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Vinyl Scratch/DJ PON-3 [ready]

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Role Play Type: Canterlot Chronicles

Name: Vinyl Scratch / DJ PON-3

Sex: Female

Age: Young mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye Color: Magenta

Character Color: White

Mane and Tail:
Both mane and tail are striped ice blue and shocking electric azure. This mare’s mane has some sweet style to it. She needs a funky ‘do’ to go with the sick beats she lays down. She styles her mane in a wave over the right side of her neck with jagged edges to frame her face. Her tail is kept in a similar fashion, swooping up off her rump and ending in the same jagged style locks as her mane.

Vinyl is no athlete but it’s not like she just sits around. She often gets her groove on behind the turn tables, serving as a fun way to keep herself in shape. Not that she thinks about it that way. For her it’s just letting the music take control! Kickin’ the rhythm and mixing sweet beats needs its own form of fit. Since she is often found in clubs and places where the party is goin’ down, she has lots of opportunity to keep her body in fine form.

She rents a penthouse apartment in west Canterlot. She has laid down several tracks that have been best sellers in Canterlot and beyond. It’s these records and her DJ profession that allow her to keep a sweet place to hang out and have friends over. The penthouse is fairly fancy though she keeps it in a homey fashion. Like her father, she enjoys the feeling of just being in a comfortable family home. She has lots of cool toys in the apartment including a full set of sound mixers and editing equipment. Overall, her digs are a pretty rad place to hang out!

Vinyl is a disk jockey by trade. She travels to where ever there is a need for a professional mix artist, blowing her customers away with her musical mixology skills. When she doesn’t have a gig, this unicorn is known for spending hours under her headphones, listening to beats and creating original sounds. She has her own mixing system where she can lay down and record her personal creations. Vinyl is renowned as a DJ not only for setting down the right songs for the perfect dance floor effect but adding in her own original sounds and styles as well.

Cutie Mark:
A set of bridged eight notes in black adorn her flanks. Her cutie mark is a simple and clear statement that she lives with the beat in her heart.

The unicorn earned her cutie mark by doing what she loves, laying down live scratch tracks that electrify the dance floor. It was soon after she learned her true love for scratching tracks that she wowed her first crowd with a sweet mix. She was so enthralled with moving the crowd and mixing the beat that she hardly noticed the tingle on her flanks and the appearance of her cutie mark!


Unique Traits:
Some ponies just have that accessory that never leaves them. For Vinyl, it’s her shades. Thick, black circular frames with indigo tinted lenses adorn this mare’s face. They were a gift from a long time friend and mentor. Though it is nice to keep her eyes shaded from the sun, time of day makes no difference for when she rocks her signature sunglasses.

Vinyl Record was born to two unicorns in the city of Canterlot. Her mother worked at a university in Canterlot as a music teacher, her father was a business pony. Though he worked in suit and tie during the day, in the evening he loved to relax in the family home and pull out his old guitar. It was indeed an innate love for music that brought the two unicorns together and eventually lead to the birth of an impetuous little filly. They named her Vinyl Record to combine both her mother’s love for the classics and her father’s passion for nostalgia.

Vinyl grew up with an infusion of musical arts. Her mother was able to implant a deeper understanding of constructing musical rhythm into her offspring at a very early age. Vinyl was able to recite simple scales before she had even learned to walk properly. Her mother was also able to introduce Vinyl to a wide range of music from classical to reggae and everything in between. Vinyl’s father was the one that taught his daughter about the heart in music. It wasn’t just inflexible notes and scales, music could flow as freely as water, in whatever direction your heart wanted to go. He didn’t so much tell her this as show her. Many were the days she would sit and listen to her father strum his old guitar after a hard day at work. It seemed all his tensions and cares floated away as he made the instrument sing. The combination of her mother and father’s musical skills was enough to stoke a great passion for the musical arts in their daughter.

Throughout grade school and into high school, Vinyl continued to look for the one beat that was truly her own. She had picked up lots of musical instruments, none of which were able to quench her desire to experience everything she could from creating sound. One day, during her first high school year, Vinyl’s ears perked up. She was on an evening trot through downtown Canterlot when a strange sound met her ears. It was off key, violent, and electric. It was like nothing she had ever heard before! Something in that sound attracted her like a moth to a flame. It led her to a club she had never been to before called “Electric Mane”. She had been to a couple clubs before on special permission from her parents, but she had never seen this one before. As she stepped inside, her whole body seemed to be filled by that same shocking sound. She looked over the mass of ponies that were entranced by the awesome beat and saw where the sound was coming from.

There was a lone mare up above the crowd. She was in a DJ box, illuminated by myriad disco lights and strobes, a light stick in her muzzle. Vinyl’s eyes widened as she watched this mare set her hooves to the disks in front of her, expertly scratching them across the tables. The young unicorn hardly noticed that her body had started to move of its own accord, swept up by the sick beats this mare was creating. She was instantly hooked!

She had to meet this mare that created the electrifying sounds! In the early morning hours, when the clubs finally shut their doors, Vinyl sneaked out of her house and hurried to catch up with the disk jockey mare as she loaded her gear into a traveling cart. The two shared a brief conversation and because of Vinyl’s intense requesting the mare, Dusk Til Dawn, agreed to try Vinyl out as a musical apprentice. They would meet at the Electric Mane the following night for Vinyl to watch what Dusk Til Dawn did with the turn tables.

Her training with Dusk Til Dawn went on through the rest of her time in high school. Vinyl went from watching her mentor to applying her own hooves to the task of scratching out the beat. It was a long process, full of tooth gritting and ear splitting mistakes however Dusk had faith in Vinyl. The filly had the method in her heart already, she just needed to get her hooves to comply. Eventually Dusk was confident enough in her protégée to give her a chance in front of a crowd.

Vinyl remembered that night for the rest of her life! Dusk Til Dawn got the crowd warmed up. She looked down through the sparkling lights at the ponies moving themselves to the sweet beats and now she would take control. She bumped up the base and set her hooves to the disks…and never looked back! She had never been to a dance club as happening as the Electric Mane was on that night!
After her first track was over Dusk took Vinyl to the side…

“I’ve never heard anything so sick in my life. You don’t need me to show you the way anymore.” The disk jockey winked at the filly.

“I-I just got carried away. I didn’t even know what my hooves were doing! That was by far the sweetest experience of my life!” Vinyl gasped breathlessly as the two stepped outside together.

“Did you see the dance floor? Those ponies loved your beat. I did too! You’re a natural on the disks Vinyl. And look,” She nodded to Vinyl’s flank. “I bet you didn’t even notice!”

Vinyl glanced back and there it was! Her cutie mark had appeared! “My mark! It’s awesome! This night was…I don’t even know!” She looked back at the club.

Dusk laughed. “You gave them a good show Vinyl Record.” The mare took a pair of purple tinted shades from atop her forelocks. She placed them right below the white unicorn’s horn as they walked. “The way you turned those tables tonight, I’m gonna call you Vinyl Scratch from now on. You’re gonna need these shades for your bright future.” She raised her eyebrows and smiled, knowing how corny she sounded…

As Vinyl’s skills improved and her parents let her stay out later, Dusk began to step back, giving Vinyl full control of the turn tables on some nights. It couldn’t be denied that the white unicorn was truly in her element. Soon she was running whole nights by herself, with Dusk Til Dawn proudly looking on. It wasn’t long before the two began running their own businesses. Vinyl Scratch soon became a Canterlot sensation, her skills at the turntables being unmatched. The stage name DJ PON-3 was quickly derived by her fans as her unicorn magic allowed her to scratch three records at one time. Vinyl had found her beat in life and she continues to groove to it each and every day!

Character Personality:
Vinyl is as unique as her beats. No pony can be equaled when it comes to electrifying a dance floor and making ponies move their bodies. She is a spark in the dark like the glow sticks she can often be seen swinging in the clubs in Canterlot. When she’s in the clubs Vinyl’s got the moves, style, and skill to impress the crowds. If it’s just her and some friends she’s down to earth, sensible, and quite caring. She very much enjoys her time with her friends. Being able to sip a soda and talk about life is the perfect way to rest up after an all night gig.

She also enjoys, and needs, her time by herself. When she hasn’t hooked a gig for the night, Vinyl often stays up into the early morning hours with her earphones in place listening to music from all genres and creating her own. Though she loves hanging with her friends, she doesn’t like to be distracted when making new beats.

Character Summary:
Overall, Vinyl is led by the music inside. Appreciating the musical work of others, moving her body in the club, and rocking a crowd with her hoof made beats, are what drive this pony’s life. She retains a respect for the art and science of music from her mother, and a desire to set the beat free from her father. This carries into all areas of her life. It gives her a balance that draws other ponies to her, plus she’s just plain cool. Her friends and family know her as somepony who will offer a listening ear and give the best advice she can. Though she is a fairly young mare, Vinyl radiates an aura of cool confidence tempered with a driving passion to find the music in all of life!


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