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Name: Hodgepodge

Gender: Male! Pretty sure I am, yep!

Age: Uhhh. Months? Weeks? A number!

Species: Draconequus or so I'm told.

Eye Colour: Orange! Ooh, how did I do that thing with my voice?...Orange... NEAT!

Character Colour: Well let's see! My tail is black and white and stripy (Lemur). My left leg is nice brown (Ferret). My right leg is kinda blue grey (Diamond Dog). My left arm is scaly and kinda green! (Dragon). My right arm is soft and fluffy and white as snow <3 go on, feel it (Rabbit). My body itself is kindayellow (Pony), and my head is creamy but the fur on my chin and the hair on my head is black, so is this neat patch of fur over my left eye (Goat).

Hmm, what else? OH! My wings, well my left wing is all buggy like and sorta blue and translucent (Changeling), while my right one is like a bird's and has pretty sandy feathers with white tippity tips (Griffon)! And then my horns, the left one's tall and swirly (Spiral Horned Antelope) and the right one's like a spiral (Ram)! Boy do I talk a lot! But when you ask a complicated question you get a long winded answer!

Physique: Well I'm fluffy! My belly's kinda soft, I don't really get much exercise. Unless flying counts. But wouldn't that just work out my wings?

Residence: Oh, like where I live? Well I don't really have one of those, but I do hang around Ponyville a lot!

Occupation: Uhhhhh, next question!

Unique Traits: Well I'm told that what I am is pretty unique! Unless that doesn't count. In which case I can do some neat magic tricks! Like this one time I brought someone's carrots to life to do a dance. They kinda freaked out though. I can do other stuff too! I think...

History: Where to begin! A long long looooong time ago, and by that I mean not very long ago at all, I woke up and existed! The end. Or, no, not the end! That would be super boring and junk, let's not put the end there, how about To be continued! Yeah! Cus I've not done much stuff yet!
(AHEM Allow me to interject on Hodge's behalf. Mind you, the story of his creation is mostly assumption. It's difficult to say what really transpired, but this is the Guild's best guess. Chaos and Order, there always needs to be some semblance of balance. Like Light and Dark there is no one without the other. The Elements of Harmony clearly represent Order, while Discord's powers represent, well, Chaos, duh. During what we here at the Historian's Guild like to refer to as the 'Tirek Incident', it was observed that there was an imbalance, that Discord's powers were ripped from him for a period of time.

Now, thankfully the universe isn't so complacent as to let the balance fall into disarray and destroy everything, and so it sat about rectifying this, by creating Hodgepodge. Hodgepodge was meant to fill the void of Chaos that was left when Discord, having lost his magic connection to the universe, 'ceased to be' in the eyes of balance. Now, as everyone is aware, Discord's powers were returned to him shortly thereafter, and so the void was filled once again by the crazy Draconequus. Which still left...Hodgepodge. We've observed him from afar and well, he doesn't seem to be a threat to...okay he doesn't seem to be a purposeful threat to anyone. He doesn't even know what a Draconequus is, let alone what he can do. So now, we have a purposeless Draconequus wandering the world...I mean what could go wrong, right? - Agent Whiteout)

Character Personality: (Allow me to intercept this question and the next as well. For everpony's sake. Hodgepodge appears to be an inquisitive and friendly creature for sure. Although he doesn't quite understand social norms and what is okay to do sometimes. Randomly hugging or poking or licking creatures without any warning just because he wanted to. So far he doesn't appear to have any malicious intent, mostly curiosity at the world around him and what he is. It wouldn't be incorrect to liken him unto a foal in some ways. - Agent Whiteout)

Character Summary: (To summarize. Hodgepodge is a Draconequus of questionable origin, questionable prowess, questionable age, and questionable...well pretty much everything. He's friendly albeit too friendly at times and knows next to nothing about the world around him. Which could leave him fairly susceptible to influence from others. - Agent Whiteout)

Additional Information: (It has been observed that Hodgepodge has a rather strong love for mangos. On multiple occasions it's been easy to distract the draconequus with the fruit, him stopping in the middle of a ramble, staring at the fruit. And when asked to do something in exchange for it, he does whatever it might be without question. It's unsure at this point if there's any limit to what he would do to get the fruit. - Agent Whiteout)

Text Colour: (#F58025)

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