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Dark Core [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Dark Core (Real Name: Dawn Valiant)

Sex: Male

Age: Colt

Species: Unicorn

Eye Colour: Emerald Green (#50C878)

Coat: Charcoal Black (#333333) (Dyed from White). Often wears a Dark Purple (#25003A) cape with many a hidden pocket.

Mane/Tail: Red (#860000) scruffy mane with Charcoal Black (#333333) Tips. Red (#860000) tail, medium length, straight. (Dyed from Blonde)

Physique: Average height, slim runner's build. Perhaps looks a little malnourished to some.

Residence: Evil Lair near Froggy Bottom Bog.

Occupation: Lord and Master of All Things Evil! (None.)

History: Dark Core, the greatest master of evil to ever live, was born in the industrial city of Stalliongrad. His father, Translucent Shine, a well known foal's doctor and his mother Shimmering Veil, a wedding planner, raised Dark and his younger sister, Evershine, in a kind, loving environment.

At a young age, Dark then still going by his given name, Dawn, was a shy, self reserved foal. Spending most of his time either alone or with his sibling. This of course painted the future 'villain' as an easy target. All too often he'd find himself stuffed inside of lockers or upside down in garbage bins, and so running became second nature to him. Running past, over or in some cases, through obstacles in his way. His only real solace at the time was his reading. Comics filled with action and great heroes, protectors of the weak and downtrodden, poetry, novels. It was the only real thing keeping his hopes up when times were rough. Nearly every night he'd read something new, either with or to Evershine.

Try as he might to make other friends, few ever stuck around for long. Either they got their cutie marks and were too good to be seen around him anymore, or were just conning him in some sort of elaborate prank. It left him with a feeling of loneliness, one that just couldn't be shaken. One day, a turning point came in Dark's life. As he and Evershine were walking home from school, along the path they always had taken, a quiet path away from the hustle, bustle, and school ground jerks, the two were met with the sadly familiar face of one of their tormentors. Turning to flee with his sister, Dark thumped right into another colt. They were surrounded.

Dark was no stranger to being beat up by any means, and often just resigned himself to his fate when he was caught. But his sister had done nothing wrong. Huddled down with her, waiting from the oncoming beating, the colt thought of his comics for a moment. How there were never any heroes in real life. How no one ever came to defend them. It made him furious. He wanted to lash out, his horn sparking with magic, he hoped for something to knock their attackers away.

A flash of light and a heavy thunk, followed by some choice words by one of the colts, was what Dark received. Opening their eyes slowly, the two were equally surprised by the clear white bubble that surrounded them. The three colts on the outside fervently continued pounding on the shield and running into it, throwing rocks at it only to have them bounce back at them, stomping on it. All to no avail. Eventually the three gave up, spouting off about the two not being worth their time.

After he was sure they were gone, Dark relaxed, the bubble vanishing as he did. Sitting there in stunned silence for what felt like forever, the colt's confused daze was broken by his sister's excitement. Shaking her brother out of his stupor she poked his side repeatedly. He had finally earned his cutie mark. A bright silver shield in the shape of a sun. Most ponies would be excited about this, and it's not that he wasn't. But his bitterness still lingered. He wanted revenge...Today though, he just wanted to get home, before they decided to return.

When his parents found out about their son's new cutie mark, they were just as exuberant as Evershine had been. And in celebration fixed their son's favourite meal and desert. Even letting him stay up extra late that night. A part of Dark hoped that things would get better, now that he finally had his cutie mark. But of course, that was too much to ask for. The taunting and bullying still continued. At least now he had a way to keep from getting hit.

A while down the road, he finally had enough. Fed up with everything, the colt packed up his things and bid his family farewell. As saddened by his choice to leave as they were, they wished him the best and gave a tearful goodbye. Dark never told them the real reason he left. How he had come to realize that there really were no heroes left, that only jerks and villains got what they wanted. That he realized if things were ever going to change for him, he would have to BE a villain! Once the world was his, maybe THEN things would change!

And so now, living in a shack near Froggy Bottom Bog, Dark Core: Master of Evil, plots his domination of Equestria. His first goal? The sappy little town of Ponyville!

Character Summary: Dark is a stubborn and confused young pony. Without many friends or role models aside from his family growing up, the torment the other school ponies put him through left him with a big chip on his shoulder. Leaving him bitter and rather cranky.

His brand of evil is usually little more than harmless, albeit annoying, pranks. Things like water balloons, smoke bombs, painting apples weird colours, or the old whoopee cushion trick. But sometimes goes a bit more damaging, like loosening wheels on carts.

Deep down though, Dark is still a good colt, one who just needs some friends to put him back on the straight and narrow, and to show him that not everything is so black and white. Though this will take a good amount of time.

Dark's spare time is usually spent either sulking, plotting, messing around with Poison Joke and different plants of EVIL, or reading a few comic books. From time to time he can be found skulking around the Ponyville schoolhouse, sneaking in to take books on occasion. Even returning ones he's taken, though that's pretty rare.

Additional Info: Chiroptophobia (Fear of Bats), has a pet frog named Colonel Croaky that hangs around his lair.

Poison Joke Reaction: Turns bright pink and fluffy. Clearly the colours of evil

Font Colour: (FF4000)

Description of DC's Lair:

DC's lair is slightly larger than the average clubhouse, thought certainly not built professionally. It looks to be made from mostly 'scrap' pieces of lumber nailed together and painted black. It's a near miracle that the wooden windows and door stay attached. Behind the lair is a shower nozzle and a bucket. It seems the building was recently repaired to cause it to be a lot less drafty than it seems from the outside.

Inside the lair is rather barren decoration wise. A table with some potted Poison Joke and science looking equipment on it, a bookshelf next to it housing some Hydras and Hippogriffs manuals, some stolen school books, a copy of Super Naturals, and a large bound stack of notes. On the other side of the lair is a broken down sofa and some crates; some with apples and others with pelt dye. Near the back door to the lair is a small icebox and an oven.

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