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[Lore Proposal] Maris, The Cradle of Inspiration


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Welp! I figured this as good of a place as any to plop this thing out. Having been struck with a creative whim the other night, I decided to jot down an idea for a new city. I though Prance looked a little lonesome on the map with only Calnais and that the fancy ponies could do with a bit of contrast. If there's anything that might need to be changed or tweaked around, I most certainly can do so. Now, without further ado...



Maris, The Cradle of Inspiration

Maris, a city of expression, of freedom, and if the citizens of Calnais were asked, a city of the uncouth. Maris is in many ways a sister city to the fancy metropolis, with beautiful buildings and a wonderful view of the sea. Where they differ though is their openness and acceptance of the 'folksy rabble'. If Calnais is where the rich go to feel richer, Maris is where the lower classes go to feel free.

Situated just north of the sea shore, Maris was founded by those who felt themselves outcasts of Calnais. Either not posh enough to fit in, or those from different homelands that found it to difficult to really conform to the 'Fancy' lifestyle. Most of them artists with new or 'outlandish' styles that just weren't up to snuff in the city of wine and finery.

This hodgepodge of cultures mixing together made for a wildly unique city. With architecture that melded both Germane and Itailian design, or even Traditional Prench with Canterlotian. Maris had its small start as a little city with beautifully eccentric buildings but grew to a bustling metropolis with its own distinct flair. Walking through the city today is like traveling through time. Where on one street you can see the olde time Germane-Itailian buildings transition to the unique buildings of the modern Maris.

Art is not all that the city of Maris represents though. At its core, Maris is a city of freedom. Divided into several districts, there's truly a place for all walks of life. The Artisan District holds the creators. Paint mixers, brush makers, blacksmiths. Without whom, many of the artists of the city would struggle. The Café District is home to a number of delicatessens and bistros that cater to all kinds, from pony to griffon to diamond dog and beyond. The Crosscoat Memorial District, named for one of the founders of Maris, is home to many of the city's oldest buildings, including the Royal Maris Opera House. Long rumoured to be haunted, the Opera House proves to be one of Equestria's most extravagant buildings.

While not as old as Roam, Canterlot, or even Calnais itself, Maris has given the world several amazing artists and is host to a number of excellent museums, dedicated to all kinds of art, ranging from traditional painting and sculpture to dance and music. Within the self-proclaimed Cradle of Inspiration, it's difficult to find somewhere in the city where there isn't someone practicing their trade. Painting the beautiful view of the sea. Dancing in the lush city park. Singing for the crowds outside a quaint little bistro. If you have a taste for the lavish without the coinpurse to match and wish to get in touch with your artistic side, Maris is your place.

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Hello there.


I'm sorry to say that we don't really accept user-submitted lore proposals. Officially sanctioned Canterlot Lore is something maintained by the staff lore building team. This helps us keep the lore more consistent and uniform and prevents the game world from becoming too crowded with new locations.


If you really want to work on lore for the site, I would suggest contacting the admins via PM and perhaps they might allow you to join the team. Otherwise, I'm afraid that that there isn't really much we can do with this. You are, however, permitted to make use of any location of your design in the Free Roleplay area.

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