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Where Wild Wings Endure (Wonderbolts; PM otherwise)


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There was a great many locations that the Wonderbolts called home or where they used as waystations between shows. Fewer were large enough to accommodate the whole team, and fewer still weren't mobbed by the press when the teams arrived. Those tended to be academies and they were not where you wanted to be for the purpose that Soarin' needed, chock full of bright eyed, bushy tailed, and entirely too intense mares and stallions. No, Wing House was one of a few locations in all of Equestria that the Wonderbolts could go to relax with a relatively minimum amount of disturbance from the outside world. Located in the clouds not entirely too far from Dodge Junction, Wing House was remote enough from a major cloud city that while there were reporters who could and would interview them, they were manageable and respectable enough to not be real bothers. The main foyer was filled with some mediocre to good cloud statues and to the left was the press room, mostly unused. To the right was a public wait room for well wishers and public officials, also mostly unused. There was a dual spiral staircase that led up to a shared landing and foyer at the top which was filled with even more mediocre statues. The Wonderbolts living quarters were to the left, with both bedrooms and general living quarters side by side. Straight ahead was the kitchen and dining room, and to the right was the rehabilitation and indoor exercise wing, and inside of that wing was a door that led outside where a nice flying course was set up.

Wing House, despite the awful name, was important to the Wonderbolts. Their schedule was constantly busy, with shows and unplanned emergency response devastating their time, not to count entering competitions by the very fact that to not do so tarnished the Wonderbolts brand. Not winning tarnished the brand. Not helping out in an emergency or performing at their best at all times tarnished the brand. They had expiration dates, but the Wonderbolts brand did not. Upholding it was a grind of the best order, but there were times when you simply needed to rest. Wing House was one of the few places in Equestria they could go to for peace and it was valued for that service across the organization. Rest, recup, heal, light training, but mostly just get your head squared away before you were called upon to be the best of the best and make the rest look like jesters. One day Soarin' hoped that this place would be better known so when a Wonderbolt went there ponies would know tp lay off, but his wishes were better kept in the confines of his own mind rather than plastered confrontationally against the desires of the team at large. Better to be it forgotten as just another location rather than be known as a place where the weary wet. Press would never let them live it down.

And that meshed with his experiences as a Wonderbolt. The media never did let them go unless they were secluded, almost always as 'training' for a new tour. But the few times he had been here were some of the few times since he had joined where he had a semblance of normality. Even back in the Flight Fantastic he had a normal life outside of it, but the Wonderbolts were as much a machine as they were muscle and the gears were always turning and has little time for mercy or your mortal fatigue. But the surest way to get sent to the Wing House was to get injured, and Soarin' had indeed been injured while training for the Equestrian Games. The incident hadn't been one of his proudest and he doubted Soarin' and Fleetfoot would disagree, but it wasn't too unusual. Ponies got hurt, they weren't up to snuff, and the machine and brand rolled on. It was a bit of a shock the first time it happened but it stopped being insulting when you realized that it was nothing personal, just the name of the game. Besides, they eventually came around every time. You didn't get to be a Wonderbolt if you lacked all your ethics, after all. Spitfire was all business but when business was done she was a kind enough mare that he had been hurt by the lies, not the actions. He also admitted to himself that he didn't like the idea of being replaced by a non-Wonderbolt. made his position seem replaceable on the team, the sort of thing that would have driven any normal stallion to madness but to a professional flyer like Soarin', it was even worse.

So, Wing House it was. He would rest, recuperate, heal, and get back in time for the games and the shows that followed. Of course he wasn't the only one- with the Games coming up, the schedule was very light. He suspected that was why Spitfire was so antsy about qualifying, so they could reschedule some events around and get some significant time off. It therefore wouldn't shock him if the House was soon full of Wonderbolts, which would be great since aside from the yearly meeting he didn't see but haf of the team a year. Soarin' was in the rehabilitation wing for a while, his still sore wing trussed up in a gentle wind 'turbine' surrounded by clouds, gently flapping his wing while the hot and cold air alternated on him while sipping pure spring water.

All in all, it felt pretty good.

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-Mist Morning-

Misty walked slowly onto the grounds of the Wing House, shutting the door behind her. She had no idea what room would be hers in this house or who her roommate would be this time around. She stretched out her wings and cracked her back. Soon the house would be crawling with all of the Wonderbolt teams, that would give Misty plenty of ponies to talk to, or plenty to help her practice if they wanted to. Misty was always eager to get some training in and a nice relaxing atmosphere such as the Wing House would be by far one of the best places to train and practice some of her new moves in front of her peers and get their opinion on them or any changes that they think she should try and do. She noticed Soarin and trotted slowly over to him.

"Hey Soarin! Its been a while." Misty grinned largely then restored her face to that of one of business. She hadn't be able to see their practice for the Games the last time she was invited as she was busy with the rest of her crew trying to even be able to preform for the games as well. Eventually in Misty's mind there would be competitions between the Wonderbolt Crews judged by the other crews who weren't participating. That would be a fun thing to do even if there was no reward!

"How is your wing feeling?" She wondered, she knew he had gotten hurt but wasn't told how bad or any details past that he had hurt his wing.

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It was good to that the first Wonderbolt to arrive was Misty Morning. Good pegasus from good stock who had made it far because of her sheer force of will, the sort of pony that Soarin' respected! Boatloads of natural skill as well. Over time and with some seasoning she was no doubt going to be one of the best and he was happy to see in his later performing years the future of the team looking so bright- Misty, the whole upcoming class at the Academy, even possibly Rainbow Dash, point being was that the future was bright. But in a more immediate sense, it was nice that somepony else was arriving to Wing House a little early. It would be boring otherwise if he was the only oen rehabbing or generally using the facility until the eventual flood of athletes came in. Company never hurt this stallion!

"Hey Misty! Long time, no see. You're looking good. Been doing those exercises I taught you?" Soarin' asked in the manner of a worried father as he stretched out his wing, feeling the sore bones and muscles flex softly in the gentle cloud generated wind turbine. It was a common technique for a pony just getting their bearings after an injury to ease back into the saddle and this was no exception, the wing being allowed to work itself back into full form in a gentle and controlled wind. By the time it was done, he would just need a few easy patterns and he could get back to his role. All would be swell in the land of Soarin'.

"Wing is doing much better. Should be back in action very soon," Soarin' played with his wing as he spoke, pulling it out of the turbine and flashing it for Misty so she could see it herself.

"Some fractures and bruising, but now its all healed. Just gotta get those muscles back in show shape, ya know?"

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The Captain of the Wonderbolts landed outside Wing House in a manner that she would never let any on her team see. Spitfire was exhausted. Absolutely done. This season had been the hardest she had ever faced. The demands a pressures of the Wonderbolts may have been hard on the members of the squad, but for its leader, the pressure had built to an almost insurmountable level. Still, Spitfire would surmount it. She always had and she always would push herself to be what was needed. She would never let her team know how tired she was. It was her job to uphold determination and drive. If she let go, the others would soon follow. She couldn't have that, the team couldn't afford that.

Spitfire shook her head to clear it and removed the blue uniform from her face and neck. It felt good to be released from the garb of her position if only for a little while. She had come to Wing House early to check on Soarin'. Though she would never admit it to his face, she had a soft spot for him. She didn't show softness to anypony, but perhaps Soarin' knew how she felt. She had come to depend on him as her right wing. Yes he had his moments of weakness but overall, Spitfire was not sure how she would be able to cope without him there.

She made her way into Wing House and looked around. It was calm and quiet at the moment, soon that would change. Most of the team would make their way to the rest spot soon. First they would need to finish the tasks she had assigned them, but they would all make their way here eventually. She had made sure that she would have tie to arrive before the bulk of the squad. She needed a little extra time to get settled, and to check in on her friend.

She walked into the rehab area and spotted Misty and Soarin'. Both ponies she enjoyed. She was hard with them, as she was with everypony, but both had proved their mettle and she respected them. She eyed Misty, a half smile playing on her features.

"Misty. Glad you could make it. How's our friend here doing?"

She then looked to Soarin'. It pained her too see him in the position he was in. Still, he would heal, that much she knew.

"You'll be ready for training tomorrow right Soarin'?" She joked with him. Really it was good to be around both of them and not surrounded by bright eyed fans and the press.

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Ahh, finally Spitfire had shown up. Usually the Winderbolts captain was the first who would arrive at Wing House in preparation for the rest of the team. This time she had been beat by a half-crippled Soarin' and Misty, which was the biggesr surprise of the two. At least Soarin' had a head start! In any case it was good to see her arrive. As much as Soarin' loved to play around with her, he had an immense level of respect for the Captain. She did what many could not and managed to manage the egos of north of a dozen elite fliers, which was itself quite the feat. Soarin' was proud to be one of the less ego-filled but get him talking about his accomplishments and he wouldn't be opposed to it. At the height of hubris lay the machinations of the fall and if all those egos clased forever more a tumble from the sky in ways both physical and metaphorical was guaranteed. So good on her, even if he would have preferred to take orders from somepony older rather than younger.

"I sure as hay should be, Captain. Wing's almost a hundred percent," He said jovially, happy to feel that statement as true. It had taken a while and he was happy to be at near full strength and was even more happy that the rehab hadn't taken too long. At his age there were a dozen fliers peppier and younger looking to get on the team and any time wasted was one day and a show he lost and somepony else gained to show that hey, maybe Soarin' wasn't the best choice for the Wonderbolts Alpha team. He didn't mind leading the Bravo team or the Reserves but losing his spot because of injury would give him a fit of the uglies the likes of which he had never experienced. It was all better than a desk job though so no harm, no foul as far as he was concerned. What better way to ensure his spot though than continued training? They say an old dog couldn't learn new tricks. This older dog sure as hay could.

"So, you're looking beat. Three-sixty five no day off Spitfire finally needs to rest, eh?" He joked, taking his wing out of the turbine machine and folding it gently. She was truly one of the hardest workers and if anypony deserved a break, it was her.

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(@alisonrose; I'm gonna go ahead and throw in a post... sorry for jumping you but I'll use my post to leave room for Misty to interact ;))

Spitfire was pleased by Soarin's answer. She had been more worried about him than she had first thought. Though it was true that there were younger and more spry flyers chomping at the bit to get onto the Alpha team, there was nopony she would rather have there than Soarin'. She trusted him and that was something few and far between. Who could she trust when she held the keys to the hopes and dreams of so many ponies. More than once she had thanked the stars for this way of thinking. It had saved her from some really messy situations. Yes, better to trust few, and one of those few be the pegasus before her.

"So, you're looking beat. Three-sixty five no day off Spitfire finally needs to rest, eh?"

Ah for his lack of grace. So much like a Wonderbolts flyer. In reality it was never a good idea to tell a mare she looked tired. However, this was about the team. Couldn't have the Captain of the famed Wonderbolts looking tired. She raised her eyebrow and then turned to Misty.

"When will they ever learn huh Misty? Telling a mare she looks tired? Might as well tell me I look like a just flew through a tornado." She smiled and chuckled dryly before turning back to her long time friend.

"Yep, even the best get beat sometimes... one night here should see me back on my hooves as a new pony." She took in a deep breath. "There's just something about this place isn't there? I'm already feeling better."

She glanced around, noting the resounding silence that permeated the room. It was a welcome break from the usual cacophony of noise that accompanied the Wonderbolt brand.

"Either of you spot any press on your way here? I'm hoping the team can get a couple days away from it all... I hope every pony remembers to fly here on stealth mode." She gave a dry smile once more and noted the folded and relaxed status of Soarin's wing.

"I'm really glad to see you looking like your old self."

She must have been tired... she was being far too nice.

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-Misty Morning-

Misty was completely zoned out at this point, her mind was racing with thoughts from other days of this week but she suddenly snapped back into reality when Spitfire mentioned that other ponies shouldn't tell mares that they looked tired.

"She is right you know Soarin. Just because Spitfire or I might look tired doesn't mean you have to mention it." She let out a soft giggle as she tried to give him one of the most serious faces ever. She donk'd Soarin in the head with a hoof as she sat in the chair next to him and stretched out her wings. She had been so busy as of late between practice and trying to do the odd jobs around Equestria that needed a Pegasus of her sort of skills. She wasn't on the same level as Spitfire or Soarin but she still enjoyed going on little adventures with them such as the whole rain storm in Canterlot or other joys as such.

"Who all is supposed to show up here by the way Spitfire?" She looked off into the distance almost past Spitfire trying to think of who all she knew would most likely at one point show up.

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Eh, he should have known better than to ask a straight question and expect a straight answer out of a mare. They were as all over the place as errant fireworks and just as combustible, especially when you were outnumbered by big personalities. Spitfire especially so was an aggressive and at times domineering mare and Misty when bolstered found a bit of sassiness in her stride as well. Good for them- when Soarin' was up and about he could fire from the hip better than the rest, a Las Pegasus trait he learned on the strip that came in for the save on many an occasion. For now he'd let them have their small victory as he chuckled at their indignation at being questioned. Heck, he was expected to be truthful about his condition, why not they? Because they are mares and mares lie as easily as a stallion snores.

"Well, next time any of you appear to be in need of a rest in between shows I'll be sure to remember that you never get tired. I, on the other hoof, sure do. This has been a very relaxing rehab trip, feel much better now. Not as good as the mares of course, but we can' all be spring chickens now can we? Besides Spitfire, you always look like you've just flown through a tornado...just as good as usual," He ribbed his fellow Wonderbolt as he pulled a`way from the turbine machine, trotting along with his fellows.

Wing House played an important role for the Wonderbolts. It was a place of rest and relaxation and the immediate locations around it were not major media centers. Quiet little hamlets that respected Wing House. Here, ponies could relax, improve their condition, and get to know one another better without the specter of performance hanging over their head. That didn't stop races from being started or from friendly competition erupting between a few when the house was full. But if you wanted to just relax and not worry about anything at all, Wing House was perfect. Consequently, media were aware of the House and sent reporters from time to time but it never got too much to handle for the Wonderbolts. Of course, rarely were so many planned to arrive and once words spread no doubt the media would make itself known in a big way.

"Yeah, a night or three here and the weariest pony should be right as rain. As for press- Eh, not too much. We had a reporter just the other day but I don't think we'll get too much interest until everypony is assembled. I'd expect at least some locals and a few from the big news outlets to send somepony but they should pnly catch us on the tail's end. Should be smooth sailing, Cap'n. You're looking good yourself. How'd the last show go?"

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"Who all is supposed to show up here by the way Spitfire?"

Spitfire thought for a moment.

"You know I'm actually not sure. I didn't really tell any of the team I was with that I was headed for Wing House. Who knows, maybe it will just be us for the next day or so. Can't say I wouldn't mind that. It would be nice to work with just three of us. You feeling ready to take your flying to the next level?" She gave a pointed smile to the mare, hoping she would rise to the occasion. Spitfire liked the idea of a chance to hone some of Misty's skills. She really was a talented flyer, and spending a little time in the air with herself and Soarin' would take Misty to the next level.

You're looking good yourself. How'd the last show go?

Spitfire had to smile at the words from her friend. He was good at comebacks and it seemed not even injuries would take that from him. Good. She depended on Soarin' being who he was, if that was shaken it would do her no good at all. She thought back to their last performance, quickly running over the events in her head. As usual it had gone off without a hitch from the perspective of the audience, but Spitfire always had nits to pick.

"Well let's see. There were a couple is miss timed turns from the right wings. Hmmmmm... the choreography with the fireworks needs to be updated again. Seems like every time I let a second string have a shot out there that happens. Makes it so I can see every last error." She took in a breath. "But overall, I'd say it was your traditional Wonderbolts experience for the crowd. I got out of there as fast as I could afterwards though." She wing chucked Soarin' playfully. "I may not really look it, but yes even the Captain of the Wonderbolts gets tired."

She glanced out a window as they passed by at the obstacle course outside. "You guys feel like taking a couple laps around the old course... just for fun and to stretch out Soarin's wing?

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It sounded like the last show had gone over well enough. Spitfire and Soarin' were perfectionists of a different nature, with Soarin being more focused on a perfect performance for the audience and Spitfire being more worried about the mechanical perfection of an act. No doubt both were equally important and played into each other. The second string did need more precision with the fireworks for the high class performances with a discerning audience who would notice those small errors. Soarin' was more of apopulist performer, but he recognized the need for some better work out of the second string. No real trouble so far- they entertained in many smaller shows and were coming along fine, but the Wonderbolts demanded near-perfection when it came to the bigger shows. Soarin' was pretty sure he would be demoted to the second string in a few years as his age caught up with him. He'd miss the big lights but he'd learn to love the smaller towns just as much.

"You? Tired? Don't be silly. We all know that Captain Spitfire is made out of the broken parts of lesser Wonderbolts and never tires or sleeps. They just refuel her using the tears of new recruits," he stated with a cocksure grin, laughing after a short while, "well, possibly. Happy to hear the crowd liked it. Any ponies from the second string stand out either way? You know we have some amazing pegasi in the reserves if we need to replace anypony. And we have a few ponies I think we should demote to the second string if any of them are worthy of being promoted. I'm sure you could deal with less pressure..." he winked, thinking that would just be the craziest story ever. What sort of tabloid rumors would be spread? Probably something about a lover's quarrel since the tabloids seemed to put him into relationships with every Wonderbolt at one point or another. That was only half true.

"A race? Well, of course I'd be game for it. You're going to win- cruel Spitfire racing against little ol' Soarin', who is only eighty percent and even at his best isn't as fast as her. You should have to use your hooves to make it a fair race!" he stated with mock outrage, trotting and then gliding outside. It was mostly true. He wasn't completely healed and wasn't even known for his speed. He was all about precision power. Spitfire could probably beat him and then get a massage afterwards, but she was a cruel leader of cruel ponies! Hehehe, maybe they could race for a seconds and then maybe he could fall back and then lock all the doors. That'd be fun.


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