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Autumn Dawn [ready]


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Role Play Type: World of Equestria

Name: Autumn Dawn

Gender: Female

Age: Older Filly

Species: Pegasus

Eye Color: Deep Green

Coat: She sports a burnt orange colored coat. She wears glasses often, but not when she might be up to something that would cause them to break. The glasses are rectangular and have heavy black frames. She is also known to wear goggles when flying. She has lighter colored freckles on her cheeks.

Mane/Tail: Her tail is chocolate brown with streaks of dark brown running through it. There is one large streak of dark brown through her tail and two streaks of dark brown through her mane. She wears her mane cropped short and spiky up her neck. This spiked look continues into her forelock. Her forelock stops mostly around her eyes in length. She does let some strands of mane fall down in front of her eyes at times so not all of her forelock is the same length. She sometimes wears green clips in her mane near her ears. Dawn's tail is average length and has the same spiked look as her mane. She has been known to wear a green wrap around the upper part of her tail, especially when doing athletic tasks.

Physique: She is slightly on the chubby side but overall has an athletic appearance. She would like ponies to believe she doesn't do much to her appearance but she does have her own unique style. She works to keep up her spiked mane-do and does enjoy wearing various items like her tail wrap that make the parts of her physique she’s proud of stand out.

Residence: Dawn lives in an apartment above a bric-a-brac shoppe called 'Winny Nack's Bric-a-Brac' on the east side of Canterlot. Her parents once ran the shop and she lived with them in the upper story where she now lives. The building is quaint compared to some of the other, much finer, buildings in Canterlot. Her home consists of a gathering room, a bedroom, and a small kitchen.

Occupation: She owns and operates “Whinny Nack’s”. Though the shoppe is not quite the height of fashion like many of the other businesses in Canterlot, Whinny Nack’s does quite well. Most high bred Canterlot ponies see the shop as ‘whimsical’ thus helping maintain a public image that draws business. The shoppe sells everything from refurbished furniture and other household items, to hoof made comestible imports from all over Equestria. Dawn also added a large collection of items from the natural world to the inventory once she took over the shoppe. Ponies can browse everything from dried herds for aromatic teas, to sparkling geodes from far off lands when they visit 'Whinny Nack's'.

Besides running ‘Whinny Nack’s’ Sky is also chiefly involved in supplying the store. She frequently makes voyages by wing throughout Equestria to stock her store in a manner that draws in the Canterlot crowd. Having items that are ‘imported’ is important in keeping the local ponies interested.

She also cares for her mother and father who lives in an apartment right behind ‘Whinny Nack’s’. Dawn would never say this is an occupation per say, but her parents are ponies to be cared for and looked after.

History: Autumn Dawn was born and raised in Canterlot by two loving parents. Dawn Rusher, Dawn's father was a Pegasus from Canterlot. Her mother a pegasus from Cloudsdale. The two met at a party held by Dawn's mother in Cloudsdale. Growing up was quite enjoyable for Dawn. Her parents enrolled her in school and when she was of age she was also entered into a private flying school. Here she learned more than just the basics of flight, a leg up for any Pegasus. She had little trouble with her parents, but nothing outside of what any filly must endure.

‘Whinny Nack’s’ was started by Dawn’s parents as a main source of income since their true passion in life was importing. Not only did they both enjoy visiting far off regions of Equestria but also introducing ponies to new ideas from across the world. Dawn was taught how to run the shoppe when her parents would go on importing ventures. They would also let Dawn go on some of these trips, but only ones that were closer and not dangerous.

Dawn Rusher’s mother, Clear Whinny, also had an impact on Fire’s life. Whinny came to visit the family in the summer time throughout Dawn’s young life. Whinny was from Ponyville and Dawn always loved to hear the stories of life from that part of Equestria. Though she is a Canterlot pony, she maintains a deep love of things of nature and earth. This was instilled in her by her grandmare. The shoppe, ‘Whinny Nack’s’ is named after Clear Whinny. The collection of natural items from all over Equestria is also an influence of Clear Whinny.

On one of her visits Whinny brought Dawn a small fox cub. The cub had been rescued from Whitetail Wood where it had been found without its mother. The small vixen was an embodiment of all the things Whinny had taught her grand filly. Dawn and the cub she named Trill bonded almost immediately and the filly found herself pouring her love into her pet. She chose the name Trill as that was how Whinny had once described the song of the birds in the woods.

Life in Canterlot is busy for Dawn. Besides running the shoppe and looking after her mother and father, she also enjoys spending time with her friends and going on adventures. She also goes on trips to Ponyville quite often to visit Whinny. The grandmare is now too old for treks to Canterlot but she still loves to spend time with her grandfilly. Most of what Dawn has as far as business was passed down to her through her parents, her love of things natural is from her grandmare. Dawn loves what she does but deep down inside she has a longing to go explore Equestria and to see more of the world. The shoppe and her parents work as an anchor in her life which is wonderful but also keeps her from living completely free.

Cutie Mark: Autumn Dawn's cutie mark is an inventory scroll with blue wings on either side. The inventory list shows her commitment to making Whinny Nack's the best it can be by bringing in wonderful items from all over Equestria. The wings show her destiny of being a pony that travels by wing sometimes over great distances to stock great inventory.

Atumn's cutie mark appeared after a special trip with her parents to Hoofington. It was the furthest away she had ever been allowed to go from Canterlot. Once they reached the city of Hoofington, Dawn was allowed to wander around the vendors and market areas to look for something special to add to Whinny Nack's. Her parents followed her at a distance, keeping an eye on her, but allowing her a time to experience things on her own. She ended up finding a shop that sold a most delightful collection of seashells. Some had been imported from the nearby seaside communities and some had been found fairly close by. They were beautiful in the ways they looked and felt. Some even sounded nice when held up to the ear! Like ocean waves crashing in the distance.

Soon after discovering these shells, Dawn suggested to her parents that they open up a small new section of Whinny Nack's that displayed shells from various parts of Equestria. It was a wonderful idea and when they returned home, with a sack of newly acquired shells they worked together to build a display area for them, It was a huge success with the store's patrons. Autumn got to take the bits for the first shell sold. As she put the earnings into the store's safe box, her cutie mark appeared! Autumn Rain was with Dawn when she got her mark. Both ponies were able to share the moment together which is a special memory for Dawn. Her eyes still sparkle when she tells other ponies this part of her story. It was the day she discovered that she was destined to continue on with her family's business, stocking it with unique and imaginative items, as well as travel far and wide to acquire goods for Whinny Nack's!


Character Summary: Dawn's talents include running ‘Whinny Nack’s’, long distance flying, understanding and embracing the natural world, and caring for those she loves. She excels at import flying, making trips over large distances pulling a small cart with her purchases. She also learned from her father and mother how to make smooth business transactions. She can haggle over prices and knows how to find a good deal for her shoppe.

She is a highly motivated pony with dreams that soar. Though she feels she must stay and look after her parents and ‘Whinny Nack’s’ she also has dreams of some day making a living traveling across Equestria. What exactly that would look like she does not know, but she is always ready to explore!

Dawn loves to spend time with other ponies and with her pet vixen. It doesn't really matter what they are doing, she just likes company. She also enjoys learning about the natural world and can be found snuggled up with a large volume on such a topic. One of her favorite parts of the day is explaining the items in her store to her customers. Helping ponies to see more of Equestria through the items in ‘Whinny Nack’s’ is always exciting for her!

She does not like to sit still for too long. Dawn often takes small trips away from Canterlot, just to see different things and gain experiences. Spending too much time indoors is also not something she cares for. Another issue for Fire is the needless destruction of the natural world or of ponies that do not care for things of nature at all. She runs into this on occasion in her home of Canterlot.

As for hobbies Dawn likes to spend time outside. Since she grew up in Canterlot it does not bother her that going outside doesn't usually mean wandering deep into nature. She’s content just to walk the streets and enjoy the sun. She also likes to teach her pet fox tricks. Trill is a master at all kinds of different activities and she helps Fire out with all kinds of things as well. Though the two cannot actually talk together they communicate just fine with the help of the things the pony has taught the vixen.

Behavior wise Dawn is usually open and friendly to others. She enjoys company and gains energy when she is around her friends. If she doesn't know somepony she will greet them with a smile and polite small talk. She is a generally likable character, if not erring slightly on the ‘nerdy’ side. Most ponies take to her easily enough, tough she is choosy on who she lets into her inner circle of friends.

Dawn is slightly obsessive over her shoppe. It is not always seen as a fault but she generally spends time each day making sure that everything is just right and in order. She has little patience for ponies that don’t care to understand the natural world. She has been known as one-sided on those sorts of topics. It’s not something she gets outwardly upset over often, but it is something that keeps her from letting ponies of that thinking line too close to herself in friendship.

She greatly desires to be an intrepid explorer but things never seem to work out for her to actually experience the adventure she is looking for. Sometimes her dreams go so high that she finds herself unhappy in her surroundings, as nice as they may be. This sometimes leaves her pining after the adventures she does not have. She can miss the rose for the thorns so to speak.

One of her greatest concerns is for her parents. She is quite attached to them and even the thought of not having them there when she comes home scares Fire deeply. It is a fear she needs to deal with but she pushes it to the background in favor of happier thoughts.

Other Points of Importance:





Young Adult

Trill’s coat is light red brown. She has a white tip on her huge fluffy tail and two white socks on her front paws. She has black ears and a white muzzle. Her eyes are black. Dawn gave her a red collar complete with a large golden bell so Trill could be easily spotted and heard.

Trill is Dawn's closest companion and friend. The two have been inseparable since the vixen was given as a gift to Dawn from her grandmare Clear Whinny. She was rescued as an abandoned cub from Whitetail Woods by Whinny and brought to Dawn as a farewell gift.

The vixen is slightly skittish and moves very quickly. The only time she slows down and relaxes is when it’s just her and Dawn. She can be friendly to other ponies if Dawn says they are safe. If this has not happened the fox will be wary of others.

Trill is always with Dawn. They travel together when Dawn goes to collect imports, they cuddle together, play together, live life together. Trill also acts partly as an assistant to Dawn when needed for simple tasks.

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Hey! This has the basis for a great application! I love a lot of it however the issue I am seeing is her name "Fire Fox"

World of Equestria is based on the flavor of the show, but her username, coloring, and even her pet really seem to resemble the Mozilla fire fox logo, and that's a bit of a problem for our game, so I'm afraid it has to be edited to fit our game :(

Also her cutie mark story is confusing, please clarify how bonding with a small fox is her destiny and life changing talent a little better

On another note, her fathers tragic death, her grandmothers death and such are too dark for World of Equestria, we try to keep our game light hearted, and slice of life, and I feel you are being too heavy hooved with the angst elements to attempt to add depth.

Personally Autumn Fire seems to be a strong character on her own, and doesn't need a dead father or a dead grandmother to add depth to her character =)

That's all I have for now let me know when you'v made the changes! I can't wait to have this character stamped >3<

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Ok, updated again! it's been fun developing this character more, especially around her cutie mark story. I'm hoping the new mark works, I like it better than the others. ;)

Thanks for your help again and I'm looking forward to more review time!

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