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Donut Ringers!(open)


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Pony Joe couldn't resist the chance to go to the Crystal Faire! He had decided his excuse to close his shop would be the chance to advertise himself in the Crystal Empire. Who knew? Maybe someday he would turn his coffee and and donut shop into a franchise. The unicorn had spent a couple days getting ready for the journey, packing various supplies into his traveling cart. He had everything he needed. Donut mix, frying oil, fillings, toppings, and of course his coffee brewers. He could make donuts in the cart, fresh and hot, with smell that would draw ponies from all over the faire! At least he hoped so.

The unicorn now trotted down the aisle of stalls, pulling his cart behind him. Set up included making a little game at the side of his cart. It included some stakes of various colors and a colorful sign:

Throw and ringer and win a custom donut of your choosing and got mug of Joe's famous coffee!

1 bit for three rings!

Custom donuts 2 bits each, famous coffee a bit a mug!

If a pony was to win they could have a donut fried up fresh with their choice of fillings and toppings and a hot mug of coffee or hot chocolate! If they didn't want to play they could still have a donut and coffee for a couple bits. He hoped the stand would advertise his coffee shop, help him sell some fresh donuts, and of course make the carnival goers happy!

Joe began to fry up a batch of delicious donuts as he waited for a customer. The delicious smell of frying donuts wafted about, mixing with the enticing smell of fresh brewed coffee. His stall was off and running! All he had to do now was wait for a customer...

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Flim and Flam had decided to take some time off from their, money making ventures, and come to relax at the Crystal Faire. The unicorn brothers were walking along the way when they caught the unmistakable smell of fresh donuts.

"Do you smell THAT, Flam?"

"You bet I do, Flim! That aroma!"

"Sheer heavenly delight! We must find the source!"

"Time to follow our noses, dear brother!"

Flim and Flam galloped on, following the wonderful scent until they arrived at Pony Joe's cart. The twin unicorns smiled widely as they read the sign.

"Ah, so this is a game, and the prizes are donuts and mugs?"

"Brilliant! I like this idea, Flim!"

"As do I, Flam! Sir, my brother and I wish to participate in this grand activity!"

"Indeed! How do we get started?"

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Pony Joe looked up from his donut frying job to see the brothers Flim and Flam standing before his cart. His first customers had arrived! He turned from the donuts to let them get crispy and introduced his stand.

"Hello there! The name's Donut Joe, just call me Joe. To get started with the game you can pay one bit for three of these rings." He indicated three brightly colored rings that resembled donuts. "If you get one around one of these stakes," He indicated the stakes he had set up near by. "You win a donut and a mug of coffee! In fact, you get one custom donut for every ringer you toss! Just one coffee per pony though." He winked. "The coffee's too good to be givin' out too much too quick!"

He used his unicorn magic to bring the donut shaped rings near. "So, you ready to play?"

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Flim and Flam smiled widely as the brothers broke out into song.

"Oh this game's a wonderful thing!"

"Win a mug by tossing a ring!"

"And you win a donut too!"

"It's a sporting thing to DOOOOOOO!"

Finishing their dance, Flim picks up one of the rings.

"I'll go first, Flam!"

"Got you covered, Flim!" Flam said placing a bit on the counter before pointing up into the sky, "oh look Joe, a turtledove!"

As his brother attempts to distract Joe, Flim uses his magic to place a ring on one of the stakes.

"Oh what luck! A ringer the first time!"

"Well done, Flim! Try again!" Flam neighed before pointing over to a nearby tree, "isn't that odd, Joe? Looks like a dove turtle over there!"

Once again, during the distraction, Flim floats a ring over another one of the stakes.

"Tally ho! I score again!"

"You are on a roll dear brother! Toss your final ring!" Flam said, pointing up into the air once more, "Egad! Are those fish tracks I see in those clouds?"

For the third time, Flim lands a ring on the stake during the distraction.

"By Gadfrey! Another ringer!"

"That's a steady hoof, brother! Let's see, that's three free donuts and one free mug with coffee! I'm loving this game already!"

"As our host is giving me my prizes, Flam, you should take a turn at it!"

"Great idea, brother of mine! Joe, three more rings, if you please!"

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Joe had the distinct feeling that something fishy was going on. This was confirmed by the notion of seeing fish tracks on a cloud. Sure enough he knew he saw the aura of unicorn magic being used when he turned to look at the cloud. Still, the donuts were coming from surplus stock and he had gotten a good enough deal on having the mugs made up. They all read "Fill Er' Up Joe!" And had his coffee shop's logo printed on them. Giving them away was advertising his shop for free. He could see no harm in the brothers playing in a less than sportspony like way for a couple rounds. He did hope that others might show up soon though. The unicorn hated to think these too might deplete his resources too much.

He slipped the bit into his change pouch and put three more rings out for the second brother.

"Great shots from you there!" He smiled and called out to Flim. "Let's see if your brother can do as well as you!"

"Now, what'll it be for your donuts sir?" He nodded to the huge assortment of donut toppings and fillings on display in the front of his cart.

(feel free to make up whatever toppings you think Joe might have :) )

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As Flim was grinning, winking to his unicorn brother to pull the same 'trick' again, Flam waved it off.

"Please Mr Joe and dear brother of mine, watch as I try my own skill at this challenging game," Flam announced, taking one of the rings in his front hoof and giving it a toss, completely missing all of the posts.

"At hem! Flam, perhaps I could lend you some, moral support," Flim said, his unicorn horn giving a quick flash.

"I have all of the, support, I need, Flim," Flam said as he took aim with the next ring, and misses again. "One more try!"

This time, Flam's tossed ring landed true, over one of the posts.

"There you are, dear brother of mine, you scored!" Flim neighed before turning to Pony Joe, "Now, for my three free donut toppings.."

"Y'know Flim, perhaps eating three donuts will weigh heavy on you. Remember, mom always told us to eat in moderation, right?"

Flam's words were stinging to his brother. It was clear Flam had second thoughts about tricking Pony Joe the way they had earlier. Flim could see the point, and turned towards the baker pony.

"My brother makes an excellent point. I only want one of those donuts, with honey glaze on it if you please."

"One honey glazed donut for me as well, Mr, Joe," added Flam who now wore a smile of satisfaction.

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