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[colour=#BF0000]Name: Remington

Sex: Male

Age: Colt (Kid)

Species: Pegasus

Pelt colour: Medium Dark Red

Mane/Tail/Markings colour & Style: True Blue, both mane and tail spikey combed.

Eye colour: None/Black (In-distinguished, like Snips and Snails)

Cutie Mark: None yet.

Physique: Average adolescent size.

Origin: Was born and is raised in Cloudsdale. Now lives in Manehatten.

Roleplay Type: Mane

Occupation: Student

Motivation: Rem is still figuring out what his special talents are. He loves to sleep and he is fascinated with the natural phenomenon known as dreaming. He's experimenting with ways to manipulate his dreams, and has even began studying about astral projection.

Likes: Being lazy, nap time, dreaming, day dreaming, dreaming during the day, cuddling

Character Summary: Remington was sleeping when he was born. It scared his parents and the doctors helping with the delivery, fearing that he may not be breathing. But after a few tests, it was determined he was fine an normal. However, it was not normal, for Remington had a very heavy sleep schedule, even for a newborn. His parents were thankful that he was so quiet and sleepy all the time, but they were discouraged when they realized his lack of energy. At times, they even forgot him when they left for engagements.

When Remington was old enough to go to school, it was insanely hard for him to get the proper sleep schedule so that he could be awake during class hours. They even gave him a watch that is strapped to his leg at all times so that he can know what time it is when he wakes up. The teachers would constantly slap his desk and calling him out when he began his silent snore that made the rest of the class giggle. At recess, he is usually found napping under a tree. He has friends however, who support him when others make fun of him. After all, Remington is a very gentle colt who has tons of respect for other ponies and is always well mannered and tempered. He smiles most of the time.

Remington's flaw starts with his sleeping habits. He has the unfortunate routine of sleeping without any sort of schedule. His body clock and central sense of time are not very prevalent in his life. Because of this, even his best days are riddled with moments of spontaneous narcolepsy. He constantly falls asleep in the middle of important conversations and dozes off when participating in group games at school. He is still too weak to fly on his own, but everypony that knows him think it's for the best. They fear the day that he learns to fly, for he might fall asleep while doing that too.

Today, Remington is in search of his talents, just like everypony else his age. He is taking his time though, and is convinced he will find his talents in his dreams, quite literally.[/colour]

UPDATE: (12/12/12)

Remington's family has moved to Manehatten. There, Remington will find a new wave of friends and foes as he continues looking for his cutie mark. In between random naps, of course.



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