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World of Equestria (WOE) RP Rules


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World of Equestria RP Rules

The following is a list of rules that apply to the World of Equestria Roleplay Environment. Please take the time to read and understand them before participating in the RP as they will be enforced.

RP Applications

  • The World of Equestria RP allows for two varieties of character to be applied for: cast characters--the familiar characters seen within My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic--and original characters--new characters designed entirely by the applying user. For all characters, a character application must be submitted in the form specified Playable Species List. Characters need to be from one of the listed playable species.
  • Original character applications need to be posted as new topics in the Character Applications section. To keep the number of pending applications to a minimum, only one application titled as READY and one titled as WIP (Work In Progress) are allowed at one time.
  • Your Roleplay character will be assessed by an RP Helper, who may request changes be made in regards to character design. Once the RP Helper is satisfied, a senior RP Helper will review the app and, if satisfied, give it an approval stamp. A Senior RP Helper may also ask for edits to an application.
  • No previous relationships with any cast characters will be allowed within original character applications unless a player with that character has given their approval.

Roleplay Etiquette

  • Sexual roleplay, intense violence and gore are not allowed within the World of Equestria roleplay. Romance and relationships are okay, as is mild cartoon violence; just remember that adult content is prohibited on the site. PG/PG-13 is the watchword.
  • Roleplayers in the World of Equestria must always be sure to respect the boundaries of the other players in any given roleplay thread. Users should never take control of other players' characters without permission, and should try not to have their characters take complete control of the events in a thread. Please remember that roleplaying is a collaborative process.
  • Respect the posting rules set by the player who has started the roleplay thread. If there is a turn order, wait your turn. Do not double post in roleplay threads or post OOC (Out Of Character) posts.
  • Never intrude in roleplays marked as private, closed, or Invite-only without contacting the roleplayers involved in the thread first. If you are unsure if a thread is closed, consider contacting the topic starter first.
  • Roleplayers should strive to be courteous and try and interact with as many users who post in a roleplay thread you are involved in as possible. No one likes to be ignored.
  • Roleplay posts in the World of Equestria section should ideally be at least a full paragraph in length. (This means a minimum of five complete original sentences.) This is to ensure quality and so that the current roleplay has enough to build on.
  • If the staff need to interject in an RP for any reason, please be understanding and respectful. (Although if you read and follow the rules, this should not happen.)
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