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All That Glitters [closed]


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(For QuickLime with Coco Pommel and myself with Touch Stone)

Singing could be heard coming from the open windows of "All That Glitters". Touch Stone stood up from her workbench and did a little jig.

"Oh the diamond is pretty and so clear

The amethyst's purple shines like the sea

The jade is a gem but nothing compares

To the deep sparkle of and ruby!"

Touch Stone's voice was soft and sweet. She was a pony in her element as she swept the cut ruby off the workbench into her hoof.

"Oh Facet? Where did you go?" She looked around but could not find the master jeweler anywhere. She had wanted to have him appraise her work. "Must have stepped out for a bit. That's fine, I've got plenty to do!"

She set the ruby down and looked about the room. The shelves were lined with various gems and precious stones and they sparkled in the light and twin lanterns that were hung from the ceiling.

"Now, why do things look so odd?" She wondered aloud. "Oh, silly me!" The unicorn reached up and pushed the magnifying glasses she had been wearing up between her ears. "That's better!" She blinked her eyes to adjust to the lighting.

In the front of "All That Glitters" were two windows, both set with large panes of glass so that potential customer's eyes might be caught by the gems inside the store. The unicorn trotted up to one of the windows and glanced over the gems displayed there.

"You all look a little dusty. Perhaps you could do with a wiping clean?" Her horn glowed light blue as did a cleaning towel that was now heading towards her. Soon the unicorn was busy dusting. Motes began to circled in the air, catching rays of sunlight. Touch Stone hummed while she worked, a smile on her muzzle. She loved working with gems and taking care of the jeweler's shop at which she apprenticed.

"Well, you're all looking so nice on the outside, why not make your inside pretty too!" She continued to dust and her horn glowed again. This time a small light began to appear inside of an emerald in the window. It made the gem sparkle from within, sending green light in all directions. "Lovely! Now, your turn!"

The light faded from the emerald and began to glow inside a red beryl. The stone, though named 'red' was actually a vivid pink. Its light now began to dance around in the window. Anypony outside might have easily had their eye caught by the beautiful light show happening in the windows of "All That Glitters".

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Coco for a lack of words....was uninspired! She had to make the perfect gown for a upcoming musical! It had to sparkle when it caught the light, and be just the perfect shade of red! As it was a gown for "Donkey skin" the story of a princess that wore three beautiful dresses to a ball, as well as hiding her appearance the rest of the time with a coat made of coarse material that made her appear to be a donkey!

Coco had already sewn the dress of Silver Moonbeams, the Dress of spun gold, and now she needed the perfect gems for the dress for the scene were the princess wore her dress of "Caught Celestial fire!"

And Coco couldn't find a THING that went with it! She sighed, ears drooped, feeling the nasty pinch of creative block, when something caught her eye, the sight of the shop was simply breath taking!

Coco darted over to the window quickly, putting her hooves on the glass "Ooh.." The gems lit up with lights were so..beautiful!

It didn't take Coco a second to dart in there "Ah..Excuse me?"

The shop was simply divine, and Coco's eyes were going everywhere at once... so much beauty...

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"Oh that's so so so pretty! You all look so lovely!" Touch Stone giggled to herself as she continued to make the gems glitter in the window. They were now dust free and sparkled in brilliant clean radiance.

"Ah..Excuse me?"

"Huh? Oh excuse me, one moment please." The white unicorn backed up from the window, turning to face whichever pony her gems had enticed into the shoppe. It had not been her intention to use the glittering gems to attract attention, she just liked to make them glow. However, if it brought in customers the master jeweler of the shoppe would likely be pleased.

"Welcome to All That Glitters! I'm Touch Stone." She could see the radiance of shelves of gems sparkling in the customer's eyes. The shop often had that effect on ponies. It happened to Touch Stone all the time. "How can I help you?"

She trotted over to a display case and continued. "We have all sorts of gems and minerals and all different shapes and sizes. There's cut gems," She made a diamond in the display case glow. Then the light faded and could be seen glowing deep within a blue rock on a shelf. "And there's gems in their raw state as well. All suited for everything from horn rings, to hoof ornaments, to decorations!"

Touch Stone waited with a pleasant smile on her muzzle. it was always nice to have somepony enjoy the contents of the shoppe.

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"My name is Coco... I am ah in town due to a request of a client of mine! See I make costumes and dresses for Bridleway plays and your gems caught my eye!" Coco exclaimed, trying to not smile too much, oh how unlady like... "You see..I caught sight of the most beautiful red and orange gems, and I need some to accent a dress I am making for the play "Donkey Skin" you know? The dress of "Caught Celestial fire" and I was wondering if you had any gems in a diamond cut that are flat on the back? I need over 300 little gems to completely cover a bodice with.."

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