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Even Pets Need Attention (OPEN - See OOC First)

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Java Sun

Sine's Appearance



It’s a beautiful day in the spring season of Ponyville. Flowers had blossomed. Trees had leaved. And the birds were chirping away in an immaculate chorus. Many animals had just recently came out of hibernation. And many ponies were out and about enjoying their days in fields of flowers and tall grass.


Among them was Java. After several disastrous events, stress had begun to pile up on his nerves and caused him a mental melt down. Twitches were beginning to occur. Nightmares became frequent. And even his already horrible sleeping regime had become non-existent with the effects of reoccurring nightmares. Already a bad sign for a buck on the verge of insanity. The fiasco during hearts and hooves day had also had its effects on the stallion. In fact, it wasn’t after some things that really didn’t need to be said, and the note passed on by a prince that he went to go see his doctor.


And… finally, for once in his life, Java took the doctors recommendations. Take off from work, kick it back, relax, avoid stressful and to checkup regularly. All expressed under the concerns of a doctor.


And that brought him here with his feline companion, Sine! The two were frolicking along together happily through the flowers and tall grass while playing a game of keep away with a Frisbee. Sure, many ponies would make the argument to him that he shouldn’t be here. That it would likely cause him to go clinically insane. Or possibly give him an ulcer. But to Java, this place was very relaxing for one reason. Carefree.


Yes… he admired the rustic quality that Ponyville had, like many other proper Canterlot ponies. But not because it’s a simpler life. But because it was less monotonous. A quality he envied.


Java laughed loudly around the firsbee in his jaws as he felt his feline friend land on his back, and wrap her legs around his neck. Her teeth had sunk playfully in his ear, though it still hurt. The Stallion let out a help and began to thrash his head about trying to shake the cat off.

Sine however, remained quite vigilant. Her claws had sunk into the buck’s fur, and now she was nipping wildly along his face. His thrashing didn’t even prove to be a challenge for the large and lanky feline. And eventually, her persistence had been awarded with Java surrendering to her will.


The stallion quickly snapped his head back while he reared up into the air. His fore hooves kicked wildly as he spun his head back around, launching the disk high into the air and away.

Delighted, Sine let out a predatorly, “YAR!” With one mighty lounge, she launched off of her master’s back and pursued the bright flying orange plastic disk.

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For a moment, Wind Wisher had begun to question her judgement in taking the train just to get to Ponyville from Canterlot. She did so hate to overwhelm her dear birds with too many new sights and sounds, and indeed the only way for the trip to pass quietly had been to keep a blanket draped over the cage. Plus, in hindsight, she felt a little ridiculous for having paid to be carried such a relatively short distance. On the other hand, she wasn't sure she'd feel much more comfortable--if at all--trying to carry or balance the cage on her back while flying there on her own. Long distance flights were one thing when she was by herself; trying to do the same while burdened with two other little lives, though...


In any case, she was finally here, and already she felt a little better for the absence of clunky train noises and small compartments. No doubt her darlings would perk up, too, once they got a taste of some good, proper nature! It didn't take long for the pegasus mare to find herself at the border of a grassy, tree- and flower-sprinkled park, occupied at the moment by another pony playing fetch and retrieve with his own pet over at the other side. Heading straight for the shade of a tall elm, Wisher set the cage down and gently tugged the blanket off halfway, allowing her to open the hatch a ways for the pair of canaries perched inside, blinking rapidly in the sunlight. 


"Here we are, my dears. Go ahead and get your bearings, and then feel free to venture out when you feel bold enough. I'll be here keeping watch." Wisher cooed and trilled at the birds a little more to calm them down as she spread the blanket out for her to lay down comfortably on. She shifted and spread her wings out languidly to take in the breeze, giving a contented sigh as she let her attention wander to the environment around her. What a gorgeous day it was! 

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Glimmer laughed as she hopped here and there, her purple bow bobbing up and down on he head. She leaped and pounced, her little talons swiping and patting at a brown round ball that went this way and that. The ball itself wore what looked like a small little red bow. Glimmer giggled and grabbed the ball as she rolled onto her back and nuzzled her beak against it.


The ball then uncurled, and a little armadillo head popped out and then nuzzled its nose to Glimmer's beak.


"Awww, I love you too Lula." Glimmer said, purring as she hugged the armadillo to her feather cheek and rubbed against her.


The whole day was perfect. Sunny, clear skies and a gorgeous and quiet park to play in. It was the perfect place for a young griffonness and her pet armadillo to play. Armadillos had a lot of energy, and little griffons even more.


Glimmer rolled over back onto her feet as she set Lula down, "Okay Lula, what do we play next?" She looked down at the little armadillo with expectant eyes.


Lula merely looked up at her owner, before beginning to nuzzle at the ground and started sniffing and walking off. Glimmer giggled and followed after her pet, crouched low like a tiger on the hunt.


Lula continued to nuzzle across the ground, till its little nose bumped up against the leg of a pony, and began nuzzle the ponies hoof.

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Autumn stood on tip hooves, watching her pet fox Trill bound across the soft green grass. The orange vixen couldn't help but be attracted to the disk that somepony had just thrown into the air. The pegasus just hoped that whichever pets were planning on catching the disk didn't play too roughly. Trill was known to get aggressive if other pets acted the same way. She could heard the jangling of the bell the fox wore on its neck as Trill tore across the field to hunt down her 'prey'.


"Oh no...I hope she doesn't get into too much trouble. We just got here and all I need is Trill rough housing too tough with somepony else's pet..." Autumn was about to take off flying after her pet when she felt something pushing at her hoof. She looked down to spot the little armadillo.


"Hey there little guy!" The burnt orange pegasus laughed and reached down to give the little armadillo of nuzzle. "I guess I better return the nuzzle." She smiled and turned to see the armadillo's friend coming towards them.


'Hi! I'm Autumn! Is this your little friend?" She spoke in a friendly manner to the bow wearing griffin coming her way. It certainly was a nice day to be playing with the pets! She hoped she would get to meet lots of other ponies and as it turned out griffins today. Plus, Trill could use some new playmate.

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