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Saddle Arabia (Outlands)


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Saddle Arabia - The Exotic Land of Horses

Southwest of Equestria, and directly south of Maretonia sits the land of Saddle Arabia. This land is inhabited by horses, a species closely related to ponies, but lacking any magic in them. The land, where merit decides all, is steeped in curious history, traditions and discovery.


Cities of Saddle Arabia

Dufly - A city of tall towers, populated by many griffons

Gallopoli - A busy commerce hub, known for its many ports.

Wakr - A mining city, important in the gem trade

Manephis - The capital of Saddle Arabia, a vast city built all into one gigantic palace.

Saddlelon - A city built in far ancient time, that still bustles with life. Knowledge is valued here above all else.

Other Features

Puerto Aguila - A lawless island with a long and turbulent history, often serving as a hideaway for pirates.

Pharoah's Vale - A valley filled with ruins and pyramids that are an ancient wonder to behold, owing to the long history of the region.

The Great Desert - A vast desert which takes up much of the Saddle Arabian continent.

The Petite Desert - A smaller desert in northeastern Saddle Arabia.

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