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Great Ideas, Poorly Executed (Usually) - Toothpaste's Music Thread


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I make music. But it isn't even worth listening to. Why? Because its all done on mobile devices. Those things have really bad mixing and mastering abilities-- not to mention how bad I am at that stuff anyways.

So if you wanna hear my terrible music that I rarely ever post, go here: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCDWV9DkM2f3GUDl9iAVusVQ (and when I say 'rarely', I mean one release every few months. and let's not even get into the fact that I never upload anything that isn't already six months old at least)

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Okay I made a thing. I'd love to tell you what genre it is... But I actually don't have the slightest clue what to call it :,D

Too Much Cider by Toothpaste:


If you have a clue what genre it is, please tell me xP

Anyways, since the YouTube description is so fleshed-out and detailed, I'll put a few things here xP

I actually made this song over a year ago. Why haven't I posted it? Raisins. Sue me. But what I was going for was some kind of electro song by using sound effects and stuff, but I accidentally switched the track over to a piano, and it surprisingly sounded melodic in some weird way. So since the whole tune was a mistake, I just tried to make the song sound like a mistake by making it clip like nuts. So after amping it like crazy, I put a compressor over it to make sure that all the clipping wasn't actually clipping... Weird. After that, I just repeated the same tune over again with different instruments and threw a beat in with some weird ambient sound. And so it came to what it is now.

Come to think of it... It might be part of some kind of obscure subgenre of ambient music... Huh. xP

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I made a song a while back, and I was getting really frustrated with it. Sure it had a great and catchy melody (probably the best I've ever produced) and stuff, but I hated my inability to mix and master well.

I showed the song to some friends on Skype and asked for some tips/help/anything. Then a good friend of mine, Sights Unseen, was just like 'Dude, that melody is fantastic! We should collab sometime!'. I responded to that by sending him the midi for the thing.

Seensai (as I call him) added his instruments and his voice to the song, and then added even more melodies and even more awesomeness! (Of course, we both worked on it, but he did most of the stuff)

So here you go! A song about Scootaloo learning to fly! (Or if you like Fluttershy, it's totally about her as well xP)

Enjoy~ <3

Edit: Featured on EQD Music Of The Day!! Twice? Wot? xD

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I think you have a good ear for melodies. Too Much Cider was delightfully quirky. And that last song about Scootaloo would be great for remixing. You could make another version that's more fast-paced and electronic if you ever get bored. Either way, great job!

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