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Macintosh (cast, Tier 2)


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Role Play Type: Canterlot Chronicles.

Name: Big Macintosh

Gender: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Earth Pony

Eye colour: Green

Character colour: Red

Mane/Tail/Other: Orange mane and tail, cut typical stallion short

Physique: Bigger than most stallions, muscular and has wide hooves

Residence: Sweet Apple Acres, Ponyville

Occupation: Farmer. Helps harvest apples and plows fields

Cutie Mark: Green apple half.

Unique Traits: Often seen wearing a horse collar even when he's not using it to pull things.


Despite his large stature now, Big Macintosh was at one time a small colt. After mom and dad left and Granny became the leader of their small but faithful family, Big Mac and his two sisters learned from there on how to be independent more so than they were and how to achieve your dreams, even if the world seems to push against you.

Throughout the seasons, Big Mac learned to be patient with himself. Despite his oldest sister Applejack being younger than him, she kept up with him in size for several years while they were both young. Along with his lack of growth spurts, Big Mac was also the last one in his class to recieve his cutie mark.

His cutie mark ended up being not so surprising, an apple half to add to the collection of apple varieties that were magically painted on the Apple family's haunches. How he got his cutie mark, however, was more interesting and peculiar. In an exciting event in which young Applejack was going against Granny Smith's rules about wandering the orchard alone at night, Big Mac took it upon himself to go and rescue his disobeying sister, only taking a flashlight with him. Out in the dark orchard, the endless rows of trees started to become disorienting. Searching for what felt like hours, he finally spotted his sister in the northern section, up to the tree line of the Everfree. Applejack was standing still, and as Big Mac approached, he saw a large intimidating timberwolf standing in front of both of them. Applejack was shrunk with fear. Big Mac was also scared, but he could not let any harm come to him or his sister.

Without saying anything, he threw down the flashlight and started walking up to the timberwolf. In an impossible attempt at fighting it off, the light from the flashlight hit Big Mac and displayed a large shadow of the red earth pony colt on the rocks next to the timberwolf. The timberwolf took one look and started to cower, being tricked into thinking that the shadow was coming from something much larger than itself. And with a small whimper, the timberwolf disappeared back into the Everfree.

When Big Mac and Applejack returned to the barn, Big Mac was revealed to him his cutie mark. The apple half was symbolic of two things. The large apple representing the presence Big Mac has in this family, and the seeds inside the apple half, representing that big things come in small packages.

The following summer, the same summer that Applejack left to find her destiny in Manehatten, Big Mac experienced a growth spurt. Finally, Big Mac started gaining his size he felt he was worth, and over the next couple years came to the size he can be seen today. He towers over most ponies, but his demeanor is never intimidating. He has been talked about around Ponyville as being a very eligible bachelor, but Big Mac refuses to show his direct interest in such things. Not yet anyway.

One time, his kid sister and her friends tried to get him a date with Cheerilee using a love potion. After he came back after the spell was broken, he learned that he went absolute bonkers for Cheerilee, buying him an expensive diamond and destroying several parts of buildings in Ponyville in his unstoppable attempt to see his bride-to-be. Big Mac and Cheerilee are definitely friends. There is always a rumor that it might be something more, but Big Mac is not talking about it.

Big Mac is an official singer in the pony tones. His role is Bass and always brings the lower end of musical performances. During a shouting match against Pinkie Pie, he lost his voice and was required to be replaced temporarily. As it would happen, Fluttershy would help replace his voice but Big Mac would remain on stage lip syncing to her words.

Character Summary/Personality:

Big Mac has an introvert personality type. He enjoys the simpler things and likes to be left alone for the majority of his day. His family and his farm take priority in everything he does, and even has trouble trying to relax outside of his duties, something almost all Apples have an issue with. He is shy around mares who seem to be attracted to him. Most times, he has no problems communicating with typical members of Ponyville, but try to force a conversation between him and a hopelessly romantic mare, and he will show you how fast he can run. Big Mac enjoys fixing things that are tactile. If it's made of wood and is put together using nails and a hammer, chances are he can do the job.

Big Mac doesn't talk very much. But when he does talk, what he says is often something of importance. He takes joy in answering yes/no questions as they are the least complicated to respond to. He is not afraid to speak his mind when he is angered or in a state of desperation. His thoughts rule his mind and only when he has a complete thought does he vocalize it. His young life of waiting for a growth spurt and waiting for his cutie mark have conditioned him to be patient. And he shares his patience with his words and his actions. He is a very gentle stallion.

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