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Moyokijani (Green Heart) [ready]


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Name: Moyokijani (Green Heart)

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Zebra

Eye Color: Amber


Moyo’s coat is striped dark grey and white. He has a dark blaze down the front of his face and his muzzle is the same dark grey color. His ears are dark grey and he has a dorsal stripe running down his back and tail that is dark grey. His stripes run all over his body in typical zebra fashion. The stripes stop around his fetlocks and fade into the same dark grey as his ears and muzzle down his lower legs and onto his hooves. His hooves are raven black.

Mane and Tail:

His mane stands up straight off of his crest. On the outside of this natural Mohawk the hair is white, the inside is black. His tail is sparse and contains more black and dark grey than white. He wears the top part of his tail bound up with gold cord.


He is lithe and fit, befitting his job of selling healing herbs and tonics. Since he prefers to keep his business on hoof he must maintain a healthy body shape. He has a slightly rough appearance as he spends a good amount of time working with plants and tilling soil.


Moyo maintains a permanent dwelling in the Solstice Heights. As the terrain and weather in this area can be quite intense the zebra had to prepare for himself a very sturdy home. It is a hut, the original structure of which mirrors the dwellings of traditional zebra homes in Unyasi. The walls of this hut have been double fortified to block out cold winds and the roof has been thatched extra thick to prevent heat from escaping and rain from entering. This home is much removed from other ponies aside from his parents. They live in a similar, but slightly larger hut close by. Outside of family the closest establishment is a mining operation taking place on a neighboring hillside.

His secondary dwelling is in Canterlot, namely various hotels and inns he may choose to visit while on tour selling his wares. Once his stores of healing herbs and tonics have been sold he will return to his home in the Solstice Heights.


Moyo is primarily a traditional herbalist, specializing in the production of various healing herb tonics and remedies. He is also a traveling sales pony when he has produced a collection large enough to sell.

Cutie Mark:

A plant vine swirling up with five leaves that are heart shaped on it. His cutie mark is the same color as his dark grey stripes. Moyo received his cutie mark when he was reaping the harvest from his very first herb garden in preparation of making healing tonic from them. As he set the last of the herbs into baskets to dry his cutie mark appeared! The leafy vine represents his desire to work with growing things along with his desire to help other ponies with his skills in making healing aids.



Moyo was born in mainland Equestria to his parents who had migrated to Canterlot from Unyasi. Motorojo (Spirit Fire) and Juasafi (Pure Sunlight) both grew up in a village on the coast of Unyasi. Both grew up hearing stories of mainland Equestria and the various sorts of ponies that lived there. Both of the zebras worked on their family’s homeland, raising crops and fishing from the nearby sea. When they came of age and were marrying they decided to leave Unyasi and travel to Equestria.

It was not long after moving to Canterlot that both zebras knew they wanted a home out of the hustle and bustle of city life. They moved into the Solstice Heights and built a dwelling for themselves there. They felt much more at home away from the crowds and soon after the move Moyokijani was born.

The little zebra colt was very inquisitive, even as a newborn foal. His parents let him crawl around the dwelling and took him with them when they tended the small amount of spring crops they had planted near their home. Moyo loved the plants! He loved their color, their scent, and even their taste. As he grew up his parents taught him the way of cultivating the land and helped him learn to grow the special herbs they had brought with them from Unyasi. He learned many skills from his parents but his favorite by far was learning to till the herbs.

When he was old enough Moyo’s parents allowed him to plant and care for his own crop of herbs. When the tiny seedlings sprouted the young colt pranced about in joy! Soon he would be able to bring in a harvest. When it was time he carefully picked the herbs and laid them out to dry just as his parents had shown him. As he laid down the last batch of herbs in the sun his flank began to tingle. As his parents watched proudly on the colt’s cutie mark appeared! A twining vine with heart shaped leaves. This represented not only his love for cultivating but also his desire to turn these plants into something that would be healing to the hearts of others.

Eventually his parents were able to show him all the skills they had learned from their homeland. Moyokijani could grow crops in the right seasons and produce the healing powders and tonics made from them. The only skill he would need to figure out on his own was how to sell these products. After packing a saddle bag full of herbs he set out on his first solo journey to Canterlot!

The city seemed huge to Moyo! He had never seen so many ponies at one time! At first his was quite taken aback but he very much desired to see his herbs put to good use. Business was slow at first but once he got one pony to buy his product it began to sell itself! Soon many ponies were feeling energized and healthy from the healing properties of his herbs and in Canterlot word traveled fast! Once his stored were used up Moyo would pack up and head back to his family home in the Solstice Heights.

When he was of age Moyo moved to his own dwelling with his parents blessing. He still visits them often but he is very thankful for a space to call his own. The zebra loves his parents and is thankful to have them. They understand him as few other ponies can.

Moyo hopes to eventually save up enough bits to have a herb shop permanently in Canterlot. The shop would be used as both a place to earn more bits and a permanent dwelling for his parents if they wished to move into town.

He would also like to have more land on which to produce his native Unyasi herbs. This however would require him to hire out help and as of yet his traveling herb business has not produced enough for this to happen.

Character Summary:

When ponies are around Moyo, he is normally able to put them at ease. He has an easy going demeanor and his eyes have quite a calming look to them. Since he is the business of selling healing herbs, having this sort of personality can be quite beneficial. The zebra excels in his trade of growing and selling herbs. He can read the seasons and work with weather to cultivate his crops properly.

Aside from his skills related to his profession he is also an excellent story teller and a keeper of the lore of his Unyasi culture. When he comes to Canterlot he can often be seen drawing a crowd by telling an exciting story from his parent’s past. This is a tactic he uses to get ponies interested in what he is selling. He listens intently when his parents tell him of their past and makes sure to write down and remember their tales, sayings, and general traditions. The inside of his hut is used for producing herb powders and tonics but also as an archive of history of Unyasi lore and culture.

Moyo loves to take long expeditions into the mountainside areas of the Solstice Heights. Though he does not have many friendships, he had made a few good friends during his visits to Canterlot. He had invited a small selection of these friends to visit him in the Solstice Heights. When ponies do visit him the zebras will take them on exciting day excursions or maybe even overnight treks into the mountains. Of course this depends on if the weather is nice enough.

Moyo loves the earth and growing things. It brings his heart great joy to see new life sprouting from the ground. He also loves to see other ponies discovering the wonders of plant life. Though he enjoys a trip to Canterlot for a few weeks, he loves nothing more than breathing the clean, fresh air of the Solstice Heights. The zebra has a distaste for ponies that have no understanding of the natural world. Though he does not like to debate, he has little tolerance for ponies that do not think that herbs can have healing properties.

The zebra has been known to run into some social problems during his visits to Canterlot. Since he was raised in the traditional fashion of the zebras of Unyasi, he does not have a great understanding of modern life. Especially the accelerated life that takes place in a bustling city like Canterlot. He had been to the city often enough that many ponies recognize him right away. Because his herbs help ponies with various physical ailments he is not shunned or disliked by the populace of Canterlot. However many ponies regard him with a certain air of disdain for his lack of understanding of high society life.

Moyo’s biggest fear is that he would someday not be able to live in his own way in the Solstice Heights. The thought of having to live in Canterlot or another city makes him uneasy. He dearly wants to maintain his place in the mountains with his parents. He likes to live in such a way that he can come into Canterlot, meet other ponies, and enjoy various things life has to offer in the city. But when this is all done, return to the solace of his home.

Overall, Moyo is a personable stallion. Other might feel a little out of place with him at first but once they learn of his heart for the natural world and for helping ponies feel healthy, he normally has little trouble making friends. Moyo makes other ponies feel at ease. He is kind, soft spoken, and has a heart for others.


Moyokijani happened upon an injured raven on one of his trips back to his dwelling in the Solstice Heights. Being a good natured zebra he gently picked up the bird and brought it back to his dwelling. Here he diagnosed the bird with a broken wing and began the process of helping it heal. After a week or so the bird took a liking to Moyo and the two began to regard each other as friends. It was not too long before the raven made a full recovery.

Although Nyota (Star) is not Moyo’s pet, the bird stays around the zebra’s dwelling. Moyo enjoys the raven’s company and often finds solace in speaking to him. Often Moyo can be seen tending to his herbs with Nyota sitting comfortably on his back.

Moyo named the bird Nyota because it was quite late when he found the raven injured. It was the time of day when the very first stars can be seen in the sky. Nyota is ebony black from beak to tail tip.

(picture of Nyota coming soon)

Credit for pony base to: http://www.dolldivine.com/mlp-fim-pony-creator.php

Additional art on base and cutie mark are done by me :)

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