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Equestrian Guard Lore?


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If it exists, is there any place I could reference the Equestrian Guard structure/lore? I'm considering making an OC who is either nearing retirement from the Guard or already retired from the Guard.

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Rose is correct. We had some lore up for a while, but it grew out of date and thus out of line with the World of Equestria game which was causing repeated problems within applications. We will, in time, give revised lore on things like the guards.

When we do, both World of Equestria and Canterlot Chronicles will be essentially in line with each other and represented by the same lore in terms of structure. Of course, more will be possible for such characters in the latter game as per the rules.

For now, all I can tell you the basics of how the lore worked in the past, which is likely to inform the lore when we do rewrite it (and will, if presented appropriately, be likely to pass into the Canterlot Chronicles game). Guards are a part of a greater military group referred to as the Royal Equestrian Army (REA), which serves Equestria and the Princesses and is organized roughly like a real army, in terms of ranks and structure.

If you have any specific questions about the guard/REA, I'd be happy to field them. Alternatively, feel free to build your app as you will; the RP helper who works with you shall be able to tell you if you go against anything in any lore currently available or otherwise.

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