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TaDaa [ready]


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Name: TaDaa

Gender: Female

Age: Younger Filly

Species: Unicorn

Eye Color: Happy daffodil yellow

Coat: Her coat is a perky shade of light violet

Mane/Tail: TaDaa’s mane is extra bouncy and she makes no effort to tame it. It is full and spills curls down her neck and onto her back. She also has long curly forelocks that sometimes get in her eyes. She often has to puff a breath of air upwards to clear her eyes from forelocks being in front of them. Her tail is cropped short and it bobs about when she moves.

Her mane and tail are two toned neon pink and a light shade of purple and pink.


She is a stocky little filly, given to prancing about at a moment’s notice. Though she is getting the hang of it, she still seems to not always have complete control of her hooves. She is just about average on her height and weight. TaDaa has lots of pent up energy and she has all the spirit of a young filly who’s ready to laugh, play, and gallop!


TaDaa resides with her parents in a town home near the edge of Canterlot. There is a small yard out front and TaDaa can often be found in the yard playing with her friends or trying to sell her creations.


She is too young to have a full time occupation, though she is enrolled at a Canterlot academy for young colts and fillies. TaDaa does occupy herself in various ways when she is not in school. Being very creative lends to her having no shortage of interesting predicaments to get mixed up in.


TaDaa was born and in being raised in Canterlot by two loving unicorn parents, Gilded Lily and Sure Fire. Both parents very much want their little filly to grow up into a proper Canterlot mare, though they have seen TaDaa beginning to mature into something a little different than what they thought. Even though she does not quite fit the description of a Canterlot mare yet, both parents are still quite proud of their little unicorn.

It was about three days after TaDaa’s birth that she began to display her magical powers. They had both heard that young unicorns tend to have magical surges when they were young, but they were still thrilled to see TaDaa’s horn in action! The little foal would get so very excited whenever a pony greeted her. It didn’t matter who it was, mother, father, post pony, every pony the little foal saw got a burst of sparkle and color from TaDaa’s overly active horn! The little foal would just giggle and bubble when the magical surges happened and her parents were so proud!

As TaDaa began to grow up the random surges of sparkle began to become controllable. Now she could produce the magical bursts when she wanted to. She was able to delight lots of ponies in her young days with displays of light and color, along with a bubbly personality and a huge smile.

When she began attending school she found she very much enjoyed it. Being around the other little ponies, learning from her teacher, and exploring many new experiences helped TaDaa to come out of her shell. She loved to run and play during recess and was a well behaved little pony in class. Her favorite time of the day was when she got to have art lessons. Instead of light and color coming from her horn, she was able to blend paints together to make beautiful swirling paintings. All the ponies in class were impressed with her work. TaDaa’s favorite part of her paintings is seeing the eyes of other ponies light up as they look at the lovely colors swirling together.

TaDaa lives happily in her home in Canterlot. When she is not working on school work or spending time with her parents she can often be found playing in her yard with her little pony friends. Sometimes her parents allow her to set up a little booth where she sells her paintings to ponies that happen to be walking by her house.

Cutie Mark:

She has not yet earned her cutie mark.

Character Summary:

TaDaa’s main talent lies in her artistic abilities. She can make beautiful works of art with paints and has even tried other mediums like marker and crayons. She also enjoys creating little bursts of color, sparkle, and light from her horn to please other ponies.

She is only a little filly so her main motivation in life is to please her parents. She loves to make her parents proud when she does well in school and when she makes nice paintings.

TaDaa loves to play with her pony friends. She finds great enjoyment in using her creativity and imagination to set up make believe worlds for her and her friends to play in. She also loves to spend time with her parents. When she is with her father she likes to run and play with him. When she is with her mother she loves to sit and listen to Gilded Lily read her stories.

Her hobbies include flying kites, playing games of all kinds, painting, making up songs, and generally living her free spirited filly life.

TaDaa has a hard time when she is not in a good mood. She doesn’t like rainy days as they tend to make her a little sad. She loves to be happy all the time and has yet to learn how to deal with the occasional tear.

She can be fearful of the dark. At night her parents gave her a little night light that she leaves on. It makes her feel much safer to always have a little bit of light.

TaDaa is a gem of a filly to know! She is great at making other ponies smile and laugh. She is a fun playmate and loves to help other ponies learn to use their imaginations. Her cheery disposition and her bright optimism make her a special pony to be friends with.


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