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Shining Moment [Ready]


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Role Play Type: World of Equestria

Name: Shining Moment

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Crystal Pony

Eye Color: Turquoise Blue

Character Color: Palest blue

Mane and Tail: Mane and tail are both medium length and springy. Not like super curly, more like they have a lot of lift to them. Her locks are sparkling silver in color with tiny light blue sparkling bit almost like gems that shine and twinkle when they catch the light just right.

Physique: Shine, as her friends call her, is a little bit smaller than most crystal ponies her age. She is of regular build and moves with a gentle grace.

Residence: She lives in an apartment with a roommate above her shop "Your Shining Moment".

Occupation: Sparkler works full time to run her party shop, "Your Shining Moment".

Cutie Mark: A pair of tall cider flutes clinking gently together. Both flutes are around half full of golden cider.

History: Shining Moment was born to two unicorn crystal ponies in the heart of the Crystal Empire. She grew up with her two little siblings in a mid-scale part of town. Her parents loved her and her brother and sister very much and did everything they could to make their little ponies feel special! When one of them lost a tooth, they would celebrate. When one of them got a good grade on a test, they would celebrate! When one of them learned to make better choices than they had in the past, the family would celebrate! Shine grew up with lots of hugs, laughs, and good memories together with her family.


When she was part way through her grade school years, Shine met a little pony who soon became a good friend. She spent her time at school with her new friend and they were able to learn all about each other. Shine's friend was a little shy and it did take her a while to feel comfortable just talking and having fun! One day her friend told her that she had recently had a birthday! Her parents had given her a small party, but since she didn't have many friends the little filly felt like no one really cared about her. Shine's heart really felt for her friend! She decided a small party just wasn't going to be enough. Over the next few days she organized a birthday party to make sure her friend felt like ponies really cared about her.


As she continued to grow up, Shine decided that she didn't just want to throw parties. She wanted to throw events that would really put a shine to some pony's special occasion. She was able to host a few birthday parties for friends, each time working to make the event as fancy and up to date as she could. Her parties turned into such fancy events that lots of ponies from the Crystal Empire would come to them just to see what the newest styles were going to be! Shine was so excited to be able to host such special events! She had some of the big name fashion designers, chefs, and well known ponies from the Empire attend her occasions. Soon Shining Moment parties were a fad all over the Empire! It was at a young age, barely into her high school years when the crystal pony was surprised to earn her cutie mark during one of her events! Just as she was raising a toast to a special pony, the cider flutes that were in the air also appeared on her flanks!


After graduated Shine went to work making her passion in life into a business. She wanted ponies to feel oh so special on their super important days! Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, foal showers, all the big events in a pony's life could be hosted by "Your Shining Moment". The ponies who hire out her service are not only treated to a wonderful party, but to the finest things the Crystal Empire has to offer. Sparkler has contracts with lots of the biggest names in fashion, food, and social life, and they make sure that no pony's events are able to create the same effect as "Your Shining Moment".


She ran the store on her own for a couple months but the work load was just way too much! Her shop was so popular she knew she would need to hire another worker. Her friend from her elementary days happened to come into the store one afternoon and Shine was able to ask her if she wanted a job! Sparkler's friend, Garnet Dreams, was happy to accept the position. The two are quite close friends and have a super great time working together!


The shop turns quite a large profit so the two are able to go on lots of fun trips together. They also have quite a few nice things in their apartment. The two of them are often seen in very affluent circles, but they try to divide their time between the fancy side of their lives and their family and friends. They might often as not be found hanging out with Shine's mom in her home in the Crystal Empire as at a fancy dinner party with high rollers.

Summary: Shining Moment is a kind and gentle mare with a pleasing personality. Most ponies very much enjoy her company. She is able to put on a very business like manner when she needs to. Since she runs her own company and has deals with lots of big name ponies she has to be able to present herself propelling on the business scene.


She seems to know just to what to say to make other ponies feel cared about. It has always been her gift to make other ponies feel special. She can draw out other ponies to share the big events going on in their lives, even if she hardly knows them.


When Shine is happy, which she usually is, she has lots of energy as has the ability to keep lots of different things going at the same time. It doesn't happen too often but when she does feel bad she looses all her energy. The good thing is she's really receptive to the moods of other ponies. If a friend comes by to cheer her up she will usually come right around with a smile.


Shining Moment has associated with big name ponies since her high school years. She knows how to present herself in lots of different circles. She also knows how to be a good friend and how to make time for her family and friends even when things get really busy!

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