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  1. Yeah, okay. I went inactive. The things happening in my life calmed down a little....but honestly, I think I might leave the site for a while. Don't feel like explaining it. Any apps or the like that I have up can be removed. Sorry guys...I might come back again, but who knows when.

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    2. Avery


      Aw, that kinda sucks man. Hopefully you'll come back soon! But, take care of yourself, ya hear?

    3. Dubstep


      Hopefully you'll return to us friendo! There'll always be a spot here in case you return <3

    4. stormchaser1991


      here i will reserve this seat for you *goes to a computer seat and spart piant Hawkeye12 onto it*

  2. Hate to break it to ya, but there's gotta be at least one more. One does not simply have 9 OCs...it's gotta be 10. Also CT is so adorable gah.
  3. Going to be inactive for an unknown period of time. A couple weeks at the most. Things have been going on and getting progressively worse...ah, you get the point. Again, sorry for my inactivity. :/

    1. Avery


      Hope everything clears up for you. Don't want anything bad to happen to ya

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      Take care of yourself first. We'll be waiting for you when you get back.

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      Hope to see you back real soon!

  4. Well, great. I think I broke my finger...

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      Yeah, well, they're still good for typing the posts, s'all good~ It was just my pinky finger.

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      You'd be surprised how important the pinkie finger is. I would know I've broken it before...

    4. Lyipheoryia
  5. Yes, as the foals wake up a very evil chuckle can be heard in the distance... Will the goals have their memories of them being adults or no? I'm good with either.
  6. Ooh, I'll do this one! Since I never got the chance to be a kid in Foals at Heart, heheh~
  7. Zeig, you're officially dominating my avatars.
  8. Let's just post this status update that's totally not asking for stars in my profile and see if anyone does it.

    1. Zealot


      Have some stars, on me! :P

    2. Hawkeye12
  9. I suppose so. Just sorta did that to move the thread along, heh.
  10. Beautiful. Just...beautiful.
  11. Discord. And Shmooze. And I'm admittedly a Spike fan. And to make the Smartbrony happy...Gummy, all the way. Edit: OH! Steven is the best of the best as well~
  12. I'm still alive with my thing...promise I'll keep it more up to date. Heh.
  13. Whoops, I think I forgot to vote for episode 3, but oh well. Lesson Zero is the best. I think I'm going to go and vote for Daring Don't as well, for pretty much the exact reasons that Rarity said. I personally sorta like the fangirly side of Dash, even if she gets a bit overobsessed at times. Plus it had a good adventure, and headcanons were thrown out the window, and I just liked it. Luna Eclipsed is second, Applebuck Season is third, Bloom and Gloom is fourth, and One Bad Apple is last.
  14. As the ponies arrived, Discord decided that it was tie to deploy his completely fool-proof new spell. He could shapeshifter and heck, even flatten himself into Celestia's stained glass windows, so makining himself completely invisible wasn't too far of a stretch. He had done it a couple times before, but nopony had actually seen him...pun intended. But as he hovered around his marvelous creation that was the mansion, Discord noticed something strange. Two groups of ponies were gathering- one at the main entrance, and a group of foals...well, and ome mare who acted like a foal, gathering at the east side. The kids would be much more vulnerable targets he decided, and the draconequus quickly teleported himself over to where they were. He couldn't help but let out a chuckle as he watched - so playful, acting as if they had no idea what ever were getting into. Oh, but there was no time to watch. Entertainment came by doing, after all! But first things first, he had to make sure there was no going back. A simple spell, taking the shards of glass that was broken into and molding them together to form a window again. Certainly enough to get the foals' attention away from their all to idle conversation. They appeared to be in a bedroom of the mansion, ironically one suited for a pony their age. An unmade bed was placed in the center, with ancient looking toys scatter aped around the floor. Even a few vintage Wonderbolts figurines. There was also an open doorway, leading into the dark hallway that lay before then. Of course, everything looked as if it hadn't had a good dusting in a thousand years.Curious, Discord decided to see what they would explore first. He then teleported himself back to the entrance, making arrangements for what the stallions would see when they walked inside... -- Perhaps Blitz had been admiring the mansion for too long, but it wasn't like he had anything better to do before actually stepping inside. It wasn't until he heard the voice of another stallion that he had spun around to see who else had shown up. There was an earth pony who was doing the same as he just was, as well as one...no, two more Royal Guards? Well, one was a night guard, but still. Oh well, at least he didn't recognize either of them. "Blitz Trigger, REA comrade. I'm just here for the treasure." he said with a semi-polite nod. He wasn't wearing his own armor either, he never wore it unless he had to, so he at least decided to mention that he was a Guard as well. But standing around doing introductions was a waste of time, and so Blitz decided to stop standing around and walk inside. The place was just as impressive as it was on the outside - old, dusty, cobwebs everywhere. Some sound could be heard not too far away, like the scuttling of some sort of animal. Great. He just hoped he could find this treasure before the others. It didn't take long for Blitz to notice the different amount of pathways before him. To his left was a short hallway, ending in stairs leading downward, probably to a basement. That would be a good place to hide gold. Straight ahead was a longer hallway, he couldn't tell what exactly was on the other end, but it seemed like a big room of some sort. And to his right was a spiral staircase, quite the rickety looking one, but who knows what was upstairs. Blitz sighed, turning to face his 'party.' "You know what? I'll be nice, the first decision's all yours. Personally, I vote basement." There was a hint of sarcasm in his voice, but then again there always was. Still, if he was a rich mansion owning pony, he'd hide his stuff in the basement too.
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