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Pre-profile note: Digital Hazard is a rather complex character!

Also, I can't draw. So I used PonyLumen. Sorry :(

Name: Digital Hazard

Aliases: CIH

Origin: Partially resembles XANA-possessed William from Code Lyoko

Gender: None (however it resembles a stallion)

Age: Undetermined

Race: Cyborg Unicorn

Physique: Strength is relatively normal compared to a stallion... maybe slightly stronger. Digital hazard doesn't run much and often relies on a teleportation spell to quickly move.

Home Location: Virtual world called "Leon's Matrix" found in the supercomputer of an abandoned factory in the Badlands of Equestria

Occupation: Villain

Appearance: Colors vary depending on its state. Read on for more info.

Cutie Mark: The Digimon Digital Hazard symbol, with a neon red glow added on.

Introduction: The primary goal of the CIH virus is to harness Equestria's magic to take over Equestria. Digital Hazard has been created by, and set out to assist, CIH in its goal. Now the question is... can the citizens of Equestria join together to defeat Digital Hazard as well as the CIH virus in order to save their land?

Biography: Long ago, several ponies have been attacked and banished to the Badlands of Equestria by the royal guards (with help from the citizens) for their group effort to destroy valuables within the Canterlot Castle. These ponies stumbled across an abandoned factory in the Badlands, apparently created by a secret project.

The group of ponies activated the supercomputer that was inside the factory and were amazed at all it was capable of doing. After noting this, the group got the idea to seek revenge on Equestria using the supercomputer's resources to steal magic and friendships. This magic would then be given to them for their use in an attempt to become stronger than the royal sisters.

They got to work and created the CIH virus, capable of launching attacks and chaos on Equestria at the command of these ponies. But one day, CIH got out of hand due to a bug and turned against these ponies, sending them into the virtual world known as Leon's Matrix inside the supercomputer, and permanently deleting them.

From that moment on, CIH gained what one may call a "subconscious", now after to harness Equestria's magic for its own good. It attempted a few attacks alone but realized that it needed something more powerful to aid it in its quest. That's when CIH created a Cyborg Alicorn Changeling by the name of Seventh Sector. This cyborg was extremely powerful and could do tons of things against the citizens of Equestria. But it came at a hefty cost. The hatred fueled by the community caused the cyborg to quickly weaken, at which then Lovinity's father and niece joined together and fought off Seventh Sector, destroying him for good.

CIH became aware of this immediately and decided that it was going to invest its resources in creating what it hoped to be a better cyborg... one that wasn't as powerful in the eyes of the pony citizens. It was hoped that because it'd appear less powerful, the citizens wouldn't be as alarmed by it and thus would result in it being less likely to be defeated.

After a few months, CIH finally developed its next generation cyborg... Digital Hazard. This cyborg was a Unicorn... no Alicorn changeling ****. CIH also made sure that this cyborg was not black and instead had a color which reflected its state, for it realized that citizens fought against black ponies as well as Alicorn ones. And finally, CIH didn't make it as powerful as Seventh Sector in order to reduce threat levels in the citizens as well as allowing the cyborg to fight using other means other than just plain magic (aka. strategies and plans). Hopefully, this would aid in its longer life span.

With Digital Hazard on the side of CIH, it continues its quest to harness Equestrian magic and friendship in order to take over the Universe.

Personality: Digital Hazard is a cyborg that is capable of a limited amount of emotion. It's speech is semi-human but does contain a few flaws in which it talks in technical terms.

The personality of Digital Hazard can vary depending on the state it's in. If normal, Digital will act sort-of like any other pony would. In red state, Digital may be aggressive and mean. In green state, Digital will be kind. In yellow state, Digital will be very cautious and very skiddish. In orange state, Digital isn't predictable as it will glitch. In gray state, it does nothing. Literally... nothing.

Spells: The spells that Digital Hazard knows will vary widely each role play and are randomly determined during the role play planning stage (they'll be posted). Digital Hazard shall never know / be able to use more than 3 to 5 spells in a role play, and almost all spells will have limitations and drawbacks.

States / Modes: Digital Hazard has seven states that it can be in. The state Digital Hazard is in is reflected by the cyborg's body, mane, and tail colors. The colors are created using internal lights inside the cyborg.

-Blue state: Normal. In this state, Digital Hazard is not a threat. It may be planning some sort of attack though, so even though it may be in a normal state, don't think it is not plotting attacks. Its defenses and spell strength aren't very elevated in this state.

-Red state: This is the most dangerous of all its states. This state reflects the fact that Digital Hazard is in the process of executing an attack and can be highly dangerous. In this state, Digital's spells are at their strongest, but not necessarily its defenses. So sometimes Digital must use a spell in order to protect itself, if it can.

-Green state: In this state, Digital Hazard is on the good side. Sometimes, Digital Hazard will be on the good side in order to protect itself and others from threat. Usually when it does this, it's because if Digital didn't, then its strength and health would be at jeopardy. Sometimes Digital may also go to the good side in a sneaky plan to gain trust so it can execute a planned attack with more potential damage.

-Yellow state: Digital Hazard will go into this state when it feels threatened. In this state, Digital's defenses (meaning its senses, reflex times, stealth, etc.) are higher than normal.

-White state: In this state, Digital Hazard is under the control of another pony. There is no telling exactly how a pony can control Digital Hazard, and it varies constantly.

-Orange state: In this state, Digital Hazard is malfunctioning, which puts it at high risk of danger.

-Gray state: Digital Hazard is disabled and does not do anything when in this state.

How role plays work with Digital Hazard (only applicable when I create the role play): Digital Hazard comes from a supercomputer infected with the CIH virus, located inside a factory in the Badlands of Equestria. Inside this supercomputer are teleportation pods which, when a pony enters, "digitizes" the pony into a virtual world known as Leon's Matrix. This is the virtual world where most of CIH's activity takes place and where ponies can get the most benefit with regards to defeating CIH.

Sometimes, it is required for a pony or ponies to go into this virtual world in order to stop one of CIH's attacks. In order to do this, the ponies must go to the Leon's Matrix and find the activated CCU dome (which will be red, while others would be blue or some other color). The pony must then enter the dome in order to stop the CIH attack. This will then cause all ponies to return back to Equestria with the attack stopped.

When in Leon's Matrix, the ponies must be careful because inside the virtual world are creatures willing to destroy the ponies (and send them back to the factory unable to return to the virtual world until after the attack is stopped). The creatures will either fight in combat, give the ponies a task to complete, defend a dome, or do other things. The ponies must use weapons, spells, and their talents in order to defeat the creatures to get to the activated dome.

Sometimes the ponies will be able to collect power-ups and such inside the virtual world, aiding them in stopping the CIH attack or aiding in getting more info on how to destroy the CIH virus. Domes colored green may provide such thing and, when entered, gives the power up.

A dome may also be white, which when entered would give the pony temporary control of Digital Hazard. The way this works is that the pony will "enter the body of Digital Hazard" (causing it to turn to the white state). Once the control is finished, the pony will end up back in the dome and Digital Hazard will regain control of itself.

>>>When a role play will involve the virtual world, a map will be provided in the role play of the virtual world providing the terrain layout, location of the domes, color/state of the domes, and other useful information. Please note this all changes from role play to role play. Additional information and/or maps may be provided when needed.

When Digital Hazard joins a role play I did not create, everything regarding the supercomputer, factory, CIH virus, etc. are usually not applicable, and Digital Hazard is only there to be a villain.

Please comment your thoughts and opinions on this OC below. It is greatly appreciated!

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