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  1. The mare made a small nod in understanding to the stallion. Her eyes flitted over his form once more, inspecting him one final time before taking a step back and leaving it to the Prince to continue the conversation. The orientation will have to take place on another time. More specifically when the stallion looks more like a soldier after a visit to the quartermaster. "When we are finished here, I'll give you directions to the quartermaster with a requisition form. He will outfit you with a proper uniform and set of armor. Be that a simple gambeson barding, a breastplate and more. You will also be given your choice of one weapon of your preference, certain exotic weapons requires a certification for use. Of course if you have your own weapon, which my understanding is you do, you are allowed to use that." Her attention turned to the Sphinx now. She... did not quite have the ability to speak her language. And she doubted she would do much better if she could. "Do not worry yourself about how well you can speak. I can piece things together as we talk. And perhaps I in turn will learn a thing or two about your native tongue."
  2. The mare slowly raised a brow at the name of 'Tiger Blood'. That certainly did not sound like a typical pony name - most certainly not one belonging to an earth pony. The name sounded grim if anything. It was the sort of name that gives the impression to any sensible pony to grab a crossbow before they hear the damning phrase of 'Stand and Deliver'. And that would offer the mare some measure of both doubt and concern. However, if Blueblood had personally vouched for the stallions conduct by giving him an honored position, she will have to simply trust the stallion for now. The mare turned around and gave the large sphinx a slow bow. "Greetings, Niilavin. My appologies that we had not time to meet before. Perhaps when business is taken care of, we shall find time to speak?" With that she turned that almost perpetually impassive gaze onto Tiger once more. This time, her eyes shifted over the males appearance to take him in as a whole. There wasn't a lot she could tell that points to experience in the military. The male was far too relaxed. The posture lacked that stiff practiced regimen. And the details of the muscles she could see did not give her any clues to whether or not he had done the long march trainings that were standard. And so nothing could be immediately noted of endurance. But she will give him credit. The pony walked with enough grace to be said that he knows some sort of weapon, and likely had enough experience to back what ever training he had for such a confidence. Before speaking with the new recruit, she turned to her second and gave a nod, along with a very faint - hardly perceptible smile. "It is good to see you as well Dunder. I do agree that some changes are surprising... but perhaps not the same ones you are observing." She turned her attention back onto Tiger Blood and gave him one finall look over. Then finally said. "Very well... If you were offered a position by my charge, then I will respect his decision and assume that you have managed to prove your capabilities. The job details being a member of the Prince's honor guard. You are expected to act with dignity, and protect him from the standard harms. Jostlers most likely. Occasionally a pie turned missile. And occasionally that also includes the need to take a knife to the face to protect your lord. The pay is meager - but always ontime. You will naturally have a roof over your head, and will not need to worry about a forced march outside of required PTs. Your uniform will be a standard issue chainmaile, padded barding, with plate. You may wear this uniform in any configuration as long as the plate is in the proper location, and the uniform is undamaged and modified. It can get hotter than tartarus, and colder than a night in Stygia - and you are expected to wear it while on duty." "If this sounds fine to you, then we will go ahead and get to the paper work and necessary security clearances."
  3. The harsh sounds of hooves signaled the presence of a new arrival long before the doors opened. And when they did open, they revealed a pegasus mare of cream coat, and a sunset mane. A thing more handsome, than she was delicate. And that would still be an understatement. In fact, there would be little doubt in truth to say that she was more amazonian or literal-mountain, than she was pony. She was several hooves broader than most stallions across the chest, and still-yet many hooves taller than the average pony placing her at a colossal height to keep her in proportions that describes a mare on first glance. As if nature realized that they must make some sense of the mare's structure. She was gifted with a skeleton work of solid muscle that rippled under the coat of fur with a casual lift of a leg, and faded when it rested. One might be wondering how a mare so massive could fly with comically tiny wings? Nature saw to that as well. She bore proportionally sized, but comparatively massive and muscled pinions. She would not be flying gracefully or quietly like most pegasus. Oh no, she'd beat the very air into submission and glide with the efficiency of an eagle. Indeed, she certainly looked she was made of harder things than bone, meat, stone, and steel. The palace captain's uniform she wore still looked tight on her despite it being tailored to fit. And her mane was partly combed to the left. Partly worked into multiple ropes of braids with enough length to hang from her head, and those that were longer yet wrapped around her neck first once, the second twice, and the third - trice and left to hang down to her chest. Her face also seemed sculpted into stone. Not a permanent scowl like a hardened militant might have. But a strange mix of aloofness and attentiveness. And a buck to the face likely would leave it unchanged, and the poor sod who tried down two legs. And that would be assuming if she hadn't realized she has been kicked. There were also signs of recovering injuries. Medical tape that held wounds close together on her brow. Signs of shallow cuts on the cheek, snout, and neck visible only by the sight of uneven cuts in her otherwise carefully preened coat of fur. And bandage If rumors and descriptions were to be held true, and by the Star Burst cutie mark, this mare was no one else than the Captain of Bluebelle's Honor Guards. Star Crusader. A name befitting a mare who looked quite a lot like a fantasized-depiction of a paladin. And further rumors and speculation suggested that those wounds hadn't exactly slowed her down on her return from EPIC. Her gaze slowly drifted along the garden, taking in the sights before she got to moving. She moved with a catlike grace that belied her awareness of her size. She had no intentions of bulldozing and shoving her way through what ponies she came across. Though she could for some, she avoided stepping over ponies she past. Her eyes fell on the Sphinx with a hint of curiosity. This being the first time she had seen the creature, and fortunately she was informed about her ahead of time. Secondly her gaze fell on Tiger. She took in his appearance all together. Picking out details that might allude to his personality, and fitness for the Honor Guard. but did not display a hint of an opinion. That was likely already handled by... ... the second. The mare paused and blinked when her eyes fell on the third pony. She recognized the outfit, sure enough. The mare would have been alien otherwise outside of the getup. Star Crusader blinked once, then twice, and continued on to Bluebelle. She paused and gave a bow to the mare, and did not speak till she rose. "I assume the stallion is the one you spoke of, my Prince?"
  4. Machina left the armored stallion to his own devices. From what the stallion can gather from the rust and hints of arcane radiation… this is a moment best spent in silence and alone. Yes, yes… best to let silence be the song to carry on this vista for the stallion. After all, there were other things that machina must look into. Like the needs of his students. His gaze turned to Shifter who spoke up first. He listened carefully… expecting to hear the desires… only to get some unknowns. The stallion’s head slowly canted to the side in thought. Then finally he made a soft ‘huh’. “I’d imagine this one would be a tad more obvious to you,” The stallion chirped. He glanced behind himself towards both Hexxer and Bravo and then back to Shifter. “From the brief display of abilities you showed me. It seems your powers align heavily towards the tactics of infiltration and guerrilla warfare! Roguish things really.” The stallion chimmed as he now made his way towards the counter of the outdoors food court. “So. Logically, you’d want something that can assist in making your job easier by exposing a layer of synchronization. Anything that can help you gather information, cause confusion, or even help you break line of sight in a moments notice.”
  5. Machina froze when he saw the woman disappear. His jaw fell slightly ajar, now completely uncertain if he had blasted some poor pony into oblivion without them doing anything to deserve such a fate. His eyes quickly darted to the corner of his vision, checking the bioreader to see.... that the number of life signs were still the same. The buck!? Machina stood still in confusion. A small mental command forced his visor to reset to reveal.... the same exact data. The pony scratched his head slowly and turned his attention to Shifter... who was standing in the same spot as the maid pony. "Have more.... faith," The mechanized pony drawled out in growing confusion, even after his cannon had been slapped down to the ground. Finally, soemthing clicked. The name made plenty of sense. "Oh....." he began distantly. "OH! Erm! My apologies Shifter! I simply... needed... to make... things... look...real. Oh dear, I have plenty of explaining to do later" The pony coughed at the end of it and turned his attention to the new comer. He raised a brow when he saw a strange disconnect between a head and a body. "Ah! Now that is just cool!" The pony chimmed as he quickly scrambled to get a closer look at the body. He peered down to where the neck should be. "Unbelievable! The brain stem is completely cut! It shouldn't be animated, but it is!" The stallion laughed as he quickly snatched the body up and drew it closer towards the head. "My! I thought such things were impossible! But yes! As my loud and very confused power suited pony from another time has stated, you are indeed some sort of specter!" And then came the mention of dash and food at the end of Bravo's sentence. The stallion looked to the pegasus with large wings and hummed thoughtfully. "Tell you what! Before you run off on your way. How about I treat the whole lot of you to lunch while the custodians do some repairs? You'll love it! It's just right upstairs. Has a great view, great food, and definitely free! And..." The mechanized pony looked down to both Shifter and Hexxer, "That gives the two of you plenty of time to think of what you'd like to be equipped with! This is where you'll need to think very carefully... as any work orders after today will no longer be on a rushed priority, where you can expect to get it by the end of the day. It will be about a month's time... assuming normal loads." With that said the pony quickly rounded bravo and gave him a nudge to turn him towards the stairs, before heading his way up as well. "Come now! This will also be a good chance for you to prove that we're insane and the world isn't what we think it is!" The stallion paused at the door, and turned his head back to Bravo. His eyes danced over him for a moment as various windows popped up in his view, detailing information about the armaments he was carrying. "Oh! That reminds me. Feel free to step outside of that suit. And lock it. Also put the weapons on safety. I'll have the boys give it a tune up! It looks like it's in some rough shape and only jurry-rigging kept it alive." --- Assuming the ponies followed the partially daft mechanized one, they would find themselves steadily climbing several flights of stairs behind a chatty professor. It seems he took the time to treat this as a small tour, showing off some of the more secure areas that requires various levels of security clearances to gain entry. The laser labs, the arcane-mechanical layers, material fabrication. Etc. And then finally the staircase ended at a door. The pony casually pushed it open, blasting the group with a blinding ray of light. He continued on unphased, exiting the building to enter the rooftop courtyard of the laboratory just outside the Academy. As promised, there was a food court built into a raised section of the building holding a series of offices for the engineers and scientist. And just near the doorway he left, was a railing keeping the flightless from falling off the edge of the building while they admired the view. A brillian blue and clear sky overlooking the city of canterlot in all of it's glory. With flowing waters from the waterfalls, to nearly endless rolling green hills. From so high up in the mountains, many of the landmarks of equestria can be seen with a slight turn of the head. Ponyville, Manehatten, Fillidelphia, and Clouds dale.
  6. Once again, Machina had that arcane-holographic video feed up and hovering just before his eyes. He sat with a face best described as bubbling suspence with a dash of thrill. Oh yes… he was very much enjoying watching the fiasco go down inside his personal stores. Where maids were panicing just as one crystal exploded, causing a mass chain reaction to occur. Ponies left and right were being transformed or teleported elsewhere. Some were quite lucky and only became cats! Those of superior genetics that clearly identifies them as one breed of horse, found themselves transformed into a notable pedigree, while other’s became the offbrand domestic shorthair. Some ponies… were transformed into potted plants that wavered and paniced like there was some unseen wind. A few very unlucky ones… were transported to the astral plain temporarily, then back screaming as they tried to run away from some unknown horror just to be transported back, and back again. The true icing on the cake to such a display of entropy that would do Discord proud, was watching shifter battle a cat. Why it was simply exciting! The mechanized pony had watched plenty of spectacles in his entire career! Super heroes fighting giant monsters, super heroes fighting super villains. But never has he saw a Super hero go toe to toe with a cat, and get her arse absolutely smashed! And oh was Machina howling and cackling like a mad stallion as he observed remotely. "You're doing great Shifter! Oh! While you are at it, please be thinking of what you'd like for me to design for you! I can't forget why you're here now," The stallion chirped happily over the lab's intercom. Though sadly, the show would have to wait. The feed disappeared just as he heard Platinum speak to himself. The stallion still coming down from his hysteria, waited till he was now at a giggle before speaking. “Oh yes… yes… he’s not from our world. Or… universe… or… timeline. Something like that?” The pony snickered a bit, "Platinum, you've put me on the spot when I barely had time to figure out what's going on!" The stallion’s gaze returned to Bravo, and looked his armor over once more. The hardlight scan visor returned to Machina, and one again displayed the many different documents and data it created. “Yeeaaah… looks like the tech diverged somewhere in the past… and it made him! The stallion from the sort-of feature that could-of-would-of and probably shouldn’t-of happen. It happened for some inexplicable reason. So the could-of would-of timeline's tech changed... and I guess a bunch of would-of could-of military factions popped up like this Enclave Bravo just mentioned. So, things probably got incredibly Bucked up beyond all recognition in this Could-of would-of timeline. And none of the theorized pardoxes happened... so I guess the timeline is like this giant bucking spiderweb made by a caffine drunk spider, that got bucked in six ways till sunday and made a tangled mess. So those individual branching threads are could-of timelines that wraps around other would-of timelines. And these could-of timelines are all different sized threads. And the portal I just made interjected somewhere down this line. And the sort-of would-of timeline produced this possibility... the oddly irradiated would-of could-of stallion before you named Bravo! Because reasons! I'm not the expert! Why didn't you just hold the question till you had a chance to speak with Dr. Whooves?” The pony reached a taloned hoof forward to give the large winged buck’s flank a light tap. “Now, he might be related to Rainbow dash though,” the pony chirped. His claw pinched the sides of one of the hologram screens and stretched it wide for all to see. It depicted faint signs of carbon from paint that was there previously. After a brief processing, the image rasterized the silhouette of the cutie mark. “Yep! At some point, it had that loud mouth’s cutie mark on it. Would explain the boss armor he's got on! Makes me kinda jealous... my power suit is no where near that combat ready. And I mean just look at it! Hydraulics, haunch mounted weapons, a bucking targeting system, a scorpion tail! And the best part? The armor! Tight like a glove, aerodynamic, rolls with the body, and lets you see those muscles! MMMMM-MMmmm~! Hides very little, but I'm sure the hero and villain adoring mares at there will love it! I know I do, and you seem to as well, Platinum!” Machina would have continued speaking, till he heard the footsteps appear in the lab once more. His eyes drifted off to the source spotting a maid… whom looked like she had gone through tartarus. But… it seems she spoke of a defeated hero. Oh dear… that simply won’t do. He was supposed to watch over the students. The stallion’s left leg opened up once more again. Various plates of the chassy pushed away from the main supporting structure and slid to the side to reveal a series of vents, both for intake and exhaust. Now in it’s energized cannon configuration, it quickly swung upwards from the ground and pointed in the direction of the unfortunate ‘maid’. Without hesitation, warning, or signs of mercy Machina fired the weapon. There was a momentary slurping sound as a bright blue corna flashed. Just as the weapon erupted a very distinct arcane discharge took to the air. A single resounding boom followed by crackles of electricity. Heat that couldn’t be contained in the heatsink supplied in his ‘ammunition’ bay was dumped out of the side. A ball of energy, appearing quite like a ball of lightning, tore through the air at speed towards the pony whom had just defeated one of his students. “Platinum, you should reeeeeally warn your maids not to do anything that would cause me concern. The students under my watch is definitely one of the things that concerns me,” The pony mumbled. He kept his cannon trained on the maid’s position. A new ball of energy charging and readying up to fire. Then... the pony paused. The ball faded as he tilted his head thoughtfully. "Wait... you know I don't get involved with villains unless they get reeeeeaaaaal dangerous. Did.... did I ever tell you the other scenarios I might get involved? I mean... I still won't feel too bad. It's set to stun... I think. I hope..." The mechanized stallion's eyes flicked to the side to glance at something that only he could see. "Ok. Good it's still stun! Been meaning to color code the blasts. Blue is a good kill color... as well as stun. So it's confusing." (( Sorry for the delays ))
  7. Machina clicked his tongue as he rose a mechanical claw up to his temples. With a small tap, the hardlight visor faded into nothing. He allowed that same claw to casually drop and hang uselessly while he regarded the invading Mare. The stallion began to crack up when she revealed her intentions. And further also revealing that she was at least smart enough to not go after something as dangerous as energized crystals on her own. “Oh? Careful now, love. Them’s some fighting words you’re blowing out with hot breath. And you and I both know I don’t play around in fights~,” The stallion laughed. His claws began to clench down on the stone, squeezing harder and harder till finally they crushed portions of the concrete wall and completely dislodged the cyber pony. He fell to the ground, landing on his feet with a solid ‘THUNK’. “I’ll have you know that we proudly do not have Janitors! Well… less proudly… and more on the lines of none of them have a security clearance…” the stallion then muttered something about also having some real rotten insurance. Damned “heroic” insurance is a scam… and the only plan available to him. Never mind that it barely covers anything. He shook his head slowly and plucked up a nearby potted plant. The poor thing had been knocked over, yet surprisingly it remained green, vibrant, and relatively unharmed. He looked up to one of the shattered windows in the observation chamber, and concluded that it probably got sucked in. His gaze turned to Bravo… who was in the meantime… was kicking his Mac Daddy to full drive. “Now then! As it’s free waste disposal. You’re more than welcome to help yourself to the crystals! Though… I hope your… ah..” he trailed off with his gaze turning back to Platinum Gem. “Maids… or… well some of them still resemble maids. I think one of them transformed into a cat! Oh yes, where was I. Oh right. I hope they have insurance protection for arcane influences!”
  8. The Grand Pegasus Enclave…. what in the hay was that? The first sign of the stallion’s confusion was his metal talons extending once he raised a hoof to give the back of his head a few scratches. He slowly shook his head with pursed lips and took a few steps back to get a better look at the stallion in whole. “I don’t know a Grand Pegasus Enclave… and I don’t have a brother named Gadget… I have a sister. But it’s not something you’d realize by looking at us both,” The stallion nickered. His gaze turned to Shifter while wearing a broad grin. “But you’ve not lived till you have tried toast cooked in an unorthodoxed way! But yes… I do believe you’re onto something…” The stallion hummed. Several holographic rings appeared near the pony’s temples, projected from small hardlight projectors hidden within the patch of synthetic skin on his neck. A moment later, and a full visor formed and looped around the pony’s eyes. The visor flashed through multiple colors as the pony began to rotate the rings with a talon. “X-ray… no. Thermal… no. Erm… echo visor… no. Blacklight… no. Infrared… no. Ah here we are, the scan visor~” The mechanized stallion chimed. With a quick tap of a holographic ‘button’ in the middle of those rings, the visor flashed green and then blue as it locked onto Bravo. At the bottom of the visor visible from both sides, one could see a tiny progress bar roll from one side of the screen to the next. Meanwhile multiple windows appear around the stallion’s eyes. Each window depicted some curious information, or an exploded view of the suit as a whole. More importantly, once it finished a single window appeared in front of Machina’s eyes with the final results. “Mmm… “ the pony hummed softly as he observed the readings. “Well… it looks like the experiment yielded some results after all…” He clicked his tongue a few times and nervously shifted between his prosthetic legs. “Now… don’t be alarmed. But the “Grand Pegasus Enclave doesn’t exist here… the largest pegasai military would be the royal aero-navy. That technology of yours is both years behind, and somehow up to date in some aspects. Common joke is that the military is always ten years behind. Well… you’re about fifty, but the efficiency of that battery? Twenty years ahead. And.. you got traces of radiation… and there aren’t a lot of places here that’s actually irradiated. Put it in short… you’re in another timeline…” The pony’s thoughts were cut short. The many hardlight projectors hidden in the synthetic patches of his skin quick flared into activity. Rounded, blue-green, translucent plates of light quickly formed a few inches from his body and rounded over to protect the organic portions of his body, and eventually bleed over into the mechanized bits. It was not his typical armor, but in a pinch it served its purpose, provided the pony doesn’t take too many harsh hits. His visor flashed red with the words “WARNING: HOSTILE ACTIVITY IMMINENT” written across the screen. There was a brief but thunderous roar that took to the air when the stallion’s prosthetic legs opened up around the hooves. A quick, discharge of tremendous energy sent Machina hurdling backwards through the air towards a nearby wall. He struck it hard, and allowed his tallons to cruch the concrete for a purchase in three legs, while the other was outstreatched. Several vents had been exposed, pumping out heat while a ball of energy grew in it’s talons. The pony was ready to fire it towards the attacker. But once he heard the voice, the ball disappeared. “Platinum Gem? Well I’ll be! Stand down everyone! She’s welcome here. A friend! With benefits really! We were once in the same bedroom, and here we are in the same lab. Long story,” The stallion laughed at his own crude joke. Wheter there was some truth in the benefits bit is unknown. It is a crazy, caffeine addicted scientist we're talking about here. He wiggled a bit, trying to dislodge himself from the wall… but to no avial. It seems the hydraulics in his talons have locked themselves in place. He’ll have to pry himself off, or blow the wall up a bit more. Machina hummed softly as a video feed appeared on his visor showing… maids trying to steal his poorly guarded, energy crystals. Crystals that have been stored with complete disregard of safety, and most likely incredibly unstable now. This will be interesting. “I almost blasted you through the my one undestroyed wall, hun! What brings you to these neck of the woods?”
  9. “Medical support is not needed. Machina’s biosignerature is stabilizing. Security… is not needed. No hostile threats detected. Extreme stress is detected from two parties. I would advise caution, but you are not heading safety recommendations.” Machina was completely incoherent. Despite being picked up, and thrashing his mechanical limbs against the suit with loud clanks, he did not seem to be able to see the pony in the power suit. Much less hear him. No, his pupils were like pin pricks gazing into a distant memory. They saw the past as it was, back when he and his cousins were quite competitive. Always competing to one up each other in technology, till Machina had gone a little far and ruined his body. But slowly, things began to fade and merge together. Bloody little stubs in his eyes had been swapped out for powder coated metal legs. He eventually calmed down. His screaming reduced to ragged pants. There was a soft click, just before the hooves flared it’s chassy into four extensions extensions. The extensions unfolded with gentle clacks into griffon like digits that flexed as the pony moved them. It took a moment, but the pony was eventually able to feel the artificial sensations from them. Not quite like a real limb that can feel heat. But well enough to not crush something by grabbing hold of it. “Mister Machina, you're gonna be okay. You're in your own lab...what happened?” “Uwhaa,” The brown stallion drawled out when he heard someone call his name. He glanced down to his side to spot a pony among the ruckage. He was about to say something. But there was a pause. Why did she look so concern? “Ah! Hello...er…” his eyes darted to the side for a moment, observing a floating text that only he could see through his eyes. “Shifter! Thank you for the reminder! And sorry for the mess! There was a bit of a catastrophic failure! We were experimenting with a new way to create toast you see!” The pony chirpped with a broad grin. “Ok… yes I am aware of how rediculous it is. And no that’s not why I just spent nearly six gigawatts of power, and practically destroyed the second most expensive chamber in my entire lab. It was portals! Portals to another world! Far beyond the reaches like no pony has ever seen before! Beyond the viel of reality! Except… as you can see I successfully created a tiny little sucking ripple in time instead… which ended in complete disaster. BUT! Failure is a step to progress!” The pony sighed as he turned to make his exit through the chamber’s door. Not that it mattered that he used the door… as there were plenty of holes in the wall. But he did not make it far. No, his nose bonked into something solid, metal solid. His eyes rolled up momentairly to see a rather dirty looking form fitting exoskeleton on a pegasus. “Oooooh! Is that a power suit!? I love it,” the pony chimmed with a musical lilt in his tone. He back pedaled and quickly began to skitter around the towering male to get a good look at him. His head dipping and bobbing here and there, and even brazenly peeking at the hulking stallions undercarriage. “I gotta say! You’ve got no reason to be here! You got yourself quite the rig already! A bit old school looking, but very reliable! Durable aircraft aluminum alloy, Hydrolic powered scorpion tail, Annnnd… an arcane power cell!~ Very nice choice!” The pony’s head quickly spun about to look to Shifter. “So! Who’s your friend! He's a down right buck after my own heart!”
  10. .:: Deep In Machina's Mind::. Machina was ‘conscious’ so to speak. Well, it was more accurate to say that he was technically unconscious as he was unresponsive, and burried under a pile of rubble and scuttled machinery. But he was conscious in a different sense. Instead of seeing the world as it was, he saw a world of artificial black. His body was no longer a combination of cybernetic implants, prosthetics, and organic pony parts.. But in this world.. He was completely organic. Like his accident never happened. The ground he stood up was dully lit up by some unseen night source. And there were multiple screens around him displaying error messages and system diagnosis. And just a small ways before him, was a orange female sphinx created by thousands of tiny holographic cubes that grew and shrank in accordance to her movements and an invisible grid. She was casually looking through a ‘window’ that was displaying live footage of the Lab wreckage. “Welcome Back to 'Hello World'’, Voronoi.” The sphinx drawled lazily. Her paws digits began to tap quickly at a keyboard starting up a reboot function. “Thanks, ARID! Looking beatiful as ever by the way!~” Machina chirped as he began to streatch his legs. Admitably, and regretably it felt good to be whole again. If only for a mere moment. Heck, he even began to explore his old body’s flexibility by lying on his side and stretching a leg up into the air. Slowly he brought it back behind his head, similar to a cat. “It’s so strange having actual ligaments in my legs again! It actually hurts, ha ha! Oh!” The pony quickly rolled over his back and back to his hooves. He began to quickly prance around like a giddy foal, enjoying the sounds of his clip clopping hooves, and the shock with each step. “What happened to the hello world I selected? I remember having something more interesting than this!” To that, ARID’s gaze tore away from the monitor to gaze around with a bored look in her eyes. “I apologize, Voronoi. I know you enjoy your fantasy world and games. However, I am unable to interface with the remote device responsible for the simulation. I suspect it got damaged. We are currently in my preprogrammed response to null-resources. “Welp! Bring up the screen savor then!” “Affirmative… Screen Savor’s loading…” The sharp tang of soap filled the air as thousands of bubbles began to erupt from the ground. Many of them were small. But a few were large and durable enough to lift a pony into the air. The stallion, as incredible of a mind he had, a mind that had forged himself a legacy in a matter of a few years… had reduced it’s self to the mental aptitude of a hyper active foal. He danced, leaped, lunged, and flailed in joy. His mad giggles echoed through that empty space for an eternity, forever to haunt the bubble filled mind of a flighty professor. ----- .:: The Waking World ::. The lab’s testing chamber was in ruins. Broken glass laid everywhere. Expensive looking machinery had been twisted, warped, melted, and outright ripped apart and thrown about like conffeti. And in some areas, the concrete and steel walls looked like swiss cheese as objects had been thrown through them at high speeds. Beside pony that was a new arrival to the universe was a rumbling in the rubble. Slabs of stone lifted and fell off a pile as Machina rose from his metaphorical tomb. His head turned one way with the whine of gyros in his neck. Clicked, and turned another way. One leg rose up, planted it’s self firmly on a large rock, and the next came to pull the pony out. If the robotic movements did not show signs of anything being wrong, than the unresponsive and dialated eyes certainly did. “Please stand by. Machina is currently indisposed. His cybernetic implants had desynchronized with his nervous system, causing him to lose control of his own body, send a surge into said nervous system, and forced him to enter a temporary coma. I am awaking him as we speak.” ARID’s voice echoed over the intercom. Despite the cold mechanical tone of it, it somehow managed to display warmth and concern. The air returned to silence for a mere moment. Something broke the silence. It started low, and quickly grew into a higher pitch. Just when it became unbearable, the pony’s body spasmed as arcs of lightning jutted from his body and licked along nearby metal surfaces. The pony fell to the ground, and began to thrash violently. His eyes loooked around frantically as his limbs scraped and tossed at the rubble. “OH SWEET CELESTIA! MY LEGS! I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS! WHERE ARE MY LEGS!” The pony cried out, unable to recognize his own mechanical limbs. A camera in the corner shifted, its lenses focusing on the voice of one of the academy’s students. “Please ignore the screaming for the time being. It is merely a side-effect of the re-synchronization process. It always causes post trauma anxiety. Scanning… you are… Shifter. Welcome Shifter. Shifter... be advised. My sensors detect that there is an unknown individual in the lab. Surveillance equipment in the testing chamber is currently... unresponsive. For your safety I recommend staying in the Lab's foyer.”
  11. Oh and what a battle of the ages it was! Two verocious creatures duking it out for the rights to claim not only their lives, but the lives of Blueblood as well! Only one of them seemed far more reluctant after engaging with the pony. The Pegasus on the other hoof, was none the wise of the creature’s sudden surrender. For she had managed to give the large ‘guppy’ the a horror show for its dentist, and even rammed both of her hind legs through its gills from inside its mouth. Now with her hind legs wrapped tightly around it’s skull and her torso poking out of its mouth, she continued to drill each fist into it’s snout. Fortunately for the large predator, lifes final act came and pass with swiftness. It’s spirit lefts it’s body and gently floated upwards to witness Crusader pounding away at it’s body. What was once peace, however, quickly turned to panic for the spirit. Oh yes… the mare took notice of the strange specter and quickly grabbed hold of it in an iron grip with both hooves. With a tug and shove, jammed the spirit back into the body and went back to work. She continued to pound the living daylights out of the shark until it went still. Unconcious or dead again, time would tell. But there were more pressing matters. She glanced up to spot a familiar pony floating just above herself, and struggling to stay such! Not wanting to give up her catch, she shimmied down the throat of the beast and jammed her hind legs through it’s belly, poking holes into it’s body, and her fore legs out of the gills. With a bit of wiggling she managed to push her wings through its body till she was wearing the massive fish like some sort of mascot costume. With a powerful flap of her wings, she created a strong current of water to help her ascend towards the surface and under the Prince. Though when she broke through the surface with her prize, she looked about with confusion. She swore the Prince was just above her. Her head dunked back into the water to look for the prince with a hint of panic. That was… till she was lifted out of the water and onto the back of the duck. “I…” she began pensively as she took in the sight. Her eyes glancing over the large rubber ducky in wander. “Thank you Discord. My Prince, you know it is dangerous to be in the ocean without a life jacket!”
  12. Crusader neither screamed nor cawed as the great cast from Discord had sent her soaring through the air. Teathered to a strong wire from the fishing pole, she came crashing down into the depths with a very relaxed expression. And when she struck those waves, her body did not yield to it like most others. Oh no, that salty water yield to her! It lept from the surface as if each individual drop was in a hurry to get out of her way before taking it’s place once more while she sunk. Was this fishing, she wondered curiously to herself. Her gaze slowly looked left and right, paying no mind to what would normally burn another pony’s puny eyeballs. She could see fish swimming all around her… but none were paying her any mind. What was it that you needed to go fishing again? Oh Bait… that’s right! She glanced down to the hook that was tied to her, and spotted a wriggling worm. She plucked it from the crook with both hooves and held it out cautiously to a passing school. Oh how still was she! She was like a statue… held aloft by only the underwater sea current and the fishing wire that teathered her to the boat. A few had their attention enraptured by the morsel. Some grew close… but they quickly turned away. Drats! Not even a nibble. Needless to say… Crusader felt disappointed, but not disheartened. She was sure the next one will be a conquest! She just needed to learn from her mistakes and try again when her next moment came! And came it did! For she soon found something blocking out the light around her. The stoic and gigantic mare slowly spun about with a flap over her wings to peek up at…. Large teeth. Teeth the size of many spears. And boy did each one look like they could punch through her armor anytime of the week! Good thing she elected to leave it at home. It’d be hard to explain to the armorer that she lost yet another set. But… she couldn’t dally on that any longer! She looked down to the worm still wriggling… and now screaming tiny little bubbles for dear life. The mare looked back up to the massive teeth, and pro-offered the little bait to see if she can snag “a big one.” CHUMP! And she snagged the big one alright. Only, it wasn’t happy with ‘just’ the worm.
  13. Ah, it is now finally the day where new heroes, and students of the Canterlot Hero Academy are finally getting equipped by the Acadamey’s local laboratory ran by Voronoi Fractal himself. Or more famously/infamously known as Machina. The reception hall just outside of the lab proper would have multiple students lined up with tickets in their hands of various numbers. And just above that door is a simple “Now Serving” sign with an electronic message of “Please Wait.” The pony at the reception desk was busy polishing her hooves. She’d occasionally glance up to see how the world would be fairing around her. And for every new guess, she’d gesture them to one of the nearby chairs after handing them a number. “Pardon, they’re currently busy in the lab, and will need some time before they can serve you. And no… I don’t know what in equestrian they could possibly be doing in there.” But what could possibly be going on inside the lab? Not a single person has been served just yet. And surely with the event being set up well in advanced, the lab should already be prepped? Well… for those who don’t know the mechanized engineer all too well… you’re in for quite the treat. Inside this very laboratory there were engineers and scientist all scrambling about as a testing was about to commence. Many of which quickly ran for the safety of the observation area. And there were a few interns watching this with quite a large amount of confusion! “Mister Fractal! This can’t possibly be safe! You saw the charts! There’s a large amount of energy in that crystal! And we don’t even know where it’s from,” whined one of the interns, who would likely have a better result in whining to a wall that it should stop being a wall. The stallion stared at the other as he spoke, almost not even quite there yet. And when he finally spoke, all he did was cant his head and drawled out in confusion “Mister?” “D-did you not even hear a word I said?!” “Oh! Of course I heard everything you said! I’m surprised that is even a…. oh wait. You’re new here aren’t you?” There was a moment of hesitation, and finally a nod. “Oooh,” the pony chuckled, now raising up to press his hooves on the certified testing cart holding said crystal. “You’re going to be in for quite the treat! Now! Do me a favor! And go into the observation booth while I do science without any proper safety equipment or measures! It’ll be perfectly fine! Or… maybe the poor janitors will have to clean me off the walls. Whichever is to come!” - Well… the worst came. As now the alarm lights inside the laboratory were flashing red and blue. A very simple code for “Things are all bucked up now, please panic.” Inside the testing chamber, angry, acidic green rift through time and space had torn open and was blasting the room with radiation and lighting. Many of the high durability safety glass had been ripped apart and sucked into the growing vortx, while it continued to destroy the room and the very foundations of physics! Machina who was holding on for dear life to an Eclipse Aerospace Laboratory Courtesy Bracing Pole told the harrowing tale of the events in his own words. Let us listen closely now. “WHAT A FOOL I HAVE BEEN TO IGNORE THE VERY CLEAR WARNING SIGNS ABOUT A POTENTIAL INTERDIMENSIONAL DISTABILITY AND OPEN A FRACTAL RIFT INTO A WHOLE NOTHER WORLD! WE ARE ALL FOOLS FOR PLAYING WITH THINGS THAT NO PONY EVER SHOULD! WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE!? WHAT HAVE I DONE!?” That angry rift was not amused. Nor did it care for Machina’s ramblings as it grew in both energy and sign. Until finally… it ‘popped’. What ever glass was not destroyed yet had been destroyed. Multiple heavy steel platings on the wall had been ripped off and flung everywhere. And the entire lab had been bathed in a blinding ray of light. For those outside of the lab, they’d feel the ground shake violently before the power went out. A few seconds later… the whirling sounds of fans in the vents kicked on. It was a simple metaphorical voice that proclaimed “let their be lights” and so there was. There was a crackle and a beep over the intercoms. A robotic sounding voice spoke as if nothing had happened. “Now serving… all.”
  14. ((Things finally managed to calm down for me! I'll be posting more often now! Sorry about dragging my arse!)) Oh did Crusader feel the siren's call of the singer. The voice was beautiful, and definitely alluring, but that wasn't the main draw. The previous conversation had brought a little more of the Goliath of a mare's mother out of her. And she found her eyes lingering on the Singer's flank for a few seconds longer than what might be proper. Realizing what she was doing... the ever so stoic Crusader quickly pounded those thoughts into submission and shoved its nose into a corner so it may think about what it did. She heaved out a small breath of air, barely a sigh, to the lord of chaos's comment. She could relax if she wanted to! She was perfectly relaxed right now! She just found this all to be incredulous! A colors of the sky and sea being all sorts of wrong! A queen that quanticizes how much fun someone is having, and enforcing it with an iron grip! And for some reason that blasted singer is getting louder and louder! It was practically drowning everything out, threatening to wash her away in a sea of emotions! Crusader stood still, smoldering to the ocean while her thoughts ran away from her. There was a twitch of a muscle... and then... a small eye twitch. After what felt like a minute, she finally turned her head to look to Discord to speak. "Which dip? A stallion decided to hit me in the face with a hammer the other day. I had to take him to the hospital after the handle snapped and the head bounced back into his snout. It was a well made helmet surprisingly..." the mare hummed as she spun about to get a look at her surroundings. Eventually, her eyes fell upon a set of fishing poles. With a hint of curiosity glistening in her eyes she clopped closer and leaned in to inspect them. They seem well made. Forged from sturdy metals, and using very strong wires! "Mmm... I always wanted to try fishing when I was little. However, my father forbade me from fishing in the lake. I do not recall the exact details... but he and the lochness monster never saw eye to eye. It was something about the monster asking for bits."
  15. Crusader’s lips pursed as her head turned to follow the sound of the master of chaos’s voice. She did not seem to react to seeing him now in a sailor’s suit. Though truth be told, she did find it curious to how he was able to appear and disappear wearing new clothing on a will. It did not seem very chaotic to her. No… she found it… strangely orderly despite how silly it was. “You’re either plundering or being the plundered, Crusader. Which will you be? It is a vacation after all.” Her head immediately recoiled back a few centimeters to this comment. Her eyes even slightly widened as her mind… probably misinterpreted what the draquiness had actually meant. Surely, he meant something completely different, and definitely not related to adult pony things! It’d be silly to think otherwise! However, her chin dipped down just slightly when this small thought had reminded her of something time and time again. She really was her mother’s daughter. She glanced to Blueblood, wondering if he had thought of something much different. Then she caught his eyebrows wagging. The mare quickly turned her head away, a preventive measure to ensure a dash of red hue would not find its way to her muzzle. Of course he would think the same thing. Sailors have been known for dirty slang, and thoughts. The sailor inside her special pony was no different! Her head turned back to Blueblood, giving her the usual stoic gaze that her face seems to be permanently sculpted into at all times. “It is not that I am confusing the Queen for a tyrant… I am just curious what sort of person this queen is to quantitize someone’s vacation… and the motives behind it.” Ok! So maybe she has some reasons to be suspicious! But, it was likely for the queens own benefit to ensure that her future customers will be better served! Like a survey… without a survey and some sort of big-sister who is always watching. She trotted after the stallion, up the gang plank. She paused for a moment when she realized that the wood wasn’t squeaking or splintering under her weight. There seemed to be… a non-existing… smile on her muzzle right now as the reinforcement did quite a bit to set her at ease. Her body played with it’s own weight for a moment. Bouncing up and down on the gangplank to further test it. Whatever wood it was made of… must have felled many axes before one of legend had met it’s grain. In fact, she was sure that if she peered close enough… she’d find tiny little notches that counted one and twenty-more. “There will be no plundering of sort…” The mare finally stated to Discord, her head turning to face him. She spared one final glance to Blueblood’s flank – who was busy showing off for all of the large stallions that were on the ship. She had noticed many looks, some of which were biting their lower lips. But she showed no signs of jealousy. Then back to the embodiment of chaos. “…such activities are… rather loud. It’d be unpleasant for the guest.”
  16. Crusader had made no attempts at stopping the staff from poking her broad chest. And the staff in question would find that her body was quite solid like a rock. The only signs of depression was her thin coat of fur, and even that did not give much. It was like the very fibers of her fur had been bench pressing on a daily basis. And Discord could definitely be rest assured that his explination did not put Crusader at ease. Her head lightly bobbed back when it was mentioned that even twilight did not know about this slice. Which did bring up that question… where in the hay are they? But… it was a question that she’d have to choke down and let it dissolve in her formidable stomach. They were on a vacation, and it would not do her or the Prince well for her to be stressing over the details. And it certainly wasn’t fair that she didn’t give discord the slightest amount of trust… despite his previous nefarious acts. She just sighed, and nodded decisively at her own decision to allow this. She just hopes it doesn’t come back to bite her on the flank. The mare then turned away from discord, to see the prince pointing out a nearby ship. It certainly did look impressive and well built. And there was a nearby pony that helpfully informed them that these ships were designed for larger stature creatuers in mind. That is certainly a plus. But… what threw the mare off more… was that there was a confirmation of points. And it was even backed by a queen. Just… what sort of location is this? “I am sorry… did you say queen?” The mare asked with a slight tilt of her head. If she was confused, she certainly wasn’t showing it with her natural good deadpan looks.
  17. Crusader’s eyes followed the soft grunts to a volleyball court involving males playing a game. Perhaps they were trying a little too hard to impress the dames whom were watching not too far away? Crusader couldn’t tell from their looks if they were impressed or not. But… she certainly was not impressed. Those perfectly sculpted muscles were the results of spending hours in the gym with the hopes of looking ‘hot’. However it was clear to her that none of those muscles have seen any labor that would justify the effort. No nicks on the hooves, no scars, tired looking limbs. Maybe she was being too critical? Oh well. But her attention soon returned when Discord began explaining how this island works. And one that made her quirk a brow were the mentions of points. She looked at the map with both brows now nudging themselves just a little closer. “Points of Relaxation? I… was not aware that someone could come up with a way to quantify someone’s….” She trailed off slowly. Her words fell silent as her mind began to work. Her jaw hung slack for a moment then closed with a snap. Her head craned over with the map as she looked the monarch of chaos in the eye. “… please tell me that Princess Twilight had nothing to do with this.” Crusader then looked back down to the map when the prince started speaking. Her head tilted for a moment, and then she recalled the last time they tried to go for a romantic night on a boat. Did not work well. “Mmm… before we do rent a sail boat, we should inquire about the ‘weight-limit’.” She then looked away for a moment, “er… I am unable to get numbers… as conventional scales will… break underhoof.” She then looked back to the two thoughtfully. “However… in case they are unable to provide one. I am sure we can rent a sail. Then either I or Discord could be the boat.”
  18. Maybe Crusader should be his strength trainer? With her as his fitness trainer, he will be lifting boulders in flight like he was a Chinook helicopter.
  19. Now all you need is a glowing cricket.
  20. Crusader… was at a very genuine loss for words. When she stared at the new world, it was a complete sensory overload that had threatened to light her brain on fire as it did it’s best to catalogue everything. Just like it always did when she entered a new place. Only this time… it seemed to be deciding on weather or not to overwrite… or to make a new databank for a whole brand new world. A world with a very strange color palate at that. One of which that forced her eyes to stare up to the green skies. They could only ponder what was causing the sky to take such a strange color. Was the worlds atmosphere completely different? Might not be it… they were still very much alive. “Annnd what mischief might be waiting in store for us, Discord,”The crusader hummed softly. Her eyes soon dropped to spot ponies coming to slip a ring of flowers over her head. Fortunately… there was no need for her to duck down. The other’s were close enough to her size that it was not an issue.
  21. Star Crusader listened carefully to Discord’s story. And frankly, things seemed to somewhat checkout. The keyword here is somewhat as a being such as he typically never leaves home without a plan for the day. And it was that plan that had Crusader worried. He may have turned a new leaf, but it does not mean that he has changed completely. What might he do with the young prince? Turn him into a frog? As much as Crusader would be willing to test that kiss, she was sure a spell like that wouldn’t simply turn over. “Benchpress with my eye brows?” The mare asked with a raised brow. It dropped back down as she shook her head, “No. Curl you with my tail.” She seemed to hesitate for a moment. Her tail wiggled a bit, and she made a mental note to exercise that appendage soon. Never know when you need to flagellate a nay-doer with your tail after all. “And if you must know my gardening is do…..” She paused again, her head visibly recoiling as she detected something off. When did he even… she shook her head. It was probably nothing. He’s likely an omnipotent being… only her thoughts were safe. Fortunately she wasn’t a mare to write things down in a journal. She kept all those nasty fanfictions in her head. Yes sirry. And when asked about the vacation. The mare thought long and hard. “… the monarch of chaos does have a point. You have been running yourself ragged lately. It would be rude to cancel your appointments… but I am afraid it will be necessary for your benefit.” The mare then tilted her head to give the stallion an inquisitive look. “If you do plan on taking this vacation, whom would you like to take care of things? P.Smith, or Sine? P.Smith is very professional and will likely handle things in a clean way. And Sine… well the wild cat appears to be incredibly efficient with dealing with difficult ponies. Or would you like to see if NIles is able to handle his own?”
  22. Most mares might have been insulted from being called goliath. Some may think it means they are fat. But to Crusader, it meant very little. It could even be a compliment. But she definitely knew that it is what it is. She was a large mare, no shame in that. But she still wasn’t put at ease by the creature’s smooth choice of words and mannerisms. She was still dealing with a creature of chaos, and one that had betrayed good friends at that. When her eyes spotted the pasta bowl being offered out she reached out with a hoof to gently take the tubberwear. One wing moved to crack the lid open so she could take a peak. Though she was greeted by a very rude ‘PRRRFTT’ noise and a gust of wind strong enough to lift her bangs and nudge her pony tail. The mare… remained with the lid open as the bowl continued with it’s work. It died in a few seconds… and for one more good measure gave her a final poot before ceasing. And thank faust the norm was not accompanied by the rude sound. But the mare? The mare remained stoic as ever. The way her facial expression had remained focused, you’d think nothing had happen at all. “It is spaghetti…”the mare finally said, informatively. Another hoof lifted to reach into her collar to pull out what looks to be a toothpick. She speared a ball, and popped it into her mouth. “… and meat balls.” Her lips pursed as she closed the lid. “Tofu seems to be the main substance. However other additives are there too for flavor and texture. Beans, beats, small hint of carrot, a little bit of sea weed. And I believe there are some nuts. Pinch of salt-kosure, pepper, and finally traces of rosemary” She slowly turned around to offer it to the stallion beside her. “If this is your work, well down Discord. I did not expect to see an amount of harmony in a master of chaos.”
  23. Secretly... everything is built on the back of flufflepuff.
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