hooves or her teeth. Often finding herself fascinated with the paintings of professional art ponies she would often sneak out to buy book depicting many beautiful painting that would bring multitudes of emotion from her.

On one particular walk an older mare Calling herself Atelier approached her and asked if she could paint a portrait of the filly, having heard of her family and hoping to paint one of them. She hesitantly agreed and after a few more visits with her new friend and eventually opened up to her, telling her of her magical problems and her fascination with the arts. The kind-hearted artist gave her portrait she made of her young friend and the filly spent a great deal of her private time admiring the painting for the brushwork she was learning about in her time with her friend. One day when they visited the local park Atelier asked her if she wanted to paint this place, after a few moments of stuttering objections she was finally persuaded. The first attempt was a clumsy affair using her hooves, the second attempt was only somewhat better while using her mouth and teeth to hold the brush, but the final product still looked off. Nearing the point of giving up her friend suggested using her telekinesis and thinking of all the she loves about paintings, she was hesitant; she could barely hold a piece of paper aloft with telekinesis. It took a bit more nudging from her friend, but eventually she tried. Concentrating her hardest she lifted the paintbrush up, engulfing it in her magical aura and with a great deal of focus on her painting. She produced a beautiful scenic painting of the park, with everypony in the background and foreground of her vision detailed nearly perfectly, as the crowds gathered she felt an undeniable sense of pride welling up within her and with that she gained her mark.

Character History: Presteza was born in Trottingham to a pair of rich, high class ponies: an earth stallion named Bastion Trundle and mare named Silver Belle. Her mother had come from a long line of talented magic using unicorns. The foal was named for showing how quickly she could take to something, usually solving an toys that her parents bought her that required creativity or a quick wit in a flash. Life for the Filly growing up was somewhat uncomfortable, Time taken up by a great deal of magical studies that she always failed at and other portions of life being taken to fancy parties all dolled up. Her lack of patience for these things were often chided by her parents, but she never found any of this “Fancy stuff” to her liking. When her parents listened to classical music, she was listening to Jazzy types of music and excessively lively and passionate sounding beats she could dance to. When her aunts and uncles loved the lavish parties and dressing up, She found it dull and preferred to play outside even in the rain. Most problematic of all was her inability to control her magic to the point where her sneezing would make her accidentally cast the latest spell she'd learned of albeit on an often smaller scale.

Upon gaining her Cutie mark as a filly she was nervous about telling her parents about it, while naturally they weren't exactly thrilled especially seeing as they were going to have to cancel her application to the school for talented in unicorns in Canterlot in the hopes they could help her learn to control her magic, but they still loved their daughter and did what they could to support her. Having read about all the wonderful, beautiful , and fascinating things and scenes in Equestria she decided she wanted to travel and see and paint as many of them as she could. Traveling alone in the world was obviously not the safest thing for a filly her age to do so they sent her brother to watch over her until she was old enough to travel alone.

Life with her big brother, Silverheart on the road was at first pretty tense. Her big brother originally intending to apply for the royal guard but this sudden request from his parents to watch over his little sister until she was a mare was a rather notable setback. Silverheart and Presteza's personalities would often clash, especially at the start where Silverheart seemed distant and almost rushing the filly from place to place. Silverheart was much more calm and cool headed than his sister and preferred thought to action while Presteza would leap into a situation without thinking. The Most trying moment of their travels was when they traveled to the cold northern mountains bordering the crystal kingdom and in presteza's excitement she got lost in a snowstorm while trying to find the best place to paint the mountain peaks. It took almost an entire day for Silverheart to find her and it felt almost an eternity for the frightened and freezing filly who managed to find shelter in a cave. Silverheart was almost entirely sure she'd just yell at him for letting her get lost, but instead she threw herself into him and sobbed in relief into her brother.

It was going to be a long while before the snowstorm let up and Presteza seemed to be catching a cold... not that she was willing to admit after having cried into her brother. The increasing number of her magical sneezes were becoming an issue though and Silverheart didn't want the fire he made to go out, but most importantly he didn't want his sister to freeze so he gave her his blue scarf. After a night where the filly slept peacefully against the stallion the storm had finally cleared and things they returned to their routine. Presteza painted the mountains but it seemed Silverheart didn't rush her at all, he just watched smiling a short smile as the filly painted away. While the hardships and adventures they endured in equestria were often quite difficult, their time in the mountains had been both their scariest adventure and the day they'd been closest.

Once having reached Mare-hood Presteza bid her brother a sad goodbye at a train station in Dodge city, as she started to leave before she noticed a familiar looking garment being levitated lightly around her neck. It was her brother's scarf he lent her in the mountains, a small note on it saying she'd probably forget to try and keep warm without it. Before she could give it back the train was already leaving and Silverheart was waving goodbye from the caboose. Presteza went on and intends to go to even more fascinating (and sometimes dangerous) places. She sends paintings of her adventures back to her family as well as a few letters to her family every month.

Character Summary: Presteza's Talent's extend to painting in various styles including but not limited to Acrylic, watercolor, and Oil and is capable producing incredibly detailed and high quality works very quickly. She has a fairly nice singing voice that can be heard if she thinks she's alone and wishes to liven up a lonely and quiet trip. Because of her problems using telekinesis and reluctance to use magic unless to defend herself in a tight spot she has taken to and developed an affinity for doing things the earth pony way, often using her teeth and/or hooves to hold objects. Her favorite benefit to this method is that it has made almost as strong as an earth pony is so tasks that require lots of physical aptitude aren't as big a deal for her. While she has mostly gotten control of any magical misfiring she still has issues with controlling her magic when she sneezes and as a result steers clear of daisies which she is allergic to.

Ever since she discovered her talent one dream has been on her mind every day and night; To be the greatest painter in Equestria and travel outside of it and paint all the beautiful and wonderful things she finds and bring them back to show everypony what some of them may never get to see. Her love of travel was mostly kindled by the stories she read as a foal of Saddle Arabia and of the homelands of the Zebras. Because she wanted to do more than just see what the world beyond equestria was like she wanted to experience it for herself she often tries to do so before she paints target, a good example would be when she volunteered for a few weeks on a farm so she could understand how farming ponies did and felt about their livelihood.

Presteza has boundless enthusiasm and love for all forms of artistic expression whether it be within her abilities or not and often takes time to watch performers or musicians work when she gets the chance or has the bits. She loves many types of music but has a strong preference for music that can be danced to or make a pony feel happy to be alive. Around other ponies she shows a bit of a tomboyish nature with tendency to become somewhat boisterous if her abilities are praised and can get rather depressed if somepony says it's not good enough, whereupon she will often obsess over making the painting better. Presteza gets along best with other artists and good natured ponies, however because of her trouble with the life of the upper class she often has problems with ponies who think they are better than others because of their upbringing.

Despite her time on the road and experiences traveling she still shows signs of her sheltered upbringing with being rather gullible and easily manipulated, especially if her ego is pandered to, some of her other faults would be her natural lack of patience and near inability to stay still unless in an emergency... and even then it's pretty hard for her, She also has a habit of getting so engrossed in her work that she forgets to eat luckily she makes her characteristic straw hat that not only shields her from the sun, it makes for a handy snack and is easily replaceable. The items she finds most valuable are the Scarf given to her by her brother and the paintbrush Atelier gave her to paint her first landscape.



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Hi! You already know me; I'm Ghostie. I'm gonna be your spirit guide!*

Okay, so basically what you've got here is a REALLY well rounded character. I'm not gonna lie, I'm really impressed. Your writing is a little rocky (you have some run-on sentences, some odd capitalization, and some missed punctuation), but it's not illegible and is easily overlooked because this is a really well-rounded character.

What I personally think does need to be worked on a little more is her history. What I see here is the opposite of what I see with most apps, amusingly. You've got Presteza's early life down pretty well pat, but her later years are lacking. We know she traveled with her brother, but what did they do while they were traveling? Are there any specific experiences that left a lasting impression on Presteza while she was with her brother? Where did they go? What did they do together to pass the time while they were walking? What places were their favorites? Of course, I'm asking these questions under the assumption that she was close with her brother. If she wasn't, give us something to make that clear. Did they fight while they traveled? Did she ever run off on her own?

Flesh that bit of her history out a bit more, post again in this thread to let me know you've done so, and we'll go from there! <3

*Dio made me do it.

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Oh, that's great! It really does give us some good insight on her interactions with her brother. Thanks for fleshing that out a bit more!

On the note of punctuation and what not, I'm not too worried about that in apps. It takes time to master all the little technical points of writing, and making sure your character is well-developed is significantly more important. You can work on your punctuation and capitalization and whatnot as you go along.

All in all, I feel like this is ready to be bumped up to an SRPH! If they see anything they want you to fix, they'll let you know.

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